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Write more about TCRF's early days, the year it was founded, its ideals, and what led to Xkeeper's involvement.

The Cutting Room Floor is a wiki that aims to catalog unused and debug content found within video games, covering an enormous variety of platforms and genres. While everyone is welcome to participate, articles are held to stringent quality standards in order to ensure that the wiki's information is organized, accurate, and on-topic.

TCRF originally began as a personal project by BMF54123, before it was revamped into a wiki for ease of maintenance and to allow others to contribute their knowledge. The original page can still be found online.

Since its early days, TCRF has grown to become one of the leading catalogs of unused and debug content online. Well-respected as a resource, it has been referenced in a variety of media, including Edge Magazine, Kotaku, Joystiq, and Cracked. It has also grown to incorporate a forum, IRC channel, Twitter, and Facebook page.

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