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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Objects/System Class Files

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Objects.

Editor Class Files


A class file meant exclusively for the editor. It allows fast placing of the scrapped Coop Respawn Crystals. No longer in the current final game or Modding Tools.


A class file meant exclusively for the editor. It allows fast placing of the scrapped rolling eggs, probably intended for Sand ‘n Sails. No longer in the current final game or Modding Tools.


The small conversation bubble actor used by Mustache Girl when she was your ‘partner’ back in the Calcite era of development. The class is fully functional and still present in the final game and Modding Tools.


A Bot class used by Gears For Breakfast to test level design. It possesses the player, and looks around for certain objects of interest. Currently broken due to the addition of objective Actors on the players for Co-op mode. Works much better when programmed to ignore objective Actors on players.

Hat_MiniMissionKittenHunt_Base and Hat_MiniMissionKittenHunt

Not unused in the initial release, but not able to be accessed normally. Used in the remnants of Moon Stars. This handles the whole mission of collecting Mini Time Pieces. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
Meant to be used with the Performance Measurement HUD. Feeds information to the HUD.


Controller intended to allow control while using the scrapped Pogo ability, but had all of its coding wiped.


A navigation Actor that appears to have been made to be used by camera Actors. Unused most likely because it's literally useless, as camera Actors don't need navigation points to move around. Used by the unused Route Map Volume object.


Nav points for the scrapped rollercoaster method of getting to Mafia HQ. According to Habboi, there was a very brief period of development where Hat Kid and Mustache Girl rode a rollercoaster made by Thor around Mafia Town to try to get up to Mafia HQ. This class would be the nav points that made up the track for that, and link together visually using the unused Snatcher Teleporter beam particle.

Unused Kismet Sequence Nodes


A sequence action that starts the unused auction mini-game, or at least, it would if all of its coding wasn't commented-out. Even so, the HUD for the Bidding minigame found in the late Alpha and Beta builds of the game was removed before the final game.


A sequence action that would instantly complete any given Act for any Chapter in the game. The coding for handling this, though, is commented-out, meaning that the node is uesless.


A strange sequence action that would apparently spawn some debris that normally appear after certain projecticles explode.


A Kismet node that wipes your save data in the current save data slot and creates a fresh save file. Obviously used for demos so that each player that played the demo started from the very beginning of the demo.


A sequence action that is no longer supported by the game, but worked in the Prototype builds. It was meant to visually increase your Time Piece counter by 1, only to change it back to normal a few seconds later.


Not unused, but never used normally. Hooked up to a trigger volume in Subcon Forest, but the event is disabled. Meant to enable the unused forest fire smoke post process effect. The post process effect has been removed from the player's post process chain in later updates.


A sequence action node that would open any map in the game, and set the current Chapter and Act while doing so. In-game, different nodes handle this instead.


All of its coding has been commented-out, so this Kismet node is useless. Used in early prerelease builds to make enemies hostile towards the player, as originally not all enemies immediately attacked the player. In the final game, this still holds true, but only for Mafia mobsters.


Leftover from the Calcite era of development, would destroy any partners the player had.

Unused Mini-Missions

Class files: "Hat_SeqAct_MiniMissionCollect", "Hat_SeqAct_MiniMissionMurder", "Hat_SeqAct_MiniMissionTimeThief", and "Hat_SeqAct_MiniMission_MurderCase"
Several mini mission initiators.
'MiniMissionCollect' is leftover from Calcite, and can be seen in the game's Steam greenlight trailer.
'MiniMissionMurder' is from a later version of Beta murder than was found in the Beta builds, and is non-functional as several of the class files its looking for are not present in the final game and Modding Tools.
'MiniMissionTimeThief' is the game of tag leftover from the Prototypes. Non-functional.
'MiniMission_MurderCase' is another version of an early version of Murder on the Owl Express. Also non-functional for the same reasons as the one above. Note that the final game doesn't use the "MiniMission" system for the level.


An old sequence action node that would display conversation messages. This is leftover from the older conversation system from around the Prototype and Alpha builds, where conversations were handled completely differently compared to the final game. As such, it no longer works.


A sequence action node that would change the level's current music, according to its filename. Doesn't appear to do anything on its own, though.


Meant for the Subcon Map system. Highlights a specific sketchbook icon on the map, even showing on map tiles that Hat Kid hasn't revealed yet.


Leftover from the Calcite era of development, this colored the scene with a de-saturation post process effect. This never worked in any public build, even in the Prototypes. No longer works at all.


Opens the unused scrapped Turn In Contract HUD.


A strange node that would presumably try to force the player to wall slide? Doesn't appear to do anything on its own.


A Kismet node that would check a specific save data slot to see if a save file had been created in it and if it has any data in it. The coding for handling this, however, has been commented-out, making this node useless.


A Kismet node that checks if a specific Chapter of the game is currently available to the player.


Not unused, but no longer needed and no longer triggers.

Hat_SeqCond_IsKioskDemo and Hat_SeqCond_IsNewGamePlus

The New Game Plus check isn't unused, but never triggers, as the game always returns false. KioskDemo check just checks if the game is in a certain demo mode, and does things differently if it is.


A node that would limit certain features of the game if the player was in a Free Roam Act. The coding for checking for this, however, is commented-out, meaning that the node is useless.


An event node that would apparently try to reset the level, according to its filename. Doesn't appear to do anything on its own.


Unused contract, likely intended as the original finale for Subcon Forest. Not set to unlock any Acts upon receiving this contract. Uses the contract photos from the player's initial contract. Uses a unique and otherwise unused graphic that says Snatcher is keeping your pride hostage instead of your soul. Localization for this contract existed in early versions of the final game, but was removed before 2018.


An unused Death Wish, meant to take place at the Twilight Bell. The gimmick of this Death Wish is that Hat Kid's Dweller Mask would 'flicker', as in, turn on and off while Hat Kid is trying to use it. This can create some tricky platforming segments in the level, and one of the bonuses is to not use the mask too many times. Ultimately, the Death Wish was scrapped for unknown reasons, although it could've been deemed not challenging or interesting enough. The coding for this 'flickering' behavior is still in the current final game, but specifically checks for this Death Wish to trigger, so it's not usable. The true name of this Death Wish is also unknown, as it's the only unused Death Wish to never have its localization leaked or present in any build of the game. This class file was removed from the game in the April 8 2022 update for the game.


Another unused Death Wish, called Secret Vault. It's essentially an early version of Vault Codes in the Wind. The vault codes would be scattered in different locations, and the golden vault's hint beams would only partially point to the codes. It was probably deemed more frustrating than difficult, and was scrapped. The coding for the vault to only partially point to the codes is still in the current final game, but is commented-out and disabled. Localization for this Death Wish is still leftover in the final game.


An unused Death Wish, called Mountaineer, which was never present in any version of the Modding Tools. Could be found in builds of the game from February 2018 to May 2018. Functions like a candle Death Wish, as all Death Wishes at that point in development functioned like candles. The player would essentially travel to each region of Alpine Skyline and clear all of them. Bonuses involved collecting every treasure at each region. Might've been scrapped for not being very creative and also being possible to complete naturally in the game before accessing Death Wish. The Death Wish is still referenced in commented-out coding in the current final game for the mountain system Alpine Skyline uses.


The last known unused Death Wish, called Pon Fanatic. This was originally the first Death Wish the player would need to complete in Death Wish mode before its introductory role was replaced by Beat the Heat. The class file for this is not in any known version of the Modding Tools, and could be found in builds of the game from February 2018 to May 2018. Functions like a candle, as all Death Wishes from that point of development functioned like candles. The objectives were really easy: you just had to collect 20 Pons to complete it. Bonuses were collecting 50 Pons and 100 Pons. Localization for this Death Wish is still leftover in the final game.

Bingo Cards

Class files: "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_AlpineHorns", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_BeatBosses", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_Chests", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_ClearCaveRifts", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_ClearTimeRifts", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_ObtainBadges", "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_Pons", and "Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_StitchHat"

Bingo Card Death Wishes, a scrapped mode that was at least partially completed during the development of DLC 1. There are several class files for this mode. However, these class files were never included in the Modding Tools, so their coding can never be fully seen. They can only be extracted from builds, with their most complete incarnation coming from the first DLC 1 build from Sepetember 13 2018. As only small snippets of their coding can be seen, their functionality can only be guessed. It seems that the player might've had to complete various tasks, such as opening treasure chests, buying Badges, and stitching hats.


A unique "weapon" used by the mafia shark to trigger a certain function within the player's code to handle being eaten. This function has long since been removed from the player's class file.