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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.07

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Yume Nikki.

Download.png Download Yume Nikki 0.07 [1]
File: Yume_Nikki_0.07.7z‎ (17.4 MB) (info)

Version 0.07 of Yume Nikki was built on April 24, 2005; three months after v0.06.

It was dumped by Gatobot of #LaInvestigaciónYN on August 16, 2021, being one of two versions found in a magazine titled テックウィンDVD 2005年10月号 (TechWin DVD October, 2005 Issue) [2].

v0.07 is notably the turning point when Kikiyama reworked the structure of the game, thus there are more changes than additions this time around.


Unused Graphics
A bit lacking compared to other versions.

General Differences from v0.06

  • The sound effect for the spotlight upon entering a door in the Nexus now plays.

Effect Differences from v0.06

  • Waking up while effects are equipped is now possible. This is the first version to include this feature.
  • The Hat and Scarf effect can no longer be dropped in the Nexus while Madotsuki is transformed into a snowman. This prevents a bug in v0.04/v0.06 from being exploited that could permanently double Madotsuki's speed.

Map Differences

10 maps have been added since v0.06, bringing the total up to 121, compared to 179 in v0.10.

v0.07 is the first version to alter the dream world structure in a way similar to v0.10, making it less interconnected by removing a lot of the secondary gates found in v0.06 and earlier. Unique graphics for connections to other areas have also been added, effectively making the pink and purple gates obsolete, though the purple gate is now used in the same way as v0.10.

Surprisingly, the Pink Sea is accessible for the first time in v0.07. Despite this, Uboa did not exist yet, debunking the myth that the Pink Sea and Uboa were added simultaneously.

Comparisons can be found on the Map and Event Differences sub-pages.

Unimplemented Locations

These maps exist in v0.10, but not in v0.07.

  • Number World (The Nexus door leads to an early version of the Lamp World sub-area.)
  • Sky Garden
  • Ghost World
  • The Underground World
  • The Spaceship
  • Mars
  • The Staircase of Hands
  • Mall Roof

Unimplemented Events

  • ああああああああ
  • The Falling Man
  • Famicom Glitch
  • Melting Madotsuki
  • Takofuusen
  • Uboa
  • UFOs on Mars
  • The Witch's Flight
  • FACE
  • The KALIMBA TV Channel
  • The Spaceship Crash

Unused Maps

A few of the areas found in v0.06 were rendered unused in v0.07, with no way to enter them through normal gameplay.

Mini Hell

Curiously, there is no way to enter Mini Hell in v0.07, even though Kikiyama went through the trouble of redesigning it. v0.08 would reinstate access to it in Number World.

Its gate leads to Eyeball World in front of the Severed Blue Head.

v0.04/v0.06 v0.07 (Unused) v0.08/v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 miniHell.png Yn007-miniHell.png Yn009 miniHell.png Yn010 miniHell.png

Toriningen's Bed

Yn006 removedEvent.png

The map for the Toriningen's Bed event still exists, but can no longer be accessed since its gate was replaced with a connection to the newly added White Desert. v0.08 would remove this map altogether.

If you exit the map from the left side, you'll end up in Block World where the event was originally accessed in v0.06.

Debug Maps

Main Debug Map


Internally named Test Map 1.

This iteration is very similar to how it appeared in v0.06, but with the addition of a few tiles that can teleport Madotsuki.

  • Interacting with Nekoin will give you all the effects and transport you to the entrance of the White Desert.
  • Adding the debug party member will make a picture of NASU appear in the upper left corner and play one of its sound effects, just like in v0.06.
  • An event on the right side of the map will simulate Madotsuki getting out of bed if switch 8 is on.
  • The map is covered in non-passable black tiles, which can be moved through when holding the CTRL key in Test Play mode, though event tiles that require being stepped on will not activate with this method. Replacing the black tiles with passable ones is necessary to utilize these events.

Teleportation Tiles

Four teleportation tiles are present on the upper left side, around the cyan tile. From left to right, their destinations are as follows:

    • Outside the boundaries on the north side of Face Carpet Plaza.
    • Near the knife in Dark World.
    • Near the gate that leads to Face Carpet Plaza in Forest World. Snowing will occur upon teleporting.
    • The cyan tile teleports to the pyramid in the Checkered Tile Path.

These teleportation tiles would be carried over to v0.08 and v0.09.

Stairs Debug Map

Yn006 stairs debug.PNG

Internally named Test Map 2. Identical to previous versions.

Graphical Changes

The same differences present in v0.06 still apply, unless stated otherwise.

Static Maze Light

The light that is visible at the bottom of the ladder in the Static Maze is now drawn the same way as in v0.10.

v0.04/v0.06 v0.07 onward
Yn006 LadderLight.png Yn010 LadderLight.png

TV Image

The image displayed on the TV in the dream world is now the same as in v0.10.

v0.06 v0.07 onward
Yn006 dreamTV.PNG Yn010 dreamTV.PNG


Monoe's image covers less of the screen in v0.07, and is a tad brighter.

v0.07 v0.08 onward
Yn007-Monoe.PNG Yn010-Monoe.PNG


  1. https://mega.nz/file/pIAU2ZbD#r-NOo0HIsGL3F5tRhoCT371IjBwaT_7u21JhkhaG6cI Original download link (Game is packed in an LZH archive that can turn the filenames into mojibake on non-Japanese locales).
  2. https://youtu.be/SkvX_npNk_g Eloy