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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Graphics/HUD Graphics

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Graphics.

To do:
Compared older versions of graphics with the final counterparts, if one exists.

The game had quite a few HUD interfaces scrapped during development, and most of the graphics for them can be found in the Modding Tools.

Prototype Menu Graphics

AHatInTime border topleft.pngAHatInTime border topright.png

AHatInTime border bottomleft.pngAHatInTime border bottomright.png
Level selector graphics from the main menu.

AHatInTime chapteract.png
An icon for Down With The Mafia, which lacks any preview picture.

Early icon and name for the act that eventually became both "'Welcome to Mafia Town'" and "'Barrel Battle'".

Early icon and name for the act "'Heating up Mafia Town'". This image is dated May 6 2013, and shows numerous differences between it and the earliest documented Prototype build. Thor's house is mostly a blockout at this point, there is a staircase behind the factory pipes that was removed before the Goboiano Prototype, and the crane is using a placeholder cylinder model. The brick texture on the factory and center water tower is different, there's also no umbrellas above the tables on the left side, and finally, the brick texture for the building with a teal roof on the left side is different from the texture used in the Prototype builds.

Early icon and name for an unknown act in the Subcon Forest. Theorized to be an early version of Subcon Well.

Early icon and name for the act "'Queen Vanessa's Manor'". This icon was not featured in any known Prototype Build.

AHatInTime challenge1.pngAHatInTime challenge2.pngAHatInTime challenge3.png
Graphics for early versions of the secret levels, which became Blue Rifts in the final game. These first appeared in the Cosmo build of the Prototype.

AHatInTime Background.png

AHatInTime dotpattern.png

Graphics for the background, which had a white polka-dot pattern.

AHatInTime hatintime logo.png
The old logo used on the Prototype's main menu. This graphic has actually long since been removed from the Modding Tools, and was only present in the earliest versions of it.

AHatInTime availabletobackers.pngAHatInTime-Availablefunding.png
These graphics were used to obscure a couple of the icons listed above. This was used as a way to promote their Kickstarter page at the time.

AHatInTime Chapter1Logo.pngAHatInTime Chapter2Logo.png
The oldest known logos for Chapters 1 and 2. These were both used on some Prototype menus, but certain builds omitted one or both of them.

Lava Mafia Town Icons

AHatInTime Fire core tex-01.pngAHatInTime Fire core tex-02.pngAHatInTime Fire spark tex-02.png
Unused icons found in the Lava Mafia Town assets. Very early graphics, although their purposes are unknown.

Prototype and Alpha Number Grahpics

AHatInTime number0 3.pngAHatInTime number1 3.pngAHatInTime number2 3.pngAHatInTime number3 3.pngAHatInTime number4 3.pngAHatInTime number5 3.pngAHatInTime number6 3.pngAHatInTime number7 3.pngAHatInTime number8 3.pngAHatInTime number9 3.png
All of the number graphics used in the main HUD for the game in the Prototype and Alpha builds. These graphics have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Loadout "Power" Graphics

AHatInTime loadout power1.pngAHatInTime loadout power2.png
Two strange graphics that were intended for the main loadout menu, according to the file names. Their actual purpose is unknown. These have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Balloon Race Mafia Icon

AHatInTime mafia icon.png
The icon used in the scrapped Balloon Race mission in Mafia Town from the Alpha builds.

Alpha HUD Graphics

AHatInTime playerhealth full.png AHatInTime PlayerHealth 3.png AHatInTime PlayerHealth 2.png AHatInTime PlayerHealth 1.png AHatInTime playerhealth empty.png
The unique appearance for the player's health in the last update for the Alpha version of the game.

AHatInTime TimeObject.png
The Time Piece HUD icon for the Alpha. This graphic has long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

AHatInTime safe.png
The old HUD icon for the vaults in Mafia Town. In the final game, an icon for the corresponding color of vault code needed to open it is displayed instead. This graphic has also long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

AHatInTime bitmeter halfbit.png

The graphic for half of a square left on the Energy Meter.

AHatIntime target interact keyboard(Final).pngAHatIntime target interact console(Final).pngAHatIntime target interact empty(Final).png
AHatIntime target jump console.pngAHatIntime target interact gamecube.pngAHatIntime target interact gray.png
The interact point graphics used in the Alpha and Beta builds are present, as well as a unique green 'A' button intended for controllers that was never included in any known build.

AHatIntime target dive keyboard.pngAHatIntime target jump keyboard.png
AHatIntime target dive gamecube.pngAHatIntime target dive console.png
These key/button graphics with their name on them also never appeared in any known build, but are similar to some of the graphics that were included in the Alphas below.

AHatIntime Alpha button console red.pngAHatIntime Alpha button console blue.png
AHatIntime Alpha button console yellow.pngAHatIntime Alpha button console green.png
AHatIntime Alpha button keyboard.pngAHatIntime Alpha button gamecube r.png
AHatIntime button keyboard lmb.pngAHatIntime button keyboard rmb.png
AHatIntime button keyboard scrollup.pngAHatIntime button keyboard scrolldown.png
Almost all of the input HUD icons from the Alpha builds are present, including a right mouse click icon that wasn't present in the data for the Alpha builds at all.

AHatInTime tutorial sky.png
The graphic used in the scrolling background graphic that appears when you collect an item in builds prior to the Beta.

Early Murder on the Owl Express Graphics

Graphics for a much older version of Murder on the Owl Express can be found in the earliest versions of the Modding Tools! These graphics were never seen in any prerelease screenshots or footage.

Character cards, most likely used to accuse suspects.
AHatInTime CharacterCard Conductor Red.png AHatInTime CharacterCard Conductor Green.png AHatInTime CharacterCard Conductor White.png AHatInTime CharacterCard CrowAgent.png
AHatInTime CharacterCard CrowAgent2.png AHatInTime CharacterCard PostOwl.png AHatInTime CharacterCard ScienceOwl.png AHatInTime CharacterCard TrainOperator.png
Science Owls are still being used in these pictures, as Express Owls weren't designed yet. The Receptionist of Dead Bird Studio is referred to in his card's filename as the Train Operator, which is the role he had in the Beta versions of the game. What's perhaps the most interesting bit of these cards is the trio of Conductors. According to localization in the Beta, there wasn't just one Conductor, there were multiple. From these cards, it seems there were at least 4, though if they had any relationship to the Conductor in the final game is unknown. The other Conductors were brothers according to localization in the Beta, and were named Greg, Walter, and Redd. Each one wore clothes of the color of the first letter of their names, i.e.: Greg was green. Strangely, however, Redd appears to be wearing the Conductor's normal-colored clothes. The materials for the alternate colors of the Conductor still exist in the Modding Tools, but due to changes in their parent material, they no longer change color, and just display the normal Conductor colors.

AHatInTime LocationCard Cafeteria.pngAHatInTime LocationCard ControlRoom.pngAHatInTime LocationCard MachineRoom.png
AHatInTime LocationCard Outdoors.pngAHatInTime LocationCard ScienceRoom.png
There were also cards for the locations in the level. These pictures give a look at the level in its early state.

AHatInTime Card Outline.png

An outline graphic for each card.

AHatInTime Lock Crows.pngAHatInTime Lock Owls.png
Two icons that are called "Lock Crows" and "Lock Owls". Their purpose isn't completely clear, but it might've been used when accusing suspects.

All of the above graphics have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

AHatInTime keep eye out eng.png
AHatInTime murderer is amonst eng.png

These graphics, however, are still in the Modding Tools. They were used in the Beta's version of Murder on the Science Express. The graphics were used when a 'round' began in the level.

AHatInTime murder titlecard.png
A titlecard for the act, listing it as Chapter 3 Act 2, which was its placement in the chapter in the Beta.

AHatInTime bookmark characters.png
AHatInTime bookmark clues.png
AHatInTime bookmark question.png
These graphics could also be found in the Beta. They were used in the notebook HUD for the act, which was used to store evidence gathered. These three graphics have been removed from the Modding Tools.

Loading Text

AHatIntime loading text.png
A HUD graphic for loading text, used in the Beta builds. This was replaced in the final with a spinning wheel of dots.

Badge Points

AHatIntime badge points(HUDIcon).png
The HUD icon for the amount of Badge Points the player has. Was used in the Beta builds.

Item Icons

AHatInTime paint green orange.pngAHatInTime paint white red.png
Two unused dye icons.

Itemicon moon tablet.png
The level tablet item, which could also be found in the Beta.

AHatIntime collectible star(HUD).png
A HUD icon for a collectible star item. The model for the star is still in the Modding Tools, but this icon has long since been removed. It's a very old HUD icon, given the star's cel shading and that it could be found hidden within the Alpha builds' files.

AHatInTime itemicon mafia juice.png
Energy Juice, a scrapped item from the Beta.

AHatInTime itemicon badge snatcher.png
The icon for the scrapped Snatcher's Realm Badge, as was seen in the Beta.

AHatInTime badge chemical.png
A Badge icon for the scrapped Owl's Brew Badge, which has an updated appearance compared to how it looked in the Beta.

AHatInTime badge timestop.png
The scrapped Queen's Love Badge, which was coded to be like the Time Stop Hat. This graphic would eventually see use in the Vanessa's Curse Creator's DLC.

Hatintime Badge ice statue.png
The scrapped Frozen Solid Badge, which was turned into its own Hat in the final game. This could also be found in the Beta. The design of this cut Badge would eventually be used for the design of a flair for the Ice Hat in the Vanessa's Curse Creator's DLC.

AHatInTime bonfire painting purple.png
An icon for a purple painting, a color which was not used in the final version of Subcon Forest. Its color type can be seen in prerelease screenshots and footage.

AHatInTime itemicon hookshot.png
The item version of the hookshot, before it became a Badge. This was used in the Beta as well.

AHatIntime itemicon camera.png
The item version of the camera, before it became a Badge. Was also used in the Beta.

AHatInTime itemicon mafia tie gold.png
Golden Mafia Ties. Mafia Ties themselves are not in the final game. This was used in the Beta.

AHatInTime itemicon witch hat.png
The Witch Hat, which does not appear in the final game at all. This graphic was, you guessed it, used in the Beta.

AHatInTime hat raccoon.png
The scrapped Raccoon Hat, which was intended to be a flair for the Time Stop Hat.

AHatInTime hat kickstarterhat.png
The Kickstarter Hat. While the model for the hat is used in-game for a couple easter eggs, the hat is not obtainable by the player.

AHatInTime decoration snake basket.png
A snake basket, which was intended to be one of the relics for Sand 'n Sails. The other two relics meant for Sand 'n Sails' group, the flute and flute stand, were not given HUD icons.

AHatInTime itemicon unarmed.png
A weapon icon for being unarmed. In the final game, no graphic is displayed on the 'Weapons' area of the loadout menu until you get your Umbrella. This graphic has long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

AHatInTime itemicon unknown.png
A graphic that was intended to be a default graphic for items that had no graphic set.

AHatInTime Material Icon Shadow.pngAHatInTime Wireframe Icon.png
The original icons for the Shadow Puppet outfit and the Wireframe outfit.

Updated Beta Loading Screen Graphics

Almost all of the graphics for the loading screen used in the Beta versions of the game are present, along with some additional graphics that weren't used in that version of the game.

AHatInTime loadingscreen background.pngAHatInTime loadingscreen hub.pngAHatInTime loadingscreen floor mafia.pngAHatInTime loadingscreen floor moon.pngAHatInTime loadingscreen floor subcon.png
The loading screen's background, along with a different planet graphic for every location, except Sand 'n Sails. In the actual Beta builds, a different, deleted texture of the moon surface was used for all levels. It was only after the Beta builds that these full, circular planet graphics were added. Given that each planet graphic is a full circle, it's likely that the planet was meant to spin, otherwise there would be a lot of unseen content on each graphic.

AHatInTime loadingscreen hatkid.pngHatintime Loadingscreen timmy.png
Hat Kid and Timmy would appear on the loading screen, too. The Timmy graphic could be found in the Beta.

AHatInTime spotlight bg.png
AHatInTime vignette.png
The spotlight and vignette effects that accompanied the loading screen.

Leftover Beta Build Credits

AHatInTime Credits(LeftoverBeta).png
The credits from the Beta version of the game, found in one of the content packages for the scrapped Winter Bookstore. This texture has long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Speech Bubbles

AHatIntime speech bubble woodsign.png
A wooden sign speech bubble. Probably meant to be used when reading signs in-game, but wasn't used for some reason. This graphic eventually saw use in the Vanessa's Curse Creator's DLC.

AHatInTime speechbubble.pngAHatInTime speechbubble scream tex.pngAHatInTime speechbubble gloom.pngAHatInTime speechbubble formal tex.png
The older speech bubble graphics, used in builds up until the Speedrun builds.

AHatInTime speechbubble uncanny tex.png
Interestingly, there's an older version of the 'uncanny' speech bubble used for Murder on the Owl Express that wasn't present in any other builds.

AHatInTime question01.png
The old question prompt bubble.

AHatinTime smalltalk tex.pngAHatInTime smalltalk gloom.pngAHatInTime smalltalk scream tex.png
The older small text bubbles are present, too.

Boss Text HUD

AHatInTime mafia of cooks.png
AHatInTime bosstext bg.png
The graphics that appeared when Barrel Battle started in the Alpha and Beta builds are present.


AHatInTime mugshot thor.pngAHatInTime mugshot oldman.png
Mugshot icons for Thor and Oldster. Thor's was used in the Beta, but Oldster's was never seen before. The icon for Oldster was used when he was still in She Came From Outer Space, before Goofy Mafia took his place. Both of these graphics have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Time Of Day Graphics

AHatInTime TimeOfDay.pngAHatInTime TimeOfDay Morning.png
AHatInTime TimeOfDay Afternoon.pngAHatInTime TimeOfDay Evening.png
Textures that can be found in the earlier versions of the Modding Tools, as the content package that contained them has long since been completely removed. These seem to be related to some kind of scrapped time-changing system, where a level would have a morning setting, afternoon, and night setting. The only level to really feature different times of day in the final game prominently is Mafia Town.

Typewriter Font

AHatIntime Typewriter PageA.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageB.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageC.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageD.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageE.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageF.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageG.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageH.png
AHatIntime Typewriter PageI.png

A typewriter font, intended for Murder on the Science Express according to coding from a HUD element from the Beta builds. This font has long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Timmy Relic Map Icon

AHatInTime relic marker hatkid2.png
A player marker graphic for Timmy for the older version of the Relic Map Badge.

Sand 'n Sails Remix Icon

AHatInTime Remix Sand.png
A remix graphic for Sand 'n Sails, of which there was one made.

Rocket HUD

AHatInTime rocket01.pngAHatInTime rocket02.png
Graphics for the HUD that would appear while riding a rocket in the Prototypes and Alpha builds. These graphics have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Snatcher Sketch Face

AHatInTime SnatcherPhoto.png
A picture of Snatcher, intended to appear on a wall somewhere in some level, probably Subcon Forest. This is the same type of graphic found for the sketching that takes place in Chapter 2. Mafia and Moon Penguins versions of this exist, which are used.

Snatcher Contract Pride Graphic

AHatInTime hostage pride.png
An alternate version of the "your soul" graphic that was intended to display on the unused bonfires contract.

Water Flask HUD

AHatInTime waterflask3.pngAHatInTime waterflask2.png
AHatInTime waterflask1.pngAHatInTime WaterFlask0.pngAHatInTime waterdeath.png
Graphics meant to be used for the water flask HUD for Sand 'n Sails. Can be seen in prerelease footage by Aruki, in a playthrough of Pumping Pumpkin Factory.


AHatInTime TitleCard.png

Unknown if this was meant to a be a titlecard like the ones below, but its filename is literally "titlecard", so here it is. Mr. TV is likely referring to the scrapped Narrator character, who was made for Twilight Dungeon. It's unknown exactly when this would've been displayed.

AHatInTime titlecard placeholder.png
A graphic that, according to its filename, is a placeholder titlecard. The image itself is an early version of Welcome to Mafia Town's art, and is drawn in a different art style.

AHatInTime chapter1 99.png
AHatInTime chapter2 99.png
Two big titlecards intended for the Free Roam options of Mafia Town and Subcon Forest. In the final game, neither have a Free Roam option, so these go unused.

Snatcher's radio icon used in Death Wish was snipped from Subcon Forest's graphic, here.

In the Mafia Town graphic, the old sign for the 'Spicy Buns' store can be seen on the right, and in the Subcon Forest graphic, the scrapped thorn wall can be seen in the background. Some Steam trading cards use graphics of characters from these two titlecards.

Settings Menu Text Graphics

AHatIntime Button Text A.pngAHatIntime Button Text B.png
AHatIntime GameSettings CAMERA.png
AHatIntime GameSettings ControllerTop-Down.png
AHatIntime GameSettings CameraAssist.png
AHatIntime GameSettings FieldofView.png
AHatIntime GameSettings 120.png
AHatIntime GameSettings SINGLEPLAYER.png
AHatIntime GameSettings AllowSharedScreen.png
AHatIntime GameSettings SPLIT-SCREEN.png
AHatIntime GameSettings SplitscreenMethod.png
AHatIntime GameSettings SpeedrunTimer.png
A whole bunch of text graphics for the Settings Menu. In the final game, all of these are loaded via localization, so that they can be translated into other languages. Thus, these aren't needed. All of these graphics have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Time Rift Pictures

AHatInTime mafiatown lighthouse.png
A Time Rift that would appear at the top of the lighthouse in Mafia Town.

AHatInTime subcon cave pipe.png
A Time Rift that would appear inside a pipe in Subcon Well. In the Beta, there actually was a secret level here, but no portal.

AHatInTime subcon vanessa.png
A picture depicting the secret switch in Queen Vanessa's Manor. Like the above, this is where a secret level was located in the Beta.

AHatInTime Subtitle.png
A graphic that was meant to appear on the splash screen that entices you to buy DLC 1.

Placeholder Task Master Icons

AHatInTime ChipsIcon.pngAHatInTime DetergentIcon.png
AHatInTime EmptyLaundryIcon.pngAHatInTime LaundryIcon.png
AHatInTime UncookedFoodIcon.pngAHatInTime FoodIcon.png
AHatInTime emptyGlass.pngAHatInTime GlassIcon.png
Placeholder icons for the tasks in Ship Shape. In the final game, the icons that appear are for the locations the tasks are in, not what the actual task is.

SS Literally Can't Sink Map

AHatInTime tempmapupper.pngAHatInTime tempmaplower.png
Two graphics that appear to be maps for the ship in The Arctic Cruise. They are placeholder, given their filenames. In the final, the map the player is given is a hologram of the ship in certain rooms, along with a marker to tell the player which room they're in. Used in the early version of The Arctic Cruise that leaked on May 28 2018.

Task Master Pressure Steam

AHatInTime pressure HUD face steam1.png
AHatInTime pressure HUD face steam2.png
AHatInTime pressure HUD face steam3.png
Steam graphics that were intended for the HUD used for Ship Shape. No known version of Task Master's coding uses these graphics. Probably meant to be used by the Captain's face when he's really mad, and was likely supposed to be animated, too.

Early Task Master Room Icons

Early Final
AHatIntime room pool Older.png AHatInTime room pool.png
Early Final
AHatIntime room laundry Older.png AHatInTime room laundry.png

Located within the HatinTime_Levels_Boat_K package is an entire duplicate set of all the Task Master HUD graphics, including the unused pressure steam shown above. All of it is unused, as the HUD that is used in-game is stored in its own package. The only differences between the two sets are two icons for rooms: the poolside icon, and the laundry icon. These icons actually match the appearance of the icons in the DLC 1 leak from May 28, 2018, suggesting that they were never updated since being imported. The poolside icon's older version is a much, much darker shade of blue than the final version, and the laundry icon was made a dull aqua from its previous light-aqua color. Strangely, the laundry room icon's resolution was changed to be 512x512, whereas all other room icons, including the older version of it, are 256x256.

Death Wish Map

AHatInTime DW Passive gold.png
A golden candle. In the final, golden candles, which signify 100% completion for the candle Death Wish, are displayed with a ribbon on them.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Completed2.png
A graphic that, judging by its filename, was meant to be display when a Death Wish was completed without any bonuses completed. In the final game, the icon used for this scenario is the stamped-in version of it with yellow eyes and mouth.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Ribbon1(Current).pngAHatInTime UI Deathwish Ribbon2.pngAHatInTime UI Deathwish Ribbon3.png
Three different ribbon graphics, likely meant for the non-candle Death Wishes. These were meant to represent bonuses completed, as can be seen in the reveal trailer for Seal the Deal. In the final game, there are two ribbon graphics that are used to represent bonuses completed, but a third one for a total completion of a Death Wish is not present. Instead, the stamp icon turns gold.

Leaked Death Wish Map Graphics

In November and December of 2017, Gears For Breakfast accidentally included WIP graphics of Death Wish while it was under development through updates to the Modding Tools. These were publically available for a short time. The graphics were quickly removed in updates, but the packages could still be downloaded through Steam. While there weren't many graphics for the mode, what was there were early HUD icons and textures, almost all of which changed for the final game.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Activated.png

An early version of the completed graphic, although in this version of Death Wish, it was simply used to denote an active Death Wish. Compared to its final counterpart, it's missing the white outline.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Completed.png

An early version of the 'completed' Death Wish Graphic! This was used in this early version of Death Wish to denote a completed Death Wish. Its checkmark is orange instead of blue, and also lacks the white outline.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Empty Leaked.png

The graphic for when a Death Wish is not yet accessible, but is visible. This version actually matches the graphic in the current version of the game, but at a higher resolution. Interestingly, it does not match the version of the graphic used when DLC 1 first released, indicating that when the texture's resolution was reduced, it was this early version of the empty graphic that was used for the resolution reduction, rather than the finalized one.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Full.png

The only difference to the final version is the lack of a white outline.

AHatInTime ParentLine Leaked.png
An early version of the lines that link Death Wishes together on the map.

Vanessa's Curse

Full Team Victory Graphics

AHatIntime VanessaCurse Key01.pngAHatIntime VanessaCurse Key02.png
Fully-assembled versions of the team victory graphics. In-game, the graphic is separated into multiple pieces so that each part can animate individually.

Titlecard Graphic

AHatIntime VanessaCurse Titlecard.png
A copy of the mode's titlecard used when loading into the map. The game does not use this particular instance of the graphic. Instead, it loads the titlecard externally from the folder that contains the mode.

Logo Graphic

AHatIntime VanessasCurse Logo.png
The same goes for the logo graphic here. Much like the titlecard, the game loads the logo from an external image file rather than using a cooked-in texture.