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The MISSING: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories (Windows)

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Title Screen

The MISSING: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories

Developer: White Owls
Publisher: Arc System Works
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 11, 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories is a 2018 horror puzzle-platformer developed by White Owls and published by Arc System Works. The studio was founded by the director of Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, Hidetaka Suehiro (better known as SWERY).

Unused Graphics

Post-Game J.J.

Sorted with the images that appear during the game's text conversations, there are three unused images depicting Post-Game J.J.

In-Game Unused
TheMISSING Photo 00.png
TheMISSING Photo 01.png
TheMISSING Photo 05.png
TheMISSING Photo 07.png
TheMISSING Photo 08.png
TheMISSING Photo 09.png

Additionally, sorted with the pieces of concept art that can be unlocked, there is an image of these three unused photos in a row, with black borders on the top and bottom. The images appear to be upscaled.

TheMISSING Gallery 070.png

Chapter Screens

Naturally, there are images for each "chapter" in the Chapter Select menu. There are only 18 "chapters". There are 5 unused "chapter" images, chapter_20 through 23 use the same image. The former image looks to be some sort of debugging scene, while the latter images appear to depict an unfinished version of the area between the end of Route 65 and the beginning of the Little Shrimp Diner.

Chapter 19 Chapter 20-23
TheMISSING-JJIoM-Chapter 19.png TheMISSING-JJIoM-Chapter 20.png

There are two unused variations of the logo for a demo. There was never a demo for The MISSING.

Titlelogo 00 demo eng.png
Titlelogo 00 demo jpn.png