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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Particles

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content.

There's quite a few emitters (particles) leftover in the Modding Tools, some of which tell very interesting stories about the game's development...

AHatInTime Romanclock.png
Unused Particle Components
Two chemical explosions in one!


Mafia Town

Janitor Angry Particle

The particle used when bumping into the scrapped Janitor enemies in Mafia Town in the Beta builds.

Mafia Robo Propeller Particle

The particle used by the scrapped Mafia Robo enemies in the Beta builds.

Water Geyser Particles

Two unused particles for the giant water geyser in the center of town. One uses the old styled dust particles, indicating a very old leftover.

Leaves Blow Alley Heavy

A dense flow of leaves intended for Mafia Town at one point, and is featured there in its own prerelease video. The different colors the leaves could appear as have long since been removed due to a change in the material used by the leaves. In early versions of the Modding Tools, the different color effect was intact, as can be seen in the second GIF below.

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Pollution Sky Particle

A particle version of the green pollution sky present under Mafia HQ in-game. A right-side up variant also exists.

AHatIntime pollutionsky tex.png

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Prototype Umbrella Fall Particle

The very dense cloud of dust particles used by the Prototype builds in a cutscene showing Hat Kid's umbrella falling from the sky. Two of the dust particle textures it uses are not used anywhere else in the final game. They were, however, used in prerelease builds before the Speedrun builds.

AHatIntime dust2 tex.pngAHatIntime dust3 tex.png

Prototype Fountain Particle

The market area fountain's water particle, last seen in the Prototype builds.

Harbor Fountain Sprinkler Particle

A water particle that seems to have been used for some kind of sprinkler, according to its name. Actually, this particle has long since been removed from the Modding Tools. It greatly resembles a particle that was seen being used for a unique fountain in Harbor. If this is indeed that very same particle, that would make this one of the oldest surviving particles to have been present in the Modding Tools.

Firework Particle

An unused explosion particle, meant for fireworks or Rocket vehicles, according to the filename.

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Volumetric Clouds

Volumetric cloud particles, used in Mafia Town in the Beta builds.

Old Rocket Steam Particles

The old rocket steam particles, used in the Alpha and Prototype builds.

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Fish Idle Particles

Particles of a simple fish, idling. Fish in Mafia Town's waters were scrapped due to the removal of the ability to manually dive underwater, and are actors, not particles. The texture for the basic blue fish is very old, dating back to the Prototype era of development.

AHatIntime fish(ParticleTexture).png

Coffee Steam Particles

Coffee Steam, meant to be used by the scrapped Cocoa weapon and minimission in Mafia Town/Mafia HQ.

Minecart Sparks

Spark particles meant to be used by the scrapped minecart vehicle for use in the cave underneath Mafia Town. The only builds that allow entry normally to the cave are the Prototype builds.

Rocket Vehicle Boost

The particle used by the scrapped Rocket vehicles in the Alpha builds when flying through a boost ring. The material for the triangles has been modified since the Alphas and Betas, and thus appears incorrectly in the particle as the particle was not updated to accommodate for the changes.

Muddy Player Particle

A dripping mud particle meant to appear on the player after they fall onto a mud pile in Mafia Town at night. Commented-out coding in the muddy status effect in earlier versions of the game reveals that the player did once indeed have a unique muddy particle, which would be this one.

Fight Screams

A particle meant for the boss fight against Mafia Boss. At least one unused voice line matches the dialogue graphics here.

AHatIntime scream cookher.pngAHatIntime scream beatherup.png
AHatIntime scream fight.pngAHatIntime scream getherboss.png

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Mafia Ballerina Particle

A blue spinning effect particle meant to be used by a scrapped enemy version of the spinning Mafia.

Evolve Particle

A sharp, blue and yellow electric particle with an odd name. Possibly intended for Mafia Boss.

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Stage Sack Explosion

An explosion particle for the stage sacks during Mafia Boss's fight, using the old styled dust design.

Cook Slash Zoom

A strange-looking particle meant for the scrapped rhythm slashing game in Mafia HQ, according to its filename. Much like the rocket boost particle, it seems the effect for this one appears incorrect due to the material for the triangle graphic being changed at some point later in development.

Battle of the Birds

Shrink Chemical Explosion

The unique pink chemical explosion used by the unused shrink chemical potion attack used by the unused Science Owl enemies.

Chemical Fire

Another unique chemical particle leftover from the scrapped Science Owl enemies.

Laser Turret Attack

Particles for the scrapped Laser Turret enemy's attack. Note that when porting the enemy's coding over to the final game, the laser beam itself is displaced and only the sparks correctly follow the player.

Goo Spit Particle

A particle meant to be used in Train Rush for the broken tubes spitting out green goop.

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Background Crowd Particle

A particle that seems to have been intended to be used in the Dead Bird Basement boss fight, as it was found in a package for that fight's assets. Most likely served a placeholder role, given that the audience is only penguins and that the first version of the boss fight to be coded was the Conductor's version.

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An adorable, little white fuzzball creature slated to appear in a test tube in Trainwreck of Science. He also makes a cameo in a picture on the unused Crow Agent badge skeletal mesh model. He always looks directly at the camera.

AHatIntime fuzzy.pngAHatIntime fuzzy eyes.png

Deadbird Boss Knife Particles

Two knife-related particles meant for the boss of Chapter 2. The first one implies that originally the boss would've spun the knife around when moving towards you instead of rapidly stabbing with it. The second one is for a scrapped attack involving a giant knife. It's currently not known how the attack would play out, but the particle implies that the giant knife would spin around rapidly.

Inverted Studio Camera Explosion

The unique particle used by the scrapped inverted studio camera actor class. The actor has its own unique sound effect, as well.

Mail Particles

Two mail particles intended for Deadbird Basement. The first one was likely meant to appear when walking into one of the giant piles of mail at the start of the level, while the second one would be for moving around inside the mail pile. In the final game, there is no special effect for touching and moving in mail piles.

Train Crash Particles

Two particles intended for the sequence in Trainwreck of Science when the Conductor's train crashes onto the Moon. The first one is a simple little stream of smoke that quickly disappears. It may have been meant to be attached to the train as it rocketed onto the Moon. The second one is for the crash site on the Moon.

Murder on the Science Express Particles

Several particles are leftover from the original version of Murder on the Owl Express, Murder on the Science Express. This includes spraycan particles, smoke, and a unique graphic that says "Line Up!". The spraycan particles would be used by the player to color certain suspects and organize them. The "Line Up!" particle would also be used by the player, and was a function of the scrapped magnifying glass weapon. The triangles in its particle display incorrectly due to the material for the triangles changing during development, and the particle not being updated to accommodate for it.

AHatInTime LineUp.png

Subcon Forest


Three bee particles used with the scrapped beehive objects. Each one represents a different difficulty, with yellow being the easiest and purple being the hardest.

AHatIntime bee(ParticleTexture).png

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Bush Cat Warning

The alert particle used by the scrapped Rough Patch enemy. This particle would activate when the player approached one, alerting the player to its presence and location.

Moonjumper Particles

Particles that were used with Moonjumper, with their updated design seen in prerelease screenshots and footage. The Moonjumper would be surrounded by three of these particles, while the other two were for portals and ambient detail.

AHatIntime moonparticle(Texture).png

Letter Drop Particle

An unused particle of letters dropping, used by the unused vehicle version of the Subcon Mail Scooter. The Badge version in the final game does not have this particle attached, for some reason.

AHatIntime letter particle(Texture).png

Monster Death Particles

Three effect particles used for several Subcon enemies in early prerelease builds when they were killed. Can be seen in Prototype footage of Subcon Forest, as well. If the enemy's death particle is set to one of these, and couple lines of script are run when the enemy dies, the purple circles in each will assemble to match the enemy's model shape. A rather neat effect that sadly went unused, most likely due to the lack of enemy variety in Subcon Forest in the final game (There's only the spiders and statues, and the statues are invincible).

Flashlight Timers

The particles for the flashlight gimmick used on the scrapped 3rd floor of Vanessa's manor in the Alpha and Beta builds.

Snatcher Kid Particles

Particles used by Snatcher Kid on the scrapped 3rd floor of Vanessa's manor. The first one is for exploding from being hit by a flashlight attack. The second one is for forming on the ground. The third is for regenerating health after being hit by a flashlight attack. The fourth is an unused particle that was never used in any build that contained the third floor, and was meant to be used by Snatcher Kid as he moved around.

3rd Floor Particles

Particles meant to be used on the scrapped 3rd floor of Vanessa's manor. The first one is for raising the bookshelf before the Snatcher Kid chase began. The second one is for flipping a wood floor panel over to connect cables. The third one is actually unused in earlier builds, present in a room but deactivated. The fourth one is completely unused by any means, and the last one is used in an unused thicker smoke effect made for Vanessa. This effect was present on one of the doors that leads to the room that leads to the attic in earlier builds of the game.

AHatIntime QueenSmoke(Texture).png

Blizzard Particle

A fierce and dense blizzard particle that could've only been intended for outside of Vanessa's manor, as it was found in a Subcon Forest content package. The snowy weather around her house never gets this violent in-game.

Campfire Tentacles

The particle originally used by the Subcon Forest Bonfires, where they would apparently attach to each Fire Spirit at the Bonfire. A leftover particle variable for this is still in the final game, but not set to actually use the particle.

Water Gushing Small Particle

An unused small water gushing particle, probably meant for the exit of Subcon Well.

(Click to animate)

Light Plant Spit

Particles used by the scrapped Light Plant's projectile attack.

Subcon Map Sign Highlight

The unique particle used by the scrapped Subcon Map Sign actor.

Snatcher Rope

A particle with an unusual name. It's just a simple white line. Unknown purpose.

Skull Warning Particle

An unused warning particle likely meant for Snatcher's boss fight. Its name is interesting, however, as it refers to a skull of some kind. None of Snatcher's attacks involve skulls in any way.

What's even stranger, is that there is an appropriate texture in the boss package for Subcon Forest, and its filename states that it was meant to be used in a particle:
AHatInTime SkullEmitter.png

Chemical Ready Particle

A particle related to chemicals found in the content package for the boss fights in Subcon Forest. According to the name, it was to be used in the Snatcher boss fight somehow.

Unused Toilet of Doom Attacks

Two particles for scrapped attacks for the final version of the Toilet of Doom. The first one is for the acid puddles that would appear on the arena, and the second one is for an unused animation of the toilet sucking up all the acid on the arena.

(Click each to animate)

Forest Monster Spawn

The particle used by the scrapped forest trap arenas for Subcon Forest. This particle would be used every time an enemy spawned.

Old Toilet of Doom Goo Attacks

Three particles from the older boss fights against the Toilet of Doom. Two of them are for the version of the boss fight found in the Beta, while the first one is for both Alpha and Beta. Note that the first particle has actually been removed from the Modding Tools, along with most other assets relating to the bad chocolate. The spheres in the second particle use the default texture because of this removal, and had the correct material applied in earlier versions of the Modding Tools, before the aforementioned assets were removed.

Drunkards Environment

A particle that has bubbly yellow circles rising up around a small area. The name of the particle reveals that this was intended for the scraped Subcon Drunkards mission, localization for which could be found in the Beta builds.

Cherry Blossoms

The pink cherry blossoms, seen in numerous prerelease screenshots and bits of footage of Subcon Forest... And the final game. These cherry blossoms were actually present in the level in the final game at launch, but were removed for an unknown reason when DLC 1 released. It's possible they were removed to improve performance when playing in Co-op. Even so, the contract polaroid for Subcon Well still depicts cherry blossoms in the swamp area.

(Click to animate)

Sand 'n Sails

Sand Island Location Beam

The red location beam particle used in Sand 'n Sails to mark each Sand Island Hat Kid could visit. The particle has an effect that makes it bigger the further away you are from it, and smaller the closer you are to it.

Orbs Stolen Thief

The unique particle used by the unused Shady Sunburnt enemy when bumping into a Nomad/Sunburnt NPC. Note the name of the particle, which follows in line with the early localization for Sand 'n Sails calling Pons by a completely different name: Orbs.

Sandmobile Particles

Unique particles used by the scrapped Sandmobile, the exhaust smoke and the digging sand particles for the wheels.

Alpine Skyline

Stardust Test

A test particle for some of the particle effects used in the Twilight Bell.

Toxic Flower Destroy

An alternate, more complex particle effect for destroying a Big Toxic Flower. The effect is largely the same, but at the end are additional effects that appear as floating seeds that get destroyed with a neat material shader effect, as if they're being purified.

(Click to animate)

Toxic Flower New

An unused purple aura particle meant to be used around the smaller Toxic Flowers.

Wedding Cake Torch

A flame particle that, given its name, was intended for the Lava Cake. Oddly, it uses its Sand 'n Sails title of a 'wedding' cake, instead of just being called a lava cake.

Zipline Speed Boosts

Two unused particles meant for speedboosts while ziplining. There's an unused actor in earlier versions of the game that was originally used as a boost ring in the scrapped Balloon Race mission in Mafia Town, and its coding was actually updated to trigger a speedboost on ziplines! It's not placed in the level in the final game, and thus these two particles go unused.

Time's End

Lava Bowl Spill

The only known unused particle for Time's End in the Modding Tools is this particle, which was likely meant to appear around some of the lava bowl decorations inside the castle.

The Arctic Cruise

Shooting Stars

Two particles for shooting stars. Meant as background detail in The Arctic Cruise.

Fish School Track Test

A test particle used to test the motion of the schools of fish particles.

Seal Float Wake

A particle meant to be used by the Seals floating in inner tubes in the water.

Ship Propeller Spin

A spinning effect particle with bubbles coming out of it. Name suggests it was made for the entire ship as a whole, which means it was likely intended for propellers in the back of the ship.

Nyakuza Metro

Manhole Cover Old

An older version of the particle for the manhole covers in the level, specifically labelled as so in its filename. The effect is almost completely different, with a long trail of steam or smoke coming out of the manhole instead of a muti-colored light.

(Click to animate)


Perfect Decoration

An unused variant of the particle used when successfully assembling a decoration. The version used in the final game has additional effects that loop indefinitely, while this version lacks those and a few other effects.

Hourglass Stream

A very cluttered stream of hourglasses, likely intended for the game's intro sequence. The version used in-game is nowhere near this dense.

(Click to animate)

Bulb Flies Intense

A more dense version of the bulb flies particle.

(Click to animate)

Hub Monitor Electro Particle

A wave of blue electricity, meant to be used near a monitor in the Spaceship somewhere.

Time Rifts

Electricity Particles

A few electricity effects, used in a very old, scrapped Time Rift created during the Prototype era of development.

Open Suitcase Particle

A particle of a whole bunch of polaroids exploding out of a suitcase. Meant to be used alongside the unused suitcase model, which has an animation for it popping open.

Early Time Rift Ball Explosion

An early version of the explosion of a Time Rift ball at the end of a Purple Rift. The final game's is much bigger and more complex than this version.


Air Attack

The particle effect for the scrapped Air Attack ability. This is actually unique compared to the Air Attack in the Beta builds, as the effect used when using the Air Attack in prerelease builds was a stream of materials and little effects, while this particle uses a model and a material shader in its effect.

Enemy Shocker

A rather curious fancy particle that uses an otherwise unused texture. Given the filename, it's likely meant for an enemy being scared, and the only enemy that can become scared dynamically in the final game is the Mafia. Perhaps this would've been used for when scaring them while muddy? Or when honking on the scooter next to them?

AHatIntime enemy scream0.png

Unused Squid Attack Particles

The Shocking Squid enemy and its unused fire variant have disabled particle variables in their coding that would activate when they attack. Unknown why they were disabled.

Rope Flame Particle

A particle whose filename indicates it was meant for ropes that could be set on fire. No rope is set on fire in the final game, nor any known public prerelease build.

Black Smoke Particle

Strange black smoke that moves inwards on itself. Purpose unknown. Found in the content package for Subcon's Purple Rift, suggesting it may have been made for the original version of it.

(Click to animate)

Bush Step

The little grass particle that appeared when the player ran through tall grass in Mafia Town in prerelease builds, as well as a much bigger version with plenty more grass flying up into the air.

AHatIntime grassspawn(ParticleTexture).png

Co-op Respawn Particle

The unique dust particle effect for respawning in a purple crystal in the Beta builds, and for the unused Co-op crystal respawn system in the initial release of the final game.

Sand Skating

The unique particle effect used by the scrapped Sand Skating status effect. It's a modified version of the normal spring smoke effect with added dust clouds and sand effects, as well as being brown-colored. In the initial release of the game, Hat Kid actually still had this particle loaded within her class file.

(Click to animate)

Flamethrower Particles

Three unused flamethrower particles. The first one is interesting, as it's a circular pulse of flame rather than a direct, straight shot. Could be an early behavior for the final game's flamethrowers in Mustache Girl's castle, or it could be for something completely different. It used the early Prototype-era flame texture, hinting that it may be an old leftover of something. The other two particles are more straight-forward. The second particle was used in early versions of the game, including the Beta's version of Train Rush. The third one, however, was never seen in any prerelease screenshots or footage.

Water Drops Particle

A particle of flat water splashes appearing in a circular pattern. Unknown context, but resembles a particle used in a very old Harbor screenshot of a fountain.

(Click to animate)

Water Splash Particle

A water splash particle that lacks a ring, as its filename states.

Big Water Drops Particle

A particle of lots of water droplets falling down. Could've been used in a lot of different places.

Platform Reappear Particle

A particle intended to play when a platform respawns. In the final game, platforms just pop back into existence when they appear.

Quick Dodge Badge Particles

Leftover particles from the scrapped Quick Dodge Badge from the Alpha builds. The butterflies seen in a couple of them can only be seen when inside a Dweller sphere.

Player Torpedo Particle

A horizontal spinning effect used by the unused torpedo status effect.

Contract Burn Up Particle

An unfinished particle for the scrapped 'contract turn in' system Snatcher originally had. This would be used by a scrapped HUD element, showing the contract being burnt up. The graphics being used in it are the default materials for Unreal Engine 3 particles.

Death Wish Bingo Tile Clear

A particle intended for the scrapped Bingo Mode for Death Wish. It would, according to its filename, be used when a completing a bingo mission. This particle is actually still referenced by the Death Wish Map HUD, but isn't used anywhere in it.

Sleep Bubble

A snot bubble particle meant to be used by Hat Kid while sleeping. This is not the same particle used by sleeping Mafia in Mafia Town; that's a separate particle altogether.

Stylish Move Particle

The particle meant to be used when the player performs a stylish move. Stylish moves are manually disabled in the player's coding in the final game.

Success Particle

A particle of confetti meant for 'success' of some kind. Unknown context.

(Click to animate)

Party Popper Particle

An unused simple party popper particle. Unknown context for which it was to be used.

Moon Tablet Sparkly Particle

The unique particle used by the scrapped Moon Tablet item seen in the Alpha and Beta builds.

Jump Kick Particle

The unique particle for Hat Kid's scrapped jump kick move. Hat Kid still has a particle variable for this in the final game, but it's never set to anything.

Time Stop Gimmick Particles

Unused Time Stop-related particles for a couple gimmicks. The first one is a particle for a rapidly-spinning flamethrower. There exists an unused material in the Modding Tools of the flamethrower's texture from Mustache Girl's castle with green effects on it, suggesting that there were to be insanely fast flamethrowers that would need to be slowed down with Time Stop in order to be navigated. The other two particles are meant for the spinning Time Stop fans first introduced in The Arctic Cruise (although later removed), and Nyakuza Metro. In-game, a different particle is used in the center of the fans to signify the usage of Time Stop in order to bypass them.

Time Stop Western Particles

The unique particle effects used by the unused cowboy hat flair made for DLC 2.

Tim's Friend Shadow

The flat shadow particle that appears behind Tim's Friend.

Umbrella Weapon Particle

The particle effect used on the umbrella when attacking with it in prerelease builds prior to the Speedrun builds.

Damage and Damage Critical

The damage counter particles used in the late Prototype build and Alpha builds.

Camera Filter Dust Explosion

A particle used by the scrapped Dust Explosion camera filter.

Fluid Test Particle

A particle with a self-explanatory name. Used to test fluid motion of certain materials.

Velocity Test Particle

A simple particle meant to test component velocity.

Fake Light Fluid Particle

A water particle with a strange name. Perhaps its appearance was meant to simulate lighting while being unlit?

Streamers Test Particle

Another particle with a self-explanatory name. Used to test the motion of streamers in particles.

Shadowed Particle Test

A particle that, according to the filename, was meant to test particles with models that are effected by lighting.

Yarn Thread Test

A early version of the particle effect attached to each Yarn item, with the filename labeling it as a test. Its texture lacks detail compared to the final version's.

Early Time Stop FX Particle

When the game first released, the Time Stop Hat used very different particle effects with its ability. Hat Kid had shadowy smoke coming off of her, and transparent spinning clocks would appear in front of the screen. At some point, this effect was replaced by the sparking green and black flame, and the clocks were removed. This is an early version of the flame effect, found in the earliest versions of the Modding Tools.


Much like with textures and models, Habboi made several of his own particles for use with his ARGs he used to do. Most, if not all of these were used in the mods he made, but not in the actual base game.