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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.06

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Yume Nikki.

Download.png Download Yume Nikki 0.06 [1]
File: Yume_Nikki_0.06.7z‎ (16.28 MB) (info)

Version 0.06 of Yume Nikki was dumped by Eloy and AshitaMinami, members of #LaInvestigaciónYN, on July 25th, 2017. It was found on a disc included in the first volume of a magazine called フリーゲームstation! (FreeGameStation!) [2]

This version was built on January 22nd, 2005; more than two years prior to version 0.10's date of September 17, 2007.

v0.06 is pretty similar to v0.04 in terms of design, but a fair amount has been added since then.


Yn006 TriangleKerchiefThumb.png
Unused Graphics
v0.06 shares much of the same unused graphics with v0.10, but also has unique unused assets of its own.

General Differences from v0.04

  • The "Adjusting Sound Levels" event now appears whenever saving or loading a file. This silently plays every sound effect in the game to cache them in memory, eliminating the stuttering that could occur on slower computers when they played a sound effect for the first time.
  • The game's master volume was lowered, which was done in v0.05 according to the changelog.
  • Text windows now exist for the messages the game provides.
  • NASU is playable, and the TV can be turned on.
  • The vending machines now behave like they do in v0.10. As a result, the old plop sound goes unused from now on.
v0.04 v0.06 - v0.10

Effect Differences from v0.04

  • Thanks to additions from version 0.05, the final four effects have been added. Now the Witch, Oni, Squish-Squish, and Traffic Light effects can be now collected.
  • The Umbrella and Blonde effects now have 1-key actions.
  • When riding on the broom with the Witch effect equipped, the sound of whatever terrain you are on will play instead of a floating sound. The floating sound did not exist until v0.09.

Map & Event Differences

28 maps have been added since v0.04 to give v0.06 a total of 111 maps, compared to 179 in v0.10.

Following v0.04's trend, v0.06 generally only uses pink and purple gates for connections to other areas.

Comparisons can be found on the Map and Event Differences sub-pages.

Unimplemented Locations

These maps exist in v0.10, but not in v0.06.

  • Number World (The Nexus door leads to an early version of the Lamp World sub-area.)
  • White Desert
  • Sky Garden
  • Ghost World
  • Pink Sea
  • The Underground World
  • The Spaceship
  • Mars
  • The Staircase of Hands
  • Mall Roof

Unimplemented Events

Just like v0.04, most of the events have not been added into the game yet.

  • ああああああああ
  • The Falling Man
  • Famicom Glitch
  • Melting Madotsuki
  • Severed Heads in the Sky
  • Takofuusen
  • Uboa
  • UFOs on Mars
  • The Witch's Flight
  • FACE
  • The KALIMBA TV Channel
  • Monoe
  • Monoko
  • The Spaceship Crash

Debug Maps

Two debug maps exist in the game.

Main Debug Map

Yn006 debugroom.png

Now known as Test Map 1.

Not much has been changed since its previous appearance in v0.04, though there are now a few invisible events that have been placed on the map for testing purposes.

Nekoin still provides all the effects, but you instead get teleported to the street in Dense Woods A.

If you include the debug party member located in the first slot of the game's database in your party, NASU can be seen in the upper left corner of the map making one of its walking noises. As just a picture is displayed, interacting with it has no effect.

Stairs Debug Map

Yn006 stairs debug.PNG

Now known as Test Map 2.

This map is also in v0.04 under the name Stairs. This map is under Test Map 1's folder in v0.06, but is otherwise identical to how it is in v0.04. This map was removed by the time v0.09 was released.

Debug Party Member

Unlike v0.10, Madotsuki is not listed as the first character in v0.06's database, and is actually in the fourth slot. Three empty party members precede Madotsuki, the first of which can have various effects on event scripts if present in your party.

  • Mentioned above, NASU will appear in the Main Debug Map.
  • When playing NASU, you cannot advance past the title screen. The game will still "start", as you can move NASU around, but the game's field will not appear. Comments left in the respective event scripts imply that the display of the score should be affected, but this does not occur, likely due to other events involving the debug party member being processed simultaneously.

Graphical Changes

The same differences present in v0.04 still apply, unless stated otherwise.


The boombox used at the Toriningen Party is now using its final design. Graphics for the old boombox still remain in v0.06 onward, but are unused in favor of the new animated boombox.

v0.04 v0.06 onward
Yn OldBoombox.png Yn BoomboxAnimated.gif

Squish-Squish NPC

Aside from rendering the Squish-Squish NPC in its regular art style, v0.06 lacks the flabby-looking sprites that are used in v0.09.

v0.06/v0.07 v0.08 onward
Yn006 BuyoBuyoNPC.png Yn buyo.png

FC World Stone

The stone graphic used in FC World has a more simplistic design in v0.06, and was used up till v0.09.

v0.06 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 FCStone.png Yn010 FCStone.png


Every mugshot now has a black background like in v0.10 now. v0.04 used a subtle blue background instead. Since the remaining effects have been added, more mugshots have been filled in, as well.

v0.04 v0.06 onward
Yn004 Faceset1.pngYn004 Faceset2.pngYn004 Faceset3.png Yn Faceset1.pngYn Faceset2.pngYn Faceset3.png

TV Image

The image displayed on the TV in the dream world is different. This image also exists in v0.10 on the same sprite sheet, albeit unused.

v0.06 v0.07 onward
Yn006 dreamTV.PNG Yn010 dreamTV.PNG


  1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/15c33918e1hl13p/yumenikki0.06.lzh Original download link (Game is packed in an LZH archive that can turn the filenames into mojibake on non-Japanese locales).
  2. http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:4540 GatoBot