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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Crossover Content

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content.

When the Modding Tools first released, several packages related to official crossover content with other indie games were found, some of which haven't been released yet. Others, according to the creative director at Gears for Breakfast, Jenna Brown, have actually been cancelled, and will never be released.

Freedom Planet

An early version of the Freedom Planet mod, which was one of the first Steam Workshop mods to be made available. The model for Lilac's headpiece was not included

Gradient Map

AHatIntime FP KingdomStone Ramp.png
A gradient map texture.

Spin Particle

AHatIntime LilacDragonSpinParticle.gif
The spin particle that appears when using the Hat's ability.


Terrain for an area called "Sunshine Valley" is present. Two versions of it, to be exact. No textures are present. According to Jenna, this mod was cancelled because the developers of FreezeME were limited in the assets they could provide due to the Unity Store's rules.

AHatIntime SunshineValley Terrain.png
AHatIntime Terran001 a023.png


AHatIntime CalacaSombrero.pngAHatIntime CalacaBandana.png
AHatIntime CalacaSombrero1024px.png
Carlos Calaca's sombrero and bandana.

Hex Heroes

Perhaps one of the most developed crossover mods. It's a knight character from the game Hex Heroes, and he's fully rigged and animated! He's got a walking animation, an attacking animation, a spin attack, and an animation that contains the walking and attacking animations.

Knight Character

AHatIntime Knight(HexHeroes).png
AHatIntime Character Knight Diffuse.png

Spin Particle

AHatInTime KnightSpinParticle.gif
The unique spin particle used in the spin attack animation below.


Hyperlight Drifter

An early version of the Hyperlight Drifter mod. These early versions were accidentally included twice in updates for the Modding Tools: once at the initial release of the tools, and once soon after DLC 1 released.

AHatIntime Hyperlight Hat.png
AHatIntime HyperLightHat1024px.png

When the mod was accidentally included a second time, the hat gained its own unique HUD icon:
AHatIntime HyperLightDrifter Icon.png

Kero Blaster

This mod was also accidentally included twice, with minor changes and additions to the assets.

AHatIntime hat kero jetpack.pngAHatIntime Kero Blaster phone.pngAHatIntime hat kero tie.png
AHatIntime Diffuse(KeroBlaster).pngAHatIntime phone normals.png
A jetpack, which humorously has the face texture for Mafia applied to it on the side. There's also a red phone and a blue tie.

In the second leak, the mod gained its own HUD icon, the graphic on the jetpack was changed, and the material for the red phone was made shinier:
AHatIntime KeroBlaster Icon.png
AHatIntime hat kero jetpack(ChangedTexture).pngAHatIntime Kero Blaster phone(NewMaterial).png

One Shot

An early version of the One Shot mod. The glowing lightbulb is present, alongside its unique sound effect:

AHatIntime OneShot TheSun.png

The model for Nikko's hat was not included.


A level called "Cozy Cove" is included, with numerous textures for it to boot. It seems, however, that the complete geometry for the level is not present, as there's a segment on the right that abruptly cuts off, leaving a tree floating in midair. Jenna has confirmed that this mod is also cancelled, due to the developers of Poi ceasing contact with Gears for Breakfast for unknown reasons.

AHatIntime PoiCozyCove.pngAHatIntime PoiCozyCove(Closer).png
AHatIntime Canyon Stone(Poi).pngAHatIntime Castle Bricks(Poi).pngAHatIntime Castle Stone(Poi).pngAHatIntime DesertSand(Poi).png
AHatIntime Castle Wood(Poi).pngAHatIntime Flower(Poi).pngAHatIntime Grass(Poi).pngAHatIntime GrassBorder(Poi).png
AHatIntime Grassland Rock 04(Poi).pngAHatIntime Tree1Diffuse(Poi).png
Strangely, lighting breaks entirely on the geometry if lighting is built for it.

Shovel Knight

An early version of the Shovel Knight mod. Lacks a HUD icon.

AHatIntime SK Helm.pngAHatIntime SK Shovel.png
AHatIntime ShovelStuff512px.png