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Title Screen


Developer: Catapult Entertainment
Publisher: Catapult Entertainment
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: 1995
Released in US: June 1995

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

The XBAND modem was a piece of hardware for the SNES and Genesis which allowed online multiplayer for a limited number of games. Despite its innovative concept and features, it was financially unsuccessful and the service was discontinued less than two years after its release.

To do:
The avatars are completely different in the Japanese BIOS and I recall there being some unused ones here.

Memory Viewer

Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, L on the Option screen. A Memory Viewer will appear in the menu.

X-Band(U) MemViewer.png

It appears to be a full fledged Memory Viewer with a command line on the bottom.


  • Start - Quit the Memory Viewer.
  • Select - Change the mode between Hex, ASCII, and Command Line.

Memory Viewer

  • Left/Right - Move cursor.
  • Up/Down - Scroll address by line.
  • A - Change view mode between Hex and ASCII, Hex only, and ASCII only.
  • B/X - Increase/decrease chosen address digit.
  • Y - Go to long address (chosen in the memory in little endian).
  • L/R - Increase/decrease address by 1.

Command Line

  • Left/Right - Move cursor.
  • L/R - Change current letter.
  • Y - Execute command.

Hidden Font Test

In the Japanese version, press Up, Right, Down, Left, B at the main menu.

X-Band(J) FontTest.png

Hidden Text String

Present at E92F2 in the Japanese BIOS.

Mr. Japan Says: Thanks for the memories...
Our use of beans assures a good taste.
Take me to South-Central!
Hey Andy, what's the POP number?
I'll be the ROM Monkey
You Can Multitask
why should you have to beat off an elephant?
You don't even have to flush the toilet here,
...Out of Sight is Out of Mind.
Leave all Love and Hope Behind...

The lines "Leave all Love and Hope Behind, Out of Sight is Out of Mind." are from the Bedlam scene in Igor Stravinsky's 1951 opera The Rake's Progress.