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The Cutting Room Floor

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Добро пожаловать в The Cutting Room Floor. Сейчас здесь уже 10 239 статей, и это число продолжает увеличиваться.

The Cutting Room Floor - сайт, посвящённый поиску и исследованию контента, удалённого из видеоигр. Начиная отладочными меню и заканчивая неиспользованной музыкой, графикой, врагами или уровнями, во многих играх остался контент, который не должен был увидеть никто, кроме разработчиков - или же вырезанный из-за временных или бюджетных ограничений.

Взгляните на нашу коллекцию игр. Если вы готовы что-либо изучить, то откройте список неоконченных статей и посмотрите, если вы можете чем-то нам помочь. Если у вас осталась лишь память о каком-либо неиспользованном меню или уровне и вы уже не знаете, как к нему получить доступ -- то создайте новую страницу и запишите, что вы знаете -- и мы обратим на это внимание.

Избранная статья


King Arthur & the Knights of Justice

Developer: Manley & Associates
Publisher: Enix
Released: 1994, Super Nintendo

Much like how Squaresoft created Square USA to develop Secret of Evermore completely in America, Enix had a game of their own made in the states by developer Manley & Associates, then located in Seattle, Washington. A game based on King Arthur would make sense, since Americans are very familiar with the legend, but Enix took it one step further and based the game on a cartoon about football players who travel back in time to Camelot called King Arthur & the Knights of Justice.

The cartoon only lasted two seasons, and the game was met with much criticism. Not all of it was undeserved, though: it's notoriously glitchy, has an awkward password-based saving system, and uses some rather shallow and repetitive design, all of which suggest it was released in an unfinished state.

However, because so much was cut from the game for whatever reasons (budget and time constraints being most likely), it has turned out to be a real treasure trove of unused graphics, dialogue, items, and other content. Some elements (such as an unused cutscene) reveal how much more ambitious the project originally was, while others (mainly unused "fetch quest" items) were most likely removed to make the game less tedious than it already is.

While nobody (probably not even the developers) would argue that King Arthur & the Knights of Justice is a great game, it is an undeniably interesting little page in SNES history.


Все избранные статьи

Did You Know...

  • ...that the NES Star Trek: 25th Anniversary has two key items that were only ever seen in Nintendo Power?
  • ...that the Game Boy version of Yoshi's Cookie was once called Hermetica?
  • ...that Donkey Kong Jr. was meant to appear in Donkey Kong 3?
  • ...that in Serious Sam 3: BFE, a giant invincible scorpion will spawn if the game detects that it's a pirate copy?
  • ...that Side Arms Hyper Dyne uses "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to test the game's sound engine?
  • ...that there's space in the NES Metroid cart for a save battery?

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