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Show new changes starting from 23:39, 27 June 2017

27 June 2017

N   23:38The Legend of Heroes III: Shiroki Majo Renewal ‎(4 changes; hist; +5,016) ‎    ‎[Bma‎×4]
     23:38Template:The Legend of Heroes series ‎(diff; hist; +94) ‎    ‎BmaShow user links ‎ ‎
    23:29(Upload log) ‎    ‎[Bma; JmTsHaW; Rabidabid; Divingkataetheweirdo‎×2]
    23:23User:Mr. Kite ‎(2 changes; hist; +103) ‎    ‎[Mr. Kite‎×2]
 N   23:21Nyuushi Chokuzen Chekku Nanmon Kimon Kiki Kai Kai ‎(diff; hist; +549) ‎    ‎RabidabidShow user links (i have no idea what to include in the bob for this...)
N   22:43WarioWare: Touched!/Version differences ‎(2 changes; hist; +13,016) ‎    ‎[Mr. Kite‎×2]
     22:43File:LoH 3 pc98 title.png ‎(diff; hist; +21) ‎    ‎BmaShow user links ‎ ‎
    22:28WarioWare: Touched! ‎(3 changes; hist; -12,250) ‎    ‎[Mr. Kite‎×3]
     22:06Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Sonic & Knuckles Leftovers ‎(diff; hist; -608) ‎    ‎PorcinoShow user links (Used in Azure Lake : ( sorry)
    21:57The Adventures of Bayou Billy/Regional Differences ‎(4 changes; hist; +709) ‎    ‎[Jonny2x4‎×4]
    21:55Mario Paint ‎(2 changes; hist; +50) ‎    ‎[Mr. Kite‎×2]
     21:47User talk:Snake443344 ‎(diff; hist; +430) ‎    ‎Snake443344Show user links ‎ ‎
 N   21:46Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PlayStation 2)/Unused Text ‎(diff; hist; +63,811) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (So large it got its own subpage.)
     20:59Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ‎(diff; hist; +47) ‎    ‎Mr. KiteShow user links (Sir Grodus' Dialogue Error)
    20:58Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door/Regional Differences ‎(2 changes; hist; -76) ‎    ‎[Mr. Kite‎×2]
    20:33Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones ‎(2 changes; hist; +261) ‎    ‎[Mr. Kite‎×2]
     20:27The Cutting Room Floor:Content to expand ‎(diff; hist; +310) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (Commodore 64)
     20:22Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn/Regional Differences ‎(diff; hist; +1) ‎    ‎Mr. KiteShow user links (Gameplay)
 N   20:12Slap Fight MD ‎(diff; hist; +310) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (Created page with "{{bob |developer=MNM Software |publisher=Tengen |system=Genesis |japan={{date|1993|June|11}} |korea={{date|1993}} |devtext=y }} ==Music Driver String== Some music driver info...")
 N   20:11Category:Games developed by MNM Software ‎(diff; hist; +33) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (Created page with "M")
     19:55Notes:Proto:Donkey Kong 64 ‎(diff; hist; +166) ‎    ‎MattrizzleShow user links (Character Codes: Added image/action modifier codes for Diddy and Chunky)
 N   19:42Dual Orb ‎(diff; hist; +47) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (Redirected page to Dual Orb: Seirei Tama Densetsu)
 N   19:41Category:Games published by I'Max Corp. ‎(diff; hist; +33) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (Created page with "I")
 N   19:39Dual Orb: Seirei Tama Densetsu ‎(diff; hist; +297) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links (Created page with "{{bob |bobscreen=Dual Orb - Seirei Tama Densetsu-title.png |developer=Prism Kikaku |publisher=I'Max Corp. |japan={{date|1993|April|16}} |system=SNES |devtext=y }} ==Build Dat...")
     19:29(User creation log) ‎    ‎User account Yutori (Talk | contribs) was created ‎
     19:21Proto:Sega Channel BIOS (US)/Demo Cartridge 1 ‎(diff; hist; +75) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links ‎ ‎
     19:21Proto:Sega Channel BIOS (US)/Demo Cartridge 4 ‎(diff; hist; +88) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links ‎ ‎
     19:17Proto:Sega Channel BIOS (US)/Channel Guide ‎(diff; hist; +86) ‎    ‎DivingkataetheweirdoShow user links ‎ ‎