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The Cutting Room Floor

From The Cutting Room Floor
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The Cutting Room Floorへようこそ。当サイトには現在12,460の記事が存在しています。(各ハードウェアごとの内訳)

The Cutting Room Floorはテレビゲームにおいてゲーム内には登場しなかったコンテンツを各ゲームごとにまとめるためのウェブサイトです。デバッグメニュー、未使用の音楽、グラフィック、敵の情報やレベルに関することに至るまで、多くのゲームには、開発者以外には誰の目にも触れることがなかったデータや、予算、時間などを理由に表舞台に立つことのなかったデータが存在しています。



Party time!

SaGa Frontier

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Released: 1997, PlayStation

SaGa Frontier is the seventh game in Square's long-running SaGa series. It's an open-ended RPG with seven separate scenarios, and unfortunately, a sharp learning curve and some seriously uneven difficulty, which caused many people to quit playing before really getting into it. Being one of the first traditional RPGs after the release of the wildly successful Final Fantasy VII probably didn't help its poor early reputation.

Deadlines absolutely mauled this game, with a whole lot of things being left unused and/or unfinished, from areas, to skills, to songs, to artwork, all the way to an entire chapter. There's also a small debug room with a few nice features... and many, many mysteries waiting to be solved.



Did You Know...

  • ...that the Amiga version of Final Fight has two lengthy diatribes by the author?
  • ...that there are 9 unused items in Lunar: Eternal Blue including the famous Dark Scimitar weapon?
  • ...that Mega Man Zero 3 had e-Reader support that was cut from all non-Japanese releases?
  • ...that the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies has a page of unused minigames?
  • ...that Super Mario Sunshine had four areas and a railroad system that were cut from the final game?
  • ...that Pingus has an unused Pac-Man levelset?



その他にも、まだ記事がないゲームや、情報提供が少なく内容に乏しい記事をまとめた リストもあります。ぜひご協力ください。

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