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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Some of the following unused text is found only in the Japanese version of the game. Unofficial translations provided by GlitterBerri.

Item Names

Bottled Seahorse - (J)

The Seahorse isn't given to you in its own bottle in the final game; you need to have an empty one in your possession to get it.

Japanese English

しかも ビン入りで
早く 住んでいたトンガリ岩に

You traded for the Seahorse.

And it came in a bottle!
You should hurry and return it
to its home at Pinnacle Rock.

Bottled Hylian Loach - (J)

The Hylian Loach also once came in a bottle, it seems.

Japanese English


ちょっと トクした

It's a Hylian Loach in a bottle!

An illusory fish that
few have caught...

And it came in a bottle!
What a find!

Hylian Loach - (J)

However, text for a non-bottled version also exists.

Japanese English


You got the Hylian Loach!

An illusory fish that
few have caught...

Hero's Shield - (J)

This text is used if you buy a stolen Hero's Shield from the Curiosity Shop, which can't ever happen because Takkuri will never steal it from you.

Japanese English
盗まれた 勇者の盾を


道を 歩く時は 飛んでくる
トリに 気をつけよう・・・

You bought back the Hero's Shield

that was stolen from you.

In the future, watch out for
swooping birds on your travels.

Location Names

Usually, upon entering maps in Majora's Mask, a purple bar is displayed with the name of the location. However, there are three exceptions where no text is displayed upon entry at all. Location names exists for these areas only in the Japanese game, but it isn't used in that version, either. Because almost all of MM's maps have location names, it's possible that this was an oversight, but the lack of an English translation is curious and possibly points towards a deliberate decision on the developers' part.

Lone Peak Shrine - (J)

This text is meant to be displayed when you enter the shrine where you get the Lens of Truth at Snowhead. Lone Peak Shrine is mentioned once in the English script, on a sign text: "Lone Peak Shrine ahead. Watch your step! It's a long way down!"

Japanese English
離れ山のほこら Lone Peak Shrine

Cow Barn - (J)

This text is meant to be displayed when you enter the cattle barn at Romani Ranch.

Japanese English
牛小屋 Cow Barn

Zora Shop - (J)

This text is meant to be displayed when you enter the shop at Zora Hall.

Japanese English
ゾーラの店 Zora Shop

Great Bay

This text is present in both the English and Japanese versions of the game. It is attached to a map called Z2_KONPEKI_ENT, used only for the cutscene in which a group of pirates boating in the waters near Great Bay Temple get swept up by a hurricane. However, the map is never otherwise accessible, and nothing suggests that Link was ever intended to be able to explore it. For example, it lacks any exits, and the surface of the water can be walked on.

Japanese English
グレートベイ Great Bay


Ikana Canyon Advice - (J)

Tatl has a message like this for Woodfall, Snowhead, and Great Bay in English, but none for Ikana. This is because the message is normally seen after completing a Temple without having completed the one before it, for example if you complete the Snowhead Temple before the Woodfall Temple. As there are no Temples after Stone Tower Temple, this is impossible to see.

Japanese English
ねえ、アンタは まだ

ロックビルにある 谷の問題を

Wait! You still haven't solved the

problem with the canyon at

Sign Text

Romani's Balloon Minigame - (J)

This text is intended for a sign near the balloon minigame at Romani Ranch.

Japanese English
本日までの最高記録 Previous High Score:
フーセン割り 最高記録 Balloon Popping High Score:

Great Fairy

Spin Attack - (J)

The Great Fairy instructs Link in an unused cutscene.

Japanese English
私の いう通りにするのよ Do as I tell you.
Βを押して 気合をためてから・・ Press B to charge your energy..
Βをはなす! Then, let go!
さあ、今度は 自分でやってみて! Now, try it on your own!
Βを押して 気合をためてから


Press B to charge your energy,

then release it.


今の カンカクを 忘れないで・・

That's right!

Don't forget the feel of it.

West Clock Town

Bomb Shop - (J)

There's nothing you can't buy in the Bomb Shop.

Japanese English
今は、買えません You can't buy that right now.

East Clock Town

Bombers' Hideout Guard - (J)

One can trigger this message by talking to the Bomber guarding the entrance to the Astral Observatory as Fierce Deity Link in the Japanese version of the game. The Bomber uses other messages for Link's different forms, but as the Fierce Deity Mask cannot be used outside of boss rooms, this one is never seen. The game softlocks after the conversation is finished.

As this message doesn't exist in the international versions of the game, accessing Clock Town as Fierce Deity Link through the use of glitches or codes and talking to the Bomber in question will cause the game to freeze.

Japanese English


にいちゃん のような 大きな子は
ほかで 遊んで くだしゃい!

This is a secret place

for kids only!

Big kids like you
should find somewhere else to play!

North Clock Town

Jim - (J)

This text appears if you pop Jim's balloon in North Clock Tower and then talk to him as Fierce Deity Link in the Japanese version of the game. It does not exist in the international versions, which merely displays a blank text box.

Japanese English
オレの フーセン わったな!

にいちゃん、オレより 大きいのに
子供相手に ムキになるなよ

You popped my balloon!

Mister, you should pick on
someone your own size!

Deku Shrine

Deku Butler - (J)

This message refers to the Mask of Scents.

Japanese English

お気に 召しませんか・・・?


You don't like it...?

Magic Hags' Potion Shop

Kotake - (J)

Kotake urges you to look for her sister.

Japanese English


Hurry, go look in

the woods beyond here!

Swamp Tourist Center

Boat Cruise Ticket Seller - (J)

Koume advertises child and adult boat cruise tickets for 10 and 50 rupees, respectively. Buy a child ticket, and she will say "Great. Kids are 10 Rupees!" Buy an adult ticket, and she has the following unused response:

Japanese English
あんた1人? じゃあ、え~と


Just you? Alright, let's see here.

Adults are 50 rupees...

Deku Palace

Bean Seller - (J)

The bean seller gives Link a hint about what to do with his new item. This was removed in the international versions for some reason.

Japanese English

使ってみると いいんだぁ~な

There are patches of soft soil

outside of the Deku Palace above us,
so try using them there.

Swamp Tourist Center

Pictograph Man - (J)

The man in charge of the pictograph contest complains about his customers after telling you that the competition is limited to humans only:

Japanese English
今日は めずらしい お客さん


It’s just one weird customer

after another, today.

Goron Racetrack

Goron Racer

A Goron racer celebrates Darmani's return and the coming of spring. A very similar text is used instead.

Japanese English
春ゴロ 春ゴロ~!

自然に 体が動き出すゴロ~

It's spring! It's spring!

My body is alive with nature!


今年は オラが優勝をいただくゴロ


this year, I'm going to win.

Zora Shop

Zora Shopkeeper - (J)

While the Zora Shop sells arrows, it doesn't sell bombs.

Japanese English
あっ、これは アブナイから


Sorry, these are dangerous,

so I can't sell them to you
unless you have something that can hold bombs.

Item Descriptions

Hylian Loach - (J)

Japanese English

Γで使う めったに釣れない幻のサカナ

Hylian Loach

Use with (C).
An illusory fish that's rarely caught.

Great Fairy's Sword - (J)

MM FD Sword Description.png

In MM (J) 1.0, players can cause this text to appear by using a GameShark to replace Link's sword on the Quest Status Screen with Fierce Deity Link's sword. The description is similar, but not identical to the regular description of the Great Fairy's Sword. It is different in that the text for the sword's name is yellow instead of red.

Japanese English

黒バラが刻まれた 最強の剣

Great Fairy's Sword

Use with (C).
Etched with black roses, it is the ultimate blade.

Door Text

Ranch House - (J)

This text appears in a cutscene setup for Romani Ranch after 6pm on the Final Day.

Japanese English
ロマニーは お休み中 Romani's on a break.

Tatl Enemy Text

Unknown - (J)

Japanese English
わからない! I have no clue!

Gold Skulltula - (J)

Link isn't able to target Gold Skulltulas in Majora's Mask, and while Gold Skulltula tokens can be targeted, Tatl has nothing to say about them. Similarly unused Gold Skulltula target text for Navi exists in Ocarina of Time.

Japanese English

は 全部倒さないと元に戻らないの

What?! You don't even know about Gold Skultullas?

Unless each of these fearsome cursed spiders is
defeated, victims of the curse will never return to normal.

Sharp - (J)

This text may have been used during the encounter with Sharp in the drained well.

Japanese English
力がドンドン 減っていくわ!

ちょっと アンタ 短時間で
勝負を 決めるのよ!

Your power is being drained!

You'd better put an end
to this fight quickly!

Song Messages

The Scarecrow describes how the Song of Inverted Time and Song of Double Time are different from the original Song of Time, but since neither he nor anyone else teaches them to you formally, these two pieces of text are never used.

Song of Inverted Time - (J)

Japanese English
時の逆さ歌を おぼえた! You learned the Song of Inverted Time!

Song of Double Time - (J)

Japanese English
時のかさね歌を おぼえた! You learned the Song of Double Time!

Post Office

Postman - (J)

In this text, the Postman talks to himself, while delivering a letter to himself from himself.

Japanese English
あなたに、いつもの人から手紙なのだ A letter from you from the same person as usual.

The Postman contemplates what he should do with his afternoon, as no letters have been sent that day.

Japanese English
ボクは ナニをしてたらいいのかな?


What do I do?

What do I do with myself
when I'm not working?

Honey & Darling's Shop

Honey & Darling - (J)

Japanese English
お客さんのようだね・・・ハニー It seems we have a customer, Honey...
イヤイヤ ダーリン

もうすぐ 2人っきりの時間よ

Noo, Darling!

We're supposed to have "us" time soon!
"U・s" t・i・m・e...!

・・・かえって ...Go home.

Curiosity Shop

Item Buyback Messages - (J)

Japanese English

あんちゃん 盾も必要やで

Stylish Shield - 20 Rupees

You're gonna need a shield, Mister.
I suggest you get this one.



Stylish Shield - 20 Rupees


Takkuri the bird hangs out in Termina Field beside the road to Romani Ranch. It bumps into you and steals one of your items, then flies off in the direction of Clock Town. Items it is capable of stealing include the Hero's Sword, Great Fairy's Sword, bottles, arrows, and rupees. If you lose an irreplaceable item, it can be bought back from the Curiosity Shop when it opens at night. The Japanese script has text for buying back the Hero's Shield & Mirror's Shield, but Takkuri never steals these shields in the final game.

The Curiosity Shop also contains item display models for buying back your Hylian Shield & Mirror Shield. The description and name for both shields in the Curiosity Shop is the same.

(Source: fkualol - discovery of shop models)

Milk Bar

Madame Aroma - (J)

Text fragments found with the Milk Bar text indicate that Madame Aroma would originally recruit you to search for Kafei there, rather than or in addition to her office.

Japanese English
いやねえ もう・・・

がんばって ちょうだいね!

Oh, don't say that...

Please do your best!


探す人の 特徴よね

Oh no! I'd completely forgotten!

The features of the person to look for, yes?
Yes, yes, I know.

・・・・知らないの? そうなの?

ひと月前に 姿が見えなくなったの
わたくし、心配で 心配で・・・
食べ物が ノドにつかえて
体重が 2キロも 減りましてよ
そんなことは 聞いてない?

...You don't know? Oh, really?

He went missing a month ago.
It's a disaster!!
I'm so worried, so worried that I can't get food down my throat these days.
I've lost 2 kilograms!
You hadn't heard?
Oh, I beg your pardon...

Happy Mask Man

Giant's Mask Reaction - (U)/(J)

This dialogue would be used by the Happy Mask Salesman, if it were possible to speak to him while wearing the Giant's Mask. However, Link cannot wear this mask outside of the Twinmold battle arena.

Japanese English

いや 実に めずらしい
お面を お持ちで

That's the Giant's Mask, isn't it?

That truly is a rare mask...