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AI: The Somnium Files/Unused Voice Lines

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This is a sub-page of AI: The Somnium Files.

To do:
Add clips from the remainder of the game.

All clips below are from throughout the main story, separated by chapter. In-game dialogue is provided for context when necessary and italicized.

A1_somnium (SINKIN' IN THE BRaiN)


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Ow! I sucked a thorn up my nose. Additional dialogue for smelling the winter iris. Appears to be separate from the dialogue below.
Date: Those are some powerful nostrils you've got there.
Aiba: Ugh, it smells like rusted iron. Additional dialogue for smelling the winter iris. Appears to be separate from the dialogue above.
Date: Is that what winter irises normally smell like?
Date: Or is that just another quirk of this dream world?
Aiba: I do not know. I cannot access the internet from here.
Aiba: Perhaps you were once beaten over the head by a scorned lover with a flower pot containing irises.
Date: Oh, right. So I associate the smell with blood. As if I would ever date a psychopath like that!
Aiba: That is a rather rude thing to say.
Date: Is it not rude to beat someone over the head with a flower pot?


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: A book on the subject of morality. All audio relating to this item appears to be cut.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: This contains nothing special. Dialogue for investigating the book.
Aiba: Just an ordinary textbook with crude drawings penciled inside.
Date: What kind of drawings?
Aiba: Illustrations of people with their left eyes blacked out.
Aiba: Did this childish vandalism of school property make you happy, Date?
Date: Maybe this represents me crying my eyes out from being bullied at school.
Aiba: Oh. I-I apologize.
Date: Don't worry about it. It's depressing to think about even if it isn't a real memory.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Are you sure? Dialogue for performing an unknown action on the book.
Date: !
Aiba: !
Aiba: I-I apologize...
Date: I get it! Immoral behavior might be just what we need!
Aiba: Then this situation is 92% suited to your personality.
Date: Well...then there's an 8% chance you're wrong about me.
Aiba: Impossible. You have no moral character.
Date: I am a police officer, you know.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: It isn't particularly good. And the level of the liquid is not going down no matter how much I drink. Additional dialogue for drinking from the wine bottle.
Date: If that existed in reality, I'd lose my mind.
Aiba: What?
Date: You said it didn't taste good. I must be crazy.
Aiba: You are?
Date: Yes. The me sleeping inside me, anyway.
Aiba: I don't follow.
Date: Aiba, don't you know? This is the dream world.
Aiba: Excuse me! I am supposed to do the explaining.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: A luxurious red wine, popular on the market today. Alternate dialogue for investigating the wine.
Aiba: No doubt a drink made for desperation. How perfectly immoral.
Date: You think I drink my sorrows away? Until I forget my morality?
Aiba: You may not drink that way, but I know you are immoral.
Date: Sure!
Date: Sometimes I wish I had a nice, older woman to help me through hard times.
Aiba: You mean a naughty older woman. Isn't that what you're looking for, Date?


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Leave it to me! Alternate dialogue for drinking from the wine bottle.
Aiba: Ah! Captain! Another glass!
Date: Aw, that was expensive!
Aiba: Did I do something wrong?
Date: You knocked back good wine like it was a wine cooler!
Aiba: Will this make me inebriated? Do something, Date!
Date: What am I supposed to do? You're the one having fun in dreamland!
Aiba: I didn't say this was fun!


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: To the skeleton? Additional dialogue for talking to the skeleton.
Date: Yeah, you said this was a dream world. He might start talking, right?
Aiba: True...
Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Your mother is a stupid boney girl! Boney, boney, boney! Additional dialogue for talking to the skeleton.
Aiba: Ugh, now I'm angry.
Date: Geez, calm down. Aren't you an AI?
Aiba: Those driven by destructive impulses relieve their stress with violence.
Date: Hey, this is my dream, remember? My sense of justice won't take kindly to rough stuff.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: I see. This is a problem that must be settled through violence. Additional dialogue for hitting the skeleton.
Aiba: Your dream is as simple and brutish as you are, Date.
Date: My buff pecs agree with you.
Aiba: I see. In that case, tell your pecs I say hello.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: It appears to make a pair with the other side, where the light is. Additional dialogue for wearing the basket.
Date: Got it.


Audio Line Notes
Date: Why isn't my dream more...flashy? Cinematic? Additional dialogue for kicking the standing lamp.
Aiba: Because your brain is too dumb to imagine it.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Ugh, I hurt my shoulder again. Additional dialogue for tackling the basket.
Date: Do you need a shoulder to cry on?
Date: What?
Aiba: Stop saying stupid things!
Date: Now I have to shoulder that burden.
Aiba: Idiot.

A2-begin (Day 2: saikAI)


Audio Line Notes
Boss: Isn't it cute? Dialogue for a cut gourd doll in Boss's office.
Boss: I got it as a gift a long time ago.
Date: Who gave it to you?
Boss: That is a secret.


Audio Line Notes
Boss: Are you familiar with the murder case at the resort called Spur? Dialogue for the skis in Boss's office.
Boss: That pole there was the murder weapon.


Audio Line Notes
Ota: I've never done it before. Unused dialogue when talking to Ota at Lemniscate.
Date: You are not a good liar.
Date: You really shouldn't be doing that, kid.
Ota: Really?
Date: Yes!


Audio Line Notes
Date: Hey, Aiba, you ever think about how the gearshift kinda looks like a... Dialogue for the gearshift in Date's car.
Aiba: No.


Audio Line Notes
Iris: You know, if you look at this from above, it looks like the logo from that company. Dialogue for the parasol in Bloom Park.
Date: What company?
Aiba: She likely means the major pharmaceutical company.
Aiba: But that has no bearing on this case.


Audio Line Notes
Date: Heh. Hey Iris, the shifter's a little dusty. Dialogue for the gearshift in Date's car.
Date: Wanna polish the knob later?
Iris: Uh, okay...?


Audio Line Notes
Date: Mizuki, you're wearing what we call Psync gear. Unused dialogue when talking to Mizuki in the Psync Room.

A2_somnium (PSYNCIN' IN THE PaiN)


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Perhaps this photo was the key. Additional dialogue after piecing the torn photo together.
Date: Family memories caught in a birdcage...


Audio Line Notes
Date: A balloon...it could be from Mizuki's memories. Additional dialogue after blowing up the balloon.
Aiba: She locked her happy memories inside the birdcage.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: No good. Date, the time! Dialogue for completing the Somnium with minimal time remaining.
Date: We made it!
Aiba: That was close.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Shoko's voice is too loud. Unused dialogue in Mizuki's Somnium.
Aiba: Even using the microphone, my words will not reach Mizuki.
Date: Right. Let's try something else.

A3-begin (Day 3: syokubAI)


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Look at the edge of the ashtray. Additional dialogue for examining the ashtray in the Kumakura Office.
Aiba: Do you see the cigarette burned to the filter?


Audio Line Notes
Date: The cigarette on the edge of the ashtray... Additional dialogue for using thermo on the ashtray.
Date: It looks faintly red.
Aiba: Hmm.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Well, I did attempt to shape myself to your preference. Dialogue while talking to Aiba in the car.
Date: If you could do that, change it!
Date: Be Maika from the Wanko Princess Bar in Ebisu!

A3_somnium (PSYNCIN' IN THE VaiN)


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: There are a number of tools and medical instruments. Likely dialogue for investigating the shelf.
Aiba: Pliers, saws, needles, eyelid speculums? They appear to be torture devices.
Date: What was going on in this place?
Aiba: Certainly not the operating room of a jolly old town doctor.
Date: I see this place is even giving you a sense of humor.
Aiba: Clearly there is some corrupting force at work.


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Nothing pops out, even with me crossing my eyes. Dialogue for investigating a TV. In-game, "How is it?" plays before the rest of the conversation.
Date: Wanna try putting red and blue cellophane on your eyes?
Aiba: No need. I can create that filter on my own.
Date: How is it?
Aiba: I cannot see anything.
Date: What do you see without the filter?
Aiba: Static!
Date: Well, there you go.


Audio Line Notes
Date: The time? Dialogue for completing the Somnium with minimal time remaining.
Aiba: We've got it under control.

A4_somnium (PSYNCIN' IN THE SWaiN)


Audio Line Notes
Date: Got it! Dialogue for completing the Somnium with minimal time remaining.
Aiba: Just like a hero. At the very last second!

C4_wrap (kikAI)


Audio Line Notes
Date: Boss's secret must be inside the gourd doll! Dialogue for investigating a gourd doll in Boss's office.
Date: It has to be!
Aiba: Regardless of your rock-solid logic, you will not get anything from that.

D3_begin (gyoukAI)


Audio Line Notes
Boss: Oh, that's mine. Dialogue for a cut baseball bat in Boss's office.
Date: You play baseball, Boss?
Boss: No, I use that to beat people I don't like.
Aiba: ...Then what's the glove for?
Boss: For punching.
Boss: Then I grab the bat and screw it in.
Date: Screw it in...where?


Audio Line Notes
Boss: When I was in high school, I would go down to the vuvuzela shop and play for spare change. Dialogue for a cut vuvuzela in Boss's office.
Date: There's such a thing as a "vuvuzela shop"?
Boss: Yeah. Got a problem?


Audio Line Notes
Date: Hey, Boss. Why are you always sitting on top of the desk? Dialogue for investigating the chair in Boss's office.
Date: You have a chair right there.
Boss: Because I like to be on top of my work.

E6-wrap (kassAI)


Audio Line Notes
Aiba: Hi, I'm drum-aemon! Dialogue for the oil drum at the harbor warehouse district.
Date: Haven't you said that before?
Date: Are you infected with a virus?