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8-bit Panda

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Title Screen

8-bit Panda

Also known as: Panda
Developer: Bruno Oliveira
Publisher: Bruno Oliveira
Platform: TIC-80

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

8-bit Panda is a game where you collect bamboo and kill enemies while finishing through 17 levels distributed among 6 "isles". The game was released on the TIC-80 website and gained to be the most popular in its Games category.

Debug Menu

The debug menu can be accessed by holding X, and pressing Up four times then Down twice. Due to the way the way of accessing the debug menu is coded, pressing Down 42 times also works.

Use the Up and Down buttons to cycle through the options listed below, Left and Right to select a level, and A to select the option.

  • "Warp to test lvl" brings the player to the final level of the game.
  • "Warp to Lx" brings the player to Level x.
  • "End lvl" simply beats the current level. Attempting to end the level on the title screen will return a syntax error in the console's command line.
  • "Grant super pwup" is the same as collecting a diamond bamboo.
  • "Fly mode ON/OFF" makes the player fly rather than walking or jumping. You can hold A to make the player fly faster. The mode resets by pressing button B or by beating the current level.
  • "Invuln mode ON/OFF" makes the player invulnerable to the enemies until the level is beaten. Like "End lvl", this also returns a syntax error when on the title screen.
  • "Unpack Lx" and "Pack Lx" were a main thing for the game's initial testing. They store and synchronize level data using TIC-80 map slots "0,0" through "7,0". However, these cannot be done in-between levels of different map sizes.
  • "Clear PMEM" erases the data containing the player's top isle.
  • "Win the game" warps the player directly to the ending screen.
  • "Lose the game" runs the player out of lives and presents the Game Over screen.
(Source: https://github.com/btco/panda/blob/master/source/panda.lua#L693)