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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Voices

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content.

The final game features a healthy amount of voice acting, but the amount of voice files found in the game's Modding Tools reveal the game was going to be far more vocal than it ended up being.

There's a lot of lines here.

Hat Kid



Given the filenames, these might've been alternate lines for the "boop" line she says when she taps her monitor in the intro for the game.

Another line apparently meant for the intro. Might've been an alternate for when the Mafia starts knocking on the glass. Also could've been used when the Mafia breaks through the glass.



Unknown purpose. Might've been meant for an idle animation.


Now kiss...
Almost definitely meant for the idle animation that has her playing with her dolls.

Now you see it...

...now you don't!
Unknown purpose. Might've been meant for an idle animation.

A line for drowning. In the final game, Hat Kid just does her normal death animation scenario when her water meter runs out.

Wrong number.
Likely intended for the phones Hat Kid can interact with in Murder on the Owl Express.

Used in the official Freedom Planet 2 crossover mod released shortly after the Modding Tools were made public in 2017, but not actually used anywhere in base game.


Pew pew!

*imitating gunfire*
Hat Kid making funny noises. These might've been intended for the Projectile Badge, given the third one's filename. It's also possible each one was meant for a different tier of the Projectile Badge.

The only unused line that was made for Online Party emotes. No sticker graphic for it was ever known to be made.



Sooo good...!

Sooo good!



Unused lines meant for eating food at stalls in Nyakuza Metro.





Lines for cutscenes in Nyakuza Metro. The first one is an alternate of the train cutscene when the level is first entered, while the others are individual versions of lines she says during other cutscenes. In the final, all voiced lines for cutscenes involving Hat Kid are merged into one line for each cutscene.

Judging from the filename, this was meant for sketching at Train Rush in the Beta or Deadbird Studio in the final. Unknown purpose.

This might work.


Unknown purpose. Might've been meant for assembling relics.


Hat Kid panting rapidly from exhaustion. The filenames state they were related to Badges in some way. Perhaps was supposed to be used if she ran out of energy in the scrapped Energy Meter from the Beta and Alpha builds.


Hat Kid saying "ba". Unknown purpose, but filenames again suggest a relation to Badges in some way.


Filenames suggest they were intended for Mafia Town. Might've been called out by Hat Kid when she was near a Mafia.

Hat Kid coughing. Purpose unknown.


Lines meant for Badges. Purpose unknown.

Goodbye, cruel world.
A....rather dark line. Unknown purpose, but likely meant for dying.

Hat Kid gasping in shock. Could've been used in a number of situations.

Hat Kid shouting "hello". Unknown purpose.

I can't help it.

Couldn't resist!
Teasing-sounding lines of Hat Kid saying she can't resist or help something. Purpose unknown.


Zap! Zip! Unknown purpose. Mustache Girl has similar lines.

So fun!





Doot doot!

Choo choo!

Ha ha!

I got it!
The rest of these also have no context.

Mustache Girl

2017 Lines

Mustache Girl has exactly 80 unused lines, some of which are intended for finale, but others are unknown. Some lines are a bit vague on their purpose, and due to her status as both a playable character and a boss, some lines could've been used for ether.

Oh. This one is locked. Face recognition, maybe?




Some of the lines for the scrapped cutscene aboard the spaceship. The second line is for opening the vault. Localization was present for it when the game released, but it's long since been removed.

Seems to fit in with the lines above, but isn't present in the leftover localization for it.

Now it's MY turn!
The only other Mu Mission intro line that was voiced. Localization for it was leftover in the initial release.

Down into the lava you go! Next!

Do you think I care? Ha!

I haven't got all day. Next!

This is a courtroom. You can't bribe me!

Bad guy! Next.
Several lines intended for Mustache Girl sitting in her throne room, talking to and judging her victims.

If you already think you might be a bad guy, please, just jump in the lava.

Please take a ticket and stand in line.

No cutting in line.
These lines are a bit strange. These work best when used in the outside area at the start of the finale, yet there isn't any kind of filter or anything applied to them, which suggests that they were to be said by her in-person. Why she would leave her throne room to say these things is unknown.

I hate ALL of you mafia guys so very, VERY much.
We know, Mustache Girl. We know. Possibly meant for finale.

Take this!


These lines sound a bit more forceful than the average line used for movement while you can play as her, implying they might've been meant for the boss fight against her.

The filename for this one, though, directly suggests this was meant to be used when Mustache Girl took damage from the player in the boss fight.

You like Time Pieces, huh?
Probably meant for her attacks that use Time Pieces in her boss fight.


No, don't throw meeeee...!
Being thrown by the mafia in barrel battle. The lines for this stem all the way back to the Alpha builds, and wasn't voiced until 2017. Localization leftover for these lines were present in the initial release of the game.

Get your filthy hands off me!
Might've been meant for being held before Barrel Battle starts.

A line that might've been meant for the scrapped line intended for when Hat Kid and Mustache Girl do a hi-five, but the line is a bit too generic to isolate that as the only intended purpose for it.

Possibly meant either for her boss fight, or when she beats up some Mafia at the start of the first act in Mafia Town.

Hmm... this door is locked. I wonder if there's a switch somewhere in HQ.
A line intended for Mafia HQ, although it's not quite known in what scenario it would be used.

Hmm. I think we need a key here.

You distract him while I see what he's carrying, alright?

You'll distract them while I steal whatever they've got, alright?
Lines for a scrapped scenario in Mafia HQ. In the final, Mustache Girl runs up to the freezer door in the kitchen and stays put, not doing anything else.

How did you see through my disguise?
Unknown purpose.

Unknown. A bit too generic of a line to decipher its purpose.

Might've been meant to play during the final hit of the final boss.





Over here!











Lines that are too vague to determine their purpose. Could've been intended for her playable scene or for her boss fight.

Old Lines

All of the older lines used by Mustache Girl in the Alpha and Beta builds are present in the Modding tools as well, including some lines that weren't used in either.

Hey, you! Down there! Don't think I didn't see you stalking me.

Are you looking for your umbrella? I saw it land near the market area when you, y'know... fell from the sky?

Normally I would question how you managed to fall that far, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. I've got a... uh... party planned.

You're not a robot, are you? You know, da-beep-bop-a-doop-bop-boop-dop-deep? No? You sure?

Good. Because I don't work with robots! Come up here and I could show you where your umbrella landed.
Mustache Girl's original lines for talking to the player from the top of the tower.

No, no, no! You're going about it all wrong!

Press the button... then jump on the platform to get up here.

Your standard jump isn't going to cut it. You'll need to figure out a way to jump higher!
Lines for an unused tutorial that has localization in the Alpha builds and was leftover in the final game. The lines were reworded a bit compared to the localization.

Follow me!

Hey. Your umbrella landed right over there.

I have some... stuff... to take care of. I've gotta run. But it was good to finally meet someone who isn't a big dumb brute.

Maybe we can egg some Mafia buildings, uh, later, or something? Yeah? Yeah. That sounds fun.

See ya around!
Mustache Girl's original lines for directing the player to the market area. In the Alphas and Betas, Hat Kid retrieved her umbrella from the fountain, while in the final, she goes to retrieve one of her Time Pieces, and just so happens to obtain an umbrella from one of the Mafia while doing so.

Come on!
Unknown purpose, but sounds like it could've been grouped with the above lines.

H-h-hey! No! Let me go!
Unknown purpose, but probably could've been an intro line to her ranting while being held before Barrel Battle started.

If you don't drop me right now, I'll bite!

I'm serious. Put me down, you big idiot!

I wasn't trying anything, you idiots!

D-dude, get offa me!

Quit it!

These aren't MY explosives. I don't know where they came from! Now let me go!

What kind of man grabs an innocent little girl?!

Your cooking is bad, and... and... you're a bad person! Now let me go!

*grunts* I'm not going anywhere with you! Let go!
Lines for being held by the Mafia before Barrel Battle started in the Beta builds.

*scoffs* Can you believe them? What a bunch of losers.

Hey. You're alright, new kid. Do you have a name?

No? You shy? That's cool. You're a less-talk-more-fighting kind of girl, I take it.

That thing you grabbed there... are you collecting them? Because I know where there's more of them.

They've been raining from the sky ever since the storm. I've seem the goons bring them to their headquarters waaay up there.

We should go up there and get your thingies. It'll be fun! I'll take any opportunity that involves messing up the Mafia.

You with me, buddy?
Mustache Girl's original lines for completing Barrel Battle. Note that she says that the Time Pieces have been raining down "since the storm". She's referring to a scrapped scenario about the original method of reaching Mafia HQ, which would be traveling on a rainbow path that appears thanks to the help of Thor. By the Beta, this method was already scrapped, and the final method of reaching it, using the cannon, was being used.

Mafia Mobster

Mafia easily win the award for most unused lines, clocking in at exactly 149 unused lines! Many of these lines were used in prerelease builds, but were removed from the final game. Many of these lines had localization present in the initial release of the game.

Look at this balloon. It is magnificent. It is big. It fly faster than any vehicle. No one beat Mafia in race.

Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser. You not worthy to challenge Mafia. Ha! Come back when worthy.

You dare speak to Mafia after humiliation? You no worthy! Ouch! Truth must sting for little child.

You think you big deal? Ha! Mafia is biggest deal.

Mafia challenge you to race of great honor. Do you accept? Or is little child coward?

Ha! You coward. Mafia knew.

Ha ha! Foolish little child. Alright, game is on.

Coward want to race this time? Coward sure this time?

Mafia cannot believe little child is still trying. Child will never beat Mafia.

Little child make Mafia snore. Mafia almost fall asleep in balloon while race.

Ha ha! Oh, little child. How many times must Mafia bring shame to child face?

Look who is back. Is little child. Child came back for more humilation?
Balloon Race lines. The mafia who spoke these wasn't voiced in the Alpha, but had lines by the Beta, even though Balloon Race was not accessible in the Beta.

Come one, come all! Shoot Mafia cutouts and win prize!

Little child want play?

Little child has nothing to shoot with! Come back when child have shooting weapon.

Little girl thinks she can't win? Is OK. Mafia understands. Ha ha!
A scrapped minigame. Present in the Alpha, but not voiced until Beta.

Mafia buy golden tie from bazaar. Very proud.

Mafia work hard for 20 years. Earn money to buy golden tie.
Golden Mafia Ties aren't in the final game.

Oh! When Mafia explode, Mafia drop health. This gives Mafia an idea.

Little hat girl need help to turn back time. If Mafia explode, little hat girl get useful health! Mafia has to explode to save world!
Alternate lines for the Mafia during the suicide cutscene in the final boss.

Mafia sell tickets for boats to faraway island.

Mafia already tell child that tickets out of stock. Scram!

But... tickets out of stock. Come back later.
A Mafia advertising sailing out to a distant island. Used in the Beta.

Little girl want to ride boat? Ha! Hop on! Boat ride very safe. *chuckles*
Not used in the final game. Was used in the Beta, down by the docks with the lighthouse.

This shop? Not open.

Shop only purchase rare, ancient items. And no one seen rare items in years.

Ancient riddle says, "When balloons invented, look out for balloon in sky."

But riddle too complicated for Mafia to understand.

If little child with hat see ancient balloon, come here.

Wait. Child has tablet? No way!

It is said in ancient history, "Six tablets needed for ancient magic."

Child come back when child have six, and Mafia combine tablets for child.
The Mafia looking for these was present in the Alpha, but was gone by the Beta. He's actually still there in the Beta build, just hidden, and can be unhidden by using the dev console. He will speak some of these lines if talked to in the Beta. Something else to note is that the filenames call it a "golden balloon", yet the balloons that held the relics were rainbow with a star on it.

N-no... It about to rain... No have umbrella...

A drunk mafia sleeping. He can be found in the Beta, using these lines.

Do not disturb. Boss holds live performance in headquarters. We training for Boss.

Only highest rank may join our dance squad. It is high honor.

You say WHAT to the mighty Mafia? Little girl got nerve. Mafia will have you know personally that it is YOU who stinks!

Child with hat not look like have great honor. You cannot join.

You, Geoffrey? Ha ha! Mafia must laugh. You cannot be Geoffrey. Everyone knows Geoffrey is jerk. Little girl not look like jerk.

But squad missing Geoffrey. Geoffrey late for practice.

But of course, high honor mean squad get to eat fish that does not smell.

Training for Boss! Training for Boss! Training for Boss!

High honor! Training for Boss! High honor! Training for Boss! High honor! Training for Boss!

You stink! High honor! Training for Boss! You stink! High honor! Training for Boss! You stink! High honor! Training for Boss!

Not join! High honor! Training for Boss! Not join! High honor! Training for Boss! Not join! High honor! Training for Boss!

You stink! Not join! High honor! Training for Boss! You stink! Not join! High honor! Training for Boss! You stink! Not join! High honor! Training for Boss!




OK, very tiny child, you convince Mafia. You Geoffrey.
The spinning Mafia and their scrapped minigame. They were present in the Alpha and could be talked to, but weren't voiced. The leader for the spinning squad is still there in the Beta, albeit hidden. If unhidden, he'll speak some of these lines when spoken to. The "jerk" line isn't used in the Beta, even though the Mafia say it when you smack one.

Look around you. See how strong and full of energy Mafia is? All thanks to Milkman.

Without milk two times a day, Mafia is nothing.

Milk already delivered for today, but Mafia will need milk delivered later tonight.

Come see me tonight, and we can deliver milk.

You want to help Mafia Milkman?
Lines for the Mafia Milkman, a character who sadly doesn't appear in the final game. These were used in the Beta.

Hey, child.

You look like smart girl. Real clever.

Are you clever?

Of course you are. Mafia can see it in eyes. You more clever than normal people.

Maybe Mafia misjudged child. Maybe you not sharpest fish in freezer. But can change.

Mafia sell ties. But also buy ties. You understand?

Sell man a tie, and he looks fine. Fine man don't buy ties.

Mafia buy ties from you. You give Mafia ties from fine man. Fine man comes back.

You understand now, yes? You smart. Bring me Mafia ties, and in return, you get item

Hey, child. You came with ties, yes?

Welcome back. You brought Mafia ties?

Item for trade: no item. Out of stock.

Mafia blame economy. Come back later, and Mafia have item.
The Mafia Ties shop. Present in the Alpha, unvoiced. Hidden in the Beta, and if unhidden, he'll speak these lines. You know the deal.




Hur hur.

Heh heh.

Ha ha.

Eh heh.

Heh, heh.

Ah hah.

Ah hah!

Ha ha.

Heh heh.

Ha ha!
Old laugh lines from the Prototypes.

Today, Mafia guard tent. One day, when Mafia prove himself as good racer, he no longer need guard tent.

Mafia try every day to jump through hoop. But Mafia bad at proving skill.

Child want to know more about jump through hoop? Mafia wish he knew more than child. But Mafia never complete challenge.

See hoop? Good racers jump through. One day, Mafia will jump too.

Child jump through hoop? Unbelievable! Mafia try really hard for very long! Not fair.

If child beat great racer, she own this tent. Until then, I guard for great racer.

Tent is property of child now. Take care of tent. Mafia will miss it.
The Balloon Race tent guard from the Beta.








Old pained voices from the Prototypes.

Mafia take clock tower from distant island.

Old man say, "Clock has big mystery." He lie. Clock tower have no secrets.

Mafia has been looking at clock tower every morning. Never anything at morning. Clock tower mystery is big lie.
The Mafia who spoke these lines is not present in the final game.

See sockets over there? Mafia pull them out. *snickers*

Now weird inventor guy can't make stuff. Good! Mafia tired of hearing stupid noisy flying machine.

Wait! Who put sockets back in after Mafia pull them out? How annoying!
This Mafia was in the Alpha, unvoiced. He's gone by the Beta, though.


Hello, little girl. I am general of Mafia police force.

We here to bring order to city. Yes, city in chaos, but Mafia police take care of it.

We see people getting bullied. It is cruel. Poor Mafia getting bullied by citizens. Travesty!

But, Mafia missing police force. Meeting now, but they not arrive. If little girl see police, tell them to come here, yes?

There be six force members. Mafia think they around city, but Mafia not leave blackboard, or it be stolen by cruel citizens.

Old man in café? He always bully us. We beat him up. But Mafia take no chance with favorite blackboard.

Child found all Mafia police yet?
The Police Mafia, present in the Beta. He used all of these lines.

Warm cocoa? This makes Mafia happy!

Many Mafia STILL waiting for cocoa. Why you so slow?

Mafia need cocoa to put milk in, you see? Deliver cocoa to Mafia around Mafia Town, and I will give you prize.

OK, Mafia get permission to help. Take this. It is hot cocoa furnace.

Oh... Delicious, warm cocoa!

Thank you, little girl. Mafia remember not to punch you next time. Only kick.

Thank you!

You done delivering cocoa? OK, here is prize!
The scrapped cocoa mission. Interestingly, these lines imply that the mission took place around the entirety of Mafia Town itself, while Cooking Cat's unused line states that it was meant for Mafia HQ. It could also have just been used twice.

Beat her up, Boss!

You can do it, Boss!

Show kid who is Boss!
Boss fight cheers. The Mafia in the audience while fighting Mafia Boss were originally going to cheer him on. Unused textures from early 2013, as well a particle that uses them, uses the first line.






Old surprised lines, from the Prototypes.

Ah, Mafia needed more towels.
A line meant for the Arctic Cruise. The Mafia never thank you for towels in Ship Shape. Localization for this line is still in the final game.

You did it! Small child saved Mafia Town!
An alternate take of one of Goofy Mafia's lines after turning off all the lava faucets.












Sad sounds. Sad mumble?



Thinking sounds. Thinking mumble?

Mafia hate water... N-no... *snores*

Mafia still setting up shop. Not open. Check back later.

Stupid seagulls. All they do is stand around. Just like Mafia. Copycats.

We make Mafia submarine to build water city, but is boring. More fun to hit people with submarine.

Mafia try to build city underwater, but Mafia cannot hold breath for more than a minute.
Various other one-off lines that aren't used in the final game. They were all used in the Beta.

Mafia Boss



Lines that, according to the file name, would be used with his spin attack during the boss fight somehow.

Cooking Cat

Although you would need a key for that. I think one of the Mafia might have it. Tell you what. I bet if you pour them a hot cup of cocoa, they might be kind enough to lend you their key.

Huh? You wanna break into the theater to talk to the Mafia Boss?

Sorry, no can do. You would need to enter through the main door, and it's totally blocked. The only other way would be through the ventilation shafts.

You got the key? Great! Just head to the freezer. There's a vent there you can use.
Lines about the original method the player would use to obtain the key to the freezer. These had localization in the initial release of the game.

Uh... why are you wearing a mask of my face?
This also had localization in the initial release. The mask Cooking Cat is talking about is still a mystery.

Aren't you gonna try out building your relic?
A line most likely intended for talking to Cooking Cat again after she instructs you on how to assemble relics.

Well done! I wonder what that purple ball was. It's a Time Rift, you say?
A line intended for after you assemble a relic, given that she's commenting on the purple rift that appears around the telescope when one is assembled. Might've been disabled because you can technically assemble a relic for a room you haven't unlocked yet, in which case the purple rift won't technically appear yet. It would be weird for her to comment on something the player potentially didn't see.



Two unused mumble lines.

You can do it, kid!

Woo, or whatever!
Lines of the Tourist cheering, most likely both for Hat Kid. Unknown purpose, but could've been intended for the finale.

Kinda hoping we pass close by an island or something soon. I need something to take pictures of.
A single unused line meant for The Arctic Cruise. Unknown purpose, but it has localization for it.

Mafia Robo/Rumbi

Mafia Robo was a character that only appeared in the game's Beta builds. They are nowhere to be seen in the final game, and some of their voiced lines were repurposed for Rumbi, Hat Kid's personal rumba. Only the lines that fit Rumbi were used, leaving most unused. All of the lines were used in the Beta; none were left out.

I always start my morning with a heaping helping of gears for breakfast.

Please give me all of your things. The Mafia requires it.

Keep walking.

I hear the Mafia leader makes the best cannolis. If only I had taste buds. Or a mouth.

Oh, how I love to take your stuff!

The Mafia are my favorite people. They are great company.

Move along.

There is nothing to see here.

This property is confiscated.

I am confiscating your property.

Any possessions you own, will own, and have owned, now belong to... Mafia!

What a lovely weather... for Mafia!

Your inventory is now claimed by the Mafia. Please hand it over!

Oh. I'm sorry. I did not realize that girls could also have facial hair.
Idle lines.

Somebody! Anybody! Help me! Help me!

Oh no! She's on to us!


Abort mission!

Come on! It was just a joke!

I'm outta here!

See ya!
Running away/fleeing.

Please, not the monitor!

Please stay away...!
Being attacked.

Badge Seller

Do you like... this?

How about... this?
Badge Seller does not comment at all when you select an item to purchase.


Come to me, young one.
Alternate greetings that didn't get used.

A cheap price, just for you.

The purchase has been made.

Thank you, young one.

The deal has been sealed.
Badge Seller also does not comment when you make a purchase.

I acquire currency. You acquire... immense power.
Spitting true facts, here.


A-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup! Where do think yer goin', lass?

Yer a movie star now, lassie! We need yer ugly mug all over so that birds from 'round the world will come to watch me movies!

Here, take this pen and paper, and start makin' me a movie poster! Make yerself look tough, and ready for a fistfight!

Oh, and make sure ye give yerself an outfit as well! It's all about the looks.

*laughs* Is that the best yer can do, then? Ah... Alright. I'll put these up.
The revised intro that was partially recorded for Battle of the Birds. The first line is actually a duplicate of the one still leftover in the final game, albeit with a different file and re-imported a day later. Something interesting to note about the last line is that the Conductor says he'll "put these up". The player's sketch, according to Habboi, was originally going to appear on a wall at least in Mafia Town. Looking at how the materials for certain decal materials in Mafia Town and the Moon are set up, the player's sketch would've indeed been put up by the Conductor.

A-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup! Where do think yer goin', laddie?'

No children allowed!

Gimme a sketch of how manly ye are. Show me yer ain't no child.

Oh, I see it in yer eyes. Yer a child up to no good, in my book. If ye ain't... ye've got to prove it!
Lines intended for Timmy were also found. The localization for some of these lines can be found in the Beta builds.

Go on in!
A solo version of the "Go on in" line in the final game.

Ooh, nice place ye've got here, lass! Not bad, not bad at all.

Ye know, back in me old days, I used to go on adventures, just like yerself.

Wanna hear old stories from an old man? I won't give yer a reward or nothin'.

What kinda story do yer want to hear?

That'll be 50 pons for a new story. Huh? Ye thought me wisdom was gonna be free? Ha!

That'll be 100 pons for the next story.

That'll be 200 pons for the next story. Ooh hoo hoo! My stories are in demand!

Alright, pick a story ye'd like ta hear.
The lines for the scrapped appearance of the Conductor aboard the spaceship. Unlike the localization might suggest, it seems there were set prices for each story by the point these were recorded.








Lines of the Conductor grunting and yelping in pain, intended for when he takes damage in the boss fight. In the final game, he says nothing when attacked.








Lines for the Conductor jumping into the air during the boss fight. In the final he says nothing whenever he does so. Get used to this, as it's a common trend in not only his version of the boss fight, but DJ Grooves's version as well.

Catch me if ye can!
A line the Conductor was meant to speak while running around during the bomb countdown segment. In the final game, he says different lines.


What's buzzin'?!
Lines intended for Conductor's saw blade attack. In the final game, you guessed it, he remains silent.

Picture perfect!

Seein' DOUBLE?
Lines most likely intended for the photograph duplication attack. In the final, he remains silent during it.

How many can ye handle?

Meet my friends!

It's time for the big parade!
Lines intended for the Conductor summoning enemies of some kind. Most likely meant for summoning of the Owl Band.




Lines intended for projectiles that fail to hit the player.

He shoots, he scores!

Lines for projectiles that hit their mark.

Hurrrgh... Hoo! Hoo! Ha! Ha! Hoo!

Hurrr-agh! Ha! Hae! Ha! Hoo!

Ha! Hoo! Hoo! Ha! Hyah!
Lines for when the Conductor brandishes a flurry of knives at you. In-game, he says nothing during the attack.

Ha! I bet that hurt!
A line for landing a knife attack against the player, judging by the filename.

Did I miss?

Did I hit ya?
If the above line is for when he hits you with a knife, then these would be for when the Conductor misses with a knife attack.

M-my trophies! Nooooo!

*grunts* Peckneeeck!
Alternate defeated lines. In the final game, he uses the same line each time he is defeated.

Start yer engines!

Rev up those engines! We got a lass ta kill!
Lines for when he uses his Moon Car attack. He is silent in-game normally.

What? That detonator is stupid! That'll never work!

Ha! DJ Peckneck knows nothin' about how MY explosives work!
Lines that appear to suggest that not only would the Conductor have acknowledged DJ Grooves's appearance after the bomb timer starts, but also would've called DJ Grooves out in his version of the boss fight when he appears to save Hat Kid.

And I can't believe it's yer uncle's sister!
An alternate take one of the lines at the start of Murder on the Owl Express.

Alright, everyone, ready? Let's take it from the top, then. Action!
A line intended for Dead Bird Studio.

The remaining lines were recorded in 2015, when the chapter was still titled 'Trainwreck of Science', and featured a much different plot than the one in the final game. In summary, for context, the Conductor was an actual conductor and not a movie director at all. The Owl Express was called the Science Express, and was a real train and not a movie prop. The first two acts were Train Rush and then Murder on the Science Express. The last two acts took place on the moon, starting with Moon Stars and ending with an unnamed act that featured a boss fight of some kind within the club on the moon, the Club of 20 Grooves. From these lines, some details about specifics in the plot can be inferred, and some localization from the Beta builds actually match some of these lines.

Oh, you peckneck! What do ya think yer doin' ta me train?!

Here I am, workin' all day ta keep this here train proper! And what do ye pecknecks do? Ye mess it up. I can't believe I have to deal with ya!

Oooh, one o' these here days, I swear to ye, I'm gonna turn ye pecknecks into soup, feed ye to me train as fuel, since ye don't have any respect fer me train!

Now leave the kid alone and stop screwin' around! Ye always screw around with me train, and I ain't takin' another day of it!
The speedy, auto-advancing text from the Beta builds, used at the end of Train Rush. Some lines were worded slightly differently. The second half of the first line below was used in the final game during the Conductor's boss fight.


Next stop, Dead Bird's Station! And ain't yer askin' me later which station this be, 'cause I ain't sayin' it twice!
Intended for a cutscene preceding the following one. Localization for this exists in the Beta builds, albeit with some additional words added. Oddly, the voice clip is stored as a single file, while the localization is two separate dialogue bubbles:

next_station0 = NEXT STOP, [name]DEAD BIRD'S STATION[/name]!

'Ey! Ye bench o' pecknecks over there! Ooh, show me them tickets, or yer not gettin' on board!

OK then. Get on board, get on board. And hurry, 'cause we're leavin'!
Lines for the original cutscene planned for meeting the crow agents before Murder on the Science Express took place. What changes the Conductor's mind about letting them onboard is them showing a badge, informing him of their status as detectives. It also had a ticket attached to it, so there's that, too. The model for this, as well as animations for it, can still be found in the Modding Tools.

None of the remaining lines have any localization in any known build.

Oh, can ye believe these birds? [chuckles] Ye better not pull the same kind o' trick, kid.
A line most likely intended for the end of Train Rush, foreshadowing what Hat Kid would've apparently had to do to get the train to the Moon.

If me train explodes... ohhh... I swear on me mum, yer gonna get it!
Likely intended for an interaction before Hat Kid does exactly what the Conductor is warning about here. It seems that in order to reach the Moon, Hat Kid would've detonated the train in some way. This can be supported by prerelease screenshots, footage, and outdated cubemaps in the final game showing the Conductor's train crashed into a building on the Moon. Some of the remaining lines concrete this theory.

No, Bettsy!
Likely intended to be the Conductor's first line after crashing into the moon. He also apparently named his train, as he calls it "Bettsy".

Me train! What have ye done?!

I shouldn't 'ave let troublemakers like YOU on me train!

I can't believe it! I look away for ONE SECOND!
Most likely meant to follow the previous line.

Kid... what have ye done? Yer can't mess about in me train, let alone DETONATE IT!
You could probably talk to him directly after the crash, as he is definitely addressing Hat Kid directly here.

Oh. Well, I-- I hope I'm not next in line. I'll see where the others go, and once ye go in... yer not comin' back.

I've been standin' in line for hours! Yer never gonna get in before they close, kid.
These lines are likely intended for the Club of 20 Grooves.

Well... me train is in ruins, and all the owls are headin' to this here club. *hic* Well... no point in bein' thirsty while I'm on the moon. 'Nother round, boys!
The Conductor has entered the bar, judging from this line. There are no animations in the final game of the Conductor drinking, but the concept was revisited in full force for The Arctic Cruise.

Ah, you can do it, lass!

Yer can do it!
These lines have the Conductor cheering on Hat Kid, and were probably intended to be used during the aforementioned boss fight that would've taken place in the bar.

Oi! Go in there and show her who's boss, and MAYBE I'll forgive ye for what ye did to me train.
This line is most likely referring to an encounter with Mustache Girl on the moon. In Alpha builds, there was localization for the Conductor with a different kind of interaction. Although this line doesn't match any of the localization, it is similar. Either way, it has no use in the Beta and it's not in the final game. Mustache Girl isn't even referenced on the chapter's main levels, and only appears in a cameo in Dead Bird Basement.

DJ Grooves


Oh, no, it's just a little boy. Hello.

We've gotta fix this ugly mugshot up with some old-fashioned photo doctoring! Here, take these markers and turn yourself into the most stylish, fashionable young boy.
Lines for the photograph part of Deadbird Studio, intended for Timmy.

Good job, darling!

So close to victory, darling!

Trophy will be ours, darling!

It's OK, darling. Next time.

It's hard to repeat success.

Try again, darling.
Lines for DJ Grooves commenting on whether the player performed well or not during his acts in Chapter 2. The final game isn't programmed to handle this at all, although localization for it exists in the initial release of the game.






As mentioned in the Conductor's lines, there's quite a few voiced lines intended for the boss fight with DJ Grooves that were simply never used in the fight for an unknown reason. These lines are for when DJ Grooves takes damage. He remains silent in-game when getting hit by Hat Kid.

Hah! Hoo! Hee! Ho! Hah!

Hoo! Hah! Hee! Ha! Ho!

Hae! Ha! Hi! Hee! Hoo!
Lines meant for when DJ Grooves is using his rapid-fire knife attack. He is silent in-game when performing the attack.

Meet my friends!

It's time for the big parade!

How many can you handle?
Lines for summoning the Parade Owls.

Seeing DOUBLE?

Picture perfect!
Lines for the photo duplication attack.

Start your engines!

Penguins! Get in here!

Penguins, assemble!
Lines for the Moon Car attack.

Lemme cut a little hole in you, darling!

This one ain't rubber!

Slice of life!

Come take a look at this knife, darilng!
Lines for the straight knife stab attack. The Conductor has versions of some of these lines, which are used in his version of the boss fight.

Did I hit you, darling?

Did that hurt, darling?

Did I miss?
Lines for hitting/missing with the knife attack.


What's buzzing, darling?!
Lines for the Saw Blade attack.

Get a little bit closer, darling!
A line meant for the boss fight with DJ Grooves, but it's not currently known what its purpose was.

What?! That detonator is stupid, darling! That'll never work!

Ha! The Conductor can't do anything, darling. He's an old geezer!
Equivalent lines for DJ Grooves that Conductor also has for an unknown cutscene during the boss fight.


My trophies! Nooooooo!
Alternate defeated lines. The first one might seem vague at first, but consider that Conductor shouts "Peck Neck!" when defeated, much like DJ Grooves shouts his own word tied to his character.

Get lost!
Lines for DJ Grooves in the final boss cutscene, in which he does not appear.

This whole situation is a real mood-killer, darling! This angry little red girl really needs to get lost and let us keep our groove.
Another line for DJ Grooves waiting in line at the start of the finale. He's present in the level, but never says this.

Go, go, go, Conductor!
DJ Grooves cheering on the Conductor. An otherwise difficult-to-imagine scenario in-game, it might've made sense during the final boss, when the Conductor aids Hat Kid in the boss fight.

Aww, too bad, darling. The answer was 3. Folks at home, this just shows that our new breakout star is relatable! She makes mistakes, just like everyone else.
A line intended for failing the poker endorsement in Picture Perfect. The final game does not actually check what you input during the endorsement, leading to a somewhat awkward but still amusing reaction from DJ Grooves informing you that you were correct regardless.

And keep an eye out for the cameras. The crew will be trying to get as much footage of you as possible, so swing by them whenever possible.

And keep an eye out for refreshments. The offstage crew will throw 'em your way, to keep you hydrated.
Alternate lines for the intro to The Big Parade. Localization still exists for these in the final game.

You can do it, darling!

I believe in all of you darlings!
Unknown purpose. The second one might be intended for Deadbird Studio.


In the earliest versions of the Modding Tools, a package containing almost the entirety of the known script for DJ Grooves in voiced lines was present, but the lines were voiced by what sounds like a voice actress, not actor! The voice sounds similar to Cooking Cat's voice in-game. The package has long since been removed from the Modding Tools. The only lines missing are lines for the endorsements in Picture Perfect, indicating that the lines for endorsements were a later addition to the game. This matches the import dates for the Picture Perfect endorsement lines, which were indeed imported a few months after the other ones used in the final game. The female lines were imported in March of 2017, while the final's were imported in April of the same year.

There are a grand total of 172 lines, and all of them match the versions used in the final game. As such, a fraction of the lines are available here, as an example to show how they sound.

I would never, darling! Clearly you're the one who took inspiration in my flashy new props.
A line for the intro conversation between the Conductor and DJ Grooves in Deadbird Studio.

Cut, darling! Cut!
Interrupting a recording at Dead Bird Studio.

Darlings, darlings, I know you can bring a better performance than the owls.

Who wants the role of Handsome Penguin? Oh, who am I kidding? Every single one of you darlings can fit that role.
Idle lines for recording at Deadbird Studio.

Of course, this big trophy's just a plastic replica. The actual trophy is real tiny.

Oh my! Oh my! What is this I see? Is it true inner beauty? An innocent soul with a heart of gold?

Oh, no, it's just a little girl. Hello.

Oh, no, it's just a little boy. Hello.

Here's the biz. I need your help. I'm on a terrible losing streak, and I just have to win this next Annual Bird Movie Award.

There's no doubt. I absolutely MUST have you as the star! Here, let me take care of this.
Lines for conversing with DJ Grooves at the end of Deadbird Studio.

Oh, perfect! Let's just slide this picture into your passport, and... Here you go. One passport for you.

Oh, wonderful, darling! Just wonderful! Meet me at the movie set tomorrow, and we'll make you a star.
Lines for the photography segment at the end of Deadbird Studio.

Welcome to the first day of shooting, darling.

We need to transform you into the biggest movie star the bird world has ever seen. You need to become... a diva.

Once you've got them going crazy, come back here and we'll show off our new prop. That's right. We'll unveil our new movie prop to the masses.
Lines for the intro to Picture Perfect. Only the endorsement lines for Picture Perfect have no female equivalent.

Hello, darling. Welcome to the largest studio set you'll ever see.

And keep an eye out for goodies. The audience loves a good parade and will throw treats your way if you get near them.

And keep an eye out for refreshments. The offstage crew will throw 'em your way, to keep you hydrated.

And keep an eye out for the cameras. The crew will be trying to get as much footage of you as possible, so swing by them whenever you can.

Your current outfit really isn't fit for a parade. Can you go over there and get dressed?
Lines for The Big Parade intro, including the two unused alternate lines.

Oh, thank you, darling! Thank you! You secured our victory, and we won the Annual Bird Award trophy!

The Conductor's probably awfully sour from his second loss ever, but don't worry. He'll come around.

What? You were expecting something crazy to happen? *scoffs* Nonsense, darling. Nonsense!
Lines for the award ceremony, if DJ Grooves was confirmed the winner.

Catch me if you can!

Better cover your ears, darling. This bomb is gonna be loud!

Time's ticking away, darling!
Lines for stalling during the boss fight.

Check this out!
A line used for starting an attack during the boss fight.

Probably one of the alternate, unimplemented defeated lines.

Alright, darling. That's it. Time to bring out the big guns!
A line intended for the boss fight.

Ever since you arrived on this planet, these Time Pieces have fallen from the sky.

I can't prove it, darling, but I'm certain the Conductor has been manipulating everything to make sure I never win.

*sighs* Darling, darling, darling. You're so persistently selfish. I've brought you to stardom, and all I ask in return is a single Time Piece. But you won't share.

Remember this bomb, darling? I stole it from the Conductor's movie set, and now it'll be your demise.

It was nice knowing you, darling. Goodbye.
Lines for the heart-to-heart in the middle of the boss fight.

Did I hit you, darling?
Line for missing with a knife attack, not implemented or leftover in the final game.

He shoots, he scores!
A line for landing a hit with the knife attack. This was also never implemented into the final game.

A line for the falling disco ball attack.

Good job, darling!
Purpose unknown.

How many can you handle?
A line most likely meant for summoning the Parade Owls during the boss fight. Again, not implemented into the final game.

It's hard to repeat success.
One of the lines for the unimplemented commentary on how well a DJ Grooves level was completed in the final game.

Express Owls





Hoo! Woohoo!




Unused mumble lines.

That angry l-little girl needs to g-get lost!

G-get lost!

Get lost!

Get lost!

G-get lost!

Lines for Express Owls in the final boss cutscene, in which they do not appear.

I r-really hope that angry little girl gives me mercy. Otherwise, if I don't s-show up to work today, I'm gonna be roast dinner.

Y-you know, y-you should go inside the castle and g-give that red-hooded girl a piece of our m-mind. We don't care for her. S-she should get lost.

I don't r-really know why we've just accepted the fact that t-this is how things are. That red-hooded little girl n-needs to get lost, so we can get back on our train.

M-my bird senses are really freaking out right know. I don't k-know what's going on inside that castle, but it sounds really bad!

Lines for Express Owls waiting in line at the start of the finale.

That was great!



I loved it!





Well done!

I loved the protagonist.

Lines for the Express Owls being impressed or happy about something. Might've been intended for the little movie status scene that appears at the end of acts 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Chapter 2.

But... I can't stop thinking about the awkward thing I said several years ago. I mean... what if I hadn't said something awkward, y'know? My life would have been totally different. Maybe.

Relatable. Probably intended for the one Express Owl standing in front of the receptionist in Dead Bird Studio.

I hope they don't burn the food. I'm not a chef, but I'm pretty sure that's not a normal amount of fire.

A line for an Express Owl in The Arctic Cruise, commenting on the state of the kitchen. Unused localization exists for this in the final game.

Anyone there?


Who are you?!

Who's that?!


Y-you intruder!

Lines for Express Owl guards. Seems there were originally lines for catching and almost catching the player.

I-is there a b-bomb on this train?!

A line that should've been used in the initial release for one of the Express Owls during Train Rush, but instead, a line was recorded later and used instead in the current version of the game, leaving this line unused.

The Conductor's grandkids are a bit of a handful, huh? I'm glad it isn't my job to keep an eye on them.

Another line for The Arctic Cruise. The localization for this line is still in the final game.

Too much water.

This Express Owl clearly played Gen 3. Funnily enough, Express Owls were made out to like water in The Arctic Cruise, so this line wouldn't have made sense anymore.

Go, Conductor!

You can do it, Conductor!

Express Owls cheering on the Conductor. Possibly intended for fighting him in the basement, or during the final boss.

W-we've got eyes everywhere, and we saw nothing!

A voiced version of the line that appears when you hover over the Express Owls as the murderers in Murder on the Owl Express. None of the lines that appear when selecting a murderer are voiced in-game.


A line intended for use in the finale somewhere, as there's still localization for it in the final game. This was recorded after the release of the game.

Gimme your back-of-the-line ticket!

An alternate take of the line the one Express Owl says while traversing Mustache Girl's Castle before he begins attacking you. This was also recorded after the release of the game.

This is a bird-only zone, madam.

I'm an Express Owl. And I'm required to tell you. Otherwise, the conductor will kick me off.

He's really into the idea that we're... uh... his minions or something. I really don't care for it. I just need to take the train to work.

I bet the Conductor doesn't even know my name.

Unknown purpose, but probably intended for Dead Bird Studio somewhere.

They were jerks, dude. No one wanted to hang out with those guys. No wonder they up and left.

I don't think they "left."

Express Owls talking about "them" leaving, but then not actually being gone. Unknown what they're referring to.

Oh no! Oh no!



W-what's happening?!

G-get away from me!

Panicked lines. Possibly intended for Train Rush.

Uh, need help?

We're just happy to help, you know. While we don't care much for the feud, don't tell the Conductor, or he'll never let us ride his train to work again.

Unknown purpose. Express Owls don't directly help you with anything in any level.





Oh. Hey.


Oops! Sorry.

Ow! My bad.


T-take this!







Oof! E-excuse me.


Huh? Why?

Unknown purpose.

It's broad daylight, and I'm wide awake. I should really go to bed.

So, uh... do you like books?

You know, if you think about it, the dodos were destined to go extinct.

I don't really know what to say. I've never spoken to a different species before.

Random fluff that could've gone almost anywhere.


I wonder if this new world has bird insurance.

A line for the receptionist waiting in line at the finale. The localization for this was present in the initial release of the game.










The receptionist is one of only a few base-game characters to not support the Mumble Badge, but as can be seen here, he had full mumble lines recorded and prepared. They were just never used.

Phone Guy

Don't forget to check out Dead Bird Studio.

A reminder to check out Dead Bird Studio, possibly intended for if the player does not immediately check out the finale for Chapter 2 and comes back later.


(chuckles nervously)

Purpose unknown.

Guess you got me good, huh, darling? It seems no one can stage a murder while you're around.

DJ Grooves on the other end, suggesting this was meant for when the player picked Mother Maiden for the ending of Murder on the Owl Express. In the final game, the player cannot talk to him after the Time Piece appears.

I can't believe that angry little girl detached my pay phone from its stand and lifted it here! How am I even supposed to take a number? No hands!

That red little girl just needs to get lost and let me do my sinister plotting in peace.

Good luck, kid.

Lines for the finale, implicating the phone itself was meant to be waiting in line at the start of the level.

You can do it, kid.

Probably intended for waiting in line at the finale, after having already talked to him.

Get lost!

Phone Guy even has a line for the final boss cutscene! This definitely would've changed the mood of the scene.

Moon Penguins


Eh? Who's there?





What the what?!

Must've been the wind.

Who's that?

Lines for the guards in Dead Bird Studio. They apparently had voice clips for catching and almost catching the player.

Come and get it!

Bonus points!


Bonus points over here!

Feeling low? Come here!

Come and get some refreshments!

Refreshments over here!

Refreshments! Get your refreshments!

The penguins talking about offering "bonus points" and "refreshments". These are likely referring to the penguins tossing out DJ Grooves tokens and Health Pons during The Big Parade. In the final game, they are completely silent during that act.

Here you go.

Take it easy, will ya?


And the lines they'd say when they throw their item to you.

Hey, diva! Over here!

Hi, diva.

(gasps) Is that the diva over there?

Say hello, diva.

She's amazing!

Sign my poster.

So kind in person.

So stunning.

Thank you!

Wow! Is that the diva?

Penguins reacting to seeing the player, and gushing over them. Likely intended for Picture Perfect. All Penguins in that act are silent except for the ones that take your picture.

Hey. Thanks, kid.

This one's DEFINITELY going into the photo album.

Pic! Pic!

Whassup, diva? Lemme take a pic.

Yo, diva. Stand still and let me take a picture.


Additional lines for the picture takers in Picture Perfect.

We did it!

Well done, well done.







The Penguins cheering, possibly intended to be used at the Award Ceremony if DJ Grooves was confirmed the winner.

(shivers) I almost froze my feathers off trying to take a dip earlier.

A line for the Arctic Cruise. In the final, it's an Express Owl that says this.

(groans) The service here is terrible, kid. I'd pick somewhere else to eat if I were you.

A penguin complaining about the kitchen on board the SS Literally Can't Sink. This has localization for it.

I can't see peck with these sunglasses on.

Maybe try taking them off?

Get lost!

A different take of the "Get lost!" line from the cutscene before the final boss.

Get outta here, dude.

Might also be related to the final boss.

I got my ticket. When it's my turn, I'll give that little red girl a piece of my mind!

That girl in the castle--she can get lost.

Why do we have to stand in line to be judged? What does that even mean?

Lines for Penguins waiting in line at the start of finale.

That angry red girl can get lost. This is our world, right?

Another line intended for the finale, albeit a bit vague on whether it was intended for the final boss cutscene or the start of the level.

Yeah! Get lost!

Strangely, this wasn't used in the initial release of the game, leaving the penguin's dialogue during the final boss cutscene voiceless. Even stranger than that, a new voice line was recorded for that line in the cutscene, leaving this one still unused.


In earlier versions of the Modding Tools, the lines for the Moon Penguins when they were voiced by John Jafari were present, but they've long since been removed. Some of the lines that can be found in its package were used in the Alpha and Beta builds, but many of them were never heard before, and give insight on the original plot planned for the Moon during Trainwreck of Science's development.

You know, we rarely see strangers around these parts.

We're a bit of a closed community, if you catch my drift.

You're here for any trouble, are you? Good. Now, you don't get in anyone's way.

We don't let just anyone snoop around, alright? You may have a pretty face, but you ain't got no suit.

These four lines were used in the Alpha and Beta builds.

I said get lost! No suit, no entry.

You can't come in here. You're a tourist! And you ain't got no suit.

Take your little dress somewhere else, 'cause you ain't coming in here.

The player would apparently have to obtain a suit to enter a club. The name of the club can actually be found in the localization for the Beta builds. It was called the 'Club of 20 Grooves'.

You. You're after my suit? The hell you're not! It's my cousin's!

The player could've apparently gone after some Penguin's suit. This also would've been the only voiced line in the game to contain a swear word, albeit one of the most mild ones.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey! Watch where you're stepping, lady!

The heck?

Hey! What's the big idea?

I can't enter the club with no wet suit. I gotta get this mess cleaned up.

This suit's worth a fortune! Tourists, I tell ya. All jerks.

Apparently the player could make a penguin's suit dirty. A theory could be that this would be the Penguin standing guard in front of the club, and Hat Kid could get him to move away from the entrance, allowing her to slip inside.

Where'd my suit go?

The player might've also been able to steal a suit.

Hey, uh, check this out. It's amazing. You're gonna love it.

Ha ha! I win!

And now I'm all the way over here!

Purpose unknown.

Crow Agents






Unused mumble lines.

I asked him about his least favorite body part.

He said he was ashamed of his (mumbling).

You should have seen his ugly (mumbling).

The little boy had the ugliest (mumbling).

Lines for the Crows talking about their inquiries into the player, but referring to them as a "he" and "boy" instead. These lines were recorded to support Timmy, the original Coop Mode character before he was replaced by Bow Kid.

But you'd better get your (mumbling) checked out by a doctor. I read online that your (mumbling) could become infected with bird flu.

The alternate line that still has localization for it in the final game.

Why, hello, fellow space-traveling child. I am also space-traveling child. I do much space travel.

From one space-traveling child to another, we can share details, yes? What's the secret of the Time Pieces?

Why, yes! Of course! And as a fellow space-traveling child, I of course know what means and entails.

As a token of appreciation, please take this item, which is surely of value for us space-traveling children.

I must be off. Us space-traveling children are always on the run. It was nice meeting a fellow space-traveling child.

All of the lines for the scrapped appearance of the Crows aboard the spaceship. The localization for these was present in the initial release of the game.

As a fellow space-traveling child, I do not understand how a man in a jar can live without organs and body parts.

It perplexes and confuses me. But I am enticed to figure out the answer. Such is the life of a space-traveling child, such as myself.

Comments on Mafia Jar aboard the ship.

Hello, fellow space-traveling child. As a space-traveling child myself, I am clumsy and forgetful. I seem to have forgotten the combination to this giant vault of ours.

I know. It is very clumsy of me. Can you remind me of the combination? ...No?

More spaceship comments.


Oh no.

I totally just dropped this cherry bomb.


You think I'm stupid enough to give you bombs?

Lines for the scrapped segment of the Snatcher boss fight, where he fakes giving you a cherry bomb to taunt you.


This particular "FOOOOOOOOOL" line from Snatcher just wasn't used.


Oh. So you refuse to die, kiddo?

We'll see about that.

Did you think our business was over? Nonsense!

Complete my new contracts, and I'll reward you handsomely.

Of course, if you die...

...your soul will belong to me.

Still feeling confident, kid? Then let's make a deal.

These are the lines Snatcher spoke during the unveiling trailer for DLC 1's Death Wish Mode. None of them were actually used in-game. Interestingly, these appear to be different takes from what was actually used in the trailer.

Complete my new contracts, and I'll reward you.

There's also a variation of the fifth line above, which omits the "handsomely" part of the line.

You know you don't need to do that, right, kid? This isn't one of those games that tries to make you feel bad.

Intended for the Bird Sanctuary Death Wish, as a line that would play when the player dies from a bird dying.

Whoa! Slow down, kid! You haven't even beaten the normal version of that yet. Come back later... and I'll be waiting.

A voiced line for the text the player gets from Snatcher in the final game's Death Wish Mode if they try to select a Death Wish for an act they haven't cleared normally yet.

This looks like it's getting loaded onboard, right? Right, kid?

A voiced line for an unused line in the final game, which still has localization for it. This is meant for The Arctic Cruise, as the last line Snatcher would say when speaking to him down at the docks.

Did you know this cruise ship has a strict policy against stealing souls? It's ridiculous! I should sue.

This captain guy is great! His dead eyes and musty smell reminds me of home.

Whoops! I just accidentally ordered 100 drinks. And how did those babies get loose? Clumsy me!

Conversations about the SS Literally Can't Sink with Snatcher, likely intended as a special conversation for the Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Death Wish. In the final, the Death Wish has no special conversations upon idling for a short time.

Those seals are accident-prone and incapable of performing the most basic tasks. And yet, they'd still be better at this than you.

Likely intended for dying during the aforementioned Death Wish.

Subcon Noose

You can do it. I believe in you and your neck.

Enter the castle and save us all.

Two lines indicating that the nooses from Subcon Forest would be in line at the start of the finale.

Fire Spirits

Why am I here?

Where is my bonfire?

The red girl took my paintings!

Lines intended for the finale, likely for Fire Spirits waiting in line at the start.

Queen Vanessa

(sniffing) I can smell you. I can feel your fear. You don't have anything to fear. Now, why don't we have a little talk?

A line originally used in an old trailer from around the Prototype era of development. She would originally have said this soon after the level started.

You come when a queen calls you.

A line meant for when she was roaming around. For whatever reason, it was commented-out in her class file in all known builds of the game that include her.



The Nomads have a single unused line: a mumble line, that wasn't used for one reason or another.

Cruise Seals










For some unexplained reason, every single character introduced in The Arctic Cruise does not support the Mumble Badge in-game. Each character had mumble lines recorded, but none were set up to be used in-game at all.

Hewwo! The captain said you could take something. Thewe's something vewy shiny in there today.

A line intended to spoke by one of the Seals at the lobby desk after clearing Ship Shape but before grabbing the Time Piece. The localization for this line still exists in the final game.

The captain is VEWY messy, but he wowks vewy hawd steewing the ship.

We wove him wots and wots!

Like the previous, these are lines also intended for Ship Shape, but for before clearing Ship Shape. Localization for these still exist in the final game.

Hewwo! If you want a wefund, I'm supposed to say we don't give them.

But that's mean! Wefunds fow evewyone! Hooway!

Lines intended for Rock the Boat after rescuing the Captain. Localization for these also still exist in the final game.




The seals humming and singing to themselves. The last one is a version of the track that plays when starting a new game.

Uh-oh! Thewe's pudding evewywhewe! Pwease watch your step.

A line intended for a Seal in the kitchen. This line explains that the brown stuff on the floor is in fact pudding, not mud. Localization for this is still in the final game.

So noisy!

A seal whining about it being noisy. Purpose unknown.






Up, thank you.



Ouchie ow!


Oh no!




A whole bunch of minor lines that could've worked in multiple situations.

Cruise Captain









Once again, mumble lines were recorded, but weren't used in the final game. Why?

What's the status?

What do you want?

Check in?

Purpose unknown.

Well, pup, I guess I owe you a thanks.

The first line of an older conversation with him after rescuing him in Rock the Boat. It has localization still in the final game.

I can get another ship. Maybe hire a crew that isn't so... incompetent. Or annoying.

Anyway, I can't give out refunds, but I did have one more of those things you seem to be chasing down.

It's in the other boat, I think. It's all yours, pup.

Unused lines meant for an older version of his conversation after you rescue him in Rock the Boat.

Let me go down with the ship!

Just let me drown, pup.

These lines also have localization leftover in the final. He would say these while carrying him to safety.






Minor lines that could've been used in multiple places.

Are we ready?

Ready to sail?

An older version of his cinematic shot at the start of Act 1. The line is divided in two, he says "ready" twice, and there's no Seal noises at the end of the second one.

Fish Dude





Aw, dude!

Oh, hey!

Oh, man.

Oh wow!

Sick, dude!

What's up?


Fish Dude has whole bunch of unused throwaway lines, not seeming to have any specific purpose.

Oh, man! All that power! Wow! Heheh.

Purpose and context unknown.

Whoa! Just don't put me in a can. Heheheh.

Most likely a line intended for when you pick him up in Act 3.






Like the Seals and Captain, Fish Dude had mumble lines recorded, but they weren't used in-game. For some reason.











Like the rest of the characters introduced in The Arctic Cruise, Shocktopus does not use his mumble lines in-game.

Metro Cats

Are you lost, kid? You should ask the help desk if you're looking for something.

A cat telling the player to check out the help desk if they're lost.

(groans) Can you leave me alone, please? I'm waiting for a train.

Simple dialogue.

Watch where you walk, kid. Some of the manholes around here feel like they'd move if you stepped too hard.

A hint about the manholes.

The gates here are set up pretty weird.

You need the blue AND yellow tickets to get through here.

A hint for a location in Metro that needs two different tickets to access.




Unknown purpose.

Double theta!



Nine. Well done.

Each of these is worth more than most would earn in a lifetime.

As for you... well... you're more than most. Here's your cut.

Well? Back to work, then.

Voiced lines for the scrapped 9th Time Piece. Localization for this is still in the final game.

I hope you're not claustrophobic. Bluefin again, but look for a manhole this time.

A voiced line for the scrapped Bluefin Manhole, likely intended to be the 9th Time Piece mentioned above. Localization for this is still in the final game.

There's a second tunnel in Pink Paw. Search the place.

The line for the mysterious extra tunnel meant for Pink Paw Station. Localization is still in the final game.

Welcome... to Nyakuza Metro.

Welcome back.

Two lines of Empress welcoming the player to the Metro. In the final, she never welcomes you anywhere.

Keep running, child. You're far from home.

An alternate version of the last announcement during Rush Hour. In the final, she says "you're not home yet".

They're a lot harder to get rid of than you are.

An alternate take on one of the lines during the confrontation at the end of Rush Hour.

They're a lot harder to get rid of than you are. They're a lot harder to get rid of than you are.

A voice line for the voice actress for Empress trying out two different deliveries of the previous line.

Ugh! Ooh! Agh! Ngh! Wah! Wagh! (groaning, yowling)

Empress making a whole bunch of grunts and whining sounds, almost like she's in pain. The player possibly, at one point, actually fought Empress during Rush Hour. Or was perhaps able to damage or stun her in some way.


An individual version of the hiss Empress makes when you attack her. In the final, it's combined into a sound with the sound effects for getting hit by her attack as well.

Metro Food Announcer

The announcer that reads out funny lines for the food you buy from food stalls in Nyakuza Metro has a handful of unused lines, most of them relating to food combos.

You've got a combo.

You've made a combo.

Two lines for getting a food combo.



Well done.


See you next time.

See you next time!


The Sandworm was a character created for Sand 'n Sails. He was a merchant that, according to these leftover lines, would frequently bug the player to buy his merchandise. Ultimately, as the chapter transformed into Alpine Skyline, Sandworm no longer had a place in the level, and was scrapped as well. These voice lines can only be found in versions of the Modding Tools prior to DLC 1's release. The voice actor for Sandworm would end up voicing Fish Dude in The Arctic Cruise. It should be noted that none of these lines have any localization in any known build of the game. Sandworm was also never seen in any screenshots or footage of Sand 'n Sails, implying he may never been implemented into the level proper.

















A whole slew of mumble lines.

Dude! This merch I'm selling is OUT... OF... THIS... WORLD!

Hey, bro! Buy something!

Hey dude, I know us worms can be tough about selling merch. But this is our life now, man.

We're done eating people. We need job security too, bro. Just like everyone else.

Whassup, my man? Get a load of this merch, dude!

Yo, dude! You gotta try out this radical merch, man!

Yo, dude! Check out this merch.

Hey, bro! Don't you want to buy some SWEET merch?

Lines pushing the player to buy something from him. As for what he sold, that's a total mystery.

Yo, bro, watch out! Don't get your grease all over my goods, dude!

Dude! Only look! No touching, man.

He wouldn't be happy if the player touched him, apparently.

Hey, man! That's not cool! Don't knock into me!

He would also get mad if the player bonked into him, it seems.

Yo dude, I know I've been annoying you with my SWEET merch, but you've gotta go into that castle, man.

Go into the castle and save us, dude!

Sandworm even got lines for waiting outside in the finale!

Hat Adult

Thanks. See you tomorrow.

The single line Hat Adult has, and the same one she spoke at the scrapped Winter Bookstore in the Alpha and Beta builds.