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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences/Early Death Wish Localization

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences.

How about a nice leek in this trying time?
This page or section details content from the 2017 A Hat in Time Death Wish Leak.
To do:
Analyze each video and list differences in each Death Wish compared to the ones in the final game.

Not too long after the game's Modding Tools released, a separate branch of the main game, called "Modding Beta", was introduced to not only allow players early access to mods being made by the community, but also to help test for and fix bugs in-game and in the Modding Tools. As it just so happens, this branch wasn't checked as thoroughly for WIP development content being made for Death Wish and DLC 1 at the time, and several updates starting in November of 2017 contained early localization for Death Wish! This leaked localization was exclusive to the Modding Beta branch, and was never included in any main branch build. Until the last Modding Beta build to include the leaked localization, all of the text found here could be found in the 'contracts.int' localization file.

November 19 2017 Build

Conditions_3Lives = You have 3 lives
Conditions_ClearLevel = You have to collect a Time Piece

Title = Pon Fanatic
Objective = Collect 20 Pons
50Pons = Collect 50 Pons
100Pons = Collect 100 Pons

Title = The Really, Really Big Parade
Objective = Complete The Big Parade
AllTokens = Get Every Single DJ Grooves Token
BigBand = The Express Band has 50 followers

Title = Award Ceremony 2: Award Harder

Title = 10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct
Objective=  Complete Train Rush with only 10 seconds

In addition to still having the text for the scrapped bonfire contract mission, some text has already been added for Death Wish, indicating that development on Death Wish had already begun by this point. According to the compiled scripts of earlier November 2017 builds, Death Wish had begun to be implemented into the game as early as November 8 2017. The 'Conditions_ClearLevel' text here managed to survive into the current final game, still unused. A few early contracts are present too, including the scrapped Pon Fanatic candle, The Great Big Hootenanny, Killing Two Birds, and 10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct. The parade and Ex Chapter 2 boss Death Wishes also showcase early names for the missions: "The Really, Really Big Parade" and "Award Ceremony 2: Award Harder". This text was removed by the next day, November 20 2017, in the third experimental build update that day, so it's likely that the inclusion of this early localization was a mistake. ...However, funnily enough, it was added back into the experimental builds the next day.

November 21 2017 Build

Title = Security Breach
Objective = Complete Dead Bird Studio
NoCaught = Complete without being caught
NoSpot = Complete without being spotted
Condition = Security has been upped. Significantly.

In addition to all of the early Death Wish text that was present in the November 19 2017 build's localization, another Death Wish was added: Security Breach! One of its conditions is different from the final game's: one condition is to not get spotted. Period. This would not only be insanely hard to do, but it's very similar to the first condition. In the final, the condition was changed to keeping a low bill by the end of the level. Also, the first condition's description was reworded slightly in the final: "Complete without getting caught".

November 24 2017 Build

Conditions_NoCheckpoints = No checkpoints

All of the previous Death Wish text is still present, and now the unused checkpoint text that still exists in the final game was added. ...Not much else to say, really. This is also the first build to remove the unused bonfire contract text.

December 2 2017 Build

Title = Heating Up the Heat
Objective = Complete Heating Up Mafia Town
AvoidLava = Complete without touching the Lava
MinWater = Edit this eventually
Condition = Faucets are in different locations

Beat the Heat was added, complete with an earlier name: "Heating Up the Heat", which is most likely a placeholder name. The 'Objective' text was changed in the final game to say "Turn off all the lava faucets", and the 'Condition' text about the faucets being in different locations was completely left out of the final game. It also contains a placeholder condition description for completing in less than 2 dunks in water, as well as the first conditon being changed from not touching the lava to not overheating.

NoSpot = No Bird harassment

Security Breach's second condition wasn't changed, but its description was.

NoHit = Don't get hit by the Express Band

The Great Big Hootenanny was also given its second condition.

Footage someone recorded of using a mod to activate Death Wish manually:

The build featured in the video is the December 11 2017 Debug Build, which features the version of Death Wish seen in the December 2 2017 build.

December 14 2017 Build

Objective = Complete Train Rush
NoHat = No hat abilities, One-Hit Hero
AllPons = Find time to pick up every Pon
Condition = The Owl Express is way behind schedule

10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct was updated to give it conditions, and its 'Objective' text was changed to omit the 10-second time limit information. One of its conditions is different, however. Instead of collecting newly-placed Conductor tokens in the level, you had to collect every single Pon. This was probably deemed as overkill, and was toned down to collecting just the tokens. Funnily enough, the Death Wish in the final game still places down an extensive amount of extra Pons not found in the normal level, likely as a leftover of this early condition.

December 18 2017 Build

MinWater = Cool down less than X times
Condition2 = It's very hot, remember to cool down!

Beat the Heat was updated and replaced the placeholder condition text with... more placeholder text. Yay! It was also given a second(?!) flavor text condition, which was the flavor text condition used in the final, albeit reworded a bit. In the December 20 2017 Experimental Modding Support build, all Death Wish text was removed from the localization, except for the 3 lives, no checkpoints, and 'you have to get a time piece' text. It would all be added back in for the January 6 2018 Experimental Modding Support Build.

January 6 2018 Build

NoCaught = Complete without harassing Birds

MinWater = Cool down no more than 2 times

Title = 0 A-Presses
Objective = Collect any Time Piece without jumping
Collect2 = Collect 2 Time Pieces without jumping
Collect4 = Collect 4 Time Pieces without jumping

Title = Mountaineer
Objective = Clear Alpine Skyline mountains
AllMountains = Clear ALL mountains
AllRelics = Collect all relics

Title = Wound-Up Windmill
Objective = Complete The Old Windmill
OneHit = No hat abilities, One-Hit Hero
TimeLimit = In under 4 minutes, without dying
Condition = The Windmill is operating at "peak" performance

For some bizarre reason, the description for Security Breach's 1st condition was reworded to be completely different from its earlier description and final description. The amount of dunks allowed in Beat the Heat was finalized. Additionally, three more Death Wishes were added: the Zero Jumps candle, the scrapped Clear All Alpine candle, and Wound-Up Windmill. The name for the Alpine Skyline Death Wish is even present: "Mountaineer"! This Death Wish would ultimately be scrapped in the final game, likely due to it being able to be completed before even getting the contract for it, as well as not being very creative. Zero Jumps also has an early name: 0 A-Presses. Its last two conditions are also different, being changed in the final to collecting four Time Pieces without jumping and completing Train Rush without jumping. Wound-Up Windmill's 'Objective' text was changed to "Reach the top of The Windmill" in the final. Its time limit condition was also changed in the final to omit the no death stipulation because all early Death Wishes functioned like Candles do in the final game, thus dying during a Candle wouldn't restart the Death Wish; it'd put you back at your last checkpoint. In the final game, this isn't a Candle, and thus dying puts you back at the start anyway, so the no death text was not needed anymore. The Death Wish text would once again be removed (except the lives, checkpoint and whatever text) in the January 7 2018 Experimental Modding Support build. By the January 14 2018 Experimental Modding Support build, all of this text got its own localization file, like in the final.

January 14 2018 Build

Title = Secret Vault
Objective = Open the Golden Vault
Condition = The Vault Codes have been scattered
Condition2 = The Vault only partially points to the codes

One new Death Wish was added: the scrapped Secret Vault contract. All of its text matches what's leftover in the final, so not much else to say. This is also the last build to contain early Death Wish localization, sadly. Gears For Breakfast must've realized that they were accidentally leaking their content, and so every build after this on this branch omits the text for them, completely. This doesn't mean Death Wish was inaccessible for future builds prior to DLC 1's release, just that the localization for new Death Wishes added aren't provided. For example, here's the February 8 2018 build in action, showing even more Death Wishes since the January 14 2018 build:

To do:
Videos of Harder Mu Castle and Fractured Mask coming soon!