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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Music

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content.

Even though the game has an arguably amazing soundtrack, there's still quite a few pieces that never saw the light of day. These range from short jingles to full-on level music.


Guard Caught Jingle

A variation of the jingle that plays upon selecting who the murderer is in the act "Murder on the Owl Express". Judging by the filename, it would have played upon being caught in the stealth segment. There's unused coding in the guards' class files to play a jingle when the player is caught, which would've most likely been this track.

Alpha Build Level Intro

The level intro theme used in the Alpha builds of the game.

Death Wish Death Jingle (No Hat Kid Voice)

The name is self-explanatory. The one used in the final game has this jingle and Hat Kid's voice combined.

Death Wish Time Piece Get

A version of the jingle that plays when obtaining a Time Piece in Death Wish, but missing the triumphant conclusion to the jingle at the end.

Mafia Town

Mafia Town Intro Loop

A basic version of the intro to Mafia Town on loop. It was used in Alpha Update 2 until the Beta, even though it persisted into the Beta's files.

Subtle Scooter Theme - Mafia Town

As the name suggests, it's a more subtle version of the Mafia Town Scooter music.

Shark Music

A track included on the Hat in Time B-Side Soundtrack, named "Drowning", despite it not being used when the player actually starts drowning in-game. This music was intended to play when the scrapped Mafia Shark enemy begins pursuing you in Mafia Town. For some reason, it was never implemented in the Alphas and Betas, even though it was set up to use it.

Battle of the Birds

Murder Puzzle

A variation of the theme used in various parts of Murder on the Owl Express, as well as when the phone is ringing. This track was imported in 2014, suggesting it was intended for a much older version of the level. Given what can be seen about how the Beta's version of Murder on the Science Express worked, it likely would've been used when figuring out part of how the crime took place. Strangely enough, it was this version of the track that was featured in the game's official OST, called "The Phone's Ringing". The actual track used in-game for the phone ringing has filters over it to make it sound more muffled.

Subcon Forest

Boss Hero Loop

This is the only music track that has been removed from the Modding Tools, and as such can only be found in the earliest versions of it. The track is leftover from an older version of the Toilet of Doom fight, intended to play while the boss was stunned and the player had a chance to damage it. The track itself is a remix of Beta Hero Challenge's music.

Sand 'n Sails

Sand 'n Sails Intro

The level introduction theme that would have played while starting the cut chapter "Sand 'n Sails".

Cozy Bubblegum Town Muffled Variation

Much like there's a muffled version of Heatgusts, there's one for the village music, too. This was intended to play while talking to someone in a village in Sand 'n Sails.

Sand Oasis

The music intended for the Oasis area of Sand 'n Sails. This was used in the Beta for the scrapped Winter Bookstore. According to its import date, it's the first track made for Sand 'n Sails. It has a very calm feel to it, far from the bouncy, energetic tracks for the rest of the level.

Alpine Skyline

Windy Alpine Area Variations

Versions of the main areas with wind looping in the background. In the final game, none of the tracks have this wind constantly playing in the background, and rely on local sound objects to play wind sounds in certain locations of the level.

Wind Alone

The looping wind sound also has its own solo version.

Early Windmill Interior

Early Final

Early Windmill Exterior

Early Final

A slightly earlier version of the Windmill's themes. The final version of the inside variation is only twelve minutes later than this early version. The outdoor version is roughly an hour and a half older than the final's. In terms of differences, the outdoor version only has minimal changes. The indoor version, however, sounds far more different.

Time's End

Duplicated Mustache Girl Castle Track

A different version of Judge, Jury and Executioner. The final game has the track layered, but only for the outside area. As it turns out, though, this track is identical to the version used in the final game, just under a different name.

The Arctic Cruise

Cruise Act 1 Lowkey

A lowkey version of Bon Voyage, likely intended to play when down at the docks in Act 1.

Cruise Act 1 Accordion Variation

A variation of Bon Voyage that uses an accordion as its main instrument. Unknown where it was meant to be played in the chapter.

Everyone is Rescued Lowkey

A lowkey version of the track that plays at the end of Rock the Boat. Unknown when it was meant to play, given the window for the used version playing being quite small as-is.

Time Rifts

Clock Towers Remixed

A remix of Clocktowers Beneath the Sea, included on the A Hat in Time B-Side Soundtrack. It's never used in-game.

Looping Collapsing Rift

A version of Collapsing Rift that is split into an intro and a looping segment. The version used in-game has these two combined for some strange reason, which results in the track not looping properly in-game. It's unknown why this variant wasn't used instead, or why the combined version was even made at all. Rift Collapse Death Wishes have a strict timer that usually prevents the full combined track from looping, but due to nerfs to Rift Collapse Death Wishes since the original release, some Rift Collapses can actually last long enough for the player to hear the jarring loop in-game.

Alternate Twilight Travels Intro Floor

A different version of the starting floor for Twilight Travels. This version is internally referred to as 'Twilight_Travels_IntroFloorB', while the used one is called 'Twilight_Travels_IntroFloorA'.

Alternate Tour Rift Subcon Floor

A more heavy-sounding version of the music in Tour Rift for the Subcon floor. This may have been intended to play when entering the underground section of the floor, as it fits well for that area of the level.

Hurry Up

A stream of the countdown music from Wario Land 4. This was accidentally included in an update for the Modding Tools in early November of 2017, and was quickly removed. It was used as a placeholder for the music for Rift Collapse Death Wishes. Some assets related to Rift Collapses, such as the wavy rainbow background post process effect, are still referred to as "hurryup" internally.

Spaceship Hub

Alternate Spaceship Theme

An alternate version of the spaceship's main theme, different from the one used in-game. This is the version of the hub theme used in Alpha Update 5, although the intro portion was updated since then. The versions used in the Beta builds and final game are mastered versions of the tracks, with some additional polish and minor effects added to make the tracks sound, overall, better.

Death Wish Area Intro

An intro for the spaceship's 'Death Wish Area' theme, which isn't used by the spaceship's music tree at all. Even though Hat Kid spawns near Snatcher after completing or exiting a Death Wish, it wasn't implemented.

Vanessa's Curse

Vanessa Win Song

A track which is an edit of the snowfield music from Subcon Forest. Its filename indicates it was to be used when the puppet team wins a match. Was replaced in the final with the stinger that plays when Vanessa catches you in her manor in Subcon Forest.


A Hat in Time Main Theme

The music used by Beta Hero Challenge in the Beta builds of the game. Not used in the final game due to Beta Hero Challenge's absence. Its name is a reference to the fact that it was composed by Grant Kirkhope, the lead composer for the Banjo-Kazooie games, and was named as such when it was first created.

The music used for the Gears For Breakfast logo when it appears, however, in the final game, this is achieved with two separate sounds that play at the same time. This version has them combined.

File Select Menu

A leftover from the Beta build of the game. It played on the title screen and file select screen.

Death Wish Time Piece Sphere Alternate Music

A different theme that was meant to play when entering a Time Piece sphere in Death Wish.

Time Piece Idle Music

A seemingly exact duplicate of the Time Piece idle music, called "Hidden_B" in the files.

Dan Is Lying

A slowed-down version of Moonjumper's theme, found in Habboi's personal package. This is likely an inside joke between him and a member of the Boop Troop, the Discord server group for Speedrunning the game.