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Title Screen


Developer: Locomotive
Publisher: ASCII Entertainment
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: December 19, 1997
Released in US: April 1, 1998
Released in EU: May 1, 1998

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

AeroGauge is a futuristic racing game for the Nintendo 64. Not only can your car move horizontally, but also vertically.

Hidden Developer Messages

Texture data on two of the ships contain hidden smiley faces and a developer message.

Original Texture Flipped for readability
AvengerSmileTexture.png The Happy Avenger

On the game's Avenger ship, smiley faces appear on this texture but are not mapped to any vertices.

Original Texture Flipped for readability
HornetMayYouBeHappy.png HornetMayYouBeHappyFlipped.png

On the game's Hornet ship, a hidden message is written in Japanese on this texture, but is not mapped to any vertices. The text "うれますように" translates to "May You Be Happy".

Unused Text

At 0x97E50 is a little message wishing you a jet morning.

J E  T   M    O     R      N       I        N         G

Development Text

At 0x95CE0 and 0x984E0 are two error strings.

Error Too many %s %s Object:(%d)

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan International
AeroGauge-titleJP.png Glide64 AEROGAUGE 01.png
  • The text at the top of the Japanese title screen was removed in the international versions.
  • The copyright year was updated. The copyright info was also moved upwards, changed from red to blue, and made bigger.

Japan International
Aerogauge ASCII Logo-JP.png Aerogauge ASCII Logo.png

The logo was changed from white to blue and the word "Entertainment" was added.

Audio Differences







The Japanese version's announcer is far less robotic and distorted compared to the international release's. Also, the announcer will say "Set, Ready, Go!" in the Japanese version as opposed to "Ready, Set, Go!"

Save Function

The Japanese version has built-in cartridge saves along with optional Controller Pak support for saving ghosts in the Time Attack mode. The international versions lack built-in cartridge saves and now require a Controller Pak to save anything.

Revision Differences

Not long after release, a bug fixed cart was issued that fixed a weird bug. When two players race and reach the goal at the exact same time, the player determined to be the winner has a later time than the player determined to be the loser.