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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.08

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Yume Nikki.

Download here. [1]

Version 0.08 of Yume Nikki was built on July 23, 2005; three months after v0.07.

It was dumped by Gatobot of #LaInvestigaciónYN on August 16, 2021, being one of two versions found in a magazine titled テックウィンDVD 2005年10月号 (TechWin DVD October, 2005 Issue) [2].

In general, v0.08 can be considered an expansion of v0.07, as they share many structural similarities.


Unused Graphics
The FACE event might have had a unique door!

General Differences from v0.07

  • v0.08 is the first version to display a version number on the title screen. Unlike later versions, the coloring of the number is purple.
v0.07 and Earlier v0.08 v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 titlescreen.png Better late than never! Yn009 titlescreen.png Yn010 titlescreen.png
  • The red/black menu scheme has been added, and can be obtained from the friendly Toriningen in the Mall.

Map Differences

13 maps have been added since v0.07 for a total of 134, compared to 179 in v0.10.

v0.08 is the first version to introduce Number World, relegating the classic version of Lamp World to a simplified sub-area.

Several iconic events debuted in v0.08, including Uboa, FACE, and the Kalimba TV Channel.

Comparisons can be found on the Map and Event Differences sub-pages.

Unimplemented Locations

These maps exist in v0.10, but not in v0.08.

  • Sky Garden
  • Ghost World
  • The Underground World
  • The Spaceship
  • Mars
  • The Staircase of Hands
  • Mall Roof

Unimplemented Events

  • The Falling Man
  • Famicom Glitch
  • Melting Madotsuki
  • Takofuusen
  • UFOs on Mars
  • The Witch's Flight
  • The Spaceship Crash

Unused Maps

FC Pyramids

Due to a potential oversight, the FC Pyramids are inaccessible in v0.08 due to some tiles on the shore of FC World B blocking access to them. If entered through illegitimate means, it is fully functional. v0.09 would allow proper access to this area by adjusting the path to it.

v0.08/v0.09 v0.10
Yn009 FCCaveEntrance2.PNG Yn010 FCSmallMap2.PNG

FC World Peninsula

This unused map also exists in the two following versions, but has a somewhat different appearance in v0.08. Most notably, the hand motif is absent.

Unlike v0.10, it's possible to exit this area to enter FC World C at coordinates (84, 35), at the top of the middle island.

v0.08 v0.09/v0.10
Yn008-FCWorldPeninsula.png Yn-map0153.PNG

Debug Maps

Main Debug Map


Internally named Test Map 1.

It's similar to v0.07's debug room with a few new features.

  • Interacting with Nekoin will give you all the effects and teleport Madotsuki inside the shack in the Barracks Settlement where the Seahorse is.
  • The Squish-Squish NPC in the game's regular art style has been relegated here. It was formerly located in the Barracks Settlement in v0.07.
  • Two images from the FACE event scroll over the screen horizontally. Removing them from view is not possible unless you disable/delete the event in RPG Maker. This event is labeled EV0009 at coordiantes (11, 5).
  • NASU was added, and interacting with it yields an event that may serve as a precursor to the unused NASU Link event found in v0.09.
    • If the player's high score in NASU is greater than or equal to 1310 (variable 78), there is a 1/64 chance of being sent to FC World C.
    • The player is otherwise sent to the FC Pyramids in either case.

Teleportation Tiles

Four teleportation tiles are present on the upper left side, around the cyan tile. From left to right, their destinations are as follows:

  • Outside the boundaries on the north side of Face Carpet Plaza.
  • Near the knife in Dark World.
  • Near the gate that leads to Face Carpet Plaza in Forest World. Snowing will occur upon teleporting.
  • The cyan tile teleports to the pyramid in the Checkered Tile Path.
  • Directly left of NASU is a tile that teleports to the FACE event.

These teleportation tiles would be carried over to v0.09.

Stairs Debug Map

Yn006 stairs debug.PNG

Internally named Test Map 2. It's identical to previous versions, but makes its final appearance here. v0.09 would delete this map, leaving only its tileset.

Graphical Changes

The same differences present in v0.07 still apply, unless stated otherwise.


Monoe now uses the final version of her picture.

v0.07 v0.08 onward
Yn007-Monoe.PNG Yn010-Monoe.PNG

Squish-Squish NPC

The flabby-looking sprites have been added, and are used in the shack in the Barracks Settlement that the Squish-Squish effect was formerly obtained from. The rest of the Squish-Squish's sprites can only be seen in the debug map now.

v0.06 v0.08 onward
Yn006 BuyoBuyoNPC.png Yn buyo.png

Lamp World Eye

In Lamp World, the eye tile that can be stepped on after getting caught by a Toriningen uses a different sprite than v0.10.

v0.08/v0.09 v0.10
Yn009 LampWorldEyeSprite.png Yn010 LampWorldEyeSprite.png


The Seahorse found in the Barracks Settlement has a more simplistic appearance, and was originally purple.

v0.08 v0.09/v0.10
Yn008-Seahorse.PNG Yn010-Seahorse.PNG

FC World Aztec Walls

The Aztec walls found in the FC Ruins are colored differently.

v0.08/v0.09 v0.10
Yn009 FCAztecWallSmall.png Yn009 FCAztecWallLarge.png Yn010 FCAztecWallSmall.png Yn010 FCAztecWallLarge.png


  1. https://mega.nz/file/RNAUED6Q#aCKJcZm4OXdKaxdQolb8Hr_miam6bQdXbe59fUwLJPA Original download link (Game is packed in an LZH archive that can turn the filenames into mojibake on non-Japanese locales).
  2. https://youtu.be/SkvX_npNk_g Eloy