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Welcome to The Cutting Room Floor. 12,023 articles and counting!

The Cutting Room Floor is a site dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games. From debug menus, to unused music, graphics, enemies, or levels, many games have content never meant to be seen by anybody but the developers — or even meant for everybody, but cut due to time/budget constraints.

Feel free to browse our collection of games and start reading. Up for research? Try looking at some stubs and see if you can help us out. Just have some faint memory of some unused menu/level you saw years ago but can't remember how to access it? Feel free to start a page with what you saw and we'll take a look.

Featured Article

Undertale-Activity Level.png


Developer: Toby Fox
Released: 2015, Windows

As with very few indie video games intend to fulfill, Undertale took the entire RPG concept to a whole new level. This game is largely known for a lot of things, such as its creative storytelling, sensational soundtrack, and powerful moments. Not only that, this game is also known for its determinant decisions that could put a twist on the path that one would take. There's no surprise to why this game has such a large following. In fact, it pretty much nails all the concepts that a memorable video game would have.

There's a quite a bit of unused content that this wondrous RPG has to offer. They range from unused text, music, rooms, graphics, items and even a debug mode! It also seemed that this game planned to have a few minor changes, such a enemies, characters and even places in a different art style!


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Did You Know...

  • ...that the Amiga version of Final Fight has two lengthy diatribes by the author?
  • ...that Mario Paint has hidden features that are disabled by default?
  • ...that Huitzil from Darkstalkers probably has more unused moves than used?
  • ...that there are voice clips in Super Smash Bros. for six characters' Final Smashes?
  • ...that Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3 have fake character names that were deliberately put in to fool people poking around in the code?
  • ...that Kirby was supposed to have a Mini ability as early as Kirby's Adventure?


Want to contribute? Not sure where to begin? Visit the Help page for everything you need to get started, including...

  • Instructions for creating and editing articles
  • Guides that will help you find debug modes, unused graphics, hidden levels, and more
  • A list of what needs to be done

We also have a sizable list of games that either don't have pages yet, or whose pages are in serious need of expansion. Check it out!

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