The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Title Screen

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: GameCube, Wii
Released in JP: December 2, 2006
Released in US: November 19, 2006
Released in EU: December 8, 2006
Released in AU: December 7, 2006
Released in KR: August 27, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Nintendo's answer to people wanting a second Ocarina of Time after getting disappointed with Wind Waker. Afterwards, those same people complained about the game being too similar to Ocarina of Time... hypocrisy much?


Debug Mode

Please elaborate. Having more detail is always a good thing.
(No reason specified, so be creative.)
TP DebugSound1.png

A debug mode can be activated by changing the byte "00" at 0x07 in the ISO file. 00 to 80 disable debug mode, 81 to 90 enable debug mode on development consoles, and 91 and higher always enable it. Alternatively, it is easier by simply using the Action Replay code 04000004 30310091 in any version. To activate the debug console screen, press Z on a controller in controller port 3.

With the activation of the debug mode, you can see the sound levels directly at the bottom of the screen with bars of different colors.

TP DebugConsole1.png

It is also possible to see the debug console of the game, which shows the current memory and creates new lines of code when changing the room. The most visible is the internal name of the room being played.

(Source: Treeki (method), Dark Linkaël (code))

Unused Music

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess contains four leftover streams from early Electronic Entertainment Expo builds and demos:


TitleLogoE3 was featured in the early E3 2005 demo build of Twilight Princess, the year in which the game was first revealed.


TitleLogoE3_2006 is the title theme featured in the 2006 E3 demo. It bears a striking resemblance to TitleLogoE3, yet remains distinctly different, with different instrumentals and reverbed howl.

To do:
Find out how to load this ingame with the correct soundbanks/instruments is a sequenced track that was meant for Hyrule Field, or some sort of field. This track was used in a Twilight Princess Nintendo DS ROM as menu music. The track doesn't load in-game with the proper samples, however, so a piano is used as a placeholder instrument aside from the drums, which are sampled from a Twilight Princess soundfont.

For comparison, listen to the demo music, ripped from the Nintendo DS ROM. It has a longer drum roll at the beginning, but is otherwise the same song.


Stageselect_e3_2006 is the exact same Hyrule Field theme showcased in the final game. This particular copy of the stream, however, is only 48 seconds long and was featured in the 2006 E3 demo as a stage selection menu theme.


kyakumachi is a copy of the music used in the prerendered demo video. However, the music for the video is embedded in the video itself, meaning this track is never used.

Unused Sound Effects

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Rewrite and add stuff from talk page.


Z2cswave is the Wii Remote sound file for Twilight Princess, which contains two unused Navi sound clips. It is found under Audiores/Z2CSRes.arc/bin/z2cswave.csw


Z2cswave is an unused Wii Remote sound file for Twilight Princess, which contains some unused Mario sound clips. It is found under Audiores/Z2CSRes.arc/bin/spkwave.csw Within these sound effects are few early sound effects from Super Mario Galaxy, which was in development at the time.

Unused Items

Black Chu Jelly

ZeldaTP BlackJelly.png

A fully working item. Drinking it makes Link lose one heart, similar to the Nasty Soup received from Coro in Faron Woods. It's item number 9F.

Green Chu Jelly

To do:
Rip the icon

This game is one of the few Zelda games which does not feature a magic meter. However, due to a programmer's oversight, you can still get a green potion in the Wii version. In the Cave of Ordeals, in the room with several Chu Chus, it is possible to make a blue and a yellow Chu Chu merge together, which then become a green Chu Chu (this color doesn't appear anywhere else in the game). Killing it awards you a green potion, which is supposed to refill your magic meter, similar to several other Zelda games. However, Twilight Princess has no magic meter. As a result, it has no effect, nor text. Green Chu Jelly still exists in the GameCube version's data, but you cannot obtain it in any way. Merging Blue and Yellow Chus will instead create a Purple Chu in the GameCube version. Green Chu Jelly is item number 7A.

The back of the Wii version's cover has a screenshot depicting a magic meter on the HUD, much like in other Zelda games. (Image)

Magic Potion

To do:
Rip the icon

The same as Green Chu Jelly. It's item number 62.

Fire Arrow

A possible placeholder item is obtainable through Gecko codes, but it doesn't do anything.
It's item number 53.

Surf Leaf

ZeldaTP SurfLeafIcon.png

Another placeholder item which uses the Hylian shield icon; the Surf Leaf is item number F7. It was most likely meant to be the leaf used for snowboarding from Snowpeak Top.
The Japanese internal name for the surfing item is "Shield Surfing", indicating that Link would snowboard on his shield.

Bottled Blue Fire

To do:
Rip the icon

An item from Ocarina of Time. It does have an icon. It takes up item numbers F0 to F2.

Unusable Ooccoo

To do:
Rip the icon

The Ooccoo item which doesn't work. It's item number 33.

4th Vessel of Light

ZeldaTP UnusedLightVessel.png

A placeholder item which doesn't have text. It's item number A4.

Early Ordon Sword

To do:
Rip the icon

An unfinished early version of the Ordon Sword. It has a different icon. It's item number 3B.

Unused Rooms


Room 49

TLOZTP D MN11B R49 00 1.png TLOZTP D MN11B 1.png

Twilight Princess has only one unused room. It is in the part with the mini-boss room of Snowpeak Ruins. Instead of having one room like other mini-boss rooms, this one has two rooms.

D_MN11B (Mini-Boss Dungeon)
R49_00.arc (Unused)

The room contains 2 Clawshot targets and an invisible object in the middle. Outside of the map there is a door, a switch, and several suits of armour. Moon jumping to a certain position outside of the map will activate the mini-boss. The switch is used to open the door.

D_MN11B R49_00 - Details and Textures

R49 00 Texture.png

Possible old Mini-Boss room

The BMD model for this room is not used for the final mini-boss room. This model appears to be a test model because it only uses one texture and it wasn't used in the final game. For some reason, this model has replaced an older model of this old mini-boss room, but the objects remain in the same locations, which allows us to know a little more about the form of the old room. Here is an example:

TP Map D MN11B.png


Version Code Version Code
NTSC US 0440AFC0 445F4D4E

0440AFC4 31314200

0440AFC8 000031FF

0440AFCC 0000445F

0440AFD0 4D4E3131

0440AFD4 42000000

0440AFD8 31FF0000

PAL UK 0440CF60 445F4D4E

0440CF64 31314200

0440CF68 000031FF

0440CF6C 0000445F

0440CF70 4D4E3131

0440CF74 42000000

0440CF78 31FF0000

(Source: Dark Linkaël (Unused Room, Old Mini-Boss Room and Codes)


TP S MV000 R00.png S MV000 R00 00 1.png

It is the last room of the list and with a name very different from other "S_MV000". This room does not contain much, only two locations starting point for Link. Otherwise, there is no collision and no model BMD.


Version Code Version Code
NTSC US 0440AFC0 535F4D56

0440AFC4 30303000

0440AFC8 000000FF

0440AFCC 0000535F

0440AFD0 4D563030

0440AFD4 30000000

0440AFD8 00FF0000

PAL UK 0440CF60 535F4D56

0440CF64 30303000

0440CF68 000000FF

0440CF6C 0000535F

0440CF70 4D563030

0440CF74 30000000

0440CF78 00FF0000

(Source: Dark Linkaël (Unused Room and Codes)

Unused Enemies

To do:
Can we get a better quality video of this, please?

There are four unused enemies still coded in this game.

Black "Armos"

TP is.png

The Armos Titan is a large humanoid creature that attacks by smacking you with its hands. It resembles the Guardians of the Sacred Grove. A few well-placed hits to its crystal will disable it for a while. Judging from its appearance, it is possible that it appeared in the Temple of Time or the Palace of Twilight.

Goron Golem

ZeldaTP GoronGolem.png

The second is a giant golem made of a collection of Gorons. The group wanders around aimlessly, at first, but once you come near it, they morph into the golem and try to attack you. The golem has no collision, so it was possibly cut earlier than other cut enemies.

Green Chu Chu

ZeldaTP GreenChuChu.png

An unused Chu Chu variant. It leaves the unused Green Chu Jelly when killed. This Chu is used in the Wii version where blue and Yellow Chu Chus can merge into Green Chu Chus.

Black Chu Chu

ZeldaTP BlackChuChu.png

Another unused Chu Chu variant. It leaves the unused Black Chu Jelly when killed.

Unused Models

Wind Waker Leftovers

TP ItemsTWW.png

"itemmdl.arc" contains models of 21 items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker which suggests Twilight Princess uses the Wind Waker engine.

Bomb Flower

TP h bomb.png

Bomb Flowers are not normally found in Twilight Princess, but they do exist in the game files. Either it's another leftover from Wind Waker, or they were actually planned to appear in the game somehow.

Strange giant with glasses

TP dm.png TP dm Detail.png

This character is a large giant with white and purple lines. The face is yellow and wearing glasses. The character serves no function, and could be presumed to be a placeholder. Given its tremendous size, and the fact that various models in the game match up heights to the stripes, it might actually have been a height reference.

Early ghost soldiers

TP gp talk l.png

It is possibly an older version of ghost soldiers, presumably predating the Game Developers Conference 2005 trailer.

Early Shadow Beast

TP E s1.png

This creature of the twilight is possibly an older version of the Shadow Beast. It is viewable on a trailer from Game Developers Conference 2005 when Link defeats one in a forest. It is still present in the game data as a model. It uses more or less the same movements as the Beast Shadow of the final version. Given its face and the fact that it is only seen in said forest, it may actually have been a shadow Bokoblin.

(Source: Dark Linkaël)

Developer messages

Cacti can't speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please submit a translation!
Notes: Correct and complete.

Hidden in Sample.arc is a few .txt files, one of which is a somewhat lengthy discussion between two programmers.

file0.txt - file1.txt - file2.txt

(Source: Kargaroc)

Unused Text

Script Text

Ganondorf originally had a longer speech planned for his defeat. In the final game, only the lines in green are used.

English Script Japanese Script Literal Translation
When the chosen ones appear... 選ばれし力を持つ者が現れる時 When one appears bearing the chosen power,
They are always born into this 必ず、その対極を成す者が生まれ出ん invariably, their antithesis shall also come into being.
world in perfect balance. それが、お前達が信じる神が与えた That is your destiny, you [plural] who bear crests
That is the destiny of the chosen. 紋章を持つ者の運命だ granted by the god in which you believe.
That is the fate decreed by your この世に紋章を持つ者が現れる限り As long as crest-bearers appear in this world,
gods, the only path for those who 何度でも、流血の時代が訪れる each time, an era of bloodshed shall invariably follow.
bear their crests. これで、全てが終わったと思うなよ Do not think of this as the end.
When this world brings forth これが、光と闇の Think of it as the beginning to a history
another marked as you are... 血塗られた歴史の始まりだと思え! of desperate struggle between light and darkness!
Know too, that it shall also be
visited by one of my blood.
Do not think this ends here...
The history of light and shadow will
be written in blood!

The Twili populace originally had things to say when you visited their realm.

English Script Japanese Script
The black fog... It stole the sparkle from this land... 黒い霧 この国カラ 輝き奪っタ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Without the power of light, we cannot enter the main palace... 光の力 取り戻さなケレバ 宮殿に入ることできナイ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Without the Sols, the Pedestals of Light are without their sparkle... ソル奪われた光の台座、輝き 失っタ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
We must return the two Sols to the Pedestals quickly! 2ツのソル、ハヤク 台座に 戻さないト・・・

English Script Japanese Script
If the two Sols are put in the correct places, light will shine... 2ツのソル 正しい場所ニ 置くと 光がサス・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Return the Sols to their proper places... ソル、正しい場所ニ 戻しテ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Place the Sols adjacent, left and right... 正しき ソルハ 左右対称に・・・

English Script Japanese Script
This direction to Pedestal I... コッチの 向きは Ⅰの台座・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Put one Sol on Pedestal II... ソルの1ツ、Ⅱの台座ニ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
This brightness... It's OUR light... コノ輝きハ・・・我々ノ光・・・

English Script Japanese Script
You returned the Sols... オマエが ソル 戻してくれタ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Thank you... アリガトウ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Zant controls our land now... 我々の国ハ、ザントに 支配サレテシマッタ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
This is the royal family's palace! A traitor like Zant can't have it! 宮殿ハ 我々一族の王家のモノ 裏切り者のザントになど 渡さナイ!

English Script Japanese Script
I will NEVER call Zant the king! 我々は ザントを 王とは 認めナイ

English Script Japanese Script
The only royalty we have is the princess. She's still alive!
And that's why we await the princess's return!
我々の王は 姫様タダ一人・・・ 姫様ハ 必ず 生きてル!
ダカラ 我々は 姫様の帰りを待ツ

English Script Japanese Script
We've been waiting for help to arrive... 我々は ズット 助け待ってタ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
How did you get to this world? オマエ、どうやッテ この世界、来タ?

English Script Japanese Script
Could the hero that the princess sent? モシカシテ、姫様ガ 遣わしてくれタ 勇者なのカ・・・?

English Script Japanese Script
You must be the hero that the princess sent... アナタは キット、姫様が 遣わしてくれた 勇者サマ・・・

English Script Japanese Script
Return the palace to the hands of the princess... Please... 宮殿を 姫様の手に 戻しテ・・・ 頼ム・・・

English Script Japanese Script
We will protect the palace until the day that the princess returns! 姫様が お戻りになられる日マデ 宮殿の留守は 我々が守ル

English Script Japanese Script
Thank you... アリガトウ・・・

Debug Text

Please select a stage.
Thank You for Playing the Demo
Demo 2:Meeting Ilia
(take [Link]'s horse to the spring)
Demo 4 (First half):Enemy appears at spring
[Link] in the darkness

These appear to be remnants of a demo version of the game.

Epona Rodeo strategy (Rescue Epona)
Flag 56 has been turned ON.
Saw the demo where Colin is abducted.
Flag 53 has been turned ON.
Saw the demo where Colin is saved.
Flag 85 has been turned ON.
Saw the demo of Prince Zora being saved.
(Convory sucessful)
Flag 68 has been turned ON.
North south bridge mirror space big small mysterious shield
test 20060713 22:11pm
The darkness has been in Kakariko
Village has been lifted.
Flag 61 has been turned ON.
Carriage convoy game start
Flag 66 has been turned ON.
Lava fusion event temporary demo 
Please end the dark cargo (big) event
(Event flag 84 = please turn it ON)
After seeing the lava fusion on Death Mountain
Flag 65 has been turned ON.
(Condition: Even flag 84 has been turned ON)

Some debug text related to various event flags.

There is a save file for this game on
the Memory Card in Slot A. Would you
like to transfer this data to the Wii?
Unable to find Memory Card in Slot A.
In order to copy save data from a
Memory Card, please start over.

Apparently, there was once planned to be a feature to transfer saves between the GameCube and Wii versions of the game.

You don't have any magic power...
You know you can't turn into a
beast without it!

An interesting bit of text which reveals that magic power was once a requirement to transform into Wolf Link.


The text for the Japanese version name input screen has been oddly translated to English, even though it uses a different one. The furigana option is used in the Japanese version, to show kana over kanji to make the text more accessible to younger audiences. All of these obviously go unused in the localized versions.

Put together

Unused action commands.

Item Text

Black Chu Jelly
Jelly from the black Chu.
*It smells bad even with the lid closed.
*Looks like you can set it to and drink it with (X) or (Y) but...

Text for the unused Black Chu Jelly.

Green Chu Jelly

Text for the unused Green Chu Jelly item.

Magic Potion

Text for the unused Magic Potion item.

Fire Arrow

Text for the unused Fire Arrow item.

Surf Leaf

Text for the unused Surf Leaf item.

You cannot use the Gale Boomerang
in this room

Unused message. In the final game, unauthorized items are simply greyed out. Also, notice the missing dot.

Unused icons

These icons are found in the game files, but never actually used by the game.

TP tt item icon letter 00.png TP tt map1 ia4.png TP tt midona 64.png TP tt mirror shield 00.png TP zelda item icon makimono 06.png TP im honny 48.png TLoZ TP Hookshot.png

Some of these appear to be simple leftovers from The Wind Waker, like the Elixir Soup. The demon Tetra icon may have been a placeholder until Midna's design was finalized.

The Mirror Shield icon is the most interesting, because it is clearly modeled after the icon from the Nintendo 64 version of Ocarina of Time, yet it is an entirely new graphic. Twilight Princess is one of the few Zelda games with no Mirror Shield, but there may have been plans to include this item in the game. The presence of a redrawn Hookshot may also mean that it was intended before the Clawshots.


Linker .map files

The US version ships with a folder containing the complete symbols for the game binary. These files would have helped the developers figure out how the game would crash, to make debugging easier.

They were used not only to understand the game itself, but was an aid in understanding the APIs involved in Wii development.

(Source: Kargaroc)

Two Test Models

In the file "Sample.arc" folder "bmdr" contains two test models with no textures. One of the two models is a horse, which could be a early version of Epona, or Ganon's Horse.

TP file1.png TP file2.png

(Source: Kargaroc)

Comparison of the two versions of Epona

TP Epona.png

(Source: Dark Linkaël)

Strange model "M_TetsuSaku00A"

In Sample.arc, there is a file simply called a. It seems to be in the same format as the R_00 Hyrule Castle model from The Wind Waker. It is dated October 14th, 2004.

The model itself is the same box model as the DZB collisions in the same archive are.

TP M TetsuSaku00A.png

(Source: Kargaroc)

Sample.arc Detail File

test.bck (Test model animation)

file1.bmd (Unknown model)
file2.bmd (Early Epona's model)

file0.txt (Text file)
file1.txt (Text file)
file2.txt (Developer messages)

a (M_TetsuSaku00A)

file2.dzb (M_TetsuSaku00A model collision)
file.dzb (M_TetsuSaku00A model collision)

event_list.dat (Test file event)
(Source: Kargaroc)

Revision differences

The initial Wii release has more glitches; these were fixed in the GameCube release and all later Wii versions released in North America. In contrast, there are some relatively harmless glitches exclusive to the GameCube release, most notably those used as speedrunning techniques.

Cannon bug

If you go to the room with the cannon and save your game inside, once you reload your saved game you won't be able to warp out or leave. The game thinks Shad, who isn't around to see you, is still there even though he's nowhere to be seen. This leaves you stuck in the room forever.

Cave of Ordeals

A debug routine in the Cave of Ordeals was left in the game. Putting out the torches on one floor with the Gale Boomerang would open the door in the next floor down, allowing you to easily traverse the whole Cave of Ordeals without having to fight most of the monsters.

Also, as mentioned above, if a Blue Chu and Yellow Chu merge, they will become an unique Green Chu in the Wii version, something not possible in the GameCube version.

Eternal Game Over bug

If you were to try to warp underwater the same moment Link is about to drown, the game would get stuck on the Game Over screen eternally. This bug was fixed in later versions by not allowing you to warp underwater.

Snowpeak bug

On Snowpeak, by standing next to Yeto and hitting the tree with the Ball and Chain at a specific point, Yeto would talk to you automatically, which caused the game to freeze right as the race started.

Map Glitch

In early Wii versions of the game, the warping sequence could be interrupted by reading/talking to something and opening the map at the same time, which caused Link to read/talk instead of warping. This would disable most map triggers like loading zones and out-of-bounds triggers, leading to several sequence breaks, such as ascending Snowpeak without the Reekfish Scent. In later versions of the game, disrupting the warp sequence in this manner will not have any side effects.

People who played the GameCube version had an even easier time; they could just press D-Right and Z at the same time, and after selecting a warp, Midna would pop up to interrupt the warping sequence. This was fixed in the Japanese GameCube release.

Build Date

The file COPYDATE.txt has a date and time for when the game was possibly completed. It is listed as such in the GameCube version:

2006/11/06 18:16

The Wii version of this file is dated earlier:

2006/10/10 20:35