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User:Hiccup/Prerelease:New Super Mario Bros./2005

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This is a sub-page of User:Hiccup/Prerelease:New Super Mario Bros..


E3 2005



  • The multiplayer mode has the players making their way through a normal level, rather than competing for Big Stars in a small looping level.




  • Invincible players have a different rainbow effect.


  • Trailer music an early version of the main Mario vs. Luigi theme, that is leftover (with a few small differences) in the final game.
  • The wall jump sound is the same as the jump sound.
  • The stomp sound is the "defeat enemy" sound from SM64DS.


  • There is a thin variation of the tilting mushroom.
  • The Big Dry Bones can be dismantled with just a stomp - no need for a ground-pound like in the final game.
  • The flagpole has multiple differences
    • The flag is red, something only reserved for flags with secret exits in the final.
    • There is no end castle.
    • The flag faces right
    • The base of the flagpole is a used block, rather than a unique 2x2 base object.
  • Spindrift's behaviour is seen towards the end of the trailer - it propels Mario into the air like in SM64DS. It was probably replaced with the Spin Block.

Field level

NSMB-prerelease-e3 2005 trailer-field level-1.png

Desert level

NSMB-prerelease-e3 2005 trailer-desert level-1.png


This is a later build than the E3 2005 trailer: the cave section in the Field level in the demo is more like the one that appears in the November Famitsu build than the one that appears in the trailer build, the swinging platform in the show floor trailer uses the unused SM64DS model and Mega Mario in the trailer uses normal Mario's falling animation, whereas it uses the final one in the demo.




YouTube mirrors / Google Drive mirrors


Impressions summary:

Link to google doc

Video observations:

Link to google doc


Miyamoto interview


Post-E3 Games Tour

This was actually multiple events in different places:

  • Cosmo Hotel Palace, Cinisello Balsamo MI, Italy (src: Digilander)
  • Nintendo of Europe, Grossostheim, Germany (src: Nintendo DS-Universe)
  • An unknown club, Soho, London (src: N-Europe)

See the E3 2005 demo section.


Games Convention 2005

The following media was released for/playable at Games Convention 2005, which was held from Aug. 17th to 21st.


See E3 2005 demo section.


todo: news website reference(s)


Press release

todo: get from CD

todo: https://web.archive.org/web/20120526033558/http://nintendods.gaming-universe.de/news/440.html


Nintendo Power

October ?th - Nintendo Power volume 196 released. Has preview with new screenshots. Despite seemingly being first released in October, these screenshots are in fact from a build identical or close to the E3 2005 trailer build - notice the early checkpoint ring appearance and the different coin circle.

(Source: scan via RoboBadnik of VGFacts via Free Game Manuals)

DS Conference 2005

To do:
Was a video shown, like in DS Conference 2006?

A screenshot was released for DS Conference 2005, which was held on the 5th. It does not seem like a demo was playable.[2][3][4][5]

NSMB-Pre-DSCnfrnc2005 ReleasedImage-ds scr11.jpg

Micromania Game Show

Took place on October 21st in Hall 8, Parc des Expositions, Paris.


See E3 2005 demo section.



To do:
Analyse/summarise new bits of info gleaned the translation

~2 November?

Translation by Ladios: File:NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-Translation.pdf

The DS Conference 2005 screenshot can also be found on the first page.

NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 1.png


NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 2.png

The apparent end of this underwater Mega Unagi section doesn't much resemble any part of either of the levels featuring the enemy in the final game (4-3 and 8-3). On a possibly unrelated note: both Mega Unagi levels have an invalid (or at least unknown) value set for Sprite Set 5, this isn't the case is most levels.

NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 3.png

This screenshot shows an early design for the volcano levels. Revised versions of this early background, foreground and the tileset still exist in the final, but go unused.

Early Final
NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 4.png NSMB-comparision-minibonus 8-2.png

This screenshot shows an early version of the Mini Mario bonus room that appears in World 8-2 in the final. It is the second bonus room that has moving platforms (the first being in World 6). And the second one with the 8-bit Mario sprite background that is is part of a mostly unused group of backgrounds (the first being in World 2). This may be one of the earlier bonus rooms.

NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 5.png


E3 2005 Trailer Famitsu November 2005
NSMB-prerelease-E3 2005 trailer-underground level.png NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 6.png


NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 7.png NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 8.png NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 9.png NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 10.png


NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 11.png


Early Final
NSMB-prerelease-Famitsu November-screenshot 12.png NSMB-Famitsu1 Mountain Compare.png

This looks like part of 6-1 in the final. The volcano background could suggest that:

  • This level was in World 4 (when it had a volcano) or World 8 at some point.
  • World 6 was a volcano world at some point.
  • The volcano background was used as placeholder for the mountain background.

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This event was also referred to as "Power Unlimited Gameplay"/"PU Gameplay" or "GameXpo" as it was sponsered by Power Unlimited and GameXpo. It took place during the HCC-dagen event, so may also be refered to by some as part of that event. The TMF Game Awards 2005 also took place at this event.[11][12][13]


See E3 2005 demo section.[14][15]<ref>http://archief.xboxworld.nl/news/7451/<ref>