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AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative

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Title Screen

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative

Also known as: AI: Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative (JP)
Developer: Spike Chunsoft[1]
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft[1]
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Released in JP: June 23, 2022[2]
Released in US: June 24, 2022[1]
Released in EU: July 8, 2022[1]

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Pretty much every resource from the original game is intact here, whether or not it was re-used.
  • Unused models, including Marco and alternate forms of Date.
  • Unused cutscenes that were machine-translated.
  • The Windows Store version ships with uncompiled scene scripts.
  • Developer comments in said scripts.
  • A debug mode, similar to the original game's.
  • Assets for promotional material that didn't appear in-game, e.g. shorts and Hidden Bats.
  • Remnants of a cut time-limit mechanic in VR investigations themed around battery consumption.

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative is the sequel to 2019's AI: The Somnium Files. Mizuki is back. So are the puns.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Developer Comments
Unused Dialogue

Hidden Messages

The game features text that is intentionally obscured from players using mojibake encoding. Below is the decoded Japanese text and English translation.

Ryuki's breakdown, used repeatedly throughout the game:

Original Decoded Translation




Tear, fray, achieve Moksha, this is a fictional illusion world

Wake up, my friends, it's time for revolution, open the door to truth





Who am I, where am I, what time is it, who are you

I don't know I don't know I don't know...





Destroy virtual reality to emancipate from the fake world

Help Help Help...

Objectives and dialogue in Ryuki's Somnium:

ID Original Decoded Translation
somnium_guide_004 Remind them of 莠倶サカ縺ョ縺薙 事件のこ� (Note: Likely meant to be 事件のこと) Remind them of the case
somnium_guide_008 迥ッ莠コ繧偵が繧ゅ>蜃コ縺輔○繝ュ 犯人をオもい出させロ Make them remember the culprit
020_006 鮴肴惠、鮴肴惠、縺励▲縺九j縺励※! 龍木�A龍木�Aしっかりして�I Ryuki, Ryuki, get a hold of yourself!
020_008 鮴肴惠!! 龍木!! Ryuki!!

Hidden chapter titles and flowchart chapter summaries:

ID Original Decoded Translation
flowchart_title_546 2/11 Ryuki Diverge


破綻百出 Torn seams in great numbers
flowchart_summary_559 繝槭ぃ繝悶Ν縺ォ縺ヲ窶ヲ縺セ縺セ縺御コ代≧窶ヲ


マァブルにて…ままが云う… HB送v続殺人事件…あなたハもうわかぁvてるんじゃナイ…犯人のてあラめB…ソノ歁v体�L誰ナノカ… At Marble, Mama speaks of the HB Serial Killings...Don't you already know the culprit, Tearer's, true identity?
flowchart_summary_579 繝九Ν繝翫Φ繝舌ぃ繧貞相縺偵◆逶エ繧エ窶ヲ鮴肴惠縺ッ蜀阪ン蟷サ隕壹↓隘イ繧上l繝ォ窶ヲ豌励'縺、縺上→窶ヲ繧ソ繝槭ヮ讖溘ヮ繧ヲ縺ッ蛛懈ュ「荳ュ窶ヲ蝓キ蜍呎惻縺ョ荳翫↓縺ッ譎る岑縺ョ蜿ウ蜊願コォ縺梧ィェ縺溘o縺」縺ヲ繧、繧ソ窶ヲ ニルナンバァを告げた直ゴ…龍木は再ビ幻覚に襲われル…気�'つくと…タマノ機ノウは停止中…執務机の上には時雨の右半身が横たわってイタ… Right after giving the Nil Number, Ryuki is assailed by hallucinations...When he comes to his senses, Tama's functions have stopped, and the right half of Tokiko's body lies on the desk.
flowchart_summary_580 荳サ螳ー螳、縺ョ螢√r遯√″謚懊¢繧九→窶ヲ荳阪す隴ー縺ェ遨コ髢薙'繝偵Ο縺後▲縺ヲ繧、繧ソ窶ヲ縺昴%縺ォ繧、繧ソ縺ョ縺ッ譎る岑窶ヲ蠖シ螂ウ縺ッ蝠上>縺九¢縺ヲ縺上k窶ヲ縺ェ縺懊≠縺ェ縺溘ワ繝九Ν繝翫Φ繝舌ぃ繧堤衍縺」縺ヲ繧、繧ソ縺ョ縺九→窶ヲ縺昴l縺ッ鮴肴惠縺梧アコ縺励※遏・繧雁セ励k縺ッ縺壹ヮ繝翫う繧ク繝ァ繧ヲ蝣ア窶ヲ譏弱i縺九↑隲也炊遏帷崟窶ヲ縺昴ヮ遏帷崟繧堤、コ縺励◆縺薙→縺ァ窶ヲ螟ァ縺阪↑邯サ縺ウ縺碁愆蜻医@縺溘ヮ逕ー縺ィ譎る岑縺ッ莠代≧窶ヲ縺昴ヮ邨先棡窶ヲ譎る岑縺ッ隗」閼ア繧偵↑縺鈴≠縺偵◆窶ヲ縺吶∋縺ヲ縺ッ縺昴ヮ縺溘a縺ォ陦後o繧後◆縺ョ逕ー窶ヲ繧、繝、窶ヲ縺薙l縺九i陦後o繧後k縺ョ逕ー窶ヲ蜈ュ蟷エ縺ョ豁ウ譛医r縺九¢縺ヲ窶ヲ縺ェ縺ォ繧ゅ°繧ゅぞ繝ウ驛ィ窶ヲ 主宰室の壁を突き抜けると…不シ議な空間�'ヒロがってイタ…そこにイタのは時雨…彼女は問いかけてくる…なぜあなたハニルナンバァを知ってイタのかと…それは龍木が決して知り得るはずノナイジョウ報…明らかな論理矛盾…そノ矛盾を示したことで…大きな綻びが露呈したノ田と時雨は云う…そノ結果…時雨は解脱をなし遂げた…すべてはそノために行われたの田…イヤ…これから行われるの田…六年の歳月をかけて…なにもかもゼン部… When breaking through the walls of the president's office, a mysterious space stretches out, and Tokiko is there. "Why did you know the Nil Number?" she asks. There is no way Ryuki could learn it, a clear logical contradiction. Tokiko says that by showing that contradiction, a great seam has been exposed. As a result, Tokiko has achieved Moksha. Everything was done for that purpose... No... Everything that will be done over the next six years... Anything and everything...
flowchart_report_710, flowchart_report_711 繝翫う繧ッ繧ケ譌・譛ャ謾ッ驛ィ 荳サ螳ー螳、 ナイクス日本支部 主宰室 Naix Japan President's Office
flowchart_report_712 邯サ縺ウ縺ョ遨エ 綻びの穴 Hole in the seam

Dialogue in Diverge route:

ID Original Decoded Translation
003_001 縺ェ繧薙ム縺ゥ繧ヲ繧ォ縺励ち縺ョ繧ォ


なんダどウカしタのカ 顔色がワるイゾ What's wrong? You look sick.
005_001 ありが縺後→う縺斐*います ありがとうございます Thank you.
005_003 な闕キを驚いて莨翫k閭スです? な荷を驚いて伊る能です? Why are you surprised?
005_004 私は死んだ霈ェけ蜃コ鄒スない縺ョ縺ァすよ 私は死んだ輪け出羽ないのですよ I didn't die...
005_006 あな隹キ真実の世界繝イお見せ蟲カしょう あな谷真実の世界ヲお見せ島しょう Let me show you the real world.
005_007 私の姿を探莉墓焔下豁ウ 私の姿を探仕手下歳 Please look for me.
005_008 私は…この空間蜥スこ陝ケい繝槭☆ 私は…この空間咽こ蟹いマす I am...somewhere in this space.

Other Unused Text


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
bonus_menu_aiba_001 Yay! いえーい! 耶~! 耶~! Unused subtitles for the (used) Aiba voice clips played when purchasing items on the Bonus menu.
bonus_menu_aiba_002 Show me too! 私にも見せて! 也让我看看! 也讓我看看!
bonus_menu_aiba_003 Good choice! いい選択だ! 有眼光! 有眼光!
bonus_menu_aiba_004 Hm hm, hm hmmm♪ ふんふ ふんふ ふ~ん♪ 哼哼~哼哼哼~♪ 哼哼~哼哼哼~♪
bonus_menu_aiba_005 Hurry and check it out! Come on! 早く確認しよう!ほらほら! 快点去看看吧!快点快点! 快點去看看吧!快點快點!
bonus_menu_aiba_006 Woo, woo! わ~いわ~い! 好耶~!好耶~! 好耶~!好耶~!


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
medamappe_window_025 Evolved to Boss-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
In the final game, evolving a duplicate Adult just results in the default notification rather than explicitly informing you about the lack of reward like this.
medamappe_window_026 Evolved to Hitomi-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_027 Evolved to Date-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_028 Evolved to Moma-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_029 Evolved to So-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_030 Evolved to Ristsuko-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_031 Evolved to Pewter-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_032 Evolved to Mama-ie!
*This reward has already been collected.
medamappe_window_501 Aiba-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! あいぼっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 瞳绊仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 瞳絆仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了! These messages correspond to one of the lines used when an Adult Eyeballie resets itself, but for the Infant and Child forms that can only be reset manually.
medamappe_window_502 Iris-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! いりすっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 伊丽丝仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 伊麗絲仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_window_503 Mizuki-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! みずきっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 瑞希仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 瑞希仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_window_504 Amame-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! あまめっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 亚麻芽仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 亞麻芽仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_window_505 Ota-ie went off on a journey after becoming a respectable adult! おうたっぺは一人前のおとなになり旅立ちました! 应太仔成长为能独当一面的大人,踏上旅程了! 應太仔成長為能獨當一面的大人,踏上旅程了!
medamappe_notification_001 Aiba-ie is asking a question. あいぼっぺがなにか質問してるよ 瞳绊仔好像有什么问题想问。 瞳絆仔好像有什麼問題想問。 In the final game, Eyeballie notifications don't use text lines like this, only a graphic popup and sound clip.
medamappe_notification_002 Iris-ie is asking a question. いりすっぺがなにか質問してるよ 伊丽丝仔好像有什么问题想问。 伊麗絲仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_003 Mizuki-ie is asking a question. みずきっぺがなにか質問してるよ 瑞希仔好像有什么问题想问。 瑞希仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_004 Amame-ie is asking a question. あまめっぺがなにか質問してるよ 亚麻芽仔好像有什么问题想问。 亞麻芽仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_005 Ota-ie is asking a question. おうたっぺがなにか質問してるよ 应太仔好像有什么问题想问。 應太仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_006 Boss-ie is asking a question. ぼすっぺがなにか質問してるよ Boss仔好像有什么问题想问。 Boss仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_007 Hitomi-ie is asking a question. ひとみっぺがなにか質問してるよ 瞳仔好像有什么问题想问。 瞳仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_008 Date-ie is asking a question. だてっぺがなにか質問してるよ 伊达仔好像有什么问题想问。 伊達仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_009 Moma-ie is asking a question. もうまっぺがなにか質問してるよ 猛马仔好像有什么问题想问。 猛馬仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_010 So-ie is asking a question. せじまっぺがなにか質問してるよ 世岛仔好像有什么问题想问。 世島仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_011 Ritsuko-ie is asking a question. りつこっぺがなにか質問してるよ 律子仔好像有什么问题想问。 律子仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_012 Pewter-ie is asking a question. ぴゅーたっぺがなにか質問してるよ 飘太仔好像有什么问题想问。 飄太仔好像有什麼問題想問。
medamappe_notification_013 Mama-ie is asking a question. ままっぺがなにか質問してるよ 妈妈桑仔好像有什么问题想问。 媽媽桑仔好像有什麼問題想問。


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
chapter_568 Bats490 Video Bats490動画 Bats490影片 Bats490影片 An unused entry in the script for chapter title overlays (i.e., the kind that also covers route-end and "Case Unsolved" screens). When Bats490 is played in-game, it doesn't get its own overlay like this.


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
map_502 Gigantic ギガンティック号 巨坎迪号 巨坎迪號 Two unused map locations.
map_503 Boss Residence ボスの家 Boss家 Boss家


ID Line (EN) Line (JA) Line (ZH-CN) Line (ZH-TW) Notes
exsight_506 Sonar 音源探知モード 音源侦测模式 音源偵測模式 An unused AI Sight type.

Unused Music

In addition to any music from AI: The Somnium Files that wasn't re-used in this game, there are several new music tracks that go unused, mostly because they're copies of other tracks.

Audio Filename Used version Notes
BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_AIBA BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_AIBA_JP A copy of Aiba singing "Invincible Rainbow Arrow" from the start of New Investigation. The purpose of this version without a language tag is unknown.
BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_INST BGM_IRIS_SONG_VSHORT_AIBA_JP/US The abridged instrumental for "Invincible Rainbow Arrow" from the start of New Investigation. The final game only uses the vocal versions, but the instrumental may be present for archival reasons.
BGM_STAFFROLL BGM_2_STAFFROLL By the filename, this should be a copy of "Adventurous Inventors" from the original game, like all the other leftovers. Instead, it's an unfinished version of the new credits theme, "Morph to Soul".
BGM_2_AIOEN_NIGHT BGM_2_YOYAGI_PARK This track is a copy of "Limpid Blue", the theme for Yoyagi Park. In the final game, Aioen Orphanage has no particular theme at night-time, with more event-specific themes playing for scenes there.
BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK_SPEAKER In the final game, "High Rooftop Sweets" is diegetic carnival music and has a filter for playing over the speakers. However, the unfiltered version is present in the files, presumably for archival reasons.
BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK_NIGHT_SPEAKER BGM_2_AMUSE_PARK_NIGHT The filename implies this should be a filtered version of "Night Rooftop Sleep". Instead, however, it's a copy of "PSYNCIN' IN THE PaiN" from the first game. Unlike the above, "Night Rooftop Sleep" is not diegetic and plays in the relevant scene without a filter.