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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Models/The Arctic Cruise and Nyakuza Metro

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Models.

The Arctic Cruise

Drinks Tray Model

AHatIntime drinkstray.png
A tray model, presumably intended to have drinks on top of it during Ship Shape.


AHatIntime Fuse.png
A fuse. Might've been meant to be delivered to Shocktopus during Ship Shape. In the final game, there is only one item that is delivered to him, and it's a battery.

Modular Dock Railing

AHatIntime dock railing single.png
A modular version of the railings used on the boardwalk platforms.

Yellow Pool Noodle

AHatIntime ship tube yellow.png
AHatIntime foam tube yellow alb.png
A yellow pool noodle. This is the only color of pool noodle that doesn't appear in The Arctic Cruise.

Split Slot Machine

AHatIntime ship slot machine lever.pngAHatIntime ship slot machine leverless.png
A slot machine that lacks a lever, and an individual lever. Probably meant to be used to make the lever animate. None of the slot machines in the final animate except for the slot wheels inside the main machine, although that's done with a material shader, not a direct animation.

Engine Room Machinery

AHatIntime ship machinery 02.pngAHatIntime ship machinery 02 COLLISION.png
AHatIntime ship engine transfer.pngAHatIntime ship tentacle.png
AHatIntime ship below platform.png
Static mesh versions of some of the machinery that appears in the engine room. These would all be replaced by skeletal meshes to allow for dynamic animation.

Early Big Toolbox Model

AHatIntime BigToolBoxblend.png
An early version of the toolbox used in The Arctic Cruise.

Combined Flag Hoop Model

AHatIntime Cruise FlagHoop.png
A combined version of the version actually used in the level.

Creche Room Glass Light

AHatIntime ship creche glass display.png
A light model most likely meant for the long glass window in the upper half of the creche room, but it doesn't fit properly. Probably meant for an earlier version of the room's design, one that predates the room version found in the May 28 2018 leak. The model is dated April 13 2018, while the final version of the creche room is dated July 31 2018 and the leaked early version is dated May 18 2018.

Ice Chunks

AHatIntime ship ice small 2.pngAHatIntime ship ice med 4.png
A couple small chunks of ice.

Large Ice Chunks

AHatIntime wall ice.pngAHatIntime wall ice 2.png
A couple larger chunks of ice.

Early Boardwalk Models

AHatIntime dock boardwalk rail 02.pngAHatIntime dock boardwalk rail 01.png
AHatIntime dock boardwalk.pngAHatIntime dock boardwalk stairs.png
AHatIntime dock board walk frame.pngAHatIntime dock boardwalk bars.png
A few early models for the boardwalk platforming segment at the start of The Arctic Cruise. A copy of the simple blue platform model exists under 'dock_boardwalk2'.

Stylized Clouds

AHatIntime clouds 01(CruiseModel).pngAHatIntime clouds 03(CruiseModel).png
AHatIntime cloud 03 2.pngAHatIntime cloud 03 03.png
Gigantic cloud models that are meant to be distant detail in the skybox. They use the cloud design seen in Subcon Forest's skybox. They're among the earliest assets for the level, dating to January 2018. No known version of The Arctic Cruise uses these clouds.

Nyakuza Metro

Unused Train Hazard Sign Variant

AHatIntime metro blockadesign timetable1.png
Out of all the signs that appear as hazards while riding atop the Cat Trains in Nyakuza Metro, this particular model is the only one that isn't used.

Individual Burger Patty And Candy Models

AHatIntime metro burger patty.png AHatIntime metro candy.png
A burger and candy, meant to appear in Nyakuza Metro. These models are technically used in-game, but only as a merged part of another model. These individual variants are unused.

Unused Wide Cat Train Door Variants

AHatIntime metro cat door circle wide.png AHatIntime metro cat door sqaure wide.png
The wider cat doors that Cat Trains enter through each have a shape on it. The doors that have circles and squares are never used anywhere in the metro.

Early Cat Train Door Models

AHatIntime metro cat door frame.png
AHatIntime metro cat door (leftandright).pngAHatIntime metro cat door static.png
AHatIntime cat door frame diffuse.pngAHatIntime cat door frame normal.png
An strange door that was used as the doors that Cat Trains could enter in very early versions of Nyakuza Metro. They can be seen being used in the Bluefin Tunnels map in the September 29 2018 build that leaked an early version of the metro. In the pictures above, there are four separate models.

Test Train Model

AHatIntime metro train test.png
A blocky train that was used to test the Cat Trains' coding very early on in Nyakuza Metro's development. A video was posted on Twitter not long after DLC 2 released that shows this model in action during development of the Cat Trains.

Mist Cylinder

AHatIntime MistCylinder.png
A model that, according to its filename, was meant to be used as an effect model for mist. It's unknown where it was meant to be used, however. It was found among Nyakuza Metro's assets.

Metro Sign Models

AHatIntime signs cat lights.pngAHatIntime signs caution.pngAHatIntime signs cross.pngAHatIntime signs red light.png
AHatIntime signs zones green.png AHatIntime signs zones orange.png
Individual versions of the various signs that appear in Nyakuza Metro. The used versions are attached to a pole, while these aren't. The orange and green zone signs are never used anywhere, even though other colored zone signs exist and are used in the level.

Hologram Machine Model

AHatIntime hologram kitbash.png
An unused hologram machine meant for Nyakuza Metro.

Static Mesh Microphone And Button

AHatIntime metro nyakuza mic.pngAHatIntime metro nyakuza button.png
Static mesh versions of the microphone and the announcement button for the cutscene that precedes Rush Hour. In the final game, these models are merged into one and is skeletal, not static.

Cat Seat

AHatIntime metro nyakuza catseat.png
AHatIntime cat seat abd.pngAHatIntime cat seat nrm.pngAHatIntime cat seat prm.png
A fancy-looking seat intended for Empress's jewelry store, according to its filename.

Older Building Meshes

AHatIntime metro building front.png
AHatIntime metro building roof.png
Slightly older versions of a building in Nyakuza Metro.

Cage Hologram Models

AHatIntime metro cat cage aura.png
AHatIntime metro cat cage head.png
AHatIntime cat cage hologram(texture).png
The internal filenames for these models refer to a cage, so apparently, the cat cage model that can be found near the easter egg miniboss fight was meant to have a holgoram above it at one point.

Cat Food Plate

AHatIntime metro cat platefood.png
A single plate of cat food that simply wasn't used.

Cat Sign Model

AHatIntime metro cat sign.png
AHatIntime cat sign diffuse.pngAHatIntime cat sign normals.png
A sign model for the metro that never appears.

Mayonnaise Bottle Model

AHatIntime metro condiments mayo.png
Although other condiments appear at the food stalls in Nyakuza Metro, this bottle in particular, mayonnaise, never appears anywhere.

Merged Detail Models

AHatIntime metro blue pillar small merge 44.png
One of the many merged meshes in Nyakuza Metro, and was simply never used.

AHatIntime metro ceiling fan merge 10.png
An attempt to merge some of the ceiling fans in Nyakuza Metro, which failed completely. The fans use a material shader to make the blades spin, which relies on the blades being at the center of the model. Since all the fans here are still using that same material, all of the fans spin relative to the center of the model, which is now no longer in the center of each fan. The effect completely breaks.

AHatIntime metro open trim merge 10.png
This merged model of some trim for walls wasn't used anywhere.

AHatIntime metro tunnel light curved merge 26.png
A marge of several ceiling lights that appears to be somewhat broken.

AHatIntime tunnelmerge 01 01.png
A tunnel model that was apparently merged....and it didn't turn out too well. The model is horribly messed up, making it completely unusable.

Metro Help Desk Individual Models

AHatIntime metro desk computer.png
AHatIntime metro desk holder.png
AHatIntime metro desk item.png
AHatIntime metro desk keyboard.png
AHatIntime metro desk pamphlet blue.png AHatIntime metro desk pamphlet pink.png AHatIntime metro desk pamphlet red.png AHatIntime metro desk pamphlet yellow.png
Individual versions of all the little details that can be seen on the welcome desk in the main area of the metro. In the final, all of these were merged into one model.

Early Metro Intro Room

AHatIntime metro entry room(AndBottom).png
AHatIntime grid mask(Metro).png
Two models that, when combined, form a very early version of the intro area of Nyakuza Metro! The aesthetics and colors of the room are completely different from the final game, with at least one unique material being used in this room. The paw prints presumably represent the tunnel the Cat Trains would run through, and interestingly, go the opposite direction compared to the final game. What's strange about this room is that it was imported before the leak of the blockout of Nyakuza Metro on September 29 2018, and the blockout not only does not use this model in the intro area, but the Cat Train that was placed in the map at the intro area is set to move in the same direction as in the final game. This discrepancy indicates that the models used to make this room were scrapped very early on in the metro's development, making this room some of the oldest level design for Nyakuza Metro leftover in the Modding Tools. The square texture provided is used in a unique material only used in the lower half of this room.

Unused Early Metro Room

AHatIntime metro landmark 1 room(TopDown).pngAHatIntime metro landmark 1 room(Closer).png
Another leftover of early level design for the metro, this massive room appears nowhere in the final game. The colors and aesthetics match the early intro room above, which signal another early leftover. There are two floors to the room, with several tunnels present on the right side of, presumably for Cat Trains to travel through. It's unknown where this was meant to be in the metro, or what kind of level design would appear in the room.

Unused Food Stand Model

AHatIntime metro foodstand.png
AHatIntime Merged FoodStand abd.pngAHatIntime Merged FoodStand nrm.png
A model for a food stall that appears nowhere in the metro.

Main Station Floor Chunk

AHatIntime metro main floor hex 03.png
A chunk of a floor from the main area of the metro. Whatever its use was, it was apparently no longer needed.

Vent Model

AHatIntime metro main mesh.png
A vent of some kind, meant to appear somewhere in the metro, but it's not known where.

Diamond and Square Machines

AHatIntime metro modular small block diamond.png AHatIntime metro modular small block square.png
Two machines meant to appear on top of buildings in the metro. The circle and triangle variants were used, but not the diamond or square ones.

Individual Food Stall Table Model

AHatIntime metro new table.png
A table for the food stall areas of the metro. This is used, but only as part of a merged models. This individual version isn't used anywhere.

Test Cat Model

AHatIntime CatTest.png
AHatIntime catfur abd.pngAHatIntime catfur nrm.pngAHatIntime catfur prm.png
A test model for the cats for the Cat Trains. The color and design is completely different from the final version's cats. It's a static mesh model, meaning it isn't rigged and cannot be animated.

Curved Poster Frame Variant

AHatIntime metro poster frame pic curve.png
A curved variant of the movie posters seen in some manholes of the metro.

Tunnel Test Model

AHatIntime metro tunnel test.png
A test model for the metro, meant for testing tunnels somehow.

Individual Ramen Shop Models

AHatIntime ramen shop cube.png
AHatIntime soup bowl sign.png AHatIntime soup logo.png
AHatIntime ship reception mosaicwallbottom(Metro).png
All models for the ramen shop in Nyakuza Metro got merged into one model in the final game. The room model is actually a room dedicated to making a cubemap interior for the ramen shop.

More Tunnel Testing Models

AHatIntime Tunnel Test Narrow Single.png AHatIntime Tunnel Test Narrow T Section.png
AHatIntime Tunnel Test Wide Double.png AHatIntime Tunnel Test Wide T Section.png
Test models, according to the filenames. These tunnels were apparently meant to test Cat Trains, and sport the earlier style in aesthetics seen in the early intro room for Nyakuza Metro.