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XZR II: Kanketsuhen

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Title Screen

XZR II: Kanketsuhen

Developer: Renovation Game
Publishers: Renovation Game (PC-88), Telenet Japan (MSX2)
Platforms: PC-88, MSX2
Released in JP: December 1988

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

A game that takes place during the Crusades era that has drugs, assassins, and time travel. It was later ported to consoles as Exile.

Sound Test

On both versions, press F5 during the intro. A prompt that says to press the Space key should appear.

PC-88 MSX2
XZR pc88 sound 1.png XZR MSX sound 1.png

Afterwards, the sound test is accessed.

PC-88 MSX2
XZR pc88 sound 2.png XZR MSX sound 2.png

On the PC-88 version, typing the word marina during the "press space" prompt, then pressing Space after the jingle, will show a more detailed sound test. The sound test will look slightly different on depending on the sound modules used, out of OPN and OPNA, due to the latter having three more FM channels.

XZR pc88 opn sound.png Xzr pc88 pc88 opna sound.png

Hidden Minigame

XZR pc88 minigame.png

After pressing F5 at the "press space key" prompt for the sound test in the PC-88 version, type in marina. After hearing the jingle, type in maitakai. A mini-game will be activated.

(Source: Hardcore Gaming 101)