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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

Here you can view some of the models located in AHIT's files. There are a lot of obscure ones as well! However, most of these models can also be viewed in Hat Kid's toy chest and the lost and found box over at the Artic Cruise. Most of these models still have their animations, but also their actual classes! Who thought a little bit of digging through both categories could be so handy?

AHatInTime Thor LOD3.png
Unused Skeletal Mesh LOD Models
Optimization? What's that?

Unused Playable Characters


Ahatintime-Timmy.PNGAHatInTime CoPartner Diffuse.png

Timmy was originally intended as a villain-esque character with psychic powers that would hinder you in "Vanessa's Manor". His role was swiftly changed as he became Hat Kid's co-op character for a pretty long time. Just like Hat Adult, Timmy comes with a deprecated player script and his own hat (Which was used in the level "Ship Shape"). Other than that, he's hidden behind the ice cave in the credits. There was quite a lot of work done on this co-op partner, as voice clips of various characters addressing the main character as 'sir' and 'man' could also be found in the files. The last known modification on his model was back in 2016.

Unused NPCs

Thor the Inventor

Hatintime thor.pngAHatInTime thor body.pngAHatInTime thor expression idle.pngAHatInTime Thor facial idle white.pngAHatInTime thor facial idle outline.png

Thor was an NPC who is a tinkerer. In the "Far From Finished" Build, he appeared in Mafia Town Missions "Mafia on Fire", which was an early version of "Heating up Mafia Town", where he originally explained what was going on and gave Hat Kid the Pogo and Hookshot upgrades. He appeared in the scrapped Act "Repairing the Cannon", where Hat Kid would have met Thor and got a Time Piece for fixing the cannon to the Mafia's HQ. His model appears as a textureless and frozen victim of Queen Vanessa. He also had a hat that could have been obtained that was also cut. Interestingly, most of the things he made have been seen in some form, like the hookshot points in the final game.

Tim the Timelord

Hatintime tim.pngAHatInTime tim body.pngAHatInTime tim facial idle outline.pngAHatInTime tim expression idle.pngAHatInTime tim facial idle white.pngAHatInTime tim pupils.png

Tim was originally a Time Lord and originally was going to help Hat Kid along side his imaginary friend. In the prototype, he grabbed her before she could grab the umbrella and taught Hat Kid how to fight in a combat Tutorial where she would of faced Mafia Members. The Tutorial was supposed to bridge the gap between "Welcome to Mafia Town" and "Barrel Battle" as the area has a pre-destroyed Tailor Shop and lacks barrels. In the final game, he is a textureless, frozen victim of Queen Vanessa. Possibly he was cut due to the shift to a platformer/collectathon.



AHatInTime Oldster Clr2048px.png

This NPC is internally named "Oldster", and was previously featured in Mafia Town's "She Came From Outer Space" act. Oldster was replaced with a goofy Mafia character. This model does appear in-game, but as a sad, textureless, frozen victim of Queen Vanessa. For posterity, the waistband on Oldster's undies says "Gears for Breakfast".


AHatInTime Shapeshifter.png

AHatInTime shapeshifter normal.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye1 d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye1 blink d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye2 d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye2 blink d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye3 d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye3 blink d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye4 d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye4 blink d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye5 d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye5 blink d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye6 d.pngAHatInTime shapeshifter eye6 blink d.png
An extremely strange and bizarre-looking creature called the Shapeshifter. It was intended to be a one-off, throwaway character in an older version of Murder on the Owl Express. Each one of its eyes blink independently of the others. It can be found as a frozen, lifeless, textureless victim of Queen Vanessa on the 2nd floor of her manor.



An NPC named "sandworm", likely intended for "Sand 'n Sails". It's got a number of wares attached. This model does appear in the game, albeit shrunken down in Hat Kid's toy chest. It also came with voiceclips, but those have sadly been removed.

Science Owl

AHatIntime ScienceOwl.png
AHatIntime ScienceOwl Diffuse01(Current).png
A Science Owl, the original passengers onboard the Conductor's train. Used in the Alpha and Beta builds, although it should be noted that a different version of the Science Owl's model was also used in the Alpha builds. Still loaded in the final game, for some reason.

Shady Sunburnt

AHatInTime ShadySunburnt.pngAHatInTime shadysunburnt d2.png
A character called Shady Sunburnt internally. This is a thief character intended for Sand 'n Sails, and even has a class file dedicated to him. He would run into other Sunburnt in the desert and steal their money. He appears in the final as a frozen, lifeless, textureless victim of Queen Vanessa on the 2nd floor of her manor.

Mr. TV


A cut person with a TV for a head. He would've been seen in a defunct zone called the "Twilight Zone", also known as "Mr. Tv's Playhouse", according to a cut titlescreen graphic. Not much is known about Mr. TV, as he was likely scrapped before the area was complete. This would explain his animation files or well... the fact that he has none!

Unused Enemies

Rough Patch


An enemy named Rough Patch that was cut late in development. The Alpha build contained a mesh file for Rough Patch with very basic animations and no textures. This model does appear in-game, but as a sad, textureless, frozen victim of Queen Vanessa. It also appears in the credits, although it's difficult to spot. It can be seen sitting in the foreground between the bonfire and Snatcher in the Subcon section of the credits, looping its idle animation. And as of one of the most recent updates to the game, a prancing Bush Cat was added out of bounds near the bridge to Queen Vanessa's manor in the actual forest itself, likely as an easter egg.

Snatcher Kid


The Snatcher version of Hat Kid still resides underneath the floor where it's meant to appear in Vanessa's Manor. This character was completely cut from the game. Its intended purpose was to hinder the player on the last floor of Vanessa’s Manor. When defeated, Snatcher Kid would’ve let go of the key and Vanessa would finally go to the 3rd floor herself. The model looks weird because the model being used by Snatcher Kid is outdated, and has its material slots in a different order. This character has long since been completely removed from the final game.

Big Plant

AHatInTime BigPlant.pngAHatIntime Plant2048px.png

A giant, non-insect hexapod plant creature with mantis-like arms, big purple flower leaves coming out of its head, and a serpent-like tail. Big Plant is an enemy intended for Subcon Forest, and according to a developer, was to be a miniboss at the giant, shattered hourglass area in the forest. For whatever reason, it got canned. The model is used in the final game, appearing in a tube in the Purple Rift for Subcon Forest, but is textureless. As for what the enemy did, nobody knows, as no public version of the game had an enemy class file for Big Plant. Based on its animations, it was to lay in wait partially submerged in the ground, then pop out and begin chasing the player when approached.

AHatInTime BigPlant Rift.png
Big Plant in the test tube.

Forest Plants

AHatIntime PinkPlant.pngAHatIntime YeloPlant.png
AHatIntime PinkPlant2048px.pngAHatIntime YellowPlant2048px.png

Two tall plants with long stems and big mouths. Two types are present: the Pink Plant, and the Yellow Plant. These were enemies made for Subcon Forest after the Light Plants were scrapped, and can be seen in numerous prerelease screenshots and footage. They would attempt the bite the player if approached, and the Yellow Plant could dig through the ground when it spotted the player, chasing them endlessly until the player got far enough away from it. These models do appear in the final game, much like Big Plant, in test tubes on a single floor of Subcon Forest's Purple Rift.

AHatInTime PinkPlant Rift.png
AHatInTime YellowPlant Rift.png
Pink Plant and Yellow Plant in the test tubes. Neither of them are animated.

Unused Items

AHatIntime Flask Flask 1.pngAHatInTime Flask Diffuse.png
The water flask item, seen in prerelease screenshots and footage of Sand 'n Sails. This was present in the last update to the Beta builds, as well as the final game when it first launched, but has since been removed from the game files. It's still in the Modding Tools, though.

Placeholder Deadbird Boss Fight Scissors

Initial Console/Release (November 3 2016) Final (December 1 2016)
AHatIntime scissor(TF2Placeholder).png AHatIntime BossScissors.png

Present in the initial release of the PC version of the game and the console builds is a placeholder model for the scissors used in the boss fight of Chapter 2. The scissors are allegedly from Team Fortress 2, as that's the name of the package they were found in: "HatinTime_Placeholder_TF2". The model doesn't show up in the boss fight, so it was likely still being referenced by the default properties of an Actor in the initial release and got cooked into the game by mistake. The scissors comes with two animations and its own material, although the appearance of the scissors in the screenshot and animation GIFs below show it with its material reconstructed based on assumptions, as the material isn't able to be decompiled with the current extraction tools, but the nodes that were used to make the material could still be seen.

Compared to the animations of the final version, the placeholder ones are a lot more basic. The final's are a bit more exaggerated, and the placeholder lacks an animation for being idle; waiting for Hat Kid to walk over to them.