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Proto:Mega Man 7

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man 7.

Rockman 7 Sample is a version of Rockman 7 most likely used at trade shows. It's a build from early in the game's development cycle, meaning that a large chunk of the game's content is missing or in an altered form.


Changes with Mega Man's weaponry (such as it is).
Intro Stage
The opening stage was heavily reworked after this prototype.
Cloud Man
See the changes in Cloud Man's level.
Freeze Man
Many cosmetic changes in this frigid landscape.
Junk Man
Junk Man's factory went to seed after the prototype.
Slash Man
Not as many changes at the other levels, but still interesting.
Shade Man
A barely formed level only accessible by code.
Spring Man
Look at a Robot Master's stage in its infancy.
Sprite Changes
Many sprites have different graphics in this sample.
Sound & Music Differences
The audible changes between versions.

Title Screen

Early Title Final Title (JP)
Thank you sirs

Right away differences can be seen. The questionable choice of a bright blue background was changed in the final version. The Sample version does not contain game options or a subtitle. The shading on the logo was also changed slightly for the final version.


Super Ultra Hyper Adapter

The Sample version starts you off with the Super Adapter, Rush Coil, and a full stock of tanks. These tanks are actually infinite in supply, so you can use as many as you want.

Early Stage Select Final Stage Select
Exciting color choices
Don't look at me like that

The Sample's stage select has placeholder icons, which read 「工事中」 ("Under Construction"), for each of the boss pictures. Note that the actual boss pictures are actually finished, just not used, probably to keep the Robot Master designs a secret.

The bottom icon will take you to Slash Man's stage, as Burst Man's stage hasn't been started yet. Shade Man and Spring Man's stages are present in the sample, but cannot be accessed without cheats, and are even more incomplete than the other stages.

But I need it nowwwwww

After completing every stage in the Sample version, you're taken to this screen. After that, the game resets.

Unused Objects

A few objects have been partially implemented but haven't placed in any prototype level. Use the code 7E19CAXX, where XX is the object ID. This will change the first object on a screen.

Due to the way the code works, some object graphics may be bugged.


Object ID: 0F
This is the water mine found in Burst Man's stage. It's entirely complete, just not used here.

Swim Metall DX

Object ID: 1B
This might be complete, but, again, since water hasn't been implemented it's hard to say.

Turbo Man

Object ID: 20

You got Glitch Wheel

Very close to being finalized. His A.I. is complete, but the boss energy bar routine has not been implemented. "Defeating" Turbo Man will just make him disappear.

Burst Man's Bubble

Object ID: 25
The bubble that traps Mega Man. Fully coded.


Object ID: 26
The giant crab boss in Burst Man's stage. A.I. is preliminary. It walks forward, lays down one bubble, then walks back. This loops until Kanigance is destroyed.

Count Bomb Platform

Object ID: 27
Barely coded. Stepping on this starts the countdown, then crashes the game.

Shade Man

Object ID: 29

By shade, they didn't mean "ghost", guys

A.I. seems complete, but the Shade Man object and projectiles have no solidity. He cannot harm Mega Man or be harmed by Mega Man.

Junk Man

Object ID: 2A

How appropriate

Junk Man performs his intro animation, but that's it. He's still solid and can be damaged, so that's something.

Free Movement / Level Editor


Use the code 7E0C0224 to enable a kind of level editor. This seems to be bugged, so that code might not be the best way to access this feature. This enables debug commands on both the 1P and 2P controllers.

Pos. X and Pos. Y represent the position of the cursor on screen. Cell No. is the ID for the cell under the cursor. Hit No. seems to be collision information.

Control Pad: Moves screen.
A Button: Foreground toggle.
B Button: Speeds up screen movement.
X Button: Unknown (Freezes game)
Y Button: Displays two screens of data.


What these numbers represent is unknown.
Control Pad (2P): Moves cursor.
A Button (2P): Set Cell No. to 0000.
B Button (2P): Increases cursor speed.
X Button (2P): Unknown.
Y Button (2P): Changes cell that the cursor is on.
L Button (2P): Increases Cell No.
R Button (2P): Decreases Cell No.

Object Viewer

An object viewer exists here, and can be accessed using the code C005B302.

Prototype Final
Projective! Objective!

The text's palette is glitched in the final, but in the sample it's perfectly fine. The object numbers go up to 56 in the sample, and 9D in the final.