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A Change In The Weather

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Title Screen

A Change In The Weather

Developer: Andrew Plotkin
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: 1995

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

A Change In The Weather is a text adventure game set on a countryside trip.

Hidden Debug Messages

The following messages are printed if the game world is in an invalid state:

The sky is growing purple and green with orange spots! [BUG]
The air smells of a combination of cream cheese and A-1 Steak Sauce. You are unnerved to find it appetizing. [BUG]
The earth has spun off its tracks and dropped into the violet void. [BUG]
Runoff water is trickling down the hill, concentrated here by some twist of geography. It puddles on the ledge, behind the fallen tree, then flows southwest. [BUG]
You are seeing afterimages on your afterimages. Your eyes explode. [BUG]
You see only a bright glare of hexadecimal opcodes. [BUG]
The afterimages are gone, and I don't know how the hell you're seeing them. [BUG]
The afterimages are standing around, chatting idly and smoking cigarettes. They see you and hastily leave. [BUG]
Voices? You hear voices? I don't hear voices. [BUG]
The fox crawls out of a trap-door. [BUG]
You see hordes of gnomes busily rolling up the scenery, so that it doesn't get wet. [BUG]
You see a troll! [BUG]
Oops! It's actually just a strip of canvas with "Stream" painted on it. [BUG]
You uncork your halo and dance on the surface of the water. [BUG]
The part is a sloppy set of pen-strokes on a piece of graph paper that stretches into the distance. [BUG]
A boulder is bouncing up and down here, screaming "Look at me!" [BUG]
Everything under the boulder seems stuck to it. [BUG]
A daemon crawls out of the blanket and shouts "Hey! Who soaked my blanket?!" [BUG]
The mud curses you foully. [BUG]
The hillside is being unbolted and hauled away by teams of swearing daemons. [BUG]
You stretch a foot towards the gap, then stop as the stars of the Sea glitter beyond it. [BUG]
You go to cross, but the crack in the hillside bites you on the foot. [BUG]
The tree screams "I'm down, I'm down, don't hit me again!" [BUG]
A daemon pops out of the lock. "Hey! How'd you close this without locking it?" He snaps the latch closed and vanishes. [BUG]
A daemon pops out of the lock. "Hey! How'd you unlock this without opening it?" He yanks the door open and vanishes. [BUG]
A team of daemons is hurriedly painting the shed dark. [BUG]
The bag tears apart, and sand floats out into the Void. [BUG]
You throw X at nothingness. It hits, tearing open the space-time continuum. Hideous elder things look out, scowl at you, and zip the hole shut again. [BUG]
You have become God. [BUG] -- pity, though.
Time Has Broken BUG
Poughkeepsie [BUG]
A glob of water is pulsating on the ground here. [BUG]

Removed Text

Two sets of Eric Bogle lyrics were cut from later releases of the game. The first set appeared when the game started:

Like a river my life hurries by                                                
If I jump in perhaps I might drown                                             
But if I don't then my spirit could die                                        
Before that change in the weather comes 'round 

And the second appeared if, after completing the game, the command SCORE was given:

Oh I know you would have loved it Kate, beneath these Southern stars
As the night was filled with music, sweet songs and soft guitars
And the faces in the fire light of those so dearly loved
With the dreamtime land beneath my feet and infinity above