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Strategic Conquest (Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen

Strategic Conquest

Developers: PBI Software, Delta Tao Software
Publishers: PBI Software, Premier Technology, Delta Tao Software
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1985

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Strategic Conquest is a game of strategy and risk, which you should not risk confusing with Risk: The Game of Strategic Conquest.

Debug Menu

This disabled menu can be seen in the resource fork of version 1.0:

Strategic Conquest (Mac OS Classic) - Debug v1.0.png

In version 2.055, it's still there but most of the items are gone.

Strategic Conquest (Mac OS Classic) - Debug v2.055.png

The items don't change in version 3.01, but half of them are greyed out by default.

Strategic Conquest (Mac OS Classic) - Debug v3.01.png

In version 4.0.1, the Debug menu is no longer present.