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Yume Nikki

Developer: Kikiyama
Released: 2004, Windows

Developed with RPG Maker 2003, Yume Nikki is the only known game developed by the enigmatic Kikiyama. The game revolves around exploring the surreal dreams of Madotsuki, with no goal besides collecting all of the items known as "Effects" that alter her appearance and/or grant new abilities. It is considered to be one of the most influential freeware games, spawning countless fangames and serving as one of the inspirations for Undertale.

It continually received content updates until 2007. While many versions remain lost to time, some have been recovered from Japanese magazines that distributed freeware games. Along with numerous differences from the final, these versions have their own unique unused assets, offering a look at in-development graphics and scrapped ideas Kikiyama had for the game.