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Proto:Sonic Spinball (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Spinball (Genesis).

To do:
Get screenshots.
Download.png Download Sonic Spinball (Prototype)
File: Sonic Spinball (Prototype).bin (1.25 MB) (info)

The prototype of Sonic Spinball is not much different from the final.

General Differences

  • No sparkle sound effect played during the Sega screen. The propeller sound is also different.
  • Different / glitchy intro. The video also plays before the title screen instead of after.
  • The title screen lacks a near the Sega copyright.
  • There is no Options screen.
  • There are some different or missing messages from the scrolling bar on the top of the screen.
  • A debug mode can be activated by simply pausing the game and moving with the D-Pad. This is glitchy, however, as items may be stuck on-screen after entering/exiting debug.
  • Different sound effects and music speeds up at some points (especially in bosses).

Level Differences


  • Animals that appear from badniks are different.
  • Boss graphics remain mainly intact on defeat.
  • No eruption timer.
  • The safety lids are referred to as "hatchways".
  • Sonic is off-center in the cutscene when collecting an Emerald.

Toxic Caves

  • Falling into the water at the bottom of the stage means instant death, rather than a two-second wait after splashing.
  • There is a layer of sludge around the bucket.
  • Using the switch that moves the bridge up will play a small Sonic 2 sound byte.

Lava Powerhouse

  • Ferrons are called "Forebots".

The Showdown

  • There is an extra badnik.
  • Trigger on the boss is more helpful.
  • The final boss is invincible, likely because the ending sequence had not been implemented yet. Due to this, the game cannot be beaten.

Bonus Stages

  • Very incomplete. Only the Robotnik tooth-bashing level is available, and even then it has different colors and a garbled screen behind him.

(Source: Sonic Retro)