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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.09

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Yume Nikki.

Download here. [1]

Version 0.09 of Yume Nikki was built on December 10th, 2005, and was the last version of Yume Nikki available until October 1st, 2007, when Kikiyama released version 0.10.

#LaInvestigaciónYN released v0.09 on January 26th, 2019, having been found in a magazine titled フリーウェア年鑑 2006 (Freeware Almanac 2006), a newer edition of the same magazine that included v0.04. More accurately, an anonymous Japanese user who bought the magazine provided them a link to the included v0.09 and gave them permission to share it with the rest of the community. [2]

This version is overall very similar to v0.10, but there are still quite a number of differences.


Yn009 monoBackground09Thumb.png
Unused Graphics
Some interesting odds and ends!

General Differences from v0.08

  • The version number's color was changed to grey. v0.10 would change it again to pink.
v0.08 v0.09 v0.10
Better late than never! Yn009 titlescreen.png Yn010 titlescreen.png
  • More graphics are in the XYZ format used by RPG Maker 2003 now, though a majority are still PNGs.

Effect Differences from v0.08

  • The Witch effect now has the floating sound when riding the broom.
    • In this version, Kikiyama accomplished this by providing practically every map an event that would swap in an identical-looking tileset that plays the floating sound on each tile. Some remnants of this more inefficient method can still be found in certain maps in v0.10 as unused code, though they do not function the same way anymore due to the tileset indexes being reassigned. v0.10 also swaps out tilesets, but replaced the code of these events to call common events instead.

Map Differences

27 maps have been added since v0.08, giving v0.09 a total of 161 maps, compared to 179 in v0.10. Most areas seen in v0.10 exist now, but a few are still missing, or follow the designs of older versions.

Comparisons can be found on the Map and Event Differences sub-pages.

Unimplemented Locations

These maps exist in v0.10, but not in v0.09.

  • The Underground World
  • The Spaceship
  • Mars
  • The Staircase of Hands
  • Mall Roof

Unimplemented Events

Most of the events are present in the game now. The remaining events would be implemented into v0.10's new maps.

  • Melting Madotsuki
  • UFOs on Mars
  • The Witch's Flight
  • The Spaceship Crash

Unused Code


NASU is placed in Dense Woods A and Windmill World, but cannot be seen normally.

By setting variable 123 to 2 and 4 respectively, NASU will become visible. Interacting with it will trigger an unused event named NASU Link, which sends Madotsuki to the unused FC World Peninsula, which has an exit to FC World C!

This shows that Kikiyama had something in mind for the large portion of FC World that was never utilized. Given the state of FC World C in v0.10, however, their full intentions with this area remain unknown. At the very least, it is now known that there was going to be someway to enter it.

Debug Map

Yn009 DebugRoom.png

Only the main debug map is present in v0.09, but it has several unique features not found in other versions of the map. In order to see these full extent of these features, however, modifying the map is necessary.

Yn009 DebugRoomFACE.png

When entering the map normally, it is covered up by two pictures from the FACE event; one of which scrolls horizontally across the screen, while the other simulates the Quivering Jaw from the White Desert. Removing these from view is not possible unless the map is modified to delete or disable their events (EV0009 and EV0014 on the map, respectively).

The map is also covered in non-passable black tiles, which can be moved through when holding the CTRL key in Test Play mode, though event tiles that require being stepped on will not activate with this method. Replacing the black tiles with passable ones is necessary to utilize these events.

Once you can actually see and move on the map, the following functions are available:

Teleportation Tiles

  • Four teleportation tiles are present on the upper left side, around the cyan tile. From left to right, their destinations are as follows:
    • Outside the boundaries on the north side of Face Carpet Plaza.
    • Near the knife in Dark World.
    • Near the gate that leads to Face Carpet Plaza in Forest World. Snowing will occur upon teleporting.
    • The cyan tile teleports to the pyramid in the Checkered Tile Path.
  • Directly left of the lefthand NASU is a tile that teleports to the FACE event.

Torii Variable

  • A flower from the Crossover Garden is present in the upper right corner, but it has the properties of a typical NPC.
    • It only spawns when variable 119 is set to 5. Interestingly, this variable is named "Torii", which may be related to the unused torii gate graphic.
  • Right below the flower is a blank tile that also has the properties of a typical NPC. It requires 119 to be set to 50 in order to "appear".
  • Directly left of the flower and blank tile are 4 tiles in a vertical line that each modify variable 119 in different increments when stepped on.


  • The Squish-Squish NPC in the game's regular art style has been relegated here, like in v0.08.
  • The Nekoin can be interacted with to obtain all effects. In this version, you are teleported to the White Desert, right next to the stairs that lead to FC Dungeon.
  • The lefthand NASU is activated the same way as NASU Link, but this specific one has different functionality carried over from v0.08. Variable 123 must be set to 1 for it to appear.
    • If the player's high score in NASU is greater than or equal to 1310 (variable 78), there is a 1/64 chance of being sent to the FC Overworld.
    • The player is otherwise sent to the FC Pyramids in either case.
  • The lower NASU can be used to trigger NASU Link by setting variable 123 to 3.
  • Some smoke is present that can't move on this map normally. When it can move, it has a random movement pattern and can jump around.

Debug Party Member

When the debug party member is present, a few more events become active.

  • The picture of FACE that simulates the Quivering Jaw will disappear, but the chattering teeth sound becomes even more rapid.
  • A picture of NASU will appear, and will be dragged to the left every few seconds. Its walking sound will also play.
  • Some other events are set to attempt to drag the picture of NASU upward, but this doesn't occur.
  • Interacting with Nekoin will instead turn on switch 248, which tells the game that Madotsuki is walking in water (like in the Pink Sea), slowing movement speed.

Graphical Changes

The same differences present in v0.08 still apply, unless stated otherwise.


The Seahorse found in the Barracks Settlement now has its final design.

v0.08 v0.09/v0.10
Yn008-Seahorse.PNG Yn010-Seahorse.PNG

Sky Garden Lamp Posts

The reflection of the light on the lamp posts in the Sky Garden is different.

v0.09 v0.10
Yn009 SkyGardenLight.png Yn010 SkyGardenLight.png


  1. https://mega.nz/file/r9BiXIAI#MHbcRskUDhN2fHaV0oAx3v-6v9lOZAvRm4UV9sNi-Eo Mirror of the original download link (Game is packed in an LZH archive that can turn the filenames into mojibake on non-Japanese locales).
  2. https://youtu.be/cb3NNvB4Xlk Eloy