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Proto talk:Half-Life 2 (Windows)

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Drivable APCs

Dunno if this is relevant, but it's possible to get in and drive the Combine APCs. Using the console to set the "locked" property to 0 (aim at one and use !picker for the class, Google for exactly how, I don't have instructions on hand), you can get in just like any other vehicle. It's perfectly drivable, but the view is from underneath, and locked facing right, instead of forward. I don't remember if there are weapons, but I'm pretty sure there aren't. --SheeEttin 18:15, 10 July 2013 (EDT)

Combine soldier animations

There's an error in the article - Combine soldiers animations are far from final. The guys are standing more straight up and less hunching. There melee attack is kicking instead of attacking with a rifle butt from the final version. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Uzernaem (talk) • (contribs)

Some of the maps in the WC map pack.

Youtube user MarphitimusBlackimus has had some video documentation maps in the map pack, these include:

  • Source files for all the Half Life 1 maps. The only ones documented are c4a1y, and c4a1z. These are cut beta Xen maps from the original Half Life. (c4a1y.vmf and c4a1z.vmf) Video of the maps in action

Other documented maps include:

I also heard there's some unfinished maps for Half Life Source, but I cannot find information on it.

These videos also include downloads for fixed, compiled versions of the maps for their respective games.