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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Sound Effects

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content.

Did you hear something? Is that the sound of unused sound effects? Get ready, because there's a surplus of these with all kinds of different purposes. Scrapped mechanics, sounds that should've been used but aren't, and stingers!



Badge Sounds

The sound effect used for placing down a teleporter with the scrapped Snatcher's Realm Badge in the Beta.

A sound effect intended for the scrapped Quick Dodge Badge.

Act Select Start Sound

The sound that plays when starting an Act. This was merged into its own music track in the final game.

Big Fall Down Sound

A sound that was intended for landing from a high height, according to the filename.

Cheer And Applause Sounds

Cheering/applause. Probably meant for Pon trail minigames.

Interaction Cursor Sounds

A bunch of little sounds for interacting with a HUD menu.

Stylish Move Sounds

A whole bunch of other sounds intended to play when performing a stlyish move. All of them sound like an arrangement of a jingle from the WarioWare games.

Secret Panel Flip Sound

Sound effect for the unused secret floor panel object.

Footstep/Jump/Landing Sounds

Footstep, jumping, and landing sounds used in builds before the Speedrun builds.

Add-ons for: a jump, and a footstep.

Health Pon Add-On Sounds

Add-on sounds intended to play when collecting a Health Pon.

Hookshot Sounds

Minor sounds for the hookshot.

Sounds meant for when Hat Kid reverses swing direction while using the hookshot.

Alternate Ice Panel Sound

A different launch sound for the Ice Panels.

Small Item Obtained Sound

Sound for collecting a small collectible, other than Pons.

Conveyor Belt Sound

A sound intended for conveyor belts, according to the filename.

Pon Sounds

Likely intended for the Pon trail minigames that start by smashing a glass orb.


A defined landing sound, possibly intended for the level intro animation Hat Kid does when an Act starts, according to the filename.


Unknown. Filenames indicate something involving sand, but were found in packages with sounds intended for HUD.

Spin Sound

A sound for something spinning out. Not the same sound used by Rumbi when it spins out; that's a completely different sound file.

Static Sounds

Sounds of static. Joy.

Time Piece Sphere Sound

An alternate sound effect for entering a Time Piece's sphere.

Rumble Sounds

Rumble sounds. Could've been used in many places.

Wall Sliding Sound

A sound that was intended to play after jumping away from the wall after sliding down it, according to the filename.

Mafia Town

Crab Runaway Footsteps Isolated

The footsteps sound the crab makes, isolated from the other sound that normally plays along with it.

Coffee Clerk Bullied Sounds

Sounds intended to be played by the Coffee Clerks that are being bullied in Mafia Town. In the final game, they are silent until they are freed by defeating the bully Mafia.

Jumping Mad Crow Stomp Sound

The sound used by the Mad Crows when they do their stomp attack in the Beta, except for the final update to the Beta. Mad Crows do not have a stomp attack in the last update for the Beta, nor the final game.

Mafia Ball Rolling Sound

A sound effect for the mafia ball attack while it's rolling.

Mafia Shark Sounds

Sounds used by the scrapped Mafia Shark enemy in the Alphas and Betas.

Mu Cutscene Sound

An extremely quiet sound that was meant for the Mustache Girl cutscene after defeating Mafia Boss, according to the filename. Due to the sound effect's excessively quiet nature, an amplified version is provided below for ease of hearing.

Janitor Sounds

Sounds used by the scrapped Janitor enemy in the Beta.

Balloon Race Sounds

Sound effects for the Balloon Race mission in the Alpha builds. The last sound is for going through a boost ring while riding a rocket.

She Came From Outer Space Sound

A synthesized theremin, possibly intended for She Came From Outer Space or the UFO enemies.

Mafia Boss Spinning Sounds

Spinning sounds used by Mafia Boss's coding in the Alpha builds of the game.

Mafia Boss Jump Sound

An isolated version of the jump sound Mafia Boss uses when he leaps off his throne.

Knife Sounds

Sounds used by Mafia Boss's knives in the Alpha version of his boss fight.

Mafia Meat Rolling Sound

A sound effect for the Mafia rolling a giant piece of meat.

Bully Mafia Defeated

Likely an early version of the sounds used when the last Mafia is defeated in Barrel Battle.

Crab Sound

An isolated version of the sound used by crabs when digging down into the sand.

Weak Parasol Jump Sound

An alternate sound for bouncing on the parasols, intended for ones that don't send you very high, according to the filename.

Beachball Bounce Sound

A test sound effect for beachballs landing.


Unknown purpose.

Vault Code Sounds

Earlier sound effects for collecting Vault Codes.

Battle of the Birds

Sketching Sound

A sound effect intended to be used when playing the sketch minigame in Chapter 2.

DJ Grooves Photoshoot Jump Sounds

Sounds for the jumps DJ Grooves does during the photoshooting part of Deadbird Studio. in the final, each of these sounds is split up individually and used in the cutscene.

DJ Grooves Parade Jump Intro Sound

A sound effect for the jump DJ Grooves does just before the parade starts in The Big Parade.

Sneaking Footstep Sounds

Alternate noises for when the player is sneaking around. The final game uses only one sound, played at different pitches.

Whistle Blow Sound

A whistle-blowing sound, likely meant for getting caught by a guard.

Spraycan Sound

A sound effect for a spraycan, but was also used in the Beta's version of Murder on the Science Express.

Inverted Studio Light Crash Sound

The sound effect used in the scrapped inverted studio light crash attack.

Subcon Forest

3rd Floor Snatcher Kid

Sound effects that were used by Snatcher on the scrapped 3rd floor of Queen Vanessa's Manor in the Alpha and Beta builds.

Dark Screen Attack Sounds

Sounds for Snatcher's attack that turns the screen dark and forces the player to pick between one of two Snatchers, one of which is a fake. The first one is meant for when you guess right and hit him, while the others are most likely for the original form of the fake Snatcher: a pyramid of his minions stacked on top of each other. They would probably run away after their form was revealed.

Toilet of Doom Firework Sound

A firework sound intended to play while fighting the Toilet of Doom.

3rd Floor Bookcase Sounds

The first one is the sound used when pressing the button on the 3rd floor of the manor in the Alphas and Betas, but the second one is, oddly, the same sound with a radio filter applied over it.

First Floor Bookcase Sound

The sound effect used in the Alphas and Betas when opening the bookcase on the first floor to access a secret level.

Goo Sounds

Given their import date, these were meant for getting hit by the green goo balls the Toilet of Doom spits at you.

Rough Patch Sound

The wonderful hissing sound used by the scrapped Rough Patch enemy when approaching them.

Cherry Bomb Activated Sound

The sound used by the cherry bombs when lit, but all combined into one. The final game has the sound split into three, so that cherry bombs with different explosion timers can exist.

Open Letter Sound

A sound effect meant for opening a letter, according to its filename. Intended for Vanessa's Manor.

Old Mushroom Bounce Sound

The old, comical bounce sound used by mushrooms in prerelease builds.

3rd Floor Sparks Sound

The little zap sound used when flipping the wood panel on the 3rd floor of Vanessa's Manor.

Manor Hiding Sounds

Apparently, when you hid under something and stopped hiding under something in Vanessa's Manor, a little sound was meant to play. First one is for exiting a hiding spot, second one is for entering a hiding spot.

Giant Chemical Sound

A sound effect meant for the scrapped giant chemical flask attack in the Snatcher boss fight.

Crawling Spiders Sound

A sound effect for spiders scurrying. Spider enemies in the final game only dangle from webs and do not move around. This sound was imported in November of 2016, well after the spider enemies were implemented into the game and shown off, with Jonas explicitly saying at the time that they were intended for platforming only.

Scary Ambience Sounds

Ambience sound effects for the forest. The first one is extremely quiet, so an amplified version is provided for ease of hearing:

Toilet Taunt Bump Sound

A bumping sound intended for the Toilet of Doom, although it's not clear when it was meant to be played.

3rd Floor TV Sounds

Sound effects used by the TV on the 3rd floor of Vanessa's Manor in the Alphas and Betas.

Sand 'n Sails

Sandmobile Sounds

Sound effects for the Sandmobile, the scrapped mode of transportation in the scrapped chapter, Sand 'n Sails. Other sound effects meant for the Sandmobile were reused by the Scooter Badge in the final game.

Desert Sound

A background ambience sound for the desert as a whole, with wind blowing across the dunes.

Alpine Skyline

Horn Sounds

Two unused horn sounds.

Corruption Flower Destroy Sound

A version of the sound that plays when a Corruption Flower is killed that lacks the horn that plays at the end.

Sand 'n Alps Tram Passenger Sound

A line most likely intended for Sunburnts that were traveling in trams in the intermediate stage of the chapter, Sand 'n Alps.

Windmill Sounds

Sounds intended for the Windmill. The first one is for the blocks that spin around, while the second is for a moving platform of some kind.

The Arctic Cruise

Realistic Seal Sounds

Realistic seal noises.

Conductor Grandkids Ambient Sounds

Ambient sounds for the Conudctor's grandkids.

Speaker Static Sound

The announcement that plays when the ship begins to move in Act 1, split into two sounds. In the final, they're merged and play in a single sound.

Fog Horn Sound

A loud horn sound that isn't very pleasant to listen to.

Task Master Icon Appear Sounds

Alternate sounds for when a new task appears in Ship Shape. The last one is for when multiple tasks appear at once.

Nyakuza Metro

Cutscene Sounds

Sounds meant for the cutscenes that take place after each Time Piece the player obtains in the metro, after the first one. The first one lacks Hat Kid's voices.

Sounds meant for the cutscene the player is treated to after they collect their first Time Piece in the metro. The first one lacks Hat Kid's voices, while the second one uses placeholder voice clips for Hat Kid.

A merged version of the sounds used in the first cutscene for the metro. In the final, they are all used individually.

A reveal jingle for Empress, meant for when she catches you at the elevator in Rush Hour.

A minor sound effect made for the scrolling advertisements seen around the level, but this one is set to loop. The advertisements in the level use a sound effect each time the ad changes, but this version was meant to be played once in the actor's coding.

Cat Train Sounds

Sounds effects for the Cat Trains that would give them a very different feel compared to the final game, with them sounding more mechanical. Or they could've just been used to be funny.

Ambience sound effects for the trains, with a lot of noise going on in the background.

A version of the warning horn for the trains that was never used.

Minor sounds intended for their paws while running around. The final game uses different sounds for this instead.

Ticket Gate Denied Access Sounds

Sounds intended for denying you access through a ticket gate due to the lack of the corresponding color ticket.

Cat Clock Sounds

Individual sounds for the cat clocks seen in the level. Different, looping sounds are used instead.

Holorail Footstep Sounds

Sounds either intended for the Cat Trains as they run on the holorails, or the player was once able to step on the rails, which would use these sound effects for their footsteps.

Sticker Sounds

Different sound effects for obtaining stickers.

Early Power Pon Sounds

Early versions of the sounds used when collecting Power Pons.

Metro Crowd Sound

An ambience sound effect to be used for background noise.

Intro Train Sounds

Sound effects intended to play when the player first arrives at the main station.

Baseball Bat Hit Sound

A sound effect for hitting something with the baseball bat. This one sounds....far more brutal than the used ones.

Time Rifts

Time Rift Ball Explode Sound

A sound intended for when a time rift ball breaks, judging from the filename.


Intro Standing Up Sound Effect

A sound effect intended for the game's intro cutscene, when Hat Kid gets up and yawns after being jolted awake. The sounds sync up with her movements.

Spaceship Clock Sound

An ambient sound for the spaceship, intended for a clock somewhere. It sounds extremely similar to the clocks that can be heard while a chapter is loading.

Ghost Party Sonar Sound

A sound effect that was meant for the Online Party machine. It....kinda grates on the ears a little.

Tunnel Beams Sound

A sound effect meant for the tunnels in the spaceship that lead to other rooms.

Electric Noise

An ambient sound made for electricity in the background.

Vanessa's Curse

Vanessa Line

A quiet version of the line Vanessa speaks upon reaching the 1st floor of her manor in Subcon Forest. Unknown where or when she was supposed to say this in Vanessa's Curse.

Ambient Wind

An ambient wind noise. It goes on for a while.


Wet Mushroom Heaven Sound

Used in the initial Speedrun build for the hidden level included in it, Wet Mushroom Heaven.

Other Sounds

Inside joke sounds, used and made by Habboi. Volume warning on some of them.

Pitch Test Sound