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The Cutting Room Floor

From The Cutting Room Floor
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欢迎来到The Cutting Room Floor。目前有12,023篇词条, (各主机所包含的词条)

The Cutting Room Floor 是一个专注于发掘和研究电子游戏中未使用或删减的内容。从Debug菜单到未使用的音乐、图像、敌人和关卡,许多游戏拥有注定不会被开发者以外的人看到的内容 — 或者,本应能被任何人所知,但由于时间或资金而被删减的内容。



Yes, Warjilis has a map.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Released: 1997, PlayStation

Final Fantasy Tactics was, for many people, their first strategy RPG ever. Featuring an engaging story, excellent graphics and music, and an incredibly intricate gameplay system, this game is a classic all around. It has quite a bit in common with Tactics Ogre, an earlier strategy RPG, mainly because the two games were developed by the same teams.

And, of course, it has its fair share of unused content. With unused battle maps, overpowered debug command sets, extra playable characters, fully intact NPC and enemy data left hidden from view, and a whole mess of music left orphaned in the west with the removal of some minigames, Final Fantasy Tactics was pretty much the reason to own a GameShark back in the late 1990s.



Did You Know...



  • 创建与编辑词条的说明
  • 帮助你寻找Debug模式、未使用图像、隐藏关卡等的指南
  • 一个写明所需完成的列表


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