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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences/Object Code Differences

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences.

To do:
Get more screenshots of some of these earlier HUD elements and compare them.
Elaborate more when saying that some object had a coding overhaul. How was it changed, exactly? Maybe even make a comparison with screenshots or footage.

With the shear amount of patches this game has gotten, it would be asinine to document literally every single coding change or adjustment. Someone could write a novel-length book with how many changes there's been since the game released, so this page will focus on major and noteworthy coding changes, additions, and removals only.


October 9 2017 Build

  • Oddly, despite being unused, the scrapped Hover Hat ability was updated to check if the player is currently using the Ice Statue ability, and if so, do not trigger the hovering ability. It's unknown why this was updated, but it could be that a slightly later version of the Hat Ability was accidentally left out of a repository update for the game, and was only added in this build.
  • The unused 'Hat_CableWheel' class Actor, which was made for Sand 'n Sails, was deprecated in this build.
  • Minor behind-the-scenes coding changes to the speedrun timer HUD element.
  • Several other HUD menus, mostly in the Settings, received some minor coding adjustments, likely to fix some bugs.
  • NPCs were made able to speak a voice line if the player attacks them.
  • A very small coding adjustment was made to the player's camera class file.
  • Mafia Boss now drops Health Pons in the final phase of this boss fight if the player has died to him multiple times. When he drops Health Pons, they also now drop further apart, so that the player doesn't unwillingly pick up multiple at once.
  • Some coding was added to the base bot class file for all bosses in the game to handle calculating safe positions to jump to.

October 11 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • In the 'GameMod' class file, several changes: A string variable was added called 'FirstMap', which "// Indicates that this is probably a level mod". A native function was added called 'UpdateLocalModInstallsOnce'. A static function called 'OnHeartBeat' that was added at this point "// For debugging".
  • In the 'Hat_ClassHelper' class file, coding was added to try to spawn a dynamic object, called "PlayAsMuTwo". Unknown was this was for, exactly, but might've been related to a workshop mod that was released fairly early in Modding Beta, which also happened to have been created by one of the developers in Gears For Breakfast. A native static function was also added, called 'GetScriptClass'.
  • The telescopes in the Spaceship can now be prevented from being accessed unless a certain Actor is destroyed. This was likely introduced to try to prevent people from getting into the finale without having all of the necessary Hat Abilities, as the Dweller Mask, Ice Hat, and Brewing Hat are needed to access its telescope.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, a new command was added: "ModExists". Likely used to debug whether mods were working and running per frame.
  • A bug was fixed with Relics which involved Relics not appearing on the Relic Map HUD due to invalid location data.
  • A minor visual bug with taking a number ticket at the start of the finale was fixed.
  • When choosing to quit the game, if saving is disabled, the text for 'Save and Quit' is now updated to state that the game will not be saved.
  • Several minor changes and fixes for the Settings menus.
  • Fixed an obscure bug where the player would sometimes not be sent back to the Spaceship hub after obtaining a prize in the Time Rift Roulette.
  • The player can no longer take damage while they're posing in midair when collecting an item.
  • A new class file was added: "Hat_SeqCond_IsRemixEnabled". It checks if a collectible remix is currently enabled.
  • A small issue was fixed involving the game being unable to properly generate the amount of contracts the player can get in Subcon Forest when the player steps inside a Snatcher Trap.
  • If the player ignores Mustache Girl's tutorial on Yarn after she appears in the Spaceship and clears Down With the Mafia, Rumbi will now drop a single Sprint Yarn if attacked, as Mustache Girl gives the player a Sprint Yarn during the tutorial that the player would then have permanently missed.
  • Two new in-game collectible Remixes were added, which are the orchestral Snatcher Boss remix and the Train Rush Electro Swing remix.

October 17 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • Checkpoint Volumes were added to the game.
  • Mafia can now show a homing attack tutorial when they guard against the player's umbrella attacks.
  • Tutorials were added for using the crawling and using the Helper Hat.
  • The credits were updated to credit Casey Billadeau for art assistance.
  • The mod list menu's coding was greatly improved and expanded upon for additional functionality.
  • In the 'Hat_SeqAct_SetCheckpoint' class file, the unused and commented-out "IslandID" variable was removed.

October 21 2017 Build

  • Dialogue bubbles had their text positioning adjusted very slightly.
  • The unused 'Hat_TimePieceDisplayCase' class was set to 'notplaceable' in this build.

October 24 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • The telescopes had some behind-the-scenes coding changes that determines how the camera that is used when a telescope unlocks is set.
  • If the player is homing attacking Mafia Boss, he will now wait for the homing attack to end before advancing further in his coding. This prevents a new attack from Mafia Boss from interrupting a homing attack. Some coding related to a "SuperVersion" was removed, as well.
  • The class file that handles cheats had the new "ModExists" command removed.
  • The HUD that appears while executing a homing attack had its coding updated to appear properly during Mirror Mode, which is interesting as that mode was properly introduced into the normal game until DLC 1 released almost a year later.
  • Minor coding changes to fix a bug that prevented players from being able to select Alpine Skyline's finale Act from the Act Select menu.
  • Coding was added to expand the player's inventory.
  • While the player is talking to Badge Seller, the pause menu is now disabled.
  • The way the player 'taunts' was overhauled, which includes sitting on benches, kissing, teasing, and more. A function called 'taunt' was changed to 'PlayCustomAnimation', which is now how the player's taunts are handled.
  • When skipping a cutscene, all conversations the player is currently having are canceled.

October 26 2017 Build

  • The class file 'Hat_HUDMenuMods' was removed from the game files.
  • Other minor coding changes related to mods were made.

October 30 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • Small coding improvements to the player's camera during a cutscene.
  • The Helper Hat now points to Time Pieces above all other things if one is close enough.
  • The Supporter's Hat, available for all Kickstarter backers, was added into the game.
  • Several unused Hat Abilities and Badges were removed from the game files, including: "Hat_Ability_Hover", "Hat_Ability_Scooter", "Hat_Badge_Muddy", "Hat_Badge_Teleport", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_AirAttack", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_MoreEnergyFromOrbs", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Electro", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Hover", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_DamageToEnergy", "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Queen", and "Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Teleport collectible".
  • The large glass orbs that contain Pons and other goodies for the player to collect within a time limit were updated to support visual counting and can display a number that shows how many collectibles the player has gotten so far.
  • The coding in the unused 'Hat_HUDElementCollectibles' class file was wiped in this build. The class file still remains, however.
  • The fish skeletons that jump out of the lava in Heating Up Mafia Town had minor coding adjustments to accommodate for unstable frame rates.
  • The coding for 'Hat_MiniMissionCollect' received a complete overhaul. Now allows for visual counting and if that's enabled, it'll also make Hat Kid speak every time she collect an item (Up to a certain amount) and when she collects them all.
  • The unused Kismet programming node, 'Hat_SeqAct_TurnInContracts', had some of its coding adjusted to accommodate the unused Badge class files being removed.

November 3 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • Several unused Actors were set to 'notplaceable' in this build, which are: the rainbow balloon object from the Alphas and Betas, all of the beehive Actors that were made for Subcon Forest, the physics plug objects that were used in the Alpha version of Mafia Town, some carryable objects (a barrel, a bird egg, and a traffic cone), the fake Dweller Fruit Actor that was scrapped from the Snatcher boss fight, the thunder cloud enemy, the flamethrower balloon, the 'Phantom Head' "enemies" made for the Twilight Dungeon in Sand 'n Sails, the Airmobile platform Actor, and the cloud platforms that were featured in Alpha Update 5 and the developer footage from the Alpha's version of Train Rush.
  • Pons had a behind-the-scenes addition. A content browser icon was added for this Actor in this build. The content browser icon concept was a planned feature for the Modding Tools where the modders would be able to pick and place Actors from a menu that showed a picture of each Actor. Unfortunately, the feature was scrapped not long after this build due to technical difficulties getting it to work properly for every placeable Actor in the game. A content browser icon was also added for Health Pons in this build as well, alongside a few other collectible items.
  • A couple unused HUD Elements had their coding completely wiped in this build, which are: The HUD that would display an enemy's health and the HUD for the scrapped Moon Stars Act.
  • The unused mini-mission class file for Moon Stars also had all of its coding wiped in this build.
  • 'Hat_NPC_Detective', the unused NPC reserved for Sam the Detective, who never made it past concept art. No longer uses Hat Kid Greg as a placeholder in this build, instead having no default model data.

November 4 2017 Build

  • The unused yardang rock ramps from Sand 'n Sails were set to 'notplaceable' in this build.

November 8 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • The Hover Badge will no longer trigger if the player has fallen into a Hat_JumpFailRecoveryVolume that has the 'fall flat death' option enabled.
  • The first coding for the Death Wish version of the Conductor boss has started to be implemented, here called 'hard mode'. So far, the only changes made is for it to not drop Health Pons at all during Death Wish. In another class file used by the boss, there is, interestingly, coding that explicitly forces the player to have the heart-to-heart cutscene during Death Wish, which was completely omitted from the final version of the Death Wish version of the boss fight.
  • Collectibles in the game now have a check for active Death Wishes and will destroy themselves if they aren't permitted to appear in any one of the active Death Wishes. Many other Actors in this build also received this functionality.
  • The Express Owl Band gained some Death Wish related coding, which makes them follow the player more closely, allowing less time for the player to stand idle.
  • Added support for swapping controllers in Co-op mode in the Modding Tools.
  • Goofy Mafia now has additional check when the player approaches him while scaring him to check and make sure the player's physics are valid.
  • An error sound was added for appropriate contexts within the loadout menu.
  • Added coding to prevent the player from grabbing onto ladders if the player is swinging on a hookpoint.
  • The first Death Wish contract classes were added, which are: "Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_BirdBossHard", "Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_DifficultParade", and "Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_TrainRushShortTime".

November 13 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • Several camera filters were added, including the unused Haze filter and its dust particle manager class file.
  • For some baffling reason, coding was added in the 'Hat_GameManager' class to check if the game is running in "Beta Mode 3", and if it is, it'll display the unused Thank You HUD when returning to the hub after getting a Time Piece.
  • The HUD that allows the player to rate a mod they just played was added in this build.
  • The earliest known version of the Death Wish menu HUD was added, which has a very different appearance from its later design:

AHatIntime DeathWishMenuNov202017.png

  • In the controller configuration Settings menu, the option to set up a new controller originally said "Add a new controller!". Now it says "Configure a custom controller!". The option to configure it went from saying "New" to "Configure", as well.
  • A locked icon was added to Death Wishes, which is an outline of the Snatcher stamp graphic used in normal contracts.
  • The scrapped 'Pon Fanatic' Death Wish was added in this build.
  • Default properties were added for the existing Death Wishes. For 'Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_BirdBossHard', parent Death Wishes are DifficultParade and TrainRushShortTime. Map coordinates are (-0.3, 0.8). For 'Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_DifficultParade', parent Death Wish is Intro_100Pons. Map coordinates are (0, 0.5). For 'Hat_SnatcherContract_DeathWish_TrainRushShortTime', parent Death Wish is Intro_100Pons. Map coordinates are (0, -0.5).
  • The way Badge Seller's items are sold, at least the coding for it, was overhauled. Items now have costs and Time Piece thresholds in their default properties, instead of that being handled by Badge Seller.

November 15 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • Placeholder strings were added to the coding of the rate mod HUD menu. The placeholder strings were: "Peckneck Odyssey", for the name of the mod. "peck version numbers", for the version number. "The Conductor", for the author of the mod.
  • Several coding changes across many system-related class files and HUD menus regarding loading the font.

November 17 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • Korean font was added to the game.
  • When rating a mod level you just played, an new option was added to directly load into the next mod in the mod list.
  • Added an option to toggle camera shakes in-game.
  • The 0 A Presses Death Wish was added in this build.

November 19 2017 Build

  • The coding for the Death Wish HUD menu was greatly expanded upon, but still pretty simplistic compared to its later incarnations. Additional textures and sounds were added to the menu.
  • The HUD now checks for if a Death Wish is active, and if so, it opens the newly-added contract objectives HUD, which is the list of objectives for Death Wishes that appears on the left side of the screen.

November 21 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • Some additional coding was added for the hookshot to check for additional grab distance.
  • The game now saves the current active Death Wish when exiting the game.
  • The Security Breach Death Wish was added in this build.

November 24 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • A camera filter that makes the scene look like a poster was added.

November 26 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • Three unused egg-related Actors made for Sand 'n Sails were set to 'notplaceable' in this build, which are: 'Hat_MadCrowSpawnerEgg', 'Hat_MadCrowSpawnerEgg_Falling', and 'Hat_RollingBarrel_Egg'.

December 1 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • The inventory system for the game was given a major overhaul in this build, in order to better organize the inventory items and fix bugs with it. Several class files in the game were updated or almost completely redone to accommodate this change.
  • Another unused object was set to 'notplaceable' in this build, 'Hat_CameraRoutePoint',
  • The class file that handles cheats had all commands related to Water Flasks completely removed. In addition, the 'TestItemQuality' command now only gives the player the Helper Hat, instead of also giving them the Ice Hat, Sprint Hat, and Time Stop Hat. The command to open the contract HUD was removed, and the 'StitchHatAnimation' as removed as well. The 'RemoveAllContracts' command now also deletes Death Wish contracts.
  • Collectible camera filters now have item qualities.
  • The coding for the Water Flask collectible was wiped in this build.
  • The coding for the Water Flask HUD Element was wiped, too.
  • All Water Flask related functions and variables in Hat Kid's class file were completely removed.
  • The 'Hat_StatusEffect_WaterFlaskRefill' class had its coding completely wiped.
  • The way cosmetics and Hat Flairs are applied to the player were given almost a complete coding overhaul.
  • The unused "RewardBadges" const was removed the from the Time Rift Roulette HUD.
  • All of the unused 'Sketchbook' Actors and components were completely removed. These class files were used for the scrapped Subcon Map System, so base game objects no longer appear on the map system anymore.
  • The Security Breach and Great Big Hootenanny Death Wishes were developed a little further.

December 4 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • The PlayAsMuTwo check coding in the 'Hat_ClassHelper' class file was removed.
  • Several more unused objects were removed, which are: The EXP Bit, The Thor and Witch hats from the Alphas and Betas, and most of the unused cosmetics leftover from the Beta's inventory system.
  • All coding related to the unused Mafia Tie items within the Mafia's enemy class files was removed.

December 7 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • The unused carryable barrel object was removed.
  • The special Speedrun Event hat was added to the game in this build.
  • The unused Grave Forest Dweller that appeared in the Beta's Subcon Well (Caves) was removed.
  • Several HUD menus received some slight coding tweaks.
  • The old leftover Beta HUD menus were removed.
  • When an intruder appears in the Spaceship, if the player is set to completely skip all cutscenes, these intro cutscenes are now skipped as well.
  • The player's air control is now locked when hanging on a ledge.
  • The console command to open the old menu from prerelease builds was removed.
  • Bloom can now be toggled in the Settings Menu.

December 10 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • Some Modding Tools 'ContentSpriteComponent's can now be made to be animated.
  • Death Wish Level Tokens were added in this build. At this point, the tokens are simply a Rift Token with shadowy materials applied.
  • The giant faucet handles in Mafia Town now bring up a small tutorial prompt telling the player to attack the handles to spin them.
  • The Death Wish HUD menu was updated a bit.
  • The 'Beat the Heat' Death Wish was added in this build.
  • Time Pieces in Alpine Skyline no longer display their objective Actor if the player has already collected them.

December 11 2017 Build

  • A new Kismet node was added that allows for the modifying of gravity in the level.

December 14 2017 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'TestItemQuality' command was changed to test Ice Hat instead of Sprint Hat.
  • The way skins are handled in-game was practically overhauled, but still functions the same in-game.
  • Three unknown and unused skins were added: 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_ClassicCup', 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_StripedDress', and 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_YellowCloud'. It's currently unknown what any of these three skins looked like.
  • Some minor work was done regarding Coop Mode, particularly for handling splitscreen.
  • In the Death Wish Contracts HUD, some minor coding changes and additions, plus more text is colorized.
  • For the Death Wish menu HUD, a debug const was added that makes all Death Wishes in the game currently available, without having to unlock them first.
  • Fixed a bug where the announcer during Train Rush would sometimes say the incorrect amount of time left, or not say anything at all.
  • Fixed bug where the player could try to put away their weapon while in the middle of taking it out.
  • The unused ziplining Goat object made for Sand 'n Alps and Alpine Skyline was set to 'notplaceable' in this build.
  • A new Kismet programming node was added that works with splitscreen Coop Mode.
  • Death Wishes are now inactive if the player is not in the map that is designated in the Death Wish. This functionality actually still exists in the final game, even with non-Candle Death Wishes, but the player can never normally leave the designated level, so this goes unseen.
  • '10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct' gained its own bonuses in this build, one of which differs from the final: collecting all of the Pons in the level. In the final, this was changed to collecting all of the Conductor Tokens.

December 18 2017 Modding Beta Build

  • For some bizarre reason, the unused 2D Snatcher Actor from the Alphas and Betas was made non-abstract in this build, meaning it can now be placed in a level on its own. No idea why this was done.
  • Important collectibles can now be made to skip their first-time collect message.
  • Collectible remixes can now be made to not appear in the Time Rift Roulette, which is useful for modders and Death Wish rewards.
  • All of the unused skins that were included with the game at launch were removed in this build.
  • However, a new unused skin was added into the game, called 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_PatternExample'. This was most likely included by the developers to assist modders who are looking to make custom skins that use patterns instead of solid colors. It's still in the current final game.
  • All of the coding for the unused cocoa HUD Element leftover from an early, scrapped mission in Mafia Town was wiped in this build.
  • Small tweak to how the player's bubbles are generated while underwater.
  • JumpFailRecovery Volumes no longer can hurt the player if they fall into them with invincibility frames.

January 6 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • The player can now sit on the throne in Mustache Girl's castle thanks to a new bench class type being added to the game.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, the commands that open the Death Wish menu and mirror mode were removed.
  • Two new skins were added, 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_80sCandy' and 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_Cardboard'. The 80's Candy skin went unused and was eventually removed from the game later on.
  • The 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_ClassicCup', 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_StripedDress', and 'Hat_Collectible_Skin_YellowCloud' skins were all removed in this build.
  • Coding for the unused bad chocolate Actor leftover from early versions of the Toilet of Doom fight, 'Hat_Goop', was wiped in this build.
  • The sliding obstacles in The Arctic Cruise were added in this build, alongside Heat Safe Volumes for Beat the Heat.
  • The post process effect that appears around the borders of the screen in Beat the Heat was added in as well.
  • The HUD Element that says "You Died!" when you die in a Death Wish was added. Graphics are identical to the final version.
  • In the mod level select menu, a const at the top was added, called "Debug_BulkTest", and is set to "false". Now has tabs for different sections of the menu, and now changes the music when talking to Goofy Mafia. If the player has no mods installed, a default description of a mod would be shown if it wasn't blocked by a "if (false)". The mod's name is "My Mod Name", the mod's author is "MekuCube", and the mod's description is "My first mod yo!".
  • The stamper animation was added to the Death Wish menu, alongside additional sounds and more. A lot of coding was added and overhauled in this version of the menu.
  • The player can now restart the current level via the pause menu, but only if a Death Wish is active.
  • On the main menu of the game, the 'Play', 'Delete', and 'Select' menu text are now localized.
  • Minor coding tweaks here and there in the controller configuration menu. The "Connected" text now says "Connected Controllers", the "New" text now says "New Controller", "Configure a custom controller!" now says "Configure a new custom controller!", and "Configure now says "New".
  • The intruder info class file for Oldster was removed, and Goofy Mafia's was added in its place.
  • The coding for the bad chocolate bouncing balls, leftover from the Beta's Toilet of Doom fight, was wiped in this build.
  • All of the necessary coding for handling overheating in Beat the Heat was added, although some bits differ from the final version a bit.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to play the level intro landing animation while dead.
  • The 'Wound-Up Windmill' and scrapped 'Mountaineer' Death Wishes were added in this build.
  • The amount of cooldowns allowed for a bonus in Beat the Heat was finalized, which is 2.
  • The ice statue from the Ice Hat can now slide on slopes.

January 7 2018 Modding Beta Build (Version 2)

  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'MakeSimplePawn' command was removed.
  • The coding for Mafia Town's vaults to only partially point to the vault codes, a la the scrapped Secret Vault Death Wish, was added in this build.
  • The debug const for unlocking all Death Wishes on the Death Wish menu was disabled in this build.
  • Localization coding for Death Wishes to be updated to now also read from the new localization file that Death Wish text is stored in. Seems that this build might be the one that initially had the localization move to a new file, even if the localization wasn't actually included in the build.
  • Death Wishes can now be allowed to be valid in more than one map.
  • The scrapped Secret Vault Death Wish was added in this build.

January 9 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Splitscreen Coop Mode now uses vertical splitscreen instead of horizontal.
  • Physics for carryable objects was improved.
  • A couple new cheat commands were added, including one that gives the player all of the hats in the game. This command, surprisingly, is not blocked by an editor check.
  • Flamethrowers now hide their shadow decals if they're spitting flames.
  • Many HUD Elements were given additional coding in this build to support appearing in Coop mode.
  • Oddly, tabs in the mod level select menu HUD were disabled in this build.
  • NPCs will no longer look at anything else other than the person they're talking while they're being talked to.

January 14 2018 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • The old pre-Prototype functionality for adding a 'fake' Time Piece to the counter was removed in this build.
  • Cutscene cinematic bars are now purple in Death Wish.
  • The ambient particle effects that appear when fighting a Death Wish boss were added in this build.
  • Several Settings menus received small fixes and improvements.
  • The unused Sand Skating particle that was defined in Hat Kid's class file was overwritten with the Death Wish Boss particle. All coding related to Sand Skating was also removed in this build.
  • This is the first build to include instances of the scrapped 'Bingo Mode' that was planned for DLC 1.
  • Three new functions were added to the base Death Wish class file: A function to get the color change certain UI elements use, a function to check if all Death Wishes are completed, and a function that force clears an objective.
  • The Wound-Up Windmill Death Wish now keeps track if you're inside the windmill by checking your current checkpoint.
  • Within the coding for the scrapped Pon Fanatic Death wish, a new function was added when the force unlock objective code triggers. Within that function, however, there is new coding to activate an achievement! Its ID is 37, and it is unknown what achievement it is/was.

January 18 2018 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • The intruder info class file for Snatcher and Death Wish was added in this build.
  • Death Wishes can now bring up a prompt when a player dies that allows them to instantly retry the Death Wish.
  • The Boss Rush Death Wish was added in this build.

January 18 2018 Modding Beta Build (Version 2)

  • The first Death Wish for collecting Death Wish Tokens was added, which is the one for Mafia Town.
  • Badge Seller's shop now renders properly in Coop Mode.
  • Text in most dialogue boxes was made slightly smaller in this build.

January 19 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Cubemaps were made able to be brighter than before.
  • PBR was added in this build.

January 30 2018 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • "hard mode" was added to the Mafia enemy's bot class, which makes the Mafia a lot more agressive and faster if enabled. A few other enemies also received this 'hard mode' option, such as Mad Crows and Sleepy Raccoons.
  • Death Wish Level Tokens for each of the other Chapters currently in the game (Except the finale) were added.
  • The coding for the early version of the Arctic Cruise sliding hazards was overhauled in this build.
  • Several more HUD Elements had coding added to support rendering in Coop Mode.
  • Act information on the Act Select screen is now localized, alongside Yarn and Time Pieces.
  • The overheating coding in Hat Kid's player class file was blocked from being cooked into future pre-DLC 1 builds by a DLC build check.
  • A new function was added to the base Death Wish class file, which determines if it's hard mode or not, and checks if any Death Wish is active OR New Game Plus mode is active.
  • Several new Death Wishes were added in this build, including Pon Frenzy, She Speedran From Outer Space, and the other Chapters' Death Wish Token hunts.

February 1 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • The Time Stop hazards that were initially used in The Arctic Cruise on launch of DLC 1 were added in this build.
  • Pons will now properly curve towards the HUD when playing in Coop Mode.
  • Having a completed save file will now make new music play on the file select menu when the completed save file is being selected or hovered over.
  • Rift Collapse Death Wishes were added, and all of them are here except the Deep Sea Rift Collapse. One of the bonuses for Rift Collapses is different from the final: instead of finishing with at least 30 seconds remaining, the bonus is to instead essentially 'skip' a floor. What this means is to collect enough Rift Pons so that on one floor, you don't collect any Rift Pons and go straight through the Rift Gate. This bonus was probably changed to allow for a full clear for the Death Wish.

February 7 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Stackable carry objects were added in this build, which are used in The Arctic Cruise.
  • The sliding hazard objects for The Arctic Cruise received minor code tweaks and fixes in this build.
  • The main menu can now keep track of how many Death Wishes you've completed.
  • The appearance for the Time Stop hat's effects were changed in this build. Up until now, Hat Kid turned pitch black and gained several smokey trails on her person when using the ability. Transparent clocks also appeared around her while using it. Now, the clocks and smokey trails are gone, and a black and green fire effect appears on her instead. There are also additional particle effects for walking and jumping while using the ability, although those particle effects weren't added until the February 12 2018 Modding Beta Build.

Initial Release February 7 2018 - Current
AHatIntime OldTimeStop.gif AHatIntime NewTimeStop.gif

February 10 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Ziplines that the player can let go off early were implemented, which was primarily used for the ceiling fan in the mail room on the Spaceship.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'ShowHelperHatObjectives', 'FinaleMuMission', 'CompositeShadow', and 'GiveAllHats' commands now require you to be in editor for them to work. A new command was also added, called "TauntDance", which makes Hat Kid forever play the jumping fist bump animation until you exit or reset the current level. This also requires you to be in the editor for it to trigger.
  • The rainbow background effect for Rift Collapse Death Wishes was hidden behind a DLC build check, so it no longer triggers in-game.

February 12 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Coding for several unused enemies was wiped in this build, including Rough Patch, Janitor, Forest Plants, and the Forest Dweller enemy. All unique coding for the Science Owl enemies seen in the Betas was also wiped.
  • The urchin hazards used in the Deep Sea Rift were added in this build.
  • The coding for the unused 'Boss Text HUD' Element that was used in the Alphas and Betas for Barrel Battle was wiped.
  • Extra Time Stop particles were added, as mentioned above.
  • The unused default mod text for the mod level select menu were changed to: "This is a Very Long Name To Test Level Select With", "This is a Very Long Username Also To Test With", and an absurdly-long generic mod description that starts with "Lorem ipsum dolor".
  • The Death Wish menu was made 'abstract' in this build, likely as part of anti-leak measures. Being abstract means it cannot be opened on its own. All Death Wishes were made 'abstract' in this build as well, which essentially makes it very difficult to load Death Wishes now without hex editing. The Mafia's Jumps Death Wish was also added in this build.
  • DLC offers now appear on the main menu.
  • Added bug-fixing code that automatically removes invalid hats from the player's inventory.

February 20 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Two more types of surface were added in the game: coins and slime.
  • Coding for the flickering effect for the Fox Mask that would've been used in the scrapped Fractured Mask Death Wish was added in this build. Several other bits of coding for this Death Wish were added to some other class files as well.
  • The scrapped Fractured Mask Death Wish, alongside The Mustache Gauntlet and Quality Time With Snatcher, were added in this build.
  • Time Pieces now appear purple in Death Wish.

February 26 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • The coding to unlock Chapter Acts via Death Wish stamps was added in this build. This feature would be present for The Arctic Cruise when DLC 1 launched, and would be almost immediately patched out.
  • All of the coding for the Fractured Mask is now hidden behind a DLC build check, so it no longer cooks into the game.
  • Stackable objects that were used in The Arctic Cruise essentially had a coding overhaul in this build.
  • The unused Boss Text HUD element that just had its coding wiped was completely removed in this build.
  • Coding for the unused Time of Day HUD Element was wiped in this build.
  • The amount of Time Pieces required for Snatcher to appear in the Spaceship was added in this build, and is the same as the final: 30.
  • An early version of the Task Master mission was added in this build, here called "Hat_MiniMissionStackDelivery". The mission system is very basic at this point. There's no timer, no pressure, and no unique HUD for it. It's simply carry object A to point B.
  • Several more menus and aspects of the game were given localization.
  • An unused Kismet programming node that would've started an unknown mini mission version of Murder on the Science Express was completely removed from the game files in this build. ("Hat_SeqAct_MurderCase")
  • The coding for an unused Kismet programming node that would instantly grant the player a specified Time Piece had its coding wiped.
  • The Camera Tourist Death Wish was added.
  • The Fractured Mask Death Wish class file was made 'abstract' in this build. The amount of Dweller Mask uses allowed for its one Bonus was increased from 4 to 8.
  • The Mustache Gauntlet had some coding adjustments and improvements: Objective fails now soft reset on the level loading instead of after the intro cutscene. Now checks if the player touches the lava or touches a flaming Mad Crow and fails an objective if they do.
  • The Quality Time With Snatcher Death Wish is now 'abstract' as well.

February 27 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Fixed a small bug where mods sometimes wouldn't display the correct localization text.
  • Thor's NPC class file was removed in this build, alongside the unused Airmobile platform object.
  • Location Banner text coding was overhauled, and the old 'Dream Depth' unused code was deleted.

February 28 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Enemies can now be set to instantly die if they touch a JumpFailRecovery Volume.
  • The hue of purple used for the cinematic bars in Death Wish was slightly changed in this build.
  • Some more localization was added in this build for some menu options.
  • The contract objectives for Death Wishes can now be hidden off-screen.
  • The Bird Sanctuary Death Wish was added in this build.

March 2 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Another major coding overhaul for stackable objects.
  • In the class file that manages cheats, the 'TestItemQuality' command now also gives the Ice Hat too, instead of just the Sprint Hat.
  • Skins received a coding overhaul of their own, but still appear the same way in-game. Some new upcoming costumes for DLC 1 were also added, which are the detective outfit, the raincoat, and the parade outfit.
  • The unused Moon Stars HUD and Rocket riding HUD were removed in this build.
  • Several font-related changes to many HUD elements in the game and plenty more localization was added, too.
  • Task Master received a massive coding overhaul. The mini mission now has multiple modes: Normal and Single Task. Survival mode does not exist yet.
  • Hat Kid now uses alien eyes when falling into the mud in She Came From Outer Space, to match the Act's titlecard art.
  • The unused Time Piece obtain Kismet node that just had all of its coding wiped was completely removed from the game files.

March 4 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • Mods can now have GameMod classes, and tags for having Hats, Badges, Remixes, Skins, and whether it's a single level or a Chapter mod were added.
  • The Mod Level Select HUD received a massive coding overhaul, but didn't change the in-game appearance of the menu much.
  • Task Master got another substantial coding improvement. A const was also added for the mini mission called "DebugMode", and is set to true in this build.

March 5 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • The only real noteworthy thing about this build in terms of coding changes is that the Mod Level Select menu's tabs can now have different colors.

March 7 2018 Modding Beta Build (Version 1)

  • Queen Statue enemies received a new feature that, strangely, didn't end up used in any version of the game. The statues can now be toggled, activated and deactivated. If deactivated, they will not chase the player at all. It's unknown why this feature was added to the enemy or what purpose it was supposed to serve. Not long after this build, the coding for this was updated to make them turn red if they start deactivated and become active.

AHatIntime StatueToggle1.gif AHatIntime StatueToggle2.gif

  • Another new upcoming DLC 1 costume was added, this time the Queen Dress costume.
  • Multiple class files were updated to support mirror mode.

March 10 2018 Modding Beta Build

  • The Helper Hat can now lock onto Spaceship power panels as a point of interest.
  • Moving vault code coding was added in this build, as the Vault Codes in the Wind Death Wish was added, alongside Breaching the Contract (Snatcher Ex).
  • The loadout menu selector from the Beta was replaced with the spinning yellow stars version in this build.
  • Task Master received another massive coding overhaul.
  • The Rift Collapse 'trail' effect was added in this build. The Rift Collapse ambience particle (falling rocks) was added, as well.
  • All unique stackable objects were added in this build, except for Mafia Boss's jar form.

March 13 2018 Build (Version 1)

  • All stackable objects were made 'abstract' in this build, as per anti-leak measures.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'TestItemQuality' command was updated to give the Time Stop Hat as well.
  • Added coding to give you an achievement if you have at least 30 mod Time Pieces.
  • The sliding hazards for The Arctic Cruise were also made 'abstract' in this build.
  • The Mod Level Select HUD had some significant coding tweaks and fixes, and now also shows the mail room icon.
  • Now shows stars on the file select menu to signify how many major accomplishments the player has achieved.
  • Removed redundant coding that checks how many Badge pieces you have in your inventory, since that mechanic was scrapped after the Betas.
  • Task Master made 'abstract', as part of anti-leak measures.
  • You now get a Rift Token instead of an actual Time Piece when you collect a mod Time Piece.
  • A couple other class files related to Task Master were made 'abstract'.
  • The newly-added status effect for Rift Collapses was made 'abstract', and the ambience particle was hidden behind a DLC 1 build check.
  • The Time Stop status effect was given a music parameter, and it now triggers a different material parameter: "TimeStop" instead of "AbilityDrain".

March 15 2018 Experimental Build

  • A significant amount of Death Wish-related coding was added for Conductor's boss fight.
  • The unused Queen Statue toggle feature now turns the statue red when activated if they start deactivated.
  • General improvements to the mod level select menu.
  • Removed a bit of unused leftover coding that would play the Beta's bottomless pit voice in Hat Kid's class file.

March 18 2018 Build

  • Even more coding additions for the Ex version of the Conductor's boss fight.
  • Objective Actors for stackables now have a minimum cull distance of 400.
  • Time Rift Balls in Purple Rifts now keep track of how many Pons they've spawned, and will not spawn more than 24.
  • Completion stars on the main menu now only appear if the player actually has a save file on the file select screen.
  • More major coding additions to Task Master.

March 22 2018 Experimental Build

  • Several class files now log errors, should they occur.
  • Minor bug fix in the Queen State's Bot class so that it now sets its target to None before being set back to its idle state.
  • Small tweaks to Mafia Boss's electric spinning attack.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'UnlockEverythingChapter' command now gives uncanny Time Pieces if the Chapter has one. A new command was also added, called 'TogglePostProcessing'. Three guesses as to what it does.
  • Hidden enemies are no longer affected by Dweller Fruit explosions.
  • When attacking a boss while using Time Stop, the cooldown for the hat is now set for much longer than normal.
  • Security Guards can no longer 'take damage' if they're Hidden.
  • Time Rift Balls no longer spawn Pons in Death Wish.
  • More menu options and text are now localized.
  • All of the coding leftover from 2017 demos of the game, including the Gamescom demo, was removed.
  • Health Pons are no longer thrown in The Big Parade during Death Wish.
  • The cinematic outro effect when the player collects a Time Piece received some small tweaks in this build.
  • Added coding for the scrapped and changed Killing Two Birds Bonus objective that would limit the amount of jumps you could do. The limit for this Bonus was 20 jumps.
  • Some coding in the Death Wish contracts for Rift Collapses was either removed or hidden by a DLC 1 build check.
  • Made it so that the Rift Collapse clone decay timers actually increment by 0.1 instead always being set to 0.1. Whoops. This essentially meant that Rift Collapse clones never disappeared, and essentially lagged and perhaps even crashed the game prior to this build.

March 23 2018 Build

  • Changed the fade-in and fade-out effect when entering and exiting a Spaceship telescope.
  • Security Guards now turn to face the player a little bit later in their code, presumably to fix a bug.
  • The camera menu had some test-related changes. No longer manually applies the Curse Casual font and instead now grabs the default font. Text size was also slightly adjusted.

April 3 2018 Build

  • The camera system received a mostly behind the scenes overhaul.
  • The heart-to-heart phase of the Conductor boss fight is now skipped if in Death Wish.
  • Stackables got yet another massive coding overhaul. Several code chunks were either removed or blocked behind a DLC 1 build check.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, a new command was added, called 'ToggleCacheCameraTraces'. Not blocked by an editor check. Does what its name says.
  • Death Wish Tokens were (finally) made abstract, as part of anti-leak measures. All Death Wish Token contracts were also made abstract.
  • In Murder on the Owl Express, the "Is it this schmuck?" text is now localized.
  • The Lives system for Death Wish was implemented.
  • For the Death Wish menu, contract dimensions were changed from height: 1.15 and width: 1.513 to height: 1.0 and width: 1.66. The lock and clock textures were added. Several coding improvements and additions.
  • Death Wish was added as a loadout option, but checks if you have the DLC and have seen Snatcher's intro on Death Wishes before adding it as an option.
  • In the controller config settings menu, the "Connected Controllers" text is now localized.
  • Task Master's old class file name, "Hat_MiniMissionStackDelivery", was changed to its final version, "Hat_MiniMissionTaskMaster", in this build. This version of Task Master is the first to use a HUD Element. Of course, there have also been numerous changes and additions to its coding since the last build.
  • Rift Collapse clones are now very low-poly versions of the player's character instead of the high-poly version.
  • Passive Death Wishes were introduced, finally bringing the system to what it ended up being in the final release. There are now level Death Wishes and passive Death Wishes. The wait time penalty system was added in this build.
  • Some Death Wishes were changed to passive in this build, which are: Camera Tourist, Pon Fanatic, 0 Jumps, and all Death Wish Token contracts.

May 28 2018 Build (Version 1) (DLC 1 Leak)

  • Several significant coding additions and fixes for coop mode were added in this build.
  • In the Toilet of Doom's Bot class file, the Ex Version check was added, but always returns false for the Toilet of Doom. This is because Snatcher's boss classes extend from the Toilet of Doom's, and would need to be used for Snatcher but not the Toilet.
  • Stackables received many coding additions and slight changes compared to the previous build.
  • A nifty new keyboard RGB feature was added where certain keyboards will light up and flash colors in specific patterns when the player does certain actions in-game.
  • Time Piece Shards were added in this build, but weren't used in the leaked version of The Arctic Cruise. Instead, the level used Rift Pons as placeholder.
  • The vaults in Mafia Town can now be re-opened again during the Pon Frenzy Death Wish.
  • The urchin hazards for Deep Sea Rift were made abstract in this build, as per anti-leak measures.
  • The purple vignette around the screen was added for being in Death Wish.
  • The player's air/drowning meter received a minor bugfix so that it auto-closes if the player's air is ever full and they're not in water.
  • Localized the "SKIP" text that appears when skipping a cutscene.
  • The unused FPS monitor HUD Element had its coding wiped in this build.
  • The Relic Map HUD used with the Relic Map Badge was removed in this build. The new Compass Badge took its place, with a 3D arrow now showing the direction the player should go when using the Badge.
  • Changed some internal names of some buttons, and the game can now detect and display either the right or left bumpers instead of just a generic trigger.
  • The mod level select menu now uses a new font.
  • The Death Wish menu received another massive coding overhaul and improvement.
  • The loadout menu saw the removal of some leftover code from the Beta version involving the page left and right arrows, and addition of some additional coding for coop and Death Wish.
  • NPC classes for the cruise captain, the Conductor's grandkids, Fish Dude, and the Cruise Seals were added in this build.
  • Removed the 'ThirdJumpIsDive' const from Hat Kid's class file, and removed unused code relating to it, as well.
  • Death Wishes can now have stamp number requirements, ribbons have been added to the stamps on the map, several new icons were added for the various stages of completion along with different colors, and several new functions were added to support new passive Death Wishes and checking if a Death Wish has been perfected.
  • Boss Rush EX, Killing Two Birds, Cruisin' for a Bruisin', Snatcher's Hit List, and the Deep Sea Rift Collapse Death Wishes were added in this build.
  • Camera Tourist now takes mirror mode into account when snapping pictures of enemies.
  • For some baffling reason, the Mountaineer Death Wish was made non-abstract in this build.
  • Each Bonus in So You're Back From Outer Space was slightly nerfed, having its jump count limit increased by 1.
  • She Speedran From Outer Space was made slightly harder. The first Bonus was changed from a 2 minute time limit to 1 min 40 sec, and the main objective was changed from 3 min to 2 min.
  • The bouncy life preservers in The Arctic Cruise were added in this build, alongside a stackable version of Mafia Jar.
  • The status effect that makes Hat Kid salute when near the cruise captain was added in this build.
  • The final's coop system was implemented, with a buyback cost when a player dies, and disallowing coop spawn and despawn in certain situations in-game. The graphics for it are all missing at this point due to anti-leak measures, and the sound effects and particles for it are placeholder. The respawn also only happens at each checkpoint, instead of as soon as the dead player presses a button once enough Pons have been obtained by the other player who's still alive. The amount of Pons needed to respawn is 10.

September 13 2018 Build (DLC 1 Release)

  • The player can no longer open the camera menu while in the quick swap hat menu.
  • Coding for activating the 'flickering' behavior that was going to be used in 'The Fractured Mask' Death Wish was commented-out in the Dweller Mask's code.
  • Using the hookshot will now remove the pillow dive status effect.
  • A new coop versus mode has been added, where player 1 and player 2 compete while playing levels.
  • The system that teleports a player to a location to sync up with the other player was given a coding overhaul in this build.
  • The blue chemicals will now auto-aim at Snatcher in his boss fight when throwing them in Death Wish.
  • The Actors for Snatcher's old 2D form from the Alphas and Betas were removed in this update. All coding that would support having a conversation with him (stopping and starting certain decal animations) was also removed.
  • Several other unused objects were removed from the game at this point, with many of them from Sand 'n Sails. These objects are:
    • The old physics-based plug Actors from the Alpha version of Mafia Town
    • 'Hat_CustomLighting'
    • The test Actor, 'Hat_DesertTravelDirector', made for Sand 'n Sails shortly before it was scrapped
    • The unused earlier version of the Purple Rift gates, 'Hat_DreamWorldTreasureGate'
    • 'Hat_Goodie_Chaser_LostBoy', the unused running Snatcher Minion
    • The Sand 'n Sails variant of Alpine Skyline's telescope
    • Some items meant for the Beta's inventory system
    • The phantomhead enemy made for Sand 'n Sails' Twilight Dungeon
    • The Sand Island Point and Sand Travel Point Actors
    • The unused 'Hat_Guard' and its Bot class
    • The unused chair-bound and sand skating status effects
  • The Item Magnet Badge can no longer attract Hidden Pons.
  • The Projectile Badge now does less damage in Death Wish.
  • Paint bucket skins were added.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'PrintLoadout' command now checks to make sure your inventory is valid first before it starts to print anything. The 'GiveDecorations' command now gives you the Arctic Cruise relics. A new command was added, called 'RemoveItemQualities', which removes all of the base game Hats from your inventory. Another new function is 'GiveAllBadges', which gives you all of the base game's Badges, including the two extra Badge Pins. The 'ToggleCacheCameraTraces' and 'IsPaused' commands were removed. Another new command, 'ToggleSplitscreen', was added. You can guess what it does.
  • Some Nyakuza Metro objects are already programmed into the game, which isn't too surprising considering that some of the earliest assets for the Chapter date back to July of 2018. The metro ticket items are already all present, coding intact. The metro ticket gates are also present, and actually have their coding intact, unlike the later September 29 2018 DLC 2 Blockout build. While model data for them isn't supplied, some of their variables are different. For example, the ticket gates were originally far more narrow than the final's. Cleanable mud puddles for the cat vacuums were added, alongside early versions of the vacuums themselves! And again, unlike the later blockout leak build, all of its coding is present. The cat trains and train sign obstacles are also present in the game, but they're more or less the same as the versions found in the blockout leak build.

The vacuums were quite different at this point in development. Although the mud puddle objects were present in the game already, the cat vacuums don't appear to have any coding for chasing a muddy player. The vacuums make no noise at this point, and follow their routes much more loosely compared to the final's. The early vacuums can also be affected by gravity, unlike the final's, but they can also be set to ignore gravity, essentially allowing them to hover over pits. When bouncing on the early vacuums, the vacuum lacks its bouncy material shader effect, and the angle that Hat Kid jumps on it from determines the direction that it sends her. For the wall version, this can make using them for platforming extremely tricky. The early vacuums can also be set to remain still and not move at all. Finally, the vacuums have a 'wander mode', in which they don't follow an assigned route and instead just...wander around, turning randomly and avoiding obstacles in their way. This mode was completely scrapped for the final game, with all vacuums in the final either following a route or remaining still.

  • The old Coop Respawn Crystals were made notplaceable in this build.
  • Compared to the May builds, Pushy Crows don't move as fast as previously while in Death Wish.
  • All coding in the Mafia Town vaults related to the scrapped Secret Vault Death Wish was commented-out.
  • All coding related to the scrapped Mountaineer Death Wish was also commented out.
  • Removed all coding related to the unused Sand Travel Map in Alpine Skyline's ziplines, and implemented coop support. The HUD for the Sand Travel Map was also removed.
  • A HUD Element for the scrapped Bingo Mode was actually added to the game since the May build, indicating that work did in fact continue on this mode for at least a bit longer before being scrapped. A couple more bingo cards were added as well: 'Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_AlpineHorns' and 'Hat_SnatcherContract_BingoCard_Chests'.
  • Carrying multiple stackables now brings up a warning tip message about caring too much.
  • The old Calcite-era 'Hat_HUDElementCollectibles' was removed. The unused 'Hat_HUDElementEnemyHealth' was removed as well.
  • A HUD was added for the jump challenge Death Wishes.
  • Task Master got some significant fixes and adjustments for the final version.
  • The 'You Died' HUD for Death Wish got a coding overhaul.
  • The Death Wish menu got another significant coding overhaul.
  • On the main menu, for some reason, this new const was added: "GamesComDemoAllowMurder", and it's set to "false".
  • Fixed lava fish having collision while submerged in lava.
  • Mini missions that involve collecting items now remind the player to use the Helper Hat if they haven't progressed in the mini mission in a while.
  • The Conductor's grandkids can wear a few different outfits. They were given a new pink shirt outfit since the last version.
  • The cruise captain's cigarettes now have smoke particles on the ends of them.
  • Hat Kid now has a cold breath particle.
  • Coding support for Hat Kid having conversations while on vehicles was removed.
  • Water bodies can now be set to be frigid, as the frigid water mechanic was added in this build.
  • Hat Kid can now do a smug dance by alternating pressing the two taunt buttons quickly.
  • Hat Kid's coding for jumping off a scrapped yardang ramp from Sand 'n Sails was removed.
  • Brewing Hat chemical flasks now only do 1 damage in Death Wish, instead of the usual 2.
  • The explosion radius for firework rockets was nerfed: 170 to 100.
  • Several new Death Wishes were added: So You're Back from Outer Space, Community Purple Rifts, Encore! Encore!, No More Bad Guys, The Illness Has Speedrun, and Speedrun Well.
  • The Award Ceremony 2: Award Harder, Mountaineer, and Pon Fanatic Death Wishes were all removed in this build.
  • Camera Tourist was changed to add bosses as enemies that the player has to take pictures of, as well. It also received a massive coding overhaul and reorganization.
  • The unused Fractured Mask Death Wish was apparently worked on a bit more since May, as there's some minor coding changes and adjustments in its class file.
  • Stackable class files for the cruise captain, seals, Fish Dude, and Conductor were all added for use in Rock the Boat.
  • The unused electrified status effect had its coding wiped in this build.
  • If Hat Kid jumps into a jump fail recovery volume and it's set to be a fall flat transition, it will now cancel Hat Kid's homing attack if she's doing one.
  • The Ice Hat's statue now protects Hat Kid from the thirst damage type that is used in Beat the Heat.
  • The Time Stop hat's status effect had the rest of its leftover coding cleaned up, regarding the leftover coding for adding the unique Snatcher eyes to Hat Kid's face.
  • The tripping status effect had the coding removed that would get rid of the chair-bound status effect if the player has it.
  • If the player has bought DLC 1, some cruise seals now appear on the title screen in the asteroid ring. Death Wish candles also appear by Snatcher here if the player owns DLC 1.

September 14 2018 Build (Version 1)

  • The yarn cost for EZ Mode was reduced from 7 to 5.
  • Activating EZ Mode now disables some aspects of Death Wish, which are:
    • Death Wish difficulty is no longer enabled while in EZ Mode.
    • Death Wish particle screen effects are now disabled in EZ Mode.
    • The Game Over screen is now also disabled in EZ Mode.
  • Rewards are now available upon completion of the Death Wish regardless of whether or not the Death Wish is in EZ Mode. Previously, if EZ Mode was enabled at all, you could never obtain the reward for completion, even if you reset the contract. The inability to receive the reward after resetting a contract was likely due to a bug, however.
  • You now get a couple points in coop versus mode if you smack the other player with your umbrella.

September 14 2018 Build (Version 2)

  • EZ Mode was officially renamed to Peace and Tranquility. Almost all of the little funny names that appear when asking if the player wants to activate the mode were also changed:
    • "EZ Mode" became "Peas and Trees"
    • "Easy Modo" became "Peck and Trains"
    • "Izzy Mode" became "P3ac3 and Tranqu1l1ty"
    • "Easy Breezy" became "I sleep mode"
    • "Easy Moo" became "Peace my dude"
    • "Measy Mode" became "Take a deep breath"
    • "Easy Mode" became "Peace and Tranquility"
  • The fee to activate Peace and Tranquility was raised to 10, however, the mode now only costs Pons to activate, instead of yarn. The EZMode yarn icon became unused in this build.
  • For some reason, almost all enemies and hazards that get harder in Death Wish had their Death Wish buffs completely disabled in this build. Even when not playing in Peace and Tranquility, enemies do not get harder.
  • When resetting a contract, if the player has Peace and Tranquility enabled for that contract, it will say "Refund Peace and Tranquility", instead of "Reset Contract". When Peace and Tranquility is available for a Death Wish but not active, the message to activate it now says "Receive Peace and Tranquility" instead of "Call for help!".
  • 3 Lives are now disabled in Peace and Tranquility.
  • A contract can now be reset at any time as long as Peace and Tranquility is enabled for it.
  • Water barrel objective icons in Beat the Heat are now clamped to the player's viewport.
  • Mafia's Jumps now saves your lowest completed jump count as your high score.
  • Pon Frenzy now saves your lowest collected Pon total as your high score.

September 15 2018 Build

  • Mafia Boss Ex was slightly nerfed. The timer to spawn random stacks while in Ex Mode in Mode B was slightly increased: 1.20 to 1.30. Same for Mode C: 1.0 to 1.250. The rate at which random stage sacks in Ex Mode are spawned was halved. Stage sacks spawned in Ex Mode now hang for almost double the time: 0.33 to 0.6. When Mu gives her hint about hitting Mafia Boss, this now counts as a phase missed. When dizzy and vulnerable after doing the spinning electric attack, he now stays stunned for 1.80, instead of 1.60 in Ex Mode.
  • Mafia were made slightly easier in Death Wish.
  • Snatcher now stays idle for a little bit longer when doing the spinning lasers attack in Ex Mode.
  • Added a new function that more thoroughly checks if a relic is valid and has been obtained or placed down in the spaceship yet or not. This is a bugfix to prevent an issue that certain players experienced on DLC 1's launch where they were getting old relics that they've already placed down instead of the new ones.
  • Time Bonuses now gives out 40 second time bonuses when in Peace and Tranquility in 10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct.
  • Icons were made, overall, slightly smaller on the Death Wish map.
  • Mad Crows got their Death Wish buffs back.
  • The Ground Speed and Acceleration variables for Pushy Crows were slightly nerfed: 1.60 and 1.750 to 1.40 and 1.20.
  • The unused Shromb enemy was removed in this build.
  • The unused Actor that randomly spawns an enemy meant for Subcon Forest was made notplacable in this build.
  • All of the little funny lines for enabling Peace and Tranquility were changed again:
    • "Peas and Trees" became "Peas in the Trees"
    • "Peck and Trains" became "Peck and Trainquility"
    • "P3ac3 and Tranqu1l1ty" became "P34C3 and TR4NQU171TY"
    • "I sleep mode" became "Please and Thanksility"
    • "Breezy Mode" became "Trees and Pranquility"
    • "Peace my dude" became "Piece of Tranquility"
    • "Take a deep breath" became "to Take a Deep Breath"
    • "EZ Modo" became "to enable EZ Modo???"
    • "Nice Wish" became "to enable Nice Wish"
  • The Pon fee for activating Peace and Tranquility was raised from 10 to 77.
  • All text on the Hat Kid Dance menu for activating Peace and Tranquility is now localized.
  • You no longer get a refund of your Pons when deactivating Peace and Tranquility.
  • Health Pons can now appear during the Snatcher Ex boss.
  • Bird Sanctuary now removes all Egg Shrombs from the level in Peace and Tranquility.
  • Pon Frenzy now only kills the player on the 300th Pon if that Pon isn't the last one the player needed to complete the Death Wish. Previously, reaching 300 at all, even for the 100 Pon requirement, would kill the player.
  • The guidelines in Ship Shape that guide the player around the ship are now far more optimized than previously.

September 16 2018 Build

  • When Mustache Girl throws Time Piece Bombs at you while in Ex Mode, she throws them slightly further away from you: 200 to 300.
  • All of the relevant text for the Death Wish menu was localized in this build.
  • Death Wishes no longer allow for bonuses to be completed during Peace and Tranquility. All Death Wishes now obscure all bonuses until the main objective is cleared... unless it is specifically set to never obscure objectives.

September 21 2018 Build

  • The hitbox for Snatcher's minion sweeping attack is now a bit smaller: 500 to 400.
  • The warning time for Snatcher's lasers were doubled.
  • Snatcher's boss fight received several more changes:
    • The timer in the SetTimePieces function was increased from 0.2 to 0.25.
    • In StageA, he will now try to throw blue chemicals immediately.
    • At the start of StageB, all RushEx projectiles are now destroyed.
    • A new state was added: 'SmallChemicalsThrow'.
    • When in the 'ChemicalsThrow' state, Snatcher will now throw a different amount of chemical based on whether you're in Rush Ex or not. If you're in Rush Ex, he'll throw 140. If not, he'll throw 180 if he's Ex and 150 if he's not.
    • A timer in the 'CurseAttackCircle_PairOfThrees' state was increased from 1.6 to 1.8.
    • Now throws two additional buzzsaws during the earthquake teleport attack.
    • In Quality Time With Snatcher, when he's doing the 'SpinningLasers' state, the amount of time he waits after spawning the lasers was increased from 1.66 to 2.0.
  • Mafia Boss Ex received a few more slight nerfs.
  • Mustache Girl's teleport slap move now has greater vertical range: 0.2 to 0.8.
  • Coding for the metro ticket items was hidden behind a DLC 2 build check in this update.
  • Ribbons on the Death Wish menu now only display if Peace and Tranquility isn't enabled on the Death Wish.
  • The cleanable mud puddles made for Nyakuza Metro had their coding hidden behind a DLC 2 build check.
  • The Pushy Crows actually received a buff to their ground speed and acceleration Death Wish buffs: 1.4 and 1.2 to 1.5 and 1.4, respectively.
  • The rest of the enemies in the game that previously had their Death Wish buffs removed regained them in this update.
  • More text was localized in the Death Wish contract objectives HUD.
  • While in the Pon Frenzy Death Wish, the player is now killed if they move too far with 0 Pons on the counter.
  • The Arctic Cruise's Act Select screen is now arranged differently than before.
  • Localized the playtesting text (?!) and the disable/enable coop text.
  • The coding for the metro ticket gate objects was hidden behind a DLC 2 build check.
  • The unused Moon Stars mini mission class files were removed in this build. All coding relating to the Act was removed, as well.
  • Overheating in Beat the Heat now takes longer in Peace and Tranquility.
  • The firework rockets now home in on Hat Kid a little more loosely than before.
  • 100% completion is no longer dependent on completing Death Wishes. Death Wishes now allow the player to achieve completion percentages over 100%, up to 110%.
  • Peace and Tranquility is now only available in the 'Seal the Deal' Death Wish (Boss Rush Ex) if the player has enabled the mode on at least three of the boss fights that are part of this Death Wish.
  • Main objective tasks in Cruisin' for a Bruisin' were reduced from 50 to 40, Bonus 1 in Peace and Tranquility was reduced from 30 to 20. Now adjusts the difficulty in the mission to be easier when in endless mode.
  • Peace and Tranquility in Wound-up Windmill now destroys all Spiders, Fiery Crows and Pushy Crows in the level.
  • The time limit Bonus in The Mustache Gauntlet was changed to not using projectile attacks.
  • Bully Mafia now count as Mafia enemies in the Camera Tourist Candle.
  • 1st Bonus of Bird Sanctuary was changed from the time limit to a One-Hit Hero challenge. If a bird dies, the player will not be instantly killed in Peace and Tranquility anymore, but will if they have the One-Hit Hero Badge equipped.
  • It now takes slightly longer in Pon Frenzy for each Pon to go down: 2.2 to 2.5. In Peace and Tranquility, the interval changed from 5 to 6.
  • The Ice Hat now deactivates immediately upon entering frigid water. It also no longer protects the player from taking heat damage in Beat the Heat.
  • The early versions of the cat vacuums for Nyakuza Metro had their coding hidden behind a DLC 2 build check.

September 29 2018 Build (Version 1) (DLC 2 Blockout Build)

  • Several more nerfs to Snatcher's boss fight, and they get more intense every time you die to him. His attacks don't last as long, he waits longer while vulnerable, etc.
  • Mafia enemies became a bit easier to deal with in Death Wish, as now some of their buffs are only applied if they're set to be 'extra difficult'.
  • The coding for the early Cat Trains received some improvements and general additional features, mostly in the collision department. The trains also lost the ability to be able to change how much damage the train does per train. It now calculates that it'll do 1 damage if hit normally and 999 if hit directly from the front.
  • The coding for the metro ticket HUD was hidden behind a DLC 2 build check.
  • Added coding to make it so Hat Kid automatically climbs up ledges instead of hanging onto them in the limited jumps Death Wishes.
  • Added coding that makes it so that in non-splitscreen coop, if a player spends too much time out of view of the camera, they'll get teleported back to the other player.
  • Added the ability to toggle Ambient Occlusion, as well as change the quality of it.

October 18 2018 Build (Version 1)

  • The first Online Party class files were added to the game in this build. Only the basics were implemented so far. Online Party players and messages have been implemented, but the emotes aren't here yet. Several common objects in the game have had their coding updated to accommodate for them, such as Spaceship doors opening for them or Health Pons spinning around the online players if they collect one. The HUD Element that shows the list of players in the current Online Party lobby was also added, as well.
  • The remaining class files for the Explorer's Badge, Electro Shock Badge, Teen Angst Badge, Queen's Love Badge, Rocket Jump Badge, and More Health Badge were all removed in this build.
  • Slight nerf to the speed and amount of lasers Snatcher Ex spawns.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, a new command was added called "PrintBase". Removed the 'MakeMuddy', 'DoTumble', 'InstanceMods', and 'InstallMods' commands.
  • All of the coding for the cat trains had their coding hidden behind a DLC 2 build check...for one of the two class files that make up the train object. The other one, however, still has its coding visible! This class file received several code improvements and optimizations, as well as adding the train's warning horn as a feature.
  • More text was localized in the Time Rift Roulette HUD.
  • Bugfix: You no longer trigger jumpfailrecovery volumes if you're in the process of being caught by a guard.
  • The class files for the final versions of the cat vacuums for Nyakuza Metro were added into the game in this build...alongside their older versions. Given that the coding for these class files and the early vacuums are all hidden behind DLC 2 build checks, it's unknown how the different types of vacuums coexisted at this point in the development, if they did at all. There's also a unique variant of the final cat vacuums in this build called "Hat_MetroVacuum_Wall_Experimental", which isn't present in the release or leaked versions of DLC 2. It's unknown how it behaved or what purpose it served.
  • Several old and unused NPC class files were removed in this build, which are:
    • Sam the Detective's placeholder class file.
    • The 'CPR' variant of Oldster.
    • Shady Sunburnt.
    • The 'Citizen' class for the Sunburnts.
    • Tim the Time Lord.
  • However, the NPC class file for the Metro Cats was added in this build.
  • Pon Frenzy no longer triggers a radio conversation with Snatcher for every 60 Pons you collect.
  • When Hat Kid gets burned by a fire hazard, she now appears with ashes on her for a few seconds.

December 4 2018 Build

  • This build is the first and only known build to support curated mods. For DLC 2, Gears For Breakfast invited the community to make high-quality mods and mark them to be curated by the development team for possible inclusion in DLC 2. Rumbi Factory is one such example of curated content in that DLC.
  • Online Party characters have progressed a lot in terms of features and improvements since the last build.
  • The first Online Party emotes were added in this build, though there aren't very many of them. Only the "Hi", "Over Here", and "Watch Out" emotes are present, alongside two more that were completely removed from the final version: "Join Me" and "Ping".
  • The first iteration of Stickers were added in this build, which early Nintendo Switch localization calls 'Photo Stickers'. It seems, at this point, that Stickers didn't serve the dual purpose of being emotes and being able to be used to decorate screenshots taken with the in-game camera. At this point, it seems they were only made for the camera. The Bow Kid 'Yatta' Sticker is present, alongside the Hat Kid Blerp, Heart, Pon, Star, and Time Piece Stickers.
  • Negative Space Actors, a heavily-native feature used often in Nyakuza Metro, were added in this build.
  • Players can now make rotating GIFs out of screenshots they take with the in-game camera.
  • The two leftover and unused cherry bomb functions from Snatcher's boss fight were removed in this build. The unused class file for the fake cherry bomb was also removed.
  • The Moon Kitten enemy was removed from the game in this build.
  • The Nyakuza Cat enemies were added in this build.
  • Manhole-related coding was added in this build, suggesting that the amount of Time Pieces planned for Nyakuza Metro had already expanded from 5 to 9 (Although only 8 would make it into the final version).
  • Mustache Girl spends a bit more time underground when using her digging attack if she's EX: 0.1 to 0.3.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, several new commands were added: 'GiveSkin', 'GPJoinLobbyAuto', 'GiveAllTimePieces', 'PrintAct', 'FlickerZ', and 'DoControllerRumble'. Several functions also no longer have an editor check: 'GiveBadgePoints', 'ClearMountain', 'CameraYOffset', 'CameraZOffset', 'CleanBackpack', 'ShowHelperHatObjectives', 'FinaleMuMission', 'CompositeShadow', 'GiveAllHats', 'GiveAllBadges', and 'TauntDance'.
  • For some reason, the coding for the unused Haze camera filter was given a massive coding overhaul in this build. However, it would still end up unused in DLC 2.
  • The unused Speedboost item, Star collectible, and Water Flask were all removed in this build.
  • An upcoming DLC 2 skin was added in this build: Busy Bee.
  • The Online Party conversation type was set to abstract in this build, as part of anti-leak measures.
  • The unused ability enums for the cherry bombs/dweller fruit were removed in this build.
  • The coding for the sign hazards in Nyakuza Metro, as well as the remaining cat train code, was all hidden behind a DLC 2 build check in this build.
  • The coding for the scrapped Bingo Mode was almost completely removed in this build.
  • The 'Experimental' variant of the final's cat vacuums was removed in this build.
  • The unused old objective Actor for cocoa was removed from the game.
  • Two new objective Actors were added: one for Online Party players, and another one for Metro Time Pieces, which doesn't exist in the final version. It's unknown how it would've been different from the normal Time Piece objective Actor.
  • The old, unused Hat_Portal class file was removed in this build.
  • All of the unused coding in the springboard objects that would support sideways bouncing was removed in this build.
  • The unused system performance monitor objects and HUD were all removed in this build.
  • The old unused Toilet of Doom platforms from its Beta-era fight were removed.
  • The unique class file variant for Metro Time Pieces was added.
  • Although she didn't have a NPC class file yet, voice acting information was added for Empress in this build.

May 10 2019 Build (Version 1) (DLC 2 Release)

(Note that for this section, the changes for the leaked build from a month earlier will be merged into this section. Any differences between them and the final version will be mentioned as well)

  • Camera blocking volumes were added.
  • Added three new expressions for characters in the game, bringing the total up to 26.
  • Cat vacuums and cat trains were made partially native in this build.
  • Negative Space Actors were further developed since the December 2018 build.
  • Added two new types of surfaces: paper and magic crystal. Magic crystal is used for dweller objects.
  • All remaining remnants of the older, Beta coop respawn crystal system were removed in this build.
  • The unused 'EWeapon_MagnifyingGlass' enum in animation data was changed to 'EWeapon_BaseballBat'.
  • All class files for the scrapped Rough Patch enemy were removed.
  • The unused Bot class for generic citizen NPCs was removed.
  • Coding for the scrapped Mafia Shark enemy was wiped in this build, as well as its dedicated volume.
  • The unused breakable crate objects were removed.
  • Improvements to the UI keyboard menu.
  • NPCs can now have group conversations, which is used often in the metro.
  • Riding on top of a cat train now triggers its own unique camera mode.
  • The cat flap doors that the trains in the metro enter from and exit to were added.
  • A lot of changes in the class file that handles cheats:
    • Removed the: 'tofade', 'CreatePlayer', 'Pitch', 'OpenControllerUnpluggedWarn', 'CloseControllerUnpluggedWarn', 'UnlockDetective', 'DestroyRopeActors', 'StartSketching', 'ThrowTrash', 'todhud', 'CaveProgress', 'Photobomb', 'FPSMonitor', 'GiveMafiaTies', 'CheckpointHUD', 'SetSkin', 'BigUnlock', 'GiveMurderClues', 'CheckPlayerStartMountains', and 'SteamGenerateDebugItems' commands.
    • Added some new commands: 'CamModeSpeed', 'GPJoinLobby', 'GPJoinLobbyPublic', 'GPExitLobby', 'GPSpectate', 'UnlockEverythingBaseGameOnly', 'PrintChapter', 'RemoveBadgeSlots', 'DLCMetroPlaytest', 'DLCMetroFinale_Pre', 'DLCMetroFinale', 'GiveMetroTickets', 'ClearMetroTickets', 'GiveDLC2Outfits', 'BenchCamera', 'SkipForward', 'SetSkinColor', and 'OpenSkinEditor'.

Additionally, the 'GiveAllTimePieces' command was updated to also be able to add ones from the DLC chapters, provided a variable is set to true, which it always is inside the command code itself. Finally, the command to give the player all relics was updated to give you the new DLC 2 relics.

  • A couple new camera filters were added: Kaleidoscope and Pop Art.
  • Death Wish Level Tokens for Nyakuza Metro were added.
  • The unused snake basket relic, the state head relic, and the statue pedestal relic were all removed in this build.
  • The unused 80's Candy skin was removed in this build.
  • All remnants of the scrapped Community Stamp Polaroids system were removed.
  • The Lazy Paw Gang cats in Alpine Skyline were nerfed. They now only take one hit to defeat and leave paw print trails wherever they run, so the player can more easily keep track of them while they're invisible.
  • The unused expression components for Rough Patch and Tim the Time Lord were removed in this build.
  • The unused blank forest trap Actor was made notplaceable in this build.
  • The two scrapped Online Party emotes mentioned in the last build were removed.
  • The unused acid pool hazards for the Toilet of Doom fight were made notplaceable in this build.
  • The last bit of the scrapped Bingo Mode, the HUD Element class file, was removed in this build.
  • The unused debug music HUD received some tweaks.
  • The unused HUD for the DX 11 warning had its coding wiped.
  • The HUD Element for the unused FPS monitor was removed in this build.
  • The player's health HUD received a massive overhaul, essentially becoming way more dynamic, being able to display even more units of health (up to 9!), and only needing graphics for the number in the center of the HUD instead of one for the entirety of the graphic for each number. All of the Alpha Update 5 HUD remnants were removed, as well.
  • The unused Skin Editor HUD menu was added in this build.
  • The unused Pawn Info HUD had its coding wiped in this build.
  • All of the coding related to the older version of the Compass Badge, the version that used the HUD map, was removed.
  • Three more unused HUD Elements got removed: Time of Day, Water Flasks, and Contract Turn In.
  • Peace and Tranquility is now automatically set to active if the new Assist Mode is active.
  • Objects that can be broken with the Brewing Hat's chemical flasks can now display a Hat prompt when the player is nearby.
  • The unused bouncing bad chocolate balls from the Beta's Toilet of Doom boss coding were removed.
  • The unused Starcore objects, objects that can only be made solid/visible when a Starcore is near, were made notplaceable in this build.
  • Native code support for rendering dweller objects in other modes was removed. The alternate modes still work, but cannot be shown visually anymore.
  • The player now has the option to open a 'Weapons' menu on their loadout, as this DLC introduced the only alternate weapon in the game: the baseball bat.
  • Having Assist Mode active now nerfs the difficulty of Task Master immensely.
  • Rift Collapse Death Wishes now slows down the time scale if Peace and Tranquility is active. This creates a problem in at least one of the contracts, Deep Sea Rift, as the player can actually wait long enough in the level now for the music track to loop, revealing the lack of a proper loop in the music.
  • For some reason, the balloons that Hat Kid can grab onto in Vanessa's Manor to progress in the level were made notplaceable in this build, even though the level still uses them.
  • When Peace and Tranquility is enabled, the overheating timer in Beat the Heat now increases far more slowly.
  • The unused playable Hat Kid Statue character was removed in this build.
  • The unused 'western' Time Stop coding was added in this build.
  • All of the old versions of the cat vacuums were removed in this build.
  • Class files for unused weapons, the magnifying glass and spraycan, were removed.

  • Compared to the DLC 2 leak builds...
    • Syncing issues regarding the baseball bat for Online Party players should be fixed.
    • General connection stability for Online Party was improved, particularly with handshakes.
    • Cosmetics given a behind-the-scenes coding overhaul.
    • More text in the new camera menu was localized.
    • The scrapped Forest Plant and Venus Trap enemies were removed in the this build.
    • The class file that handles cheats got several more changes:
      • Removed the following commands: 'GPJoinLobbyAuto', 'GPJoinLobby', 'GPJoinLobbyPublic', 'GPExitLobby', 'GPSpectate', 'GiveDecorations', 'TestItemQuality', 'RemoveItemQualities', 'UnlockEverything', 'UnlockEverythingBaseGameOnly', 'DesignIsWrong', 'DesignIsRight', 'GiveAllHats', 'GiveAllBadges', 'RemoveBadgeSlots', 'DLCMetroPlaytest', 'DLCMetroFinale_Pre', 'DLCMetroFinale', 'GiveMetroTickets', 'ClearMetroTickets', 'GiveDLC2Outfits', 'FlickerZ', and 'DoControllerRumble'.
      • Added the following commands: 'GPHandshake', 'GPEnableNagle', 'GPDisableNagle', 'CruiseJustUnlocked', and 'PrintAllChapterInfo'.
      • Minor tweak to the 'RemoveAllContracts' command. Removed the line of code in the 'TrainwreckJustUnlocked' that would mark the unused Conductor info as seen. Minor adjustments to the 'AlpsJustUnlocked' command, including also removing the Conductor info code. Removed the Conductor info code line in 'FinaleJustUnlocked' command. Also removed it in the 'ActSelectAnimations' command.
    • Skins had several coding adjustments.
    • The unused Timmy Hat cosmetic item was removed in this build.
    • The unused class file for Hat Kid's old expression system was removed.
    • Bow Kid save files were added.
    • Online Party players can now all have unique avatar icons displayed in-game.
    • The Online Party machine now only appears if you have DLC 2 bought and installed.
    • Empress with her rocket launcher should no longer target dead players.
    • Snatcher's lasers in his boss fight received some more nerfs.
    • The 'high-score' screen at the end of Acts 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Chapter 2 had some font-related changes, plus more text on it was localized.
    • The 'Exit' text for Alpine Skyline's telescopes is now localized.
    • A HUD Element for subtitles was added, and is used in Nyakuza Metro's cinematic cutscenes.
    • The unused intruder info class file for Conductor was removed in this build.
    • Some debug code was removed from the wall-moving cat vacuums.
    • Assist Mode auto-adjust difficulty for Task Master was made very slightly harder: 0.1 to 0.15.
    • The fade out after dying will now only be Mustache Girl after the player has obtained at least 4 Times Pieces.
    • The player can no longer be damaged while the player is navigating an item shop menu.
    • In Bird Sanctuary, a bird being killed now only damages the player once, instead of instantly killing them.
    • The Hover Badge now checks what weapon you have when activated, and does different animations based on which one you have at the moment.

May 11 2019 Experimental Build (Version 13)

  • Fixed the "boop clip" by doing a physics check.
  • Online Party players can no longer smack other players around if they're in a conversation with something or someone.
  • Added a small bit of code that triggers an acheivement if you have at least one Sticker in your inventory. Enum = 50.
  • Bugfix: swapping weapons while smug dancing no longer allows the player to be able to do the Nyakuza animation with the umbrella, and vice versa.
  • Some minor coding was added to prevent the player from being able to use the emote wheel in certain circumstances. The player is also no longer able to carry or ride the scooter while dancing.

May 12 2019 Build (Version 1)

  • Bugfix: The player can no longer use the camera if the emote wheel is open.
  • Fixed the bug where players suddenly couldn't access Alpine's finale when DLC 2 released.
  • Bow Kid can't get Hat Kid exclusive items from the roulette anymore.

May 14 2019 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • The Camera Mark Actor, which glows white and disappears if a picture of it was taken, had its coding wiped in this build and was made notplaceable. All coding relating to it in the in-game camera's coding was removed, as well.
  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'Gamble' command was removed. Also added a new command: "CookingCatJustUnlocked".
  • More text was localized for the Online Party Scoreboard HUD.
  • Minor coding additions to prevent spectating hidden players.
  • While in a shop, AI Actors can no longer find the player.
  • Ticket booths in Nyakuza Metro had several behind-the-scenes coding adjustments, some of which resulted in the removal of a unique interact point class file for them, 'Hat_InteractPoint_TicketBooth'.
  • Due the previous changes, the way the metro guidelines work code-wise changed drastically, but still function the same way in-game.

May 17 2019 Build (Version 1)

  • Made the 100% completion reward hat not appear on Bow Kid save files, as it's a hat intended only for Hat Kid.

May 19 2019 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • In the class file that handles cheats, the 'GPEnableNagle' and 'GPDisableNagle' commands were removed.

May 19 2019 Experimental Build (Version 8)

  • The HUD that appears that allows the player to join an Act that another Online Party player is entering now no longer renders if the player has the camera open or the game is paused. The player can also no longer join Acts if they're using the camera.

May 26 2019 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • More text in the Murder Clues HUD was localized.
  • Alpine Skyline Time Pieces should now always use Snatcher materials in Death Wish.

May 30 2019 Experimental Build

  • Players can now subscribe and unsubscribe from mods in-game. They're also able to download them while in-game, even though this functionality often leads to a crash, even in the current final game.

May 31 2019 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Starting with this build, ocassionally, Gears For Breakfast can choose a mod from the Steam Workshop and feature it in-game as a pop-up on the Act Select menu for a few seconds.
  • Bug fixes for the player's new DLC 2 health HUD involving the One-Hit Hero Badge.
  • Added a DLC 1 bought check to the Death Wish map so that the player cannot play any Death Wishes until they've bought the DLC.
  • If a player makes a certain amount of progress into a Chapter, or completes a Chatper's finale without completing its Purple Rift, a new icon will appear on the Act Select screen for that Chapter, featuring an outline of a Purple Rift level icon.

June 3 2019 Experimental (Version 1)

  • Added coding to test the new Challenge Road feature before pushing it to the main public branch of the game.
  • Losing all of your lives on a Death Wish now will always boot you back to the Hub, instead of just for Death Wishes that can lock you out.

June 3 2019 Build (Version 1)

  • Challenge Roads have been added to the game. Now, occassionaly, Gears For Breakfast will take 2, 3, or 4 mods from the Steam Workshop and offer a pseduo-Death Wish challenge of being able to clear all of them in a row with three lives. The levels are usually short, non-Chapter mods with a single Time Piece each. A small trophy icon will be added to the Challenge Road HUD menu for each Challenge Road a player completes.

June 5 2019 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Disabled the coding that fixes issues in the player's inventory.

June 7 2019 Experimental Build

  • Some unused cosmetic class files and items, including the unused raccoon hat cosmetic, were removed in this build.
  • The Mod Level Select menu can now show featured mods.

June 9 2019 Experimental Build

  • Cat vacuums should no longer be able to collide with queing Metro Cats. This, previously, would cause a crash.

August 14 2019 Experimental Build

  • Some coding support for the Nintendo Switch's gyro sensor was added in this build.
  • The unused rolling egg Actor meant for Sand 'n Sails was removed in this build.
  • Citizen Metro Cat no longer appear in Nyakuza Metro on lower graphical settings.
  • Bugfix: Sleepy Raccoons should no longer be able to attack or even register touching a player if it's Hidden.
  • The old Game Data Book Actor meant for Calcite's hub, Limbo, was removed.
  • The unused bad chocolate Actor, Hat_Goop, was removed.
  • The unused node Actor, Hat_RollercoasterPoint, intended for the scrapped rollercoaster method of reaching Mafia HQ, was removed in this build.
  • In Beat the Heat, all funny background Mafia that are burning in the lava are now Hidden.

September 3 2019 Experimental Build

  • Conductor/DJ Grooves boss fight got some coding tweaks.
  • Carryable objects should now make players do a little squishy bounce animation if they land on their head.
  • The Tour Rift intruder cutscene should no longer alert the player to its presence if player have auto-skipping cutscenes enabled or if they've already claimed its Time Piece.

December 7 2019 Experimental Build

  • Conductor/DJ Grooves boss fight got some more nerfs.
  • Falling disco balls now only shake the camera for half as long as previously.
  • Mafia Boss Ex version has one less health in the first phase and two less health in the third phase.
  • The Express Band in the Spaceship now syncs in Online Party.

January 19 2020 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • The unused rollercoaster point node Actor and rolling egg Actor were added back in, for some strange reason.
  • The purchaseable soundtrack offers no longer appear on the Bonus Items menu option on the main menu.

July 4 2020 Experimental Build

  • Mafia Boss Ex now has one less health in the third phase.
  • Cat trains should no longer play their warning horns if Hidden or stopped due to Tick optimization.
  • Added an option in the Mod Level Select menu to view mods in the Steam Workshop from directly in-game...while removing said option from the Mod Rating menu.

July 13 2020 Experimental Build

  • The URL for the main menu's Facebook icon was changed to direct the player to their Discord server instead of their now-defunct Facebook page.

January 31 2021 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • A new accessibility feature was added: Jump Assist. With this option enabled, the player will now auto-jump when walking off a ledge.

February 3 2021 Experimental (Version 2)

  • Some coding changes were made to try and fix one of the game's most severe and well-known bugs, where the player would get stuck in their 'damaged pose' and be unable to perform a variety of actions until they died and reset the level.

February 10 2021 Experimental Build

  • Stickers can now have promo codes, for the special promotion Sticker offered in events and whatnot.
  • A promotional Sticker was added, the GFB Vinyl Sticker, which wouldn't be made available until July of 2022. The Sticker would also not gain its unique artwork until May of 2022.

February 11 2021 Build

  • The GFB Vinyl Sticker was removed from the game files.

April 30 2021 Experimental Build

  • Water volumes, by default, will now try to lock the camera at the surface of the water and disallow it from ever going underwater. ...This didn't work. This 'feature' was implemented likely to try and prevent the camera from clipping into the pillows in the Spaceship.
  • Three new, unobtainable promo Stickers were added, one of which uses unique artwork that currently goes unused in the final game.
  • The GFB Vinyl Sticker was added back into the game files.
  • Falling into a jumpfail recovery volume should now remove the Ice Statue ability from the player, if they're currently using it.

May 1 2021 Experimental Build

  • The unused inverted ceiling light Actor meant for the Deadbird Basemet boss was removed in this build.

August 24 2021 Experimental Build

  • The promotional Sticker for Psychonauts 2 was added.
  • Mods can now have a tag called 'Tag_IsDLC', which was likely put in for the upcoming Vanessa's Curse Creator's DLC.

October 8 2021 Experimental Build

  • The DLC tag for mods was removed from the coding.

October 25 2021 Experimental Build

  • Stickers received new coding to support the upcoming special particle variants of holo Stickers for Vanessa's Curse.

November 19 2021 (Experimental)

  • Plenty of more coding for Creator's DLC was added.
  • Maps can now have several new restrictions, like allowing coop, whether or not the quick-swap Hat wheel slows down time, and being able to blacklist and whitelist inventory items.
  • Online Party itself was moved to its own type of DLC, so that Vanessa's Curse can allow players to play online even if they don't have DLC 2 bought and installed.

November 29 2021 Vanessa Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Maps can now be set to allow/disallow cheats from being used.
  • Tons of behind-the-scenes fixes for Online Party connections and Online Party players.

November 30 2021 Vanessa Experimental (Version 1)

  • The game will now recommend players certain Online Party lobbies so that they can get the most out of Vanessa's Curse.

December 12 2021 Vanessa Experimental Build

  • Custom mod playable characters can now be whitelisted and blacklisted in map properties.

December 20 2021 Vanessa Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Swapped the original thumbs up and down graphics on the Mod Level Select and Mod Rating menus with the new rendered ones, and several bits of coding were changed to accomodate for this. The default mod info author was changed from "This is a Very Long Username Also To Test With" to "Gears for Breakfast;". Special Thanks was also added, which is set to "GFB;GFB;GFB". Its workshop ID was also set to 1.

February 3 2022 Build

  • The game can now blacklist certain mods which have been categorized as 'cheat mods', to prevent them from being used in Vanessa's Curse.

March 4 2022 Build

  • The four special Among Us promotional Stickers were added to the game.

March 6 2022 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • The unused cowboy hat Time Stop flair was removed in this build.
  • The unique coding in the bell hookpoints that would've started making the Dweller Mask flicker for the scrapped Fractured Mask Death Wish was removed.
  • The contract class file for Fractured Mask was removed in this build.

May 8 2022 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • The Online Party lobby HUD menu changed quite a bit, now allowing the player to select from a list of existing popular lobbies to join or to be able to type in their own lobby.

June 13 2022 Experimental Build

  • Bugfix: the achievement for playing a lot of mods should no longer auto-trigger on game boot-up.

July 17 2022 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Bugfix: mods shouldn't say "visit the store" anymore in the DLC Splash on the main menu.

July 17 2022 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Fixed some awkward button sizes on the Mod Level Select menu.