Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CPS2)
Released internationally: June 1997

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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is the second entry in the popular Marvel vs. Capcom series, most notable for having a bizarre character not seen before or since.

To do:
The secret characters have proper endings in the Japanese version.


Unused Ending

It's already here!

Set FF3853 to 26 to select Cyber-Akuma (the final boss), then complete the game with him to get this screen. This is a very possible leftover from the location test, before the character endings were produced. If this ending was played in the Hispanic region, the English text was left untranslated.


Japan International
It's-a me, Norimaro! Not ready for the world.

Norimaro is a "joke" character based on comedian Noritake Kinashi. While the select screens of all other versions replace his space with the game's logo, he was not actually removed from the game and can be selected by setting FF3853 to 22.

Unused Graphics

Nihao... Hot for teaching I love a lady in uniform She's just a devil wo-man... Nyaaaaaaaan. Why don't you have a seat right over there? In Soviet Russia...

What appears to be an unused Hyper Combo. An animation stored along with those for his other Hyper Combos depicts him fantasizing about a particular Capcom character, triggering an explosive nosebleed. Several variants of the animation exist, involving different characters as Norimaro's object of desire: Chun-Li, Sakura, Cammy, Morrigan, Felicia, Anita, and Zangief.

What are you going to do, BLEED on me!?

The erupting blood actually has a hitbox and is capable of hitting the opponent.

(Source: felineki)

Oooh, what have we here?

An animation stored along with his winposes seems to show him looking at something with a lecherous expression on his face, then getting down onto the ground for a closer look. Norimaro's normal winpose consists of him walking over to the defeated opponent's body, pulling out a camera and photographing him over them.

Presumably, this alternate animation was intended for when he had defeated Chun-Li or Sakura, and that rather than taking a photo he would go to look up her skirt.

(Source: felineki)

Regional Changes

Interestingly, Norimaro was almost entirely primed for the international scene; however, Capcom did a last minute change and disabled him as a playable character.

Japan International
Japanese! Not Japanese!

For example, using his Ultra Variety Private Memories super move will cause him to say "I WARNED YOU!" rather than the usual Japanese text.

A little privacy, please?

Further, when using said hyper, it only does 19 hits as opposed to the 21 of the Japanese version. This is due to two of the hits showing Norimaro in a bathtub.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)

Everyone wants a bit of Dan.

The speech bubble of his taunt, where he holds out a pen and paper and asks for an autograph from his opponent, was appropriately translated to "Autograph, please!"

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)

Him? What about Onslaught, Galactus, and the others?

Also translated were Norimaro's pre-fight lines to Apocalypse...

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)

Amazing, innit?

...and his win quotes.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)

I think someone's confused.

Bizarrely, beating the game shows Norimaro's ending images with Dan's ending dialogue and Captain America's nametag. Norimaro's ending is basically him conquering the world, dying, and becoming a tedious subject for history books (a correctly translated version of his ending is here).

(Source: Rage Quitter 87 for image, and his friend Ragey for translation)
MSHvSF flyer.png

This art was used on a Japanese flyer and the cover for the Sega Saturn port. It can also be found in the art gallery mode of the PlayStation version. Interestingly, even though this art is in every regional variant of the PlayStation version, Norimaro is on it. Nobody bothered trying to censor or remove him.

(Source: Rage Quitter 87)

Other Regional Differences

MSHvSF Bison hyper.png

One of Dictator's (Vega in Japan, M. Bison elsewhere) hyper combos is named Scissors Kick Nightmare in the international version and Knee Press Nightmare in the Japanese version.

US Japan

The announcer will say the name differently depending on the region.

US Japan

The special feature where you can call on two characters to perform a hyper combo at the same time has a different name depending on the version. The US version calls them Cross-Over Combinations, whilst in Japan they are called Variable Combinations.

Unused Graphics

MSHvSF karin.gif

Here is a bizarre one: Karin Kanzuki! She wouldn't debut until 1998 in Street Fighter Alpha 3 like Shadaloo Cammy in X-Men VS. Street Fighter, a year after this game came out. It seems some work had been started on her sprite, though, and it also seems she was originally just going to be a swap of Sakura with a different head and boots instead of sneakers.

(Source: Rage Quitter for the info, and Ragey for the GIF)

MSHvSF Dhalsimwife.png

Dhalsim's wife from Street Fighter Alpha 2 was apparently meant to appear in the background during his fights.

MSHvSF Sakurashinkuuhadouken.png

Sakura's Shinkuu Hadouken fireball, another Street Fighter Alpha 2 leftover, is present and fully animated.

MSHvSF Apocunused.png

Apocalypse has an unused attack, which apparently wasn't finished: one of his hands turns into a pincer which slowly moves towards the opponent and can push them back. His unused attack from X-Men VS. Street Fighter is still in the game, suggesting that this game was modified from it.


Both the Secret File flier from the time of the game's release and the recent Marvel VS. Capcom Official Complete Works book mention plans for a super in which Blackheart summons Mephisto, who proceeds to grab the opponent then breathe fire on them. The sprites and animation data still exist in the finished game. The colors seen here are likely incorrect; proper palettes have yet to be found.

Unused Sounds

In this game, Omega Red is voiced by Len Doncheff, who voiced him in the 1990s X-Men cartoon, so he re-recorded Omega Red's lines instead of using the same ones from X-Men: Children of the Atom. Interestingly, the sound test for the arcade version has some of the original voice clips for Omega Red from Children of the Atom in it.

Omega Strike:

Old New

Omega Destroyer:

Old New

Len also recorded two lines for Omega Red which weren't used:

Your life force stinks!:

This line was eventually used in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 if he wins by Time Over.


Unused Music

Track #37, Norimaro's theme in the Japanese version, is unused in the American release.

(Source: Rage Quitter)