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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Models/Spaceship, Title Screen, Time Rifts, Harbor and Calcite Era Assets

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Models.


Spaceship Hub

Early Spaceship Powerpanel Machines

AHatIntime Door Contraption Cross Door Cross 1.png AHatIntime Door Contraption Static Door Cross Static 1.png
Two models that, according to concept art, were part of the original design for the Power Panels used in the Spaceship Hub.

Basement Fog Models

AHatIntime hub fog basement.png AHatIntime hub basement fog 02.png
Two models meant for the basement of the Spaceship Hub. They were meant to be used as the models for localized fog in the rooms, but weren't used. Unknown if they were used in the Sand 'n Sails version of the basement.

Early Spaceship Door

AHatIntime Hub Door.png
A very old version of the spaceship doors in the Hub.

Early Decoration Stand Model

AHatIntime hub decor assembly base.png
The original design for the Relic Decorations Stands in the Hub, seen in a handful of prerelease footage and screenshots. During Cooking Cat's Relic tutorial in the final game, it's this design that appears on the chalkboard, instead of the design actually used in-game.

Escape Pod Models

AHatIntime hub escapepod.png
The spaceship pod that could be found under the kitchen in the Beta's version of the Hub. This was one of many ideas of how selecting a Chapter and Act would work in the Hub. At one point, it was considered that Hat Kid would enter the secret passage in the kitchen under the stove, enter this pod, and fly to the planet. This model is used in-game, shrunken down in Hat Kid's toy chest, but the glass model that covers the cockpit was not used.
AHatIntime hub escapepod(Controls).png
A view from inside the pod. On the left side, the layout for the controls appears to reference the Nintendo 64's controller button layout.

Spaceship Speaker Robot Parts

AHatIntime Intercom Main Main 1.pngAHatIntime Intercom Speaker Speaker 1.png
AHatIntime Intercom Back Wheel Back 1.pngAHatIntime Intercom Front Wheel Front Wheel LOD 1.png
AHatIntime Intercom Wood.pngAHatIntime Intercom General.png
The models used by the scrapped Spaceship Speaker Robot actor. Possibly an early version of Rumbi.

Animated Map

AHatIntime Map.png
AHatIntime MapClr1024px.png
A map that, according to where it was found, was to appear in the Spaceship Hub. It has animations for opening and closing.

Placeholder Railings And Posts

AHatIntime main room posts placeholder.png
AHatIntime main room railings placeholder.png
Placeholder models for the main room of the Spaceship Hub. These are the railings and posts used on the second floor of the room.

Early Planet Model

AHatIntime planet.png
A planet with a very bright and cartoony appearance. Was used in the Alpha builds outside the Spaceship Hub.

Segmented Beta Planet Models

A bunch of individual versions of the details found on the planet model in the Beta builds were found, suggesting that the planet would've originally been assembled from all these pieces, rather than being one model.
AHatIntime planet desert tower.pngAHatIntime planet desert village.png
AHatIntime Tower Bricks.pngAHatIntime Tower Stone.pngAHatIntime tower main.pngAHatIntime desert village.png
Models used for the Sand 'n Sails area of the planet.
AHatIntime planet forest poison.pngAHatIntime planet tree house.pngAHatIntime planet manor.png
Models meant for the Subcon Forest area of the planet.
AHatIntime planet mafia balloons.pngAHatIntime planet mafia town.png
Models meant for the Mafia Town area of the planet. Thor's workshop can be seen.
AHatIntime planet train.pngAHatIntime planet train centered.pngAHatIntime planet train track.png
Models meant for the Trainwreck of Science area of the planet.
AHatIntime planet ice.pngAHatIntime planet volcano.png
More models for the planet.
AHatIntime planet islands.pngAHatIntime planet islands(2).png
AHatIntime planet palm trees.png
And palmtrees.
AHatIntime planet sea.pngAHatIntime planet terrain forest desert.png
The sea used for the whole planet's water, as well as the terrain for Subcon Forest, Trainwreck of Science, and Sand 'n Sails. The Oasis can be seen on the Sand 'n Sails part.
When all of these pieces are assembled, and when compared to the version of the planet model used in the Beta builds, it turns out it's actually more detailed. It's likely that some models and details had to be removed due to the extremely high poly count of the model.

Animated Record Player

AHatIntime RecordPlayer.png
AHatIntime Radio1024px.pngAHatIntime RadioMISC1024px.pngAHatIntime Record-1024px.pngAHatInTime Record3-1024px.pngAHatIntime Record5-1024px.png
An animated record player, likely the precursor to the Owl Express Band. It has two animations, both of which have it moving to the music. Most likely as a humorous joke, the record packs on its side have "placeholder" written on their graphics.

Basement Cactus

AHatIntime Cactus Final Cactus 1.png
AHatIntime Cactus Mat.png
A cactus meant for decoration in the basement when it was still themed for Sand 'n Sails, according to concept art.

Placeholder Spaceship Tunnels

AHatIntime floor 01 placeholder.png
Placeholder tunnels for the Spaceship Hub.

Smaller Attic

AHatIntime hub attic.png
A much shorter version of the attic for the Spaceship Hub, matching its size when looking at the ship from the outside.

Small Mail Basket

AHatIntime mBasket.png
AHatIntime mailCartClr1024px.png
A smaller version of the mail basket in the mail room. Its wheels are black instead of brown.

Early Computer Machine

AHatIntime hub Computer.png
An older version of the long, yellow machine seen in the Hub. Used in the Alpha and Beta builds.

Placeholder Chapter 4 Room

AHatIntime hub chapter 4 room.png
The placeholder room model used for the basement of the Spaceship Hub in the Alpha builds.

Early Spaceship Door Rim Models

AHatIntime Hub Door Rim.png
AHatIntime hub doorframe.png
Two older versions of the door frame for the automatic doors present in the Spaceship Hub. The first one was used in the Alpha builds, while the second one was used in the Beta builds.

Spaceship Attic Ladder

AHatIntime hub ladder long.png
A ladder that was meant to be used to climb up to the attic in the Spaceship Hub. Was used in the Alpha and Beta builds.


AHatIntime Hub Lever.png
AHatIntime Hub lever Diffuse.png
A simple lever that can be seen in an early screenshot of the basement in the Hub.

Early Television Model

AHatIntime Hub Television.png
AHatIntime Hub TV diffuse.png
An older version of the television used in the Hub. Appeared in the Alpha and Beta builds.

Older Machine Room

AHatIntime hub machine room(Older).png
The version of the room in the Spaceship Hub that contains the telescope for Battle of the Birds. Used in the Beta builds.

Orb Machine Attachments

AHatIntime hub vending attachment.png AHatIntime hub vending top.png
AHatIntime vending machine(texture).png
Unused attachments for the vending machine in the main room of the Hub. Used in the Beta builds.

Placeholder Ladder

AHatIntime ladder placeholder.png
A placeholder ladder meant for the Hub, much shorter than the other one meant to be used to access the attic.

Old Present Models

AHatIntime Present.png AHatIntime present opened.png
Early versions of the presents found in the Spaceship Hub. Seen in at least one prerelease screenshot.

Title Screen

Main Menu Train Tracks

AHatIntime menu track.png
A slanted version of the train tracks that appear on the game's titlescreen.

Beta Main Menu Model

AHatIntime planet menu.png AHatIntime planet menu(more).png AHatIntime planet menu(evenmore).png
A skeletal mesh planet that seems to have been made for the main menu of the game, according to the filename. What's interesting about it is that it uses designs of the levels from the Beta version of the game rather than the final. Sand 'n Sails is present, and Thor's workshop is visible in Mafia Town.

Spinning Planet

AHatIntime SpinningPlanet.png
AHatIntime SpinningPlanet(texture).png
A rapidly-spinning planet model. Most likely intended for the titlescreen.

AHatIntime hatintime logo(AlphaModel).png
AHatIntime hatintime logo.png
The 3D logo from the Alpha builds of the game, used on the Title Screen/Act Select Screen. All assets relating to it have long since been removed from the Modding Tools.

Blue Rifts

Birthday Candle Flamethrowers

AHatIntime birthday candle flamethrower short01.png AHatIntime birthday candle flamethrower tall01.png
AHatIntime birthday candle flamethrower red diffuse01.png
Birthday candles, which originally were used as flamethrower hazards in early builds of the game.

Giant Pounder Model

AHatIntime PounderStatM.png
A giant, spiked weight. Was seen in a scrapped secret level in very early gameplay footage.

Unused Spring Jump Pad

AHatIntime SpringJumpSkel.png
A unique-looking spring skeletal mesh, not used in any known build of the game.


AHatIntime suitcase(London).png
AHatIntime polaroid empty(texture).png
A skeletal suitcase model, found among the assets for...Blue Rifts. It's not known what it was meant for or why it was included with Time Rift assets. It has an animation for popping open, as well as an unused particle for a bunch of polaroids flying out of it.

Time Rift Lamp Post

AHatIntime lightpost.png
A lamp meant for Blue Rifts, which instead use the lamps that were once used in the scrapped Winter Bookstore level in the final game. Compared to the Bookstore lamps, their design is very simplistic.

Secret Level Platform Models

AHatIntime long rectangle.png AHatIntime platform box spike.png

AHatIntime platform circular four.png AHatIntime platform circular two.png

AHatIntime platform cog.png AHatIntime platform cog pole.png

AHatIntime platform l block.png AHatIntime platform large.png

AHatIntime platform slide.png AHatIntime platform thin.png

AHatIntime quarter circle.png
The platforms used in Secret Levels in builds of the game prior to the Speedrun builds. Compared to the icy blocks in the final game, these only used a single, basic color for each platform.

AHatIntime secret cog hole.png
AHatIntime platform pool.png AHatIntime secret slide.png
These models in particular, however, were never seen in any Secret Level in the Beta, Alpha, or Prototype builds. The cog with numerous holes in it was also never used in any Secret Level. The second one's filename labels it as a pool, which means it was likely to be filled with water or lava. The slide was never seen, either.

Unused Secret Level London-Themed Background Details

AHatIntime tea bowl milk.png AHatIntime tea bowl milk lumpy.png
AHatIntime tea gear arm.png AHatIntime tea clock chains.png
AHatIntime tea fluid 01.png AHatIntime tea fluid 02.png
AHatIntime tea gear base.png AHatIntime tea pot base.png
AHatIntime tea pot cog base.png AHatIntime tea pot gear door 01.png
AHatIntime tea pot gear door 02.png AHatIntime tea pot gear spike base.png
AHatIntime tea pot gear spike(texture).png
A whole bunch of models for an unused theme for Secret Levels, seen in concept art and a single prerelease screenshot. Some models from this theme were placed in an area of Subcon Forest.

Purple Rifts

Early Mafia Town Purple Rift Islands

AHatIntime desertisland.png
AHatIntime desertisland tiny.png
Very early models for the floors of the Purple Rift for Mafia Town.

Early Mafia Town Purple Rift Fountain

AHatIntime time rift well.png
The original design for the fountain on the pre-final floor of the Mafia Purple Rift. Can be seen in concept art and a prerelease screenshot. In the final game, the fountain on the pre-final floor is the exact same one from the market area of Mafia Town.

Vanessa Rift Assets

AHatIntime time rift chandelier.png
AHatIntime time rift round bush.png
The only two assets made for the scrapped Vanessa Purple Rift, which was the original Purple Rift for Subcon Forest before the Raccoon Rift was redesigned and took its place. The second model is meant to be trimmed bushes, according to its filename.

Original Raccoon Rift Assets

AHatIntime time rift megaphone.png
AHatIntime time rift floor 02 rock.png AHatIntime time rift floor 02 rock 02.png
AHatIntime time rift floor 04 wire.png AHatIntime time rift megaphone pole.png
AHatIntime time rift pill.png AHatIntime time rift pill container.png
AHatIntime time rift rug.png AHatIntime time rift pillar.png
AHatIntime time rift smoke pipe.png AHatIntime time rift tent.png
AHatIntime pill(texture).pngAHatIntime Container(texture).pngAHatIntime carpet(texture).png
Models made for the original design of the Raccoon Rift, when it was themed around Mafia Town. Most of these assets could also be seen in concept art, prerelease footage, and the cubemaps for Subcon's Purple Rift in the initial release of the game.

Tour Rift Subcon Floor Model

AHatIntime TimeRift SubconFloor.png
The original model used for the upper Subcon Forest floor of Tour Rift. This was used when DLC 1 initially released, but was quickly replaced in under a week with a much more high-poly version with improved UVs.

Calcite/Harbor Assets

Limbo Floor

AHatIntime limbo floor.png
The floor used by Limbo, the original "hub" used in builds that predate the Prototype builds.

Limbo Books

AHatIntime book(limbo).png
A book meant for Limbo, the original file select menu and/or chapter select menu for builds that predate the Prototype builds. The book has a couple animations, which depict it floating up and down, open and closed. Its texture appears incorrectly, and is due to its original texture being overwritten with the one used by the book below, the Main Menu Book.

AHatIntime main menu book.png
AHatIntime menu book(texture).png
Another book meant for Limbo, being called "Main Menu Book" internally. This book has the same kind of animations that the previous book had, and has the correct UV mappings for its texture.

Limbo Lift Mechanism Models

AHatIntime limbo lift doors.pngAHatIntime limbo lift.png
AHatIntime limbo lift doors(texture).png
The models used in Limbo to raise the books up that the player would use to select a chapter/save file.

Limbo Door Frame

AHatIntime doorframe01.png
Used in conjunction with the scrapped Portal actors in Limbo to warp the player to the hourglass hub for each chapter.

Hourglass Hub Sand

AHatIntime hourglass sand01.png
AHatIntime hourglass sand(texture).png
The sand for the giant hourglass hub that was used in the Calcite build! Note that the geometry used for the rest of the hourglass was actually used somewhere else in the game.

Harbor Limbo Models

AHatIntime limbo mafia placeholder.png
AHatIntime calk plaster floor limbo.png
A very interesting model, and a rather complex one at that. This appears to be a conglomeration of the models used to construct the original Harbor level! All of the models used for the level geometry seen in the footage are present, although it is unknown if any models received revisions between the date when the footage was shown and when this model was made. Its filename indicates it was related to Limbo somehow.

Harbor Animated Door

AHatIntime door01.png
A skeletal mesh door, which is a very old leftover, having been seen in footage of Harbor. It has a couple animations for opening and closing. The sound data in the animations are blank, meaning that the sounds that door played have long since been deleted.

Harbor Zipline Ropes

AHatIntime Rope.png AHatIntime rope long.png
Two models of rope, both being skeletal meshes. These are old leftovers, and were meant to be used in a zipline mechanic that could be found in the Prototype builds. Note that this mechanic has nothing to do with the ziplines in Alpine Skyline.

Animated Clocks

AHatIntime tower clock.png
AHatIntime tower clock01.png
These two clocks win the award for having the longest animation ever. There is a single animation for them, which spins the clock hands all the way around the clock very slowly. Most likely intended for Calcite or Mafia Town.

Calcite Dock Model

AHatIntime harbor bridge wide.png
The long bridge used in Calcite.

Concrete Block Model

AHatIntime concreteblock.png
An old model from the Prototypes.

Hat Kid's Hands

AHatIntime hatkid hands.png
Very old leftover model from Limbo. Has long since been removed from the Modding Tools.