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Proto:Wacky Wheels/Wacky Wheels 1.0

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Wacky Wheels.

Version 1.0 of Wacky Wheels was a review copy sent to a UK magazine, likely this one. It's a shareware version (i.e., much of the registered game is not available to play) but appears to be feature complete in terms of gameplay.

Download.png Download Wacky Wheels, ver. 1.0
File: Wacky Wheels 1.0.7z (988 KB) (info)

Sprite Modifications

Several of the characters (Sultan the Camel, Peggles the Pelican, Razer the Shark, and Ringo the Raccoon) had dark, cartoonish outlines which were removed for the final.

Prototype Final
WackyWheels1-cars.png WackyWheels-DOS-cars.png
(Source: Phil Carter)

Documentation Changes

Prototype Final
WackyWheels1-INT1.png WackyWheels-INT1.png
Minor rewording:
  • "If selecting practice mode ..." became "If selecting time trial mode ..."
  • "Select your race and race your friend to the finish line" became "Race your friend alone or with the other animals."
WackyWheels1-DOS-INT3.png WackyWheels-DOS-INT3.png
Old Giggle the Demon taunts (see "Multiplayer Taunts" below).
WackyWheels1-INT4.png WackyWheels-INT4.png
Brake and Hand Brake Turn controls were reversed between versions, as reflected here.
WackyWheels1-OR2.png WackyWheels-OR2.png
"This shareware edition ..." became "The shareware edition ..."
(Source: Phil Carter)

Multiplayer Taunts

The review copy featured a more useful set of Giggle the Demon "taunts" which actually served to communicate information to the other player, rather than simply trash-talking them.

Prototype Final
WackyWheels1-DOS-Giggles1.gif WackyWheels-DOS-Giggles1.gif
WackyWheels1-DOS-Giggles2.gif WackyWheels-DOS-Giggles2.gif

Command Line Parameter


If launched with the command line parameter /TRACE, the game will display "Trace on" on startup. It's not otherwise clear what this does.

(Source: Phil Carter)