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Title Screen


Developer: Green Land Studios
Publisher: Cia. do Software
Platform: Windows
Released in BR: November 2003

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Based on the same-titled movie which featured pop star duo Sandy & Junior, Acquária is, essentially, a reskinned version of Sandy & Junior: Aventura Virtual, slightly modified to be more focused on action instead of stealth.

Unused Graphics

File demo.png inside folder gfx/common seems to be a leftover from an internal testing build of the game. The Portuguese text reads:
"Demo Version
Internal valuation"


Unused Sound

The file test.wav inside folder sfx is a very short sine wave sound, likely used as a placeholder. This sound can also be found in Sandy & Junior: Aventura Virtual. In its metadata, the file is dated August 29, 2002.

Console Menu


Pressing F11 on either the main menu or gameplay screens opens a console menu, which is also directly taken from Sandy & Junior: Aventura Virtual. The following are a list of commands:

Command Function
help Displays the list of commands, or information about a specific command.
creategame Supposedly creates a game (according to its "help' description), although this function seems to have been stubbed out.
The "valid" inputs are also the same as Sandy & Junior: Aventura Virtual.
  • ext
  • adm
  • adm_01
  • mech
  • gym
  • dep
  • lib
  • info
  • info_01
  • elet
  • elet_01
  • tunel
endgame Closes the program.
quit Doesn't work, as the console renders it as invalid.
exec Executes a file, although a proper use for this is unknown.
detection A command that would allow for disabling/enabling the enemy detection, according to its "help" description.
Doesn't work, as the console renders it as invalid.