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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences/Object Code Differences

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences.

To do:
Get more screenshots of some of these earlier HUD elements and compare them.
Elaborate more when saying that some object had a coding overhaul. How was it changed, exactly? Maybe even make a comparison with screenshots or footage.

With the shear amount of patches this game has gotten, it would be asinine to document literally every single coding change or adjustment. Someone could write a novel-length book with how many changes there's been since the game released, so these pages will focus on major and noteworthy coding changes, additions, and removals only.

AHatInTime UI Deathwish Activated.png
A lot of juicy stuff in here, given that the game was fresh and DLC 1 had just started active development behind the scenes
AHatIntime EarlyFishDudeDesign.png
A big year for the game, with Modding Support being added early on and DLC 1 being released later. Plenty of things were tweaked, some minor, some major
AHatIntime metrodecal b12.png
Once DLC 2 released, updates for the game definitely started slowing down, but there's still some interesting things changed this year
AHatInTime waterdeath.png
The year when Hat Kid and co. came down with some terrible illnesses...
AHatIntime VanessaCurse Key02.png
Things pick back up again this year. Vanessa's Curse also released at the end of it, so plenty of things to say about that
AHatIntime Present.png
Bug-fixing mode is now fully operational. This year also began the trend of creating seasonal or time-sensitive in-game events
AHatIntime Stainglass Design 6.png
Another great bug-fixing year, as well as implementing some unexpected new features...



January 3 2024 Experimental Build

  • This build introduced the enforcing blacklist system, which attempts to strengthen the blacklisting system from being able to be modified and adjusted by other mods. This was achieved by making most of the variables consts.

January 4 2024 Build

  • Minor adjustments to fix some obscure issues regarding inventory exploits with the new blacklist enforcing system.

January 29 2024 Experimental Build

  • Begins to implement the upgraded version of the Online Party player messages, now dividing the messages into friends and non-friends, as well as adding text below each one that says who placed it there. The player can also choose to see all player messages, friends only messages, or random messages.

February 3 2024 Experimental Build

  • Online Party player messages now appear as a different color depending on who placed it. Friends, Gears For Breakfast staff, and self-messages now have their own different colors compared to other random messages.

February 14 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • This is the first build to implement the Act Emblems feature, in this build referred to as "Act Badges". Only one was added for this build, and it's the 0 jumps emblem.

February 14 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Implements the second Act Emblem, which is the storybook pages one.

February 14 2024 Experimental Build (Version 5)

  • Act Badges are now called Act Emblems. Implements the GFB Online Party message emblem and the Steam friend message emblem.

February 17 2024 Experimental Build

  • Fixes a minor issue regarding materials for the Hat Player NPC class.

February 18 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Adds the OnlineRestrictionsVolume, which when placed blocks Online Party player messages from appearing inside of it.
  • Implements the All Rift Pons emblem.

February 18 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Fixes a rare issue where Chapter Time Pieces wouldn't display properly on the loadout menu.
  • Implements the scrapped All Pons emblem, which tasked the player with collecting every single Pon in the Act before collecting the Time Piece. Due to complications with dynamically spawned Pons, Pons being in inaccessible areas, and Pons that would re-appear when transitioning level maps, this emblem was ultimately disabled for the main branch release.

February 20 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Implements the All Yarn emblem.
  • Fix for the scrapped All Pons emblem to not count Pons towards the total that are Hidden when the level is loaded.

February 20 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Fix for the All Yarn emblem to only count Hat_Collectible_HatParts instead of Hat_CollectibleBadgeParts.
  • Implements the All Rift Token emblem.

February 21 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Now also counts Brewing Hat breakable rewards and treasure chest contents towards the All Pons, All Yarn, and All Rift Tokens emblems.

February 23 2024 Experimental Build

  • Implements the hookshot weapon update mentioned in the March 31 2024 patch notes.
  • The All Pons emblem is removed.

March 6 2024 Experimental Build

  • Fixes for mod items that are marked as Always In Backpack not appearing in the player's inventory.

March 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Begins implementing the 'Prevent Accidental Falls' feature that is intended to prevent Hat Kid from vaulting over a thin ledge and falling off the side. A scrapped modification to control during a dive was also added here that was removed from the main branch release due to pushback from the community.

March 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • The vaulting feature added in the last build was changed to only trigger if Input Assist was enabled.

March 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 3)

  • The vaulting feature was given its own individual option in the game settings, and remained this way to the main branch release.

March 11 2024 Experimental Build

  • Slight tweaks to the dive modification control.

March 24 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Essentially disables the dive modification that was introduced a few builds ago.
  • First build to implement the Completionist Hat's ability it got in the March 31 2024 update, where collected Pons would be marked. Here, though, the feature didn't need the Completionist's Hat on and didn't make the orb smaller or white. Instead, the gem inside would shrink down considerably more than in the final version and would spin at a skewed angle. This was also met by pushback from the community, which resulted in the changes to methods that triggers this visual change.

March 24 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • The dive modification is brought back, but with a greatly diminished change to the control that it's barely noticeable.
  • The marked Pon visuals were updated to not shrink the gem as much and make it spin at a less skewed angle.
  • This is the first build to implement the leaderboard HUD that was added in the March 31 2024 update. In this build, it only appears for Death Wish maps, and was a bit unstable in that it often failed to appear or update its data. Its class file was called "Hat_HUDElementOnlineHighscore" in this build. The avatars for players did not display properly yet.

March 24 2024 Experimental Build (Version 3)

  • The dive control modification is completely disabled.
  • The method to change the visuals of collected Pons in the final was added in this build, requiring the Completionist's Hat to be equipped. The size adjustment is now applied to the entire orb and gem inside, striking a middle ground between the original size and the adjusted size from the last build. The orb is now also colored white on the outside while wearing the hat and reverts to normal when it's taken off. However, in this build, this did not function at all.
  • The leaderboard HUD is now also applied to Challenge Roads, and its class file name was changed to the final version mentioned above.

March 25 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Collected Pon visuals now function correctly.

March 25 2024 Experimental Build (Version 3)

  • Leaderboard HUD now displays avatars correctly. General stability for online data was added.
  • Challenge Road leaderboard time trials were added. They are not yet formatted the way they are in the final yet, however.

March 26 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Leaderboard HUD's time trial code was split off and made into its own class file that extends it.

March 26 2024 Experimental Build (Version 4)

  • Challenge Road leaderboard time trials are now formatted like they are in the main branch release.

March 26 2024 Experimental Build (Version 5)

  • Fix for the Act Timer bug that could happen if certain Time Piece cinematics were interrupted.
  • Adjustments to how the leaderboards rendered Steam avatar icons.

March 27 2024 Experimental Build

  • Leaderboard HUD now truncates Steam usernames that are longer than 14 characters.

March 28 2024 Experimental Build

  • Leaderboard time trials were added to all base game Acts. The color of the leaderboard HUD did not yet change according to the current Chapter.

March 29 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Death Wishes can no longer set a time trial record on leaderboards.
  • The fake finale for Chapter 2 can no longer set a time trial record on leaderboards.

March 29 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Speedrun Act Emblem was implemented.

March 29 2024 Experimental Build (Version 3)

  • BG color of the base game levels leaderboards now changes color to match the Chapter, except Chapter 2 had a bug that prevented the color change from working correctly.

March 29 2024 Experimental Build (Version 4)

  • The Level Collectibles inventory is shrunk by a column and the Important Collectibles inventory gained a column.

March 31 2024 Build (Version 1)

  • The Important Collectibles inventory can now scroll. Not mentioned in the official patch notes.

March 31 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Most leaderboard HUD code was moved to a base class.
  • Time trial leaderboard HUD was made to be tied to a game config.
  • Challenge Road leaderboard now only appears if you've gotten at least one trophy.
  • Speedrun leaderboards for Acts now only render if the selected Act has a Speedrun time set.
  • Leaderboards can now be set to hide Steam Friends, and hide global users in the settings. However, this feature was broken. The last experimental build for this day fixed this.

April 1 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • The speedrun timer will no longer freeze after clearing The Finale, which could cause issues in Speedrun Death Wishes.
  • More minor tweaks to the leaderboard HUDs.

April 3 2024 Build (Version 2)

  • More minor leaderboard tweaks.

April 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • More minor leaderboard tweaks.
  • Slight fix for inventory flair qualities being wrong.

April 16 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • When the blacklist list is updated in Kismet, a call is now sent to the Game Manager class to register it.

April 16 2024 Build

  • Extra coding was added to set active levels mods when playing modded Death Wish levels.

April 20 2024 Experimental Build

  • Hookshotting after performing a wall jump now resets your wall jump chain.

May 5 2024 Experimental Build

  • Now, if a text bubble appears and it contains a "foul word", it will unlock the Why achievement. Likely done to help players get the achievement if they choose to say "Peck" in Picture Perfect.
  • Having Auto-Skip Cutscenes on no longer skips Rare Sticker alerts.

June 25 2024 Experimental Build

  • A new math function was added in the native Hat_Math_Base class, "RandSeed".
  • Many, many backend Death Wish map changes to make more functions static, which allows for more flexibility for modders.
  • A new class file was added, "Hat_DeathWishIcon_NextMap". This class was removed before the push to the main public branch. All it did was print "Next Death Wish map!".
  • The base HUD Element class file got several new mouse position calculating functions.
  • Stamp counter and leaderboards now turn transparent if the mouse is hovered over them.
  • Leaderboard entries are slightly smaller in height.

June 26 2024 Experimental Build

  • Gamemod got a new native function: "SaveConfigValueByClassName".
  • GameEventsInterface and GameManager_Base got a new function: "OnRemoteEvent".
  • MapInfos can now set mandatory inventory items, which, if the player has, will automatically be equipped and cannot be changed.
  • A new native math function was added in Hat_Math_Base: "GetLinearSin".
  • The Hat_DeathWishIcon_NextMap class was removed.
  • Hat_DeathWishAscension and Hat_DeathWishIcon_Ascension were added.
  • Death Wish Icons now have a function to trigger events OnClick.
  • Coop DLC info class was made abstract, for some reason.
  • A new HUD variant of the Time Rift Roulette was added for the new Death Wish MODifier system, which uses a new Snatcher treasure chest graphic.
  • DLC splash menus now freeze button inputs for far less time.
  • The Time Rift Roulette HUD menu got a coding overhaul. It now opens and uses the previously-unused open chest graphic when you claim a prize, and is generally a lot more optimized than it was before. The graphics for the slots got broken in this update, however. It would be fixed in the next build.
  • Issues regarding expression components with NPC Players were fixed.
  • Objective Actors now check if the texture they use is valid before trying to render it.

June 27 2024 Build

  • Hat_DeathWishAscension's file name was renamed to "Hat_DeathWish_Ascension", adding the "_".
  • More behind-the-scenes Death Wish tweaks.
  • The Death Wish stamp counter can now be colorized per map.
  • Summer Event was given a GameDLC class file so that it can show up on the splash screen when the game boots.
  • The Summer Drink sticker is now hardcoded to display the Summer Event Ascension level instead of its previous stat-tracking feature.
  • Four new Summer Event levels were added.

June 27 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • Slight tweak to fix some oddities with the Summer Event Drink sticker's properties.
  • Vanessa's Curse was given a GameDLC Info class.
  • Tweak to how Death Wish Groups are handled.
  • A few Summer Event contracts had some coding added to help with awarding their completion rewards.
  • Small bug fixes with 'Leveling Up".

June 27 2024 Experimental Build (Version 3)

  • A new command was added to the class file that handles cheats, called "RemoveWeapon". It removes the player's umbrella if run.
  • Small validation check added to the inventory to make sure an item exists before trying to equip it.

June 27 2024 Build (Version 2)

  • The RemoveWeapon command was removed.
  • A background texture and animation was added for the loadout menu for items that are currently mandatory for the level. Uses a previously-unused lockout graphic made for Death Wish.

July 4 2024 Experimental Build

  • Attempted fix for Online Party lobby name connection issues, minor tweak in the game manager class.

July 5 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • There is now a game events interface event for a player using an emote.
  • Many, many behind-the-scenes changes to how Death Wishes are coded, mostly changing variables to be protected and adding new static functions to get them. This involved the adjustment of a lot of code for several contracts, mostly those in the Summer Event.
  • Adjustments to how the procedurally-generated Death Wishes work.

July 5 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • Attempted fix for MODifiers not downloading when rolled in a Summer Event Death Wish.

July 6 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • If you enter the Vanessa's Curse main map without having the DLC installed, the game now ejects you out of it.
  • Adjusted the RNG coding for the procedrually-generated Power Pon Summer Event Death Wishes.

July 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 1)

  • More static Death Wish functions were added, and contract objectives were made protected.
  • A fix for Summer Event bonuses being hidden due to having Assist Mode on, which would prevent ascension progress.
  • ConsiderForDeathWishTotal function now hides Death Wishes on the map again if it returns true.

July 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 2)

  • A fix for the mod "Geothermal" accidentally requiring you to collect its Time Piece 30 times to fully complete its final bonus.

July 7 2024 Experimental Build (Version 3)

  • A fix for the mod "Geothermal" requiring the player to collect more Pons than the level actually had placed in it.

July 7 2024 Build

  • Summer Event contracts can now be reset, to allow for re-rolling a MODifier.
  • If the Chase Badge mod is chosen as the MODifier, it is now set to do only 1 damage to the player.