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1080° Avalanche

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Title Screen

1080° Avalanche

Also known as: 1080° Silverstorm (JP)
Developer: Nintendo Software Technology
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: January 22, 2004
Released in US: December 1, 2003
Released in EU: November 28, 2003
Released in KR: March 12, 2004

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
There was a demo playable / video shown at ECTS in London in August 2003

1080° Avalanche is the successor to 1080° Snowboarding on the Nintendo 64, using the winter environments to showcase the GameCube's graphics and processing power.

Unused Graphics

The root/1080data/misc folder contains a bunch of TPL files, many of which are early graphics.

1080avalanche earlylogo.png

1080Logo.tpl is an early version of the logo.

1080avalanche templogo.png

transition.tpl is a placeholder of some sort. Also worth noting that 1080° White Storm is the game's early name, as it would be similar to Wave Race: Blue Storm.

1080avalanche alphatext.png

alpha.tpl contains some sort of debug text.

1080avalanche NOAlogo.png1080avalanche NCLlogo.png

Also within the misc folder are two TPL files called Credits.tpl and CreditsTM.tpl. While both include placeholders for a Nintendo of America (NOA) and Nintendo Co., Ltd. (NCL) logos, within the latter is an early version of the game's logo featuring (as you may have guessed) a TM symbol, and thinner outlines.

CreditsTM Credits
1080avalanche creditstm.png 1080avalanche credits.png

Developer Credits

Also in the misc folder is an early version of the developer credits stored in a plain text file.

!1080 Development Team

Shigeki Yamashiro

Vivek Melwani
Rich Vorodi

SunTjen Fam
Sheldon Baines
Scott Bassett
Jonathan Johnson
Rory Johnston
!Art Director
Michael Harrington

!Course Artists
Trevor Johnson
Jack Snowden
Ronald Hall
Alain Schneuwly
Katsuhiko Kanno
!Character Arists
Jun Tsujimoto
Michelle Lu
Steven Petofalvi
Jodi Dillinger

Lawrence Schwedler
James Phillipsen

Easter Eggs

Pixelated Screen

While using the Old School Board, pause the game and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right on the D-Pad, then press B. A sound will play if entered correctly. When you unpause the game, the screen will be pixelated! Enter the code again to undo the effect.

Note that using this code in Powder Threat will cause the screen to glitch, as seen in the video.

Rocket Explosion

The NST 1080 Avalanche (Jet Rocket) Board can explode if wiping out on the side of the board when your damage meter is down to 1 bar, causing the player to die. This will not work in Trick Attack.

Doing this in Powder Threat will cause the screen to glitch, just like the above.

Regional Differences

To do:
  • There's a LOT to do, as there are much more differences between Avalanche and Silver Storm, like the transitions, venue names, the announcer having different clips between versions, etc
  • Some work here is incomplete.

There are a lot of differences between the English and Japanese versions.

Intro, Menus and Interface

  • The game logo was redesigned for the Japanese Silver Storm version.
  • Avalanche has a blue with white color in the transition screens, while Silver Storm has a silver with white color in it instead.
International Japanese
AvalancheLoading.png SilverStormLoading.png
  • Gate Attack and Multiplayer mode are called Slalom and Multiplay in Silver Storm respectively.
  • The music player looks different in Silver Storm, with the buttons being changed and now music track numbers are displayed.


The character names are different.

America/Europe Japan America/Europe Japan America/Europe Japan
Kemen Vasquez Raul Alvarado Frosty Winterball Yuki Daruma Crystal Hayami Crystal Lady
Titanium Vasquez Titanium Boy Bones Haywood Mr. Bones Mimi Le Moose Sing Sing

Akari Hayami (one of four characters that had their names unchanged; the other being Ricky Winterborn, Tara Hunter and Rob Haywood) speaks Japanese in the Japanese version. Also, the change behind Tara's alternate character is that in the International versions, you control a moose, but it's replaced with a panda in the Japanese version.


There is some different names for tracks and venues between Avalanche and Silver Storm:

America/Europe Japan America/Europe Japan America/Europe Japan America/Europe Japan
Enter the Cold Redmond Snow Park Easy Life Bellevue Highland Angel Light Angel Mountain Tenderfoot Pass Tender Line
Frosty Shadows Midnight Village Sub Zero Assault Final Challenge Powder Threat Powder Line Tree Top Trauma Lumber Factory
Grits 'N Gravy Sunset River Avalanche Alley Final Challenge No Way Out Silver Storm

Half-Pipe Avalanche

Although in the other versions there are only 3 courses in Trick Attack, In the Japanese version, there is an extra course in Trick Attack that can be unlocked called "Half-Pipe Avalanche", which is an Avalanche on a Half-Pipe course.