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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Objects/Characters

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Objects.

Unused NPCs


A completely scrapped NPC that was intended to be used during the boss fight against Mustache Girl. The actor class keeps track of the boss and keeps its distance from the player. There was going to be a sequence during the Mustache Girl boss fight where the Tourist and Crow Agent teamed up during one of the boss's phases, which also has unused localization leftover in the initial release and partially-functional Kismet programming in the finale. Ultimately, the actor does not do anything else on its own, and likely relied on either an unknown, removed actor, or Kismet programming to achieve whatever the desired result was for the scrapped sequence.

Snatcher Kid (NPC)

Class file: "Hat_NPC_DarkHatKid"
Snatcher Kid, leftover from the Alpha and Beta builds. This is the version that would mimic your movements in the hallway and block your way.


A VERY old leftover, intended for Sam the Detective. Sam was never modeled, and uses Hat Kid Greg's model, physics, and animations as placeholder.


An older version of the Fire Spirits, intended to be used with the Subcon Map system. All of its coding except its default properties are commented-out. Upon talking to these Fire Spirits, they would speak some things to the player, then pull up the unused Subcon Map Menu HUD, highlighting where their corresponding color of paintings are located. The actor uses level bits to keep track of whether or not you've talked to them and they've shown you the map.


The purple Hat Kids seen in the Cosmo Prototype. Intended for the scrapped ghost racing minigame in secret levels. Still has all of its coding for the feature, but its coding to start the race and allow the player to interact with it has been commented-out.


Used in prerelease builds, but not in the final game. The version used in the final is able to copy the player's current hat, dye, etc. This unused version is just vanilla Hat Kid.


Class file: "Hat_NPC_Inventor"
AHatIntime NPC Inventor(Object).png
Thor the inventor. Used in the Beta and Alpha builds. (Was hidden in the Alpha builds, though.) No longer present in the final game or Modding Tools.


The egg creatures that appear in the unused Mini Time Piece class.


Class file: "Hat_NPC_MoonJumper"
AHatIntime NPC Moonjumper(Object).png
The Moonjumper, as he appeared in prerelease footage.


A strange version of Mustache Girl whose filename suggests that it was to be a version of her that would follow someone or something, but no such coding is present in its class file. It only seems to have unique coding for handling occlusion.


The TV guy meant for the Twilight Dungeon. Model appears as a toy in Hat Kid's toy chest in her room.


AHatIntime NPC Oldster(Object).png
Class files: "Hat_NPC_OldMan" and "Hat_NPC_OldMan_CPR"
The Oldster, the original star of She Came From Outerspace. The CPR version is a version of the Oldster with no Anim Tree set, different collision, and a different sound for bouncing on him, which is a heartbeat sound. Looks like in order to revive Oldster after he had his heart attack, Hat Kid would jump up and down on him. The CPR version is no longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.

Shady Sunburnt

AHatIntime NPC ShadySunburnt(Object).png
Class file: "Hat_NPC_ShadySunBurnt"
The Shady Sunburnt thief character, meant for Sand 'n Sails. Uses the newer version of the model with more animations. Has no physics asset.


A version of Snatcher that was meant to appear when the player entered a scrapped spike arena trap in Subcon Forest. Lacks any unique coding.


Bot Class: "Hat_Bot_Citizen"

A version of the "Nomads" in Alpine that slowly walk around. The player can bounce on them, but they don't squish and don't make a squeak noise. Cannot be interacted with, and does not randomize its color based on the location in the level it was placed. This Actor has long since been removed from both the final game and the Modding Tools.

Tim the Time Lord

AHatIntime NPC TimeLord(Object).png
Class file: "Hat_NPC_TimeLord"
Tim the Timelord, as he appeared in the Cosmo Prototype build. Uses the normally unused Expression Component class for Tim.

Tim's Friend

AHatIntime NPC TimesFriend(Object).png
Class file: "Hat_NPC_TimsFriend"
Tim's Friend, as he appeared across multiple prerelease builds, footage and screenshots.

Unused Playable Characters


Class file: "Hat_Player_CoPartner"
In the initial release of the game, this was set up to be Timmy, the original Co-op character. When DLC 1 released, this class became used and it was changed to Bow Kid. Timmy's class file here sets all of his voice acting to None, meaning he is silent in-game.

Snatcher Kid (Player)

Class file: "Hat_Player_DarkHatKid"
Snatcher Kid, used in the Alphas and Betas, the one that actually moves around and opens doors. All of its coding is intact and functional.

Hat Adult

Class file: "Hat_Player_Hat_Adult"
The adult version of Hat Kid used in the Alpha and Beta build endings.


AHatIntime StatueKid(PlayableObject).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
A rather odd playable that appears to be a "statue" of Hat Kid attached to a stand. The stand model is otherwise unused. Uses a unique animation while moving around. Unknown purpose. This playable character is no longer present in the game or the Modding Tools