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Proto:Dr. Mario (NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dr. Mario (NES).

The prototypes of Dr. Mario are mostly from before the game mutated into its now-classic form and title. It was originally called Virus, with a much different style.

The first, second, and fourth prototypes can be downloaded from Lost Levels, while the third build can be downloaded from Dream and Friends.


Virus 1989 & 1990
The earliest two builds, back when the viruses weren't actually the centerpiece.
PlayChoice-10 Prototype
Much of the Dr. Mario style is introduced along with a new Virus logo, but several oddities and unfinished bits remain.
Pre-Dr. Mario Prototype
A strange build where some final stuff has been made into the game, but still with an "incompleteness" feel. Probably the first time the Dr. Mario title screen came to exist.
Dr. Mario Prototype
Really close to the final, with the title screen fully finished, but still with some minor diferences.