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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Conversation Data

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content.

There exists some unused Conversation Data in the Modding Tools, some of which give insight on some aspects of the game that otherwise would never have been known. Conversation Data is how the final game handles conversations between the player and NPCs.

Mafia Town

Boat Ticket Island


Mafia sell tickets for boats to faraway island.
But... tickets out of stock. Come back later.
Mafia already tell child that tickets out of stock. Scram!

This Mafia was seen in Mafia Town near the Barrel Battle arena in the Alpha and Beta builds, but was removed from the final game.

Clock Tower


Mafia take clock tower from distant island.
But Mafia not actually care about time, so tower is useless!

This Mafia was also present in prerelease builds, and was even still in the game in the initial release of the PS4 and XBox One builds! The second line didn't even have voice acting!

Sleeping Mafia


N-no... it about to rain... Mafia no umbrella...
Mafia hate water... n-no... zzzZZZZZzz...

This Mafia was also present in the Alphas and Betas, but was removed from the final game.

Fruit Bar


This? Fruit bar. Or is it? [wave]He he he[/wave].
Fruit bar will not sell to you. Only sell to... certain people.

Same deal as above. Only in the Alphas and Betas. This Mafia is actually still at the Fruit Bar, but doesn't say anything.

Rainbow Balloons


This shop? Not open.

The start of the Rainbow Balloons Mafia from the Alpha builds (and Beta builds, even though he was hidden in those builds). Note the name of the Conversation Data, calling the balloons golden instead of rainbow. This Conversation Data, along with its localization, have since been removed from the game and the Modding Tools.

Mafia Ties


Mafia buy golden tie from bazaar. Very proud.
Mafia work hard for 20 years! Earn money to buy golden tie!

Dialogue for the one Mafia in the prerelease builds that would drop a Golden Mafia Tie upon defeat.


Hey child.
You look like smart girl. Real clever.
Are you clever?

The cleverest!
Not in particular!

Of course you are. Mafia can see it in eyes. You more clever than normal people.

Maybe Mafia misjudged child. Maybe you not sharpest fish in freezer. But can change.

Mafia sell ties. But also buy ties. You understand?
Sell man a tie and he looks fine. Fine man don't buy ties.
Man needs to lose tie to keep buying. But how tie disappear? Mafia not ask questions. You understand?
Mafia buy ties from you. You give Mafia ties from fine man. Fine man comes back.
You understand now, yes? You smart. Bring me [name]Mafia Ties[/name] and [clue]in return you get item[/clue].

Hey child. You came with ties, yes?
Welcome back. You brought Mafia ties?

Dialogue for the Mafia at the bazaar that would trade Mafia Ties with you in the Alpha builds (and Beta builds, but again, hidden). This localization and Conversation Data have since been removed from the game and Modding Tools.

Mafia Milkman


Look around you. See how strong and full of energy Mafia is? All thanks to milkman.
Without milk two times a day, Mafia is nothing.

The start of the scrapped Mafia milkman's dialogue. The localization and Conversation Data have since been removed from the game and the Modding Tools.

Mafia Tutorial Paint


I not understand, this is guide for vehicle?

Dialogue for a Mafia stemming all the way back to the Prototypes! This localization is not present in any version of the final game, and was sourced here from the Cosmo Prototype build. What's interesting about this Conversation Data in particular is that the conversation system in earlier versions of A Hat in Time was structured very differently, and didn't use Conversation Data like the final game does. So, it's a bit of a mystery as to why this Conversation Data exists at all.

Balloon Race


Look at this balloon. It is magnificent. It is big! It fly faster than any vehicle, no one beat Mafia in race.
Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser. You not worthy to challenge Mafia! Come back [clue]when worthy[/clue].

You dare speak to Mafia after humiliation? You [clue]no worthy[/clue]! Ouch! Truth must sting for little child.

You think you big deal? Hah! Mafia is biggest deal.
Mafia challenge you to race of great honour. Do you accept, or is little child coward?

Hah! You coward. Mafia knew.

Haha! Foolish little child. Alright. Game is on.

Coward want to race this time? Coward sure this time?

Yes! Race me!
I don't race with nerds!

Look who is back, is little child! Child came back for more humiliation?

Ha ha! Oh little child. How many times must Mafia bring shame to child face?

Little child make Mafia snore! Mafia almost fall asleep in balloon while race!

Mafia can not believe little child is still trying! Child will never beat Mafia!


Today, Mafia guard tent. One day when Mafia prove himself as good racer, he no longer need guard tent.
Mafia try every day to [clue]jump through hoop[/clue]. But... Mafia bad at proving skill.
Child want know more about [clue]jump through hoop[/clue]? Mafia wish he knew more than child, but Mafia never complete challenge.
See hoop? Good racers jump through. One day... Mafia will jump too.

Child jump through hoop? Unbelievable! Mafia try really hard for very long! Not fair!
If Child [clue]beat the great racer, she own this tent[/clue]. Until then... I guard for great racer.

Tent is property of child now. Take care of tent, Mafia will miss it.

Dialogue for the scrapped Balloon Race mission from the Alpha builds. All of this localization has since been removed from the game, as well as the Conversation Data.

Relic Seller Mafia


Little child! You! Yes, you! You want to give Mafia money, yes? Of course you do!
Mafia need money... fast! You got money? You buy Mafia's dearest belonging.
Mafia dearest belong is... uh... [name]burger cushion[/name]! Yes, finest [name]burger cushion[/name] in town! 
So please buy, or Mafia may be having bath time with little fishies.
Please buy! Please buy! Mafia really need money!!


Thank you! Mafia will spend money carefully. At secret gamble room.


Why, why not buy from Mafia!? Mafia really need money, please buy!!

Dialogue for the original way the player would obtain the Burger Cushion Relic, before it was decided that Cooking Cat would give it to you. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.

Propeller Upgrade


You got [name]the propellor upgrade[/name]![br]Press [button:attack] to spin to new heights!

Conversation Data for obtaining the scrapped Propeller Upgrade from the last update of the Alpha builds. The localization for this isn't in any version of the final game, and is thus sourced here from the final update of the Beta builds.

Retrieved Umbrella


You got your [name]trusty umbrella[/name] back![br]Use it to whack anyone who gives you sass!
Press [button:attack] to attack!

The Conversation Data for obtaining your Umbrella in prerelease builds after the Prototypes. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.

Battle of the Birds

Trainwreck of Science Moon Penguins


You can't come in here! You're a tourist, and you ain't got no suit!


You're not here for trouble are you? [wait]Good. [wait]Don't get in anyone's way.


Y'know,[wait] we rarely see strangers around these parts.
We're a bit of a ehhh[wait], closed community. [wait]If you catch my drift.
We don't let just anyone snoop around, [wait]alright. [wait]You may have a pretty face[wait] but you ain't[wait] got[wait] no[wait] suit.

Conversation Data for the original version of the Moon Penguins from Trainwreck of Science. The localization, voiced lines, and Conversation Data have since been removed from the game and the Modding Tools.

Magnifying Glass


You've found a [name]Magnifying Glass[/name]![br]Press [button:attack] to pick up clues!

Conversation Data for obtaining the scrapped Magnifying Glass weapon in Murder on the Science Express. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.

Trainwreck of Science Murder Select


Are you sure this is the murderer?
Yes! Lock him up!

Conversation Data for accusing a suspect of murder in Murder on the Science Express. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.

Battle of the Birds Sketch On Train


Ehhhh ba ba bab![waitlong] Where do ya think yer going, lass?
Yer a movie star now, lassy! We need yer ugly mug all over, so that birds from 'round the world will come to watch me movies!
Here, take this pen 'n paper, and start making me a movie poster! Make yerself look tough and ready for a fist fight!
Make sure to give yerself an outfit as well! It's all about the looks!


Eh he he! Is that the best yer can do, then? Alright, I'll put these up!
Go on in. We're getting ready to shoot the BIGGEST action movie in bird history!
The movie is gonna be THE BOMB!! [wave]GWAHAHAHAHA[/wave]!

Dialogue for the redone version of the Conductor's sketch request from the Beta builds. Note that the Conversation Data for completing the sketch stops a line earlier than the final game's version.

DJ Endorsement Poker Failed


Aww, too bad, darling! The answer was [hint]3[/hint]! Folks at home, this just shows that our new break-out star is relatable. She makes mistakes just like everyone else!

DJ Grooves' endorsement for the poker scene doesn't actually check if you guess the number correctly or not, and thus this Conversation Data goes unused.

Subcon Forest

Vanessa Breakfast Entry


Mother keeps insisting I be "proper". A young lady can do what she wants!
Just this morning I had two cookies for breakfast. That will show her. I might even have a third.

Conversation Data for an interaction in Vanessa's manor from the Beta and Alpha builds. This was replaced by a different interaction in the final game.

Snatcher Manor Contract Reminder


[shake2]Heeeeeeey buddy! Remember our contract, no abilities when inside![/shake2]
[shake2]There's some... stuff... inside that I don't want you to mess around with! Remember your contractual obligations![/shake2]

Conversation Data for an early version of the restriction of Hat Abilities in the manor's basement, when it was Snatcher that informed you of this and not one of his minions. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.

Snatcher Home No Contracts

Snatcher was originally going to have a 'contract turn-in system', where the player would return to Snatcher's house after completing a contract to turn it in to him for various rewards. This system was completely scrapped in the final game, although there's a few Conversation Data files leftover from it. No known public build of the game contains localization for this data, so they're presented here in their raw format.



Snatcher Home Soul Return



Snatcher Home Contract Turn In







Snatcher Boss Cherry Bomb


[shake2]Oh no![/shake2]
[shake2]I totally just dropped[br]this cherry bomb![/shake2]
[shake2]... NOT.[/shake2]
[shake2]You think I'm stupid enough[br]to give you BOMBS?[/shake2]

Conversation Data for the scrapped attack in the boss fight against Snatcher. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.

Snatcher Cave



This is, by far, the most interesting unused Conversation Data for Snatcher. The name of the localization line for this data suggests that Snatcher was possibly going to make an appearance in Subcon Well, which has never been seen nor mentioned anywhere before. No known public build of the game contains localization for this data, either.

Forest Dwellers And Cherry Bombs


Oh, hello there. Are you lost, too?[br]I've been lost for as long as I can remember.


[scream][shake]GAHH!! W-who are you?[/shake][/scream]
Oh, just some kid? Phew. For a minute I was worried you were that shadow guy.
He's kinda rude. I wouldn't associate with that guy. He messes with us, like [hint]using the cherries to make us explode[/hint].

Dialogue for Forest Dwellers, which are all mute in the final game... but not in the initial release. The first Conversation Data of this duo was used at the very start of Subcon Forest when the game first launched, but the Forest Dweller that was there, along with all of this localization, have since been removed from the game.

Subcon Signs


Here lies a proud brother.


Here lies a wise brother.


Here lies a selfish brother.


My brothers...Truly we were all fools...[waitlong] but I was the selfish fool.
I couldn't control the power of the mask, and now you're both dead...[waitlong] forgive me...
If anyone finds this tomb...[waitlong] please...[waitlong] don't use the power of this mask. Let us rest so that no more harm may befall this world.


I hid some REALLY neat stuff around the bushes at the base of the old well!
Why don't you try and find it? You're not chicken, are you? - Your Friend, the Snatcher

Conversation for various signs and/or graves around the forest. The localization for these has since been removed from the final game.

Mustache Girl Mission


Ugh, travelling is a lot harder when you don't have a spaceship to fly around in.
I bet the hat kid hasn't been here yet, though! I'll snatch all the [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece] before she gets here!
Now... where to find some [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece]?


Why hello there. You look... new around here.
Wow, you're a creep, did anyone ever tell you that?
Go "hang" out somewhere else. Get it?
... why am I talking to a noose.


I would be honored to be the one who sequeezes the life out of you.
You nooses need to get out more. Ever heard of Mafia Town? I hear that's a great vacation spot.
Send me a postcard if you strangle anyone on your trip!

Conversation Data for unused Mustache Girl mission in Subcon Forest. All of the localization for it has since been removed from the game.

Sand 'n Sails

In the earliest versions of the Modding Tools, there was a conversation package dedicated to Sand 'n Sails present, which contained numerous Conversation Data that used the now-removed sunburnt.int localization file! Thanks to this data, it's possible to see how all the dialogue was constructed and arranged. Note that not all of the localization present in the localization file was used in the Conversation Data, here.



Welcome to our 5-star vacation destination! It's totally not a cheap ploy to bring in tourists and get money out of them! No ma'am!
Tell your friends!


We've lost a lot of innocent tourists over the years... they wandered into the desert and were never seen again...
If only they had water... they might have made it...
Anyway, tell your friends!


Hmm. You're not quite dressed for this kind of heat. Why don't you take a tip out of the Sunburnt guide to fashion and get yourself a nice hood?
Oh, you prefer the hat, huh? That's fine, I guess. I don't judge.
Tell your friends!


You see this fountain? Yeah. We got water here. Pretty great right?
But that's just the kind of place we run here. Only the best for guests like you! Be sure to fill up your water bottle before running out into the desert!
Tell your friends!

The water's not even poisonous! Aren't we just the most hospitable resort you've ever been to?
Tell your friends!


The glamor! The tranquility! The sun! I wish I could just live here!
Well, I DO live here, but I bet you're wishing the same thing!
Tell your friends!


Hello, eager buyer! Looking to spend some of that precious cash today?
Unfortunately, I have no stock because I... uh... sold out. Yeah. Totally not because I couldn't afford anything to fill my shelves with.
Tell your friends!

I am still just as sold out of everything as the last time you asked, but thanks for checking up.
Tell your friends!


Huh? What? Oh yeah. Enjoy the facilities, and blah blah blah...
No one ever believes that corny sales pitch anyway, so I doubt some little kid has enough money to make any difference.
Tell your friends... for all I care.


Hello, valued customer! Would you like an incredibly powerful item to aid you in your trials ahead?
Well, too bad! I don't have any stock! Isn't that a bummer? HA HA!
Tell your friends!

Would you like a crazy powerful item to... aid your... ah, forget it! The joke isn't as funny the second time. I still got nothing in stock, kiddo.
Tell your friends!


Oh, me? I don't have a shop. I've never had one. I just rent this counter to look cool.
Is it working?
Tell your friends!

Do I look cool yet? I spent all my money on this empty shop and no one has even shot me a thumbs up yet.
Tell your friends!


Don't tell anyone, but I think this huge push to improve tourism is stupid. It's not working! You're the first tourist we've seen in ages, and we've already sunk what little money we had into all of this!
I don't see it ending anytime soon, though, so... tell your friends... please!


Being up here is the best way to get a tan.
What? My hood? What are you talking about? This is how Sunburnt tan. What other way is there?
Tell your friends!

Tanning fully clothed is the only way to tan! Try it sometime!
Tell your friends!


We learned some time ago that tourism is a good way to bring in some cash flow. So far it's been slow but business is looking up!
Tell your friends!


Can you believe that this bustling vacation destination used to be just a chain of poor desert villages?! Yep, totally not that anymore!
Tell your friends!

Water Flasks


Typical tourist. Just running out into the desert like you own the place. 
Nothing against you personally, but all of our other guests just wander into the desert and we never see them, or their money, ever again.
Because of them we had to set up this red ring around the resort so that you tourists know where danger starts.
You'll need a [hint]water bottle[/hint] to even stand a chance past the ring. I think Sweltzo in town might have one of his free ones left.
See ya later, and as the old Sunburnt saying goes: Tell your friends!

Hey, tiny tourist! You got yourself a [hint]water bottle[/hint] yet? It may be the smartest decision you ever make out here in the desert.
Tell your friends!


Excellent timing, Torrin! I just finished slapping together that free water bottle you wanted for your dog and-
OH! A Tourist! Uh, did I say free? Ha ha, no! That's an old Sunburnt word meaning... uh... not free... Yeah.
But for you, little lady, I would be happy to sell you this authentic, premium quality, handmade water bottle for the low, low price of 20 Orbs.
You won't find a water bottle for this price in any of our other premium resorts! Buy now!

Changed your mind, eh? Couldn't find a water bottle anywhere else, huh? Just enjoy my charming company, right?
So what do you say?


The resort's patented [hint]Red Safety Ring[/hint] technology makes sure that our distinguished guests know where safe resort property ends and the harsh wilderness of the desert wastes begin!
Tell your friends!


If you think this resort is nice you should see the other ones! They are just as amazing! Just remember to [hint]pack some water[/hint]!
Tell your friends!


Our water has been voted "the least dirty water in the desert"! What an honor!
Be sure to [hint]fill up your water bottle[/hint] for a refreshing pick-me-up out there in the sands!
Tell your friends!


Sweltzo's [hint]water bottles[/hint] are genuinely handcrafted using age-old Sunburnt techniques.
That doesn't mean they're any good. It just means they're made the same way they were made before modern tools were invented.
Tell your friends!


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!
Well, actually, it's kind of the opposite of that. Water is almost nowhere, but all of it is drinkable! I was just trying to sound all smart-like.
Fill up your bottle whenever you want! AND IT'S FREE! WOW!
Tell your friends!

You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!
Well, actually, I doubt a horse would turn down a drink out here... I also have never actually seen a horse... I'm not good at metaphors...
Tell your friends!

Laser Beacons


Whenever I'm out for a stroll among the sand dunes, I can always count on those handy red beacons to keep me going in the right direction.
Be sure to give it a try next time you come across one of our convenient [hint]binocular stations[/hint].
Tell your friends!


Oh wow! Beautiful! Amazing! This sure is a beautiful vacation get-away I would tell my friends about!
Oh! I didn't see you there. I was just admiring the view of our beautiful desert and our other fantastic resort destinations.
How about you give it a look? If you see a resort that you like, we can [hint]turn on their beacon to help you navigate[/hint] your way over there.
Have fun and tell your friends!

Have you given our [hint]beacon navigation system[/hint] a try yet? It's really quite helpful! It works at any of our conveniently located [hint]binocular stations[/hint]!
Tell your friends!


Wow! With those binoculars you can see A LOT of sand!
Look at all that sand! That is a whole bunch of sand! More sand than you could ever want!
Tell your friends!

I still can't get over all this sand!
And with those handy binoculars I can almost count the grains! HOW FUN!
Tell your friends!

Alpine Skyline

Tower of Gods

In earlier versions of the Modding Tools, there existed three Conversation Data tree files for the unused Tower of Gods warnings. They've since been removed, alongside the localization.


Here lies the brave heroes who faced the wrath of the horned gods,[br]and banished them back to heaven.


The sound of brass bells and hooves no more.[br]The Tower of the Gods keeps them at bay.


For the eternal bridge between gods and men,[br]The Tower of the Gods stands guardian for mankind.


Unused Tourist And Crow Agent Event


We have to do something, fellow earthling! We can use our great interrogation skills to make this angry red girl get lost!

Conversation Data for the partial remains of the Crow Agent and Tourist phase of the Mustache Girl boss fight. This Conversation Data references localization only present in the initial releases of the PS4 and XBox One console builds of the game. Thus, the localization here is indeed from the initial console builds.

Express Owl Scream



Conversation Data for the unused Express Owl line of him screaming in pain. Note that this was added after the release of the game.

Cafe Scene


and the lass drops us back down, just like that! Without so much as a goodbye.

We *were* hanging onto her spaceship, darling. Though that was... quite the fall.

Very long fall. Land straight in the water. Mafia hate this - none of us are good swimmers.

What a view, though! You could see every inch of our world from up there...


So, are we splitting the bill, or...?

You know, that kid had quite the bill racked up when I first met her. I'm not sure how such a little thing could get in so much trouble!

Child did cause lots of trouble at first, that is true. Other, hooded, child was clearly bad influence.

Alright, I'm glad you all got along well. Now, the formality of the bi-

Got along well? She basically killed me! I'm a jar now!

But she did turn off lava faucets. Mafia Town warm and welcoming now, not just hot mess.

And I daresay she made even your silly action movies look good, [name]Conductor[/name].

Quite the little hero after all! I just hope she's getting some rest, wherever she is...

Conversation Data for the unused cafe scene intended for after the credits. The localization for this has since been removed from the game.


Snatcher Deathwish

It seems the localization for Snatcher's Death Wish chats were originally stored in his own localization file instead of inside the spaceship's. It's unknown if his dialogue was always the same, and so the Conversation Data is presented here in its raw format.







This last one, however, has no equivalent in the final game. It's unknown what he would say here, but it's possible this was a line intended for opening the Death Wish map.

Story Telling Conductor


Nice place you've got here, lass! Not bad, not bad at all.
You know, back in me old days, I used to go on adventures, just like yerself!

The start of the unused and now-removed localization for the Conductor's stories he would tell you upon boarding the spaceship.

The Arctic Cruise



Hewwo! The captwain said you could take somethwing. Thewe's somethwing vewy shiny in thewe today! 

The unused line meant for talking to one of the Seals at the reception after clearing Ship Shape.


Hewwo! If you want a wefund, I'm suppwosed to say we don't give them! 
But that's mean! Wefunds for evewyone, hooway!

Although the name indicates one of the reception Seals was meant to say this, the lines fit better after the ship sinks at the end of Rock The Boat. Either way, the Conversation Data isn't used.


We have an owder fow the deck! Take the ewevatow!

That ones fow poowside, ma'am!

This ones fow the dining woom!

Take that one to the dining woom, pwease!

Woom sewvice! Take it up the bawcony!

We have a woom sewvice owdew!

Stawboawd! Uh, that's the wight side miss!

Ship side! Stwaight out that door!

Conversation Data for each of the unused Seal lines unused in the final game.


Uh-oh!! Thewes pudding evewywhewe! Pwease watch youw step!

Conversation Data for the unused Seal line meant for the kitchen.



Let me go down with the ship!


Just let me drown, pup!

Conversation Data for the unused Captain lines meant for carrying him during Rock The Boat.

Express Owls


The [icon:conductor][name]Conductor's[/name] grandkids are a... bit of a handful, huh? I'm glad it isn't my job to keep an eye on them.
I almost froze my feathers off trying to take a dip earlier.

A....rather weird bit of Conversation Data, here. The first line is completely unused, but the second line comes from another one of the Express Owls' conversations. It's possible that this was meant to imply that the Express Owl chased the Conductor's grandkids into the pool, but it seems more like a mismatched bit of data here. Perhaps one of the lines was replaced at one point, and this Conversation Data wasn't updated to accommodate?



It's a bunch of leaflets for ritzy spa treatments! They're not covered in your ticket price, though.

The unused bit of fluff about leaflets.

Nyakuza Metro

Bluefin Manhole


I hope you're not claustrophobic. Bluefin again, but look for a manhole this time.

Conversation Data for the scrapped Time Piece intended for Bluefin Tunnels' manhole, a location that does not exist in the final game.

Pink Paw Station 2nd Tunnel


There's a second tunnel in Pink Paw. Search the place.

Same as above. There is no 'second tunnel' in Pink Paw Station in the final game.

Empress 9th Time Piece Lines


Nine. Well done.


Each of these is worth more than most would earn in a lifetime.
As for you... well, you're more than most. Here is your cut.
Well? Back to work, then. 

Conversation Data for obtaining a ninth Time Piece, which would coincide with the unused Time Piece direction dialogue above. ...Although, given the data present, perhaps there were originally 10 Time Pieces Empress would direct you to? There's no localization or Conversation Data for a tenth, however.


Online Party Act Request Message


[name][playername][/name] wants to play [hint][actname][/hint]

This Conversation Data goes unused in the final game because other online players entering other Acts is present with a little icon and button prompt in the top-right corner of the screen, rather than a blatant and direct message.

Collecting Badges


It requires [hint][badgepoints_required] Badge Points[/hint] to activate; only [name][badgepoints_left][/name] to go!
It requires [hint][badgepoints_required] Badge Points[/hint] to activate, and you've got [name][badgepoints_player][/name]! Press [button:start] to open the pause menu, where you can activate it!

Conversation Data leftover from the Beta builds, for when the player collects a Badge Part. Note that even though this localization was still leftover in the final game, it changed locations in the localization file. Thus, this Conversation still wouldn't read the data properly. Only by copying the localization over from the Beta builds will make it display properly, which is what has been done here.

Speedrun Event


Thank you so much for participating in the first [name]A HAT IN TIME 2017 SPEEDRUNNING EVENT[/name]! Keep in mind this preview is all about going fast, no time to stop and smell the flowers!
So if you'd like your first impression of [name]A Hat in Time[/name] to be an experience at your own pace, feel free to sit this one out! It's OK, the full game releases [hint]October 5th[/hint]!
Make sure to record your run, and upload it to [name]speedrun.com[/name]. Good luck!![br]- [name]Gears for Breakfast[/name]

A message leftover from the Speedrun builds, which goes unused in the final game for obvious reasons.