Portal 2

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Title Screen

Portal 2

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: April 19, 2011
Released in EU: April 21, 2011

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Portal 2 doesn't have any cake, but there's plenty of space to move around and find unused things in.



Unused Text Files
Cave Johnson has a lot of unused lines.

Unused Speech

Listen Line summary
These are from an unfinished scene in which you'd hear a recording of Caroline getting forcibly turned into an AI.
Extended unused speech of Wheatley talking about nanobots. The dialogue is shortened in the final.
An alternate version of meeting potato-ized GLaDOS. In one version of the script, she continued being a snarky jerk at you even while impaled on your Portal Gun. This got on testers' nerves very very quickly.
From an earlier version of the co-op plot, in which GLaDOS sent Atlas and P-Body out to find "artifacts" of the long-dead Aperture workers (coffee cups and such) to make them more human. Here, they've found a certain newspaper comic strip, presumably Garfield.
This appears to have been just for a demo done for the PAX event.
A snippet of dialogue from Dr. Kleiner in Half-Life 2. It's listed as "error.wav" in the game files, and it plays when the game fails to load a required file, something that doesn't really happen unless the game is tampered with.
To do:
More unused GLaDOS taunts, referencing Chell by name. Also, some clip about Cave Johnson talking about Spider-Man-like powers (trope Actor Allusion).

Unused Graphics


Oh, it's you.

Leftover in the model files is a recolored variant on Chell's Portal model. This was a placeholder for an earlier version of Co-Op mode, in which Chell would be accompanied by another female test subject named Mel. The duo was replaced by Atlas and P-Body, but some of GLaDOS' taunts oriented at this version (mostly comparing weight) were kept because they were funnier with robots. Her animations are specified, but no longer exist.

Unused Animation in Motel Room

Some of the items in the motel room at the start of Portal 2 could fold out. Cut for unknown reasons.

To do:
Get pictures of the models. These do not look like the ones in the final version.

Chicken Icon

To do:
Figure out what the hell this was for.

Scrapped Paint Gun

Swap guns indicator.jpg

During development, the developers used a paintgun for gels. The gun was from a student game called Tag: The Power of Paint, in which the player could paint the environment to add and remove paint with various effects. The Repulsion and Propulsion Gels are two of the paints actually used in that game. Developer commentary mentions that the player would be given the gun so they could paint the grounds and walls to complete test chambers, but it would cause confusion towards players not knowing exactly where to place what paint as well as destroy the aesthetic of the game.

It was ultimately removed in favor of keeping the game simple by using only your Portal Gun to manipulate puzzles, but there are traces of it still in the content.

Surface-Walking/Sticky Gel

A gel scrapped during development that allowed players to walk on walls and ceilings. Very similar to the gel in Tag: The Power of Paint.

Reflection Gel

An unused gel type that reflects lasers. Added in the PTI update, and can be added into a map by turning off SmartEdit and setting the gel type to -1.

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Add photos.

Pneumatic Diversity Vent

The Pneumatic Diversity Vent was a testing element seen in its demonstrational video, but in the final game it is never used as a testing element and seen only during the ride inside it with Wheatley and dropping bombs, the most likely reason it was cut would be because its only purpose is to suck away Turrets.


The game has coded and modelled entities for small fragile spheres called futbols. It comes in two versions: glass and bomb. There are special spawner entities, with models, for both. The bomb version was reused for the redirectable bombs in the final game.


Portal 2 Cube.PNG

After acquiring the first Portal Gun (with only one portal), in the room with the jazz music playing, noclip near the exit, and there's a cube outside the map. It is a solid object, doesn't fall down, and can't be interacted with. These exist in some maps in the first game as well. These were placed around the levels to have an area where GLaDOS could speak without resorting to more complicated ideas.

Unused Content?

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: What is its purpose? Any way to get it game?

There is a text file called unusedcontent.cfg. It appears to be a list of directories, with some commented out or removed.

	"dir"		"maps"
	"dir"		"materials"
	"dir"		"models"
	"dir"		"scenes"
	"dir"		"sound"
	"ignore"	""
	"ignore"	"reslists"