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Title Screen

Pokemon Rumble World

Also known as: Everyone's Pokémon Scramble (JP)
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Platform: 3DS
Released internationally: April 8, 2015

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Pokemon Rumble World is the fourth entry in the Pokemon Rumble spinoff series and Nintendo's second free-to-play game for the 3DS.

To do:
  • Add all the unused moves with a video showing them and a description.
  • Add the 2 remaining placeholder event Pokemon that were never used.

Unobtainable and Unused Moves

To do:
  • Add a video showing the moves in action.
  • clean up the section and finish adding the descriptions.

There are a large Number of unused and unobtainable moves. A number of them are just slightly different versions of the regularly obtainable moves, while others are moves used exclusively by bosses and hazards, the rest are unused entirely.
Each move will be listed on a table by its name in game, followed by an image of the attack in action, followed by a short description, if needed.

Unused Moves

Attack Name Description
A Charge Dash A short lunge forward. It only does a small amount of damage and doesn't use any effects.
A Charge Move A weak ranged attack. It has a small AoE in from of the user, it is otherwise just like the above move.
B Freeze Shock Nearly identical to Freeze Shock, but this one is only used by bosses.
B Fusion Bolt Same as above.
B Glaciate Shoots out mud but does ice type damage.
B No Type Appearance Non-damaging. It is used whenever a large Pokemon appears to push away opposing Pokemon.
B No Type Blast Used by bosses every so often before they speed up. When used by non-boss Pokemon, it doesn't provide invincibility. It has a very long charge-up time.
B No Type Blast 2 Used by bosses right after B No Type Blast. It is exactly the same as above, except it doesn't have a charge-up time.
B No Type Cobalion Blast This move is completely unused and is actually a leftover from Pokemon Rumble Blast. The move's AoE is very large and extends a fair amount past the screen. The move does little damage, but makes every Pokemon except bosses it hits wobbly. Bosses do get affected by the move, but they have a much lower chance of being made wobbly.
B No Type Cobalion 2 Blast Like the above move, this one is also an unused leftover and also has a very large AoE. Any Pokemon, with the exception of boss Pokemon, will be instantly OHKO'ed. The move has the additional effect of guaranteeing that any Pokemon hit by it will be captured.
B No Type Dark Rust Blast Another unused leftover move.
B No Type Dash The "attack" used by bosses when you are too far away from them for a period of time. The attack has a very long charge time, comparable to OHKO moves. The hitbox for the attack sticks to the user for a set period of time and will not disappear until that period is up, even if the move is interrupted by another attack or Pokemon.
B No Type Restart
Bomb Cannon
Bomb Notice
Bノータイプ発狂開始 (varies) A slightly damaging attack. The attack has a slight charge-up time and a very high chance of giving opponents a status ailment. There is a different, but identically functioning move for every status ailment in the game. There are 13 in all. The Japanese literally translates to "No type mad start".
C Blast Burn
C Flash Cannon
C Gear Grind Acts similarly to gear grind, except the gear shot out takes a very wide path before returning.
C Ice Beam Is visually similar to Ice Beam, except it shoots out much further. It isn't very damaging, but it has a high chance of causing the frozen status on enemies. The move lasts quite some time and leaves the user very vulnerable.
C Ice Beam 7 Like the move above, except this one shoots one beam diagonally from the user before shooting a second beam that spins around the user. It lasts even longer than the previous move and only leaves the user slightly less vulnerable.
C Mud Bomb Like Mud Bomb, except this one shoots slower and has a longer range.
C Twineedle Like Twineedle, except the needle moves slowerand has a much further range.
DRC Bomb A strange attack with a very wide AoE. It's not very damaging, but it has an increased wobble chance.
DRC Touch A light, not very damaging attack with no visual effects.
Effect for all confused
being disliked by enemies
being targeted
enemy speed up
HP full restore
HP restore
invincible event
stopping enemies
switching players
These moves don't appear to do anything other than play a visual effect and leave you very vulnerable to attack. They all have the same exact visual effect.
Enemy capture ball A unused move likely used for testing the game. Instantly captures any non-boss Pokemon it hits. Boss Pokemon hit by it will take no damage when hit, but will be captured upon defeat. Displays the word "HIT" on any Pokemon that is hit by it.
Hidden Power (?) The typeless version of Hidden Power. No notable differences other than it affects all types equally.
Laser Cannon
Laser Cannon Notice
M2 Psychic 1, 2, 3 The different levels of Psychic used specifically by the Boss version of Mewtwo.
M2 Psycho Cut 1, 2, 3 The different levels of Psycho Cut used specifically by the boss version of Mewtwo.
Pokémon Rocket
Potion Activate
R Fusion Bolt
R Fusion Flare
Slow Cannon The energy ball fired by the slow canons during the various King Request missions.
Slow Cannon Notice The energy ball path warning shown before the Slow Canons fire. Only plays the visual effect.
T Incinerate
T No Type Appearance
X Attack
X Attack Activate
X Defense
X Defense Activate
X Speed
X Speed Activate
XXX (1) Placeholder for an event-only move.
XXX (2) Placeholder for an event-only move.
XXX (3) Placeholder for an event-only move.
XXX (4) Placeholder for an event-only move.
XXX (5) Placeholder for an event-only move.
XXX (6) Placeholder for an event-only move.
XXX (7) Placeholder for an event-only move.
Z Acid
Z Flame Burst
Z Flame Burst Explosion
Z Head Charge
Z Iron Tail
Z Iron Tail Short
Z Poison Sting
Z Rapid Spin
Z Rollout
Z Scratch
Z Self-Destruct
Z Sing
Z Tackle
Z Tackle Short
Z Teeter Dance
Z Will-O-Wisp

In addition to the previous moves, multi-part moves also have each of their parts as a separate, normally unobtainable move. For example, the move "Egg Bomb" has the explosion part of the move approprietly called "Egg Bomb Explosion" while the move "Fury Swipes" has the second part named "Fury Swipes L"

Placeholder Event Pokemon

To do:
  • Screenshots of the other placeholders
  • Rip the icons for them too

The game contains placeholders for Hoopa Confined Form, Hoopa Unbound Form, and Volcanion. Hoopa Confined appears as a red Azelf, Hoopa Unbound as a slightly larger red Azelf, and Volcanion as a red Ariados. Their names appear as "XXX".

Unused Test Models

Inside of testModel are a number of simple models used for testing.

Revisional Differences

Version 1.1

This Patch was added August 4th, 2015. It added the following things:

  • Added a new special area called Changing Land with a corresponding balloon. The balloon itself is free, but you must be at rank 40 to get it.
  • Added a new password that gives 100 Poke Diamonds.