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Gran Turismo 2

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Title Screen

Gran Turismo 2

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 11, 1999
Released in US: December 23, 1999
Released in EU: January 28, 2000

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Gran Turismo 2 is a racing game and the first game to be supported by the "bleemcast!" emulator project.


GT2-Bonus Cars.png
Arcade Mode Disc
Unused stuff in the Arcade Mode disc.
GT2-Platinum Trophy.png
Simulation Mode Disc
Unused stuff in the Simulation Mode disc.
Unused Cars
Cars that are in the game but only attainable by hacking.

Completely Removed Content

During the opening FMV, two track's names that were planned to be included flash on the screen, Eiger Loop and Palm Strip.

Palm Strip was planned to be included along with a Drag Racing mode see : Arcade Mode. Both Palm Strip and Eiger Loop exist only in the form of text in the intro movie, there are no files left after their removal from the game. More evidence for the Drag Race mode exists in the form of three Drag cars available in the game. These cars are extremely fast but are almost entirely useless around corners.

Unused Text

Present in gt2.vol, hinting that more features were to be included regarding pit stops.

Too Fast To Stop!
Pit Stop Skipped
Pit Stop Needless

This is followed shortly by the following text

Too Fast To Stop!
Skipped Pit Stop
No Need to Pit Stop

These lines appear translated into French, German, and Spanish.

Platinum Prize

A text string inside the game shows that it was possible to earn a fourth prize in the license tests. It is even translated to other languages.


Regional Differences


The intro FMV is different across all three major regions, due to licensing.


Three cars had texture changes between regions.

GT2-FocusRally-JP.png GT2-FocusRally-USEU.png The Ford Focus Rally Car had its little Valvoline sponsorship logo removed from the front door. The JP texture is still present on the US arcade disk only - it's visible when selecting the car from the Rally vehicles.
GT2-AccordR-JP.png GT2-AccordR-USEU.png The underside panel of the Honda Integra Type-R racing modification changed from the car's name to a Kenwood logo.
Nascar Nascarn't The Ford Taurus SHO racing modification changed design from Mark Martin's Number 6 NASCAR to a less specific NASCAR like design. The JP texture is still present on the US arcade disk and will show if you have a racing Ford Taurus in your garage and view it on the selection screen.


Several car names and nameplates were also modified. The changes mostly amount to spacing changes or typo removals (or in the case of the Vector W-8, to go from one typo to another). Mazda's A-Spec cars all had their logos changed to include 'MazdaSpeed', similar to the A-Spec Demio in the below table.

NTSC-J Sim Garage NTSC-U/EU Sim Garage NTSC-J Arcade Select NTSC-U/EU Arcade Select
GT2-206JP.png GT2-206USEU.png GT2-206LargeJP.png GT2-206LargeUSEU.png
GT2-406JP.png GT2-406USEU.png GT2-406LargeJP.png GT2-406LargeUSEU.png
GT2-AltoSuzukiJP.png GT2-AltoSuzukiUSEU.png GT2-AltoSuzukiLargeJP.png GT2-AltoSuzukiLargeUSEU.png
GT2-FocusGhiaJP.png GT2-FocusGhiaUSEU.png GT2-FocusGhiaLargeJP.png GT2-FocusGhiaLargeUSEU.png
GT2-FocusJP.png GT2-FocusGhiaUSEU.png GT2-FocusLargeJP.png GT2-FocusGhiaLargeUSEU.png
GT2-SSJP.png GT2-SSUSEU.png GT2-SSLargeJP.png GT2-SSLargeUSEU.png
GT2-Stingray67JP.png GT2-Stingray67USEU.png GT2-Stingray67LargeJP.png GT2-Stingray67LargeUSEU.png
GT2-Stingray82JP.png GT2-Stingray82USEU.png GT2-Stingray82LargeJP.png GT2-Stingray82LargeUSEU.png
GT2-Z28JP.png GT2-Z28USEU.png GT2-Z28LargeJP.png GT2-Z28LargeUSEU.png
GT2-Z2830JP.png GT2-Z2830USEU.png GT2-Z2830LargeJP.png GT2-Z2830LargeUSEU.png
GT2-ZR1JP.png GT2-ZR1USEU.png GT2-ZR1LargeJP.png GT2-ZR1LargeUSEU.png
GT2-VectorJP.png GT2-VectorUSEU.png GT2-VectorLargeJP.png GT2-VectorLargeUSEU.png
GT2-DemioAJP.png GT2-DemioAUSEU.png GT2-DemioALargeJP.png GT2-DemioALargeUSEU.png
GT2-DemioGLXJP.png GT2-DemioGLXUSEU.png GT2-DemioGLXLargeJP.png GT2-DemioGLXLargeUSEU.png
NTSC-J/NTSC-U Sim Garage EU Sim Garage NTSC-J/NTSC-U Arcade Select EU Arcade Select
GT2-CLK200JPUS.png GT2-CLK200EU.png GT2-CLK200LargeUSJP.png GT2-CLK200LargeEU.png
GT2-CLK320JPUS.png GT2-CLK320EU.png GT2-CLK320LargeUSJP.png GT2-CLK320LargeEU.png
GT2-GolfGTI1.8JPUS.png GT2-GolfGTI1.8EU.png GT2-GolfGTI1.8LargeJPUS.png GT2-GolfGTI1.8LargeEU.png
GT2-GolfGTIJPUS.png GT2-GolfGTIEU.png GT2-GolfGTILargeJPUS.png GT2-GolfGTILargeEU.png

Other car changes include:

  • PAL versions of the game had Vauxhall branded cars, whereas NTSC copies had Opel. Interestingly, if you set your language to German in the PAL version of the game, both Vauxhall and Opel were available to the player. Completing the races for both Vauxhall and Opel allowed the player to achieve more than 100% completion.
  • PAL and JP versions of the game had only Hondas, while the US had both Honda and Acura (Honda's luxury car division in the US).
  • PAL copies had Esso Ultron branding on advertisements and car decals, NTSC had Exxon Superflo.

Course Sponsors

To complete the triumvirate of in-game data, a few trackside hoardings had minor design tweaks.

Gray Autobacs logo

Another gray Autobacs logo

Falken logo
Now it's an orange Autobacs logo

Another orange Autobacs logo

The Falken logo got a longer red stroke

Title Screens

The US versions of both discs have different title screens to the rest of the world.





To do:
Rip 'em

PAL and NTSC copies also had completely different soundtracks available. NTSC had 16 songs available, while PAL only had 7. The two regions only had one song in common, the song used in the opening FMV (although it used two different mixes).