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Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)

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Super Mario Bros. 2

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: NES

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Super Mario Bros. 2 is the black sheep of the Mario series... at least before Super Mario Sunshine came along.

Prototype version

During a series of unfortunate incidents, a prototype dump of this game was released.

This has a bunch of differences and blah blah balhdlfkshfdsf

Debugging features

  • A on title screen: Selects world (can go above 7, which leads to various bugs/crashes)
  • Select during gameplay: Gives you 16 HP and breaks the life counter. This is actually shown in some commercial

General changes

  • Title screen palette is different
  • The story is different
  • Some minor changes here and there
  • You can't run, like in Doki Doki Panic
  • Eyeballs aren't white
  • Hold positions are totally wrong
  • Good lord this list is long
  • 7-1 and 7-2 have some minor changes
  • No animations


  • The underground theme is an earlier version of Super Mario Bros. 3's with LOUD drum samples; it was reverted to the Doki Doki Panic version pre-release.
  • The invincibility theme uses noise-based drums (like SMB1), rather than the drum samples as found in the final.


  • You get prize money based on how many times you died
  • Game ends on a simple THE END screen after the congratulations

Unused graphics

Desert tileset

Awwwww isn't he cuuute?

SMB2 has a :) in the desert tileset. It is indeed very happy, and the artist who put it there is good people.

Eighth animation frame

Eight different animation frames exist; due to a bug, however, only the first seven are used.

Placeholder proto-final differences

To be used with a comparison between the proto and final versions.

Prototype Title and Story colors

The Prototype`s Title Screen and Story had a Yellow,Brownish Yellow,and a Peach Color.

Sprite Changes

Peach got her Squatting,Front posing`s pixels changed,along with Small Luigi`s walking pixels,and Toad`s standing pixels.