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From The Cutting Room Floor
Revision as of 05:26, 26 April 2012 by Nensondubois (Talk | contribs) (Suppose I could make these all sub-things but I'm way too lazy)

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Congratulations! You have found the hidden page! Don't tell anyone; this is a secret between us!

Visit for all your game code needs. Seriously. We also have a forum too.

Wiki contributions
Pages: 2,436
Revisions: 4,061
Total: 2,517

TCRF articles I created and/or added to

That's it for now.

About me (very brief!): I have programming experience in Game Boy GB Z-80 (and also Z-80) and Super Nintendo 65c816 assembly languages, plus a few other trivial ones that I rarely use. I have found many debug menus and unused music for several games. I am very liberal. I am voting for Ron Paul for the sanity of our future. I am currently agnostic and when I'm asked if I believe in God or an afterlife, I usually tell people "I do not know and cannot be certain until the very end of life as I know it". I will listen to any genre of music aside from trashy modern-pop/mainstream hip-hop (whatever you want to call it; is there even a defined term for underwhelming and unoriginal music?) and country music. I do enjoy videogame, rock, dubstep, progressive, alternative, grunge, most 1960-1990's music. I feel that most modern videogames are trash and could care less about them.

I am interested in math, science, chemistry, linguistics, and philosophy. I have faith in change and that we can all live together one day. I believe technology has uses and admittedly sometimes can be abused resulting in creepy, invasive and morbidly used; infringing on basic privacy and individual rights including censorship, facial recognition gender-detection forensics and other problematic side-effects. I believe that government can be big however too big to fail has proven to be inefficient and leads to more problems than actual benefits for society by inherent definition. People and society as a whole must be careful who we appoint power otherwise many innocent people will be locked away and forgotten about at their whim. I completely oppose war and violence under any circumstance. I also completely oppose the idea of any Police State and morbid techniques used to database people including but not limited to the potential use of their personal information. My username nensondubois is actually a typo formed by (hint: a late 1970's-late 1980's sitcom involving a governor's black butler as the main protagonist. I kind of *did* like the show years ago.) I chose to stick with the name because I was too lazy to have it changed to something interesting and I don't care enough now... actually it caught on so why bother? Moving right along.

My Gaming collection

See my game collection:

Help me collect the rest of my wanted games :)

These are all of them ;p

The other forums that appear on (Google with no spying or censorship!) with my name are a result of some asshole stealing my name and posing as me resulting from a ridiculous argument. Live and learn, I s'pose.

Sites of interest

Check my stubleupon profile... too many to list.

Music rips that no one cares about



other rips

SPCs... Check

Game Releases

Hopefully I can find some prototypes so we can all have them.

  • SNES Burn-In Test Cart. Lord Nightmare had the dumping equipment, I just sent him the cart for dumping.
  • Gamecube Service Disc 1.0/03 - Used LG DVD Drive to rip the ISO.
  • Future: Many Game Boy game revisions.

I collect video-games - included, but not limited to actual games, demos, samples, prototypes (lab loaners, lab lenders, or lab donors I've even heard) and consoles. I already have an elaborate collection; ranking 4??th in the world's largest game collectors.

Personal projects/things of interest

Super Game Boy research database (not listing until it is up-to date and has been properly formatted.) already in progress.

  • Create Arkanoid for the Super Game Boy in the same manner that was done with Space Invaders 94; run the game using native SNES code.
  • Create a VSF format (Virtual Boy Sound Format)
  • Create a ISF format (Intellivision Sound Format)

GBS Rips

Aside from the ones I have done already, here are some others I plan for the future.

  • Men In Black the Series II
  • PGA Golf
  • PGA European Tour
  • Golf Classic
  • Beethoven's Second


No order


  • Gamecube Service Disc 1.0/03 - Unused Super Mario Bros. Remix, Epona song, BMP pictures, and Cardemo music

Unused Text


  • Kirby no Omochabako - Hoshi Kuzushi (Tons of debug info, staff contact info and more. This game also has unused music.)
  • Flashback - Unused MUSIC TEST?

Unused menus


  • N/A

Unused graphics


  • Action 52 (There is a near complete French Baker title screen using the Cheetamen II font. Tons of unused sprites from other games as well.

Unused Areas

  • Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Staff Rolls

Unused Misc

Also things that need investigation and or documentation.

Game Boy

  • Hunchback of Notre Dame (Unused Super Game Boy Disabled Palette and Control scheme settings command. Why anyone would want to enable this is beyond my knowledge.)
  • Pac-In Time (Unused Super Game Boy Disabled palette settings command. Game Boy Game Genie codes FE4-D4B-80A, 424-D5B-F7F will set the call to FE42 from 45DD replacing ATR_BLK with ICON_EN [byte-flipped] re-disabling palette settings. Or Modify 1845 to FE42 located at 0x184D4 to achieve the same results.)
  • Stargate (Sound Test) Appears to be broken. May have unused Cutscenes. Definitely an unused Acclaim logo goes unused. Also selecting two player passes an additional hardware check that is unnecessary.
  • Mole Mania has a SOUND SGB Packet which attempts to play invalid sounds called during the startup much like Donkey Kong 94 does, so maybe Nintendo was planning to give this game music using the modified Nintendo sound driver present in the Super Game Boy 1 and 2 BIOS?
  • Mario's Picross has SOUND command having the four bytes set to 00 00 00 00 which serves no purpose. Who knows what idea Nintendo was toying around with. May also be hidden unused borders. Also, Japanese text is still fully scripted in the US/EU releases.
  • Bomberman Quest has and OBJ_TRN yet nothing is loaded into the SNES VRAM so who knows what the intent for this was. Also, there may be an unused SOUND call which plays an explosion sound effect. I have not completed the game in order to determine whether this is used or not.
  • Olympic Summer Games also calls a JUMP function and either it is sending some arbitrary data into the SNES VRAM or does nothing at all, though it is known to cause early versions of SGB bsnes to crash upon loading the ROM unless a patch is applied removing the JUMP packet. Needs further investigation, still.
  • NBA Live '96 Also has a JUMP SGB command loaded upon bootup and it appears to do nothing whatsoever. Needs further investigation as it may be altering the SNES NMI table function? Very unclear. Doesn't seem to be changing or adding anything into the SNES's VRAM.
  • NHL Hockey '95 disables SGB palettes then re-enables them a few packets later. Currently unknown why the game does this.
  • NHL Hockey '96 disables SGB palettes then re-enables them a few packets later. Currently unknown why the game does this.
  • FIFA Soccer '96 disables SGB palettes then re-disables them a few packets later. Currently unknown why the game does this.
  • Ken Griffey Presents Major League Baseball disables SGB palettes then re-enables them a few packets later. Currently unknown why the game does this.
  • Poko Nyan Yume no Diabuken may have a hidden border. Needs further investigation to confirm.
  • Kiraru has a PAL_TRN SGB Command though the game has no palettes.
  • Aladdin has an unused SOUND played during starup. Should play an explosion sound though it is placed where it is not called.
  • Nintendo Power GB Cart has Super Game Boy enhancements; while technically unused, they are present to allow games written to the card to utilise the SGB features if they are present.

Almost if, not all GB games that have SGB functions will have the following commands which do absolutely nothing: DATA_SOUND, SGB Command Packet C9 (Unknown), ATTR_TRN (unknown), and SGB Command F5 (executes the proceeding lines of data as SGB packets)

Unused music

Game Boy

  • Madden 97 (several unused jungles and a few songs)
  • Pokonyan! (one unused jingle)
  • FIFA 97, (several unused jungles and a few songs)
  • FIFA 98, (several unused jungles and a few songs)
  • 98 World Cup (several unused jungles and a few songs)
  • Olympic Summer Games (Unused jingles that are only in the Game Boy's sound code (not Super Game Boy) also present in the Sega Genesis version.)

Game Boy Advance

  • Wario Ware Twisted (The microgame Synchro... unused song... sample for Taxi Sinatra. Use two and two to put this one together)
  • Much more to list (too many) I need to actually list these before I make more things todo.


  • Super Scope 6 (Several unused songs and jingles)
  • Harley's Humongous Adventure (There is an unused song, and a slightly 'fuller' sounding version of the Main Theme.)
  • Pro Mahjong Kiwame Games
  • Super Game Boy 1 and 2 Anti-Piracy Message and unused test palette.
  • Wario's Woods Unused Music


BS Digital Magazines (almost all of them have unused music, and who knows what else)

Regional/Revisionary Differences

  • Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB Reprint
  • Super Mario Land 1.0 and 1.1 (soundtrack and slight gameplay differences)
  • Centipede GB/GBC versions (Four exist and all have different code and label variations including unused content leftover from Arcade Classics)

Unused content that I swear exists but have yet to document

  • Tetris Attack (SNES) Years ago on my Not For Resale copy I recall beating the game on 1 Player VS mode on the extra difficulty setting and getting a button password for an extensive debug CPU options mode. I'll have to look into this at some point.


Things that I'm curious about and have yet to find answers...

  • Game & Watch Gallery 2 US GB Version

Game Boy Nintendo Power Games released in 2000 that supposedly have SGB and GBC functions; games include

  • Alleyway
  • Contra
  • Yakuuman
  • Donkey Kong '94
  • Super Mario Land
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Baseball(?)
  • Tetris (Not to be confused with Tetris DX)
  • Solar Striker
  • Dr. Mario
  • Radar Mission
  • F-1 Race
  • Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB (not to be confused with reprint version)

and others

SPC Sets I'm working on 2012/13/04

  • Dirt Racer
  • A few others listed on the help wanted page.

AND NO! I will not be doing the Shanghai 3 SPC set. Dumping soundtracks for Ear-bleeding music composed by completely deaf musicians is out of the question and not worth my time and patience; find someone else to do that, not me.

Finish my game collection

I am ranking 4??th in having one of the world's largest gaming collections.

P.S. I really don't care how awful this page looks =P